Selene Hant And The Outcast

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I finally meet my mum

I turned around. A beautiful woman stood. You would never have believed she was my mum but it was the same voice from the call. “Artemis I didn’t think you were going to come.” my dad answered before I got the chance to open my mouth. “Of course I did, I said I would,” she gradually walked closer to us until she was beside me. She knelt and put her hand on my forehead; and the only thing she said was, “I’m sorry, Selene.” I was so happy I just saw my mum for the first time and she looked like a goddess. The only thing I conjure was “It’s okay.” A slight cough from my step-mother broke the silence. I forgot she was there. “Well Artemis I’m Lucy Selene’s step-mum and James’ wife.” they shook hands and Lucy had an evil grin on face. What was she planning? "Nice to meet you Lucy. I assume you've been looking after my daughter very well?"

"Of course I have, she is such a darling." what is she on about I am a nightmare for her and she makes sure my dad knows about it but why not my mum. Wouldn't she want my mum to think I'm a monster so she never wants to see me again and then I'll be all miserable. She is definitely up to something. "James is it okay if I can spend some more time with Selene and make all the time we had lost?"

"Of course you can but only if Selene is okay with it?" I was so happy I almost fell of my bed again. "Yes I would love to spend some time with you mum"

"Great, we can start when you leave this hospital."

"Can't wait." then someone knocked on the door. It was a doctor. "Hello I'm Doctor Lati I'm just here to make sure that your feeling ok now."

"I feel fine thank you."

"Let me just check your blood pressure and then your good to go." she walked over and wrapped a blood pressure bag around my fore arm and made it tighter collecting my blood pressure. "Looks like your good to go."

"Great." I jumped out of bed, grabbed my stuff and followed everyone out of the hospital. I said goodbye to Hazel and Austin and they got into my dad's car. I hugged my dad and said goodbye to Lucy. They got into the car and drove home. Then it was only me and my mum. "So what do you want to do? We can get ice-cream and then we could go to to the cinema if you want."

"Sure." she lead me to her car but it wasn't a car but it wasn't a car. It was a motorbike. It was beautiful. It was slick black and big enough for 2 people. "Here," she chucked me a bike helmet and put one on herself. I never would of thought that she would of owned a bike. She climbed onto the bike and beckoned me to her. "Okay Selene climb on behind me and ,yep there you go, and then put your hands on my waist. Good good, do you feel safe?"

"Yeah I think so,"

"Good, hold on tight and don't let go." she then started the engine and we were off. the wind made me a bit chilly but the bike was so much fun to ride. But I was still scared that I was gonna fall off. I made sure I didn't loosen my grip on her waist. We rode on on until we came to a stop outside of H's Finest Ice-cream. "I hope you like the ice-cream here here the owner is very proud of her home-made recipe."

"No pressure then." we both laughed in unison. Her laugh sounded like silver bells it was beautiful. "Come on I can get you the ice-cream for free I know the owner." and with that we went inside.

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