Selene Hant And The Outcast

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I spend time with my mum

The inside of the parlor was amazing. It had cream white walls and marble sitting tables. LED lights went around the top of the ceiling slowly changing through the colors of the rainbow. The floor tiles were white and so was the counter. The sweet smell of bubblegum and honeycomb filled my nose. It smelt like heaven. We went up to the counter and rang the bell. A minute later and a lady comes outwith her hair up in a bun and had gloves and an apron on. “Hi Artemis how are you?”

“I’m good thanks Hestia. How are you?”

“I’m good but business is a bit sloppy. Not that many people come in anymore ever since that new ice-cream parlor opened across the road. It’s like everyone forgot how much they loved my ambrosia flavoured ice-cream.”

“I’m sorry about that Hestia, but I’ve brought a new costumer this is my daughter Selene.” Hestia’s face turned into a slight snarl and then turned into a smile so I thought it was a part of my imagination. “So Artemis your usual?”

“Yes please.” then my phone rang. it was my dad. “I’ve got to take this.” and I went to the other side of the room. “Hi dad.”

“Hey Sel what are you and your mum up to?”

“We’re at this ice-cream place and after that we’re going to the movies.”

“Okay cool. Sel could you put me on the phone to you mother?”

“Yeah sure. I’ll speak to you later.”

“Yeah I’ll speak to you later Selene, love you.”

“Love you too, dad.” I made my way to my mum and Hestia and passed her the phone. She went other to the same place I was and started talking to my dad. She than came other to me and said that we were going to new school shopping. She explained that after the Empire State building incident they think I should go to a school with experience about children with depression and children who have tried to commit suicide. “I’m going to take you to a place I’ve wanted to take you to since you were born and but never got to since I was forced to leave and abandon you.”

“Wait a minute you were forced to abandon me?”

“Of course why would you think I would of done it on choice?”

“I’ve been asking myself that all me life.”

“Anyway I want to take you to this boarding school and they will explain everything to you. Hestia will you cover for me?”

“Of course I will. I’ll make sure your Big Z wont expect a thing.”

“Great thank you. I owe you one.” she took my arm and ran out of the parlor. “Ow that hurts” she didn’t respond but climbed onto her motorbike and I followed her onto the bike. “Are you now gonna tell me whats going on now.”

“I’m taking you to a boarding school called demi-safe there you can be safe without monsters trying to kill you.”

“What are you on about.”

“My name is Artemis the maiden goddess of the moon, also the hunt. My hunters ,the hunters of Artemis, are at the school and are going to look after you. At this school people like you. Demigods, Half-bloods, my hunters, satyrs, nymphs. They’re all there. All like you. Considered myths and fictional creatures. As a maiden goddess I made a vow to never fall in love. Never to get married have children. That’s why I have my hunters but your father was special he was unique his laugh made me swoon. I couldn’t resist. I had gone against my vow fell in love and had a child. When my brother and father heard about this they wanted to kill you and your father but I couldn’t let them. Instead they banished me to my birth island Delos for a few decades but my hunters broke me out and I immediately came to you.”

“Oh my god so your saying that you really are the goddess Artemis and that you tried to come back to me. Knowing that you saved my life- thank you. Does that mean my grandfather is Big Z ,or more commonly known as Zeus, and my uncle is Apollo?”

“Correct, but if you ever want to date one of their children that is fine. You know just putting it out there.”

“Eww, hell to the no am I ever gonna get a boyfriend. They’re a waste of space.”

“I agree with you.”

“Anyway none of the boys like me. And they are annoying and disgusting.”

"I don't know that boy at your bedside at the hospital, it looked like you guys were trying to stare right into each other’s soul.”

“Who, Austin? No he doesn’t like me and I don't like him. He’s like the most popular kid at my school and I’m just one of those weird kids who just do whatever it takes to never get noticed by anyone.”

“Okay if you say so.” we rode in silence for a few minutes before I asked, “When will we get there.”

“Well we’re actually there now.” we had stopped in front of a building that suspiciously looked like an old haunted school. A sign outside of the school showed academy ‘Καλώς ήλθατε στην Ακαδημία Demi-safe’ but I perfectly read ‘Welcome to Demi-safe academy’. “Lady Artemis welcome back to the academy and I see you’ve brought a new hunter?” a cheerful but serious voice filled the silent streets. “No not a new hunter instead I brought my daughter Selene Hant.”

“Your daughter as in the one that got you banished Lady Artemis?”

“Yes it is and I was wondering if you and the rest of the hunters will keep an eye on her and help her?”

“Of course Lady Artemis.”

“Thank you. Go on Selene, Molly and the rest of the of the hunters will take good care of you.” I hugged her and climbed off of the bike. “Bye mum.” I jogged up the steps and turned around. Thunder filled the sky and the last thing I saw of my mum was her waving goodbye and then she disappeared in a flash of light. “Come on Thalia I’ll show you around the academy.” I followed her inside and I got my first view of the academy. Molly then said to me, “Welcome to Demi-safe Academy.”

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