Selene Hant And The Outcast

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My happiness dies into despair

That night when I went to sleep I didn’t dream. Half way through the night I felt a hand cover my mouth and a rough cloth go over my face. I screamed. My arms try to hit something solid but all I touched was air. My arms and legs flailed around me but never hitting a target. A sharp pain flared in the left side of my head. My sight went black and my body went limp.

My eyes fluttered open and started to adjust to the light. It was very light wherever I was. The sounds of birds filled my ears. I felt that my hands weren’t tied up and neither was my legs. Whoever kidnapped me was terrible at it. Even I could do better. I sat up and my head throbbed. The warm sun blinded me and I instantly went to search for some shade. My legs were on fire and my head felt like it was going to fall off. A tree loomed up into the distance. It wasn’t that far away but when I reached the tree I fell to my knees. bottles off water led on the ground and hung from the tree. What is happening to me? What the hell is going on with this tree? It’s like a watertree. That’s not even a thing. I grabbed a bottle and my head felt like a fire was being put out. I stood up and saw a sign just in front of the tree. Why didn’t I see it before. I walked on over and read:

Αυτό είναι το νησί Δήλος. Εδώ η μητέρα σου γεννήθηκε και εξορίστηκε. Τώρα που ξέρετε τώρα για τους Θεούς και τα παιδιά τους, πρέπει να αποβληθείτε για πάντα. Εάν ξεφύγετε θα σας αφήσουμε να φύγετε, αλλά ποτέ δεν θέλουμε να ακούσουμε τίποτα από εσάς. Τιμούμε τους ήρωες και αν ξεφύγεις χωρίς να πεθάνεις θα σε συγχωρήσουμε. Μπορεί ακόμη να παρευρεθείτε στην Ακαδημία, αλλά αυτό είναι. Η άλλη επιλογή σας είναι: μπορείτε να μείνετε εδώ και να πεθάνετε από ενυδάτωση και πείνα. Τα δέντρα τροφής και τα δέντρα νερού μπορούν να καλλιεργήσουν μόνο δύο ακόμη κομμάτια φαγητού και ποτού. Selene που δεν θέλαμε να το κάνουμε αυτό, θα μπορούσατε να είστε ο επόμενος Περσέας ή άλλος ήρωας, αλλά γνωρίσατε τη μητέρα σας και μάθατε την αλήθεια.Λυπάμαι. Με εκτίμηση, Οι Θεοί.
This I again translated perfectly into English meaning:

This is the island Delos. Here your mother was born and banished. Now that you now know about the Gods and their children you must be banished for ever existing. If you escape we’ll let you go but we never want to hear about anything from you. We honour heroes and if you escape without dyeing we will forgive you. You may still attend the Academy but that’s it. Your other option is: you can stay here and die of hydration and hunger. The food-trees and water-trees can only grow two more pieces of food and drink. Selene we didn’t want to have to do this, you could of been the next Perseus or another hero but you met your mother and learned the truth.

I am sorry.

Sincerely, The Gods.

Why did they have to do this to me. I didn't want this. I didn't mean any of this. But here I am, stuck here on an island with no hope of surviving an no hope of ever being able to leave. This was just great. "Thank you Gods for ruining my life." I led down in the shade of the water-tree and tried to go to sleep. My eyes fluttered shut and my head nuzzled into my arm. I tried to think of good things and the positives but nothing could make me feel better. I was stuck. With no connection and no plan of action of being able to leave. I decided to figure it out in the morning whilst I explore the island. My mind went blank and the sound of my breathing was the only noise that could be heard.

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