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Save Me Alpha [#3]

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Chapter 1

13 years later.

“Hurry up” Jack shouted and I nodded

“Sorry” I muttered and applied my red lipstick

“Forget it now. You need to get there” he said and pulled me out of the room.

“I’m coming!” I exclaimed throwing my lipstick on the floor and sorting my robe

“How many of them are they?” I asked quietly

“4. Don’t worry Emily. I told you we’ll get out of this place today” he said and I nodded

“Just try to get me out of here quickly” I mumbled and walked inside the room to see 4 guys sitting in chairs and drinking vodka.

“Oh she’s here. Finally!” Adam mumbled and put a song on.

I took my robe off, leaving me in just a red bra and panties.

“Woah. Babe. You look smoking” a old guy whistled and I groaned mentally

I walked towards them slowly, swaying my hips a little, just as the door opened and Jack walked in

“Sir wants her” he said and everyone groaned and I quickly wore my robe again.

“Come on. Hurry up bitch” he shouted and I nodded and ran outside as he closed the door.

" That was quick! Thank you so much jack” I hugged him and he chuckled

“No Emily. Thank you! Because of you and your powers, I can get out of this place as well. Now let’s go before they mindlink the stupid asshole” he said and I nodded

I held Jack’s hand and made us both invisible.

“Be quiet Jack. And help me out! I don’t know any of these places” I mumbled and he nodded

“Go right. And then go downstairs and there’s an exit door. If you go through that we should be in a forest. And from there I’ll lead you out” he said and went quiet as a few vampires walked past us.

I started walking just thinking that finally I will be able to get out of here.

It’s been 13 years since I was taken. And I know my parents tried to look for me but then the mindlink between us broke and I realised it was the end. Nobody was going to save me.

But Jack. Jack is werewolf. And he waa sold. But he had no family. He belonged to the ‘no life’ pack. Well that’s what I call them. They are the worst pack anyone could be born into. They do drugs and everything.

My name is Emily Rose Perry Gray. And I’m a vampire. There isn’t much about me to tell other than I was taken when I was 6 years old and now I’m 19. When I turned 18 I was raped by Cameron. Before that all I was told to do was cook, clean and dance.

“Emily. Concentrate.” Jack pulled me out of my thoughts and I nodded

“Okay. The siren went off meaning they know we are gone. Can you speed us up. So we can leave this stupid territory?” He asked and I nodded as we reached the forest.

“Hold on tight” I said and he held my hand tightly.

I ran as fast as I could and the invisibility weared off.

“Woah. This is faster than a roller coaster!” Jack exclaimed and I laughed.

“I don’t think they will catch us now Emily. You can stop now!” He muttered and I stopped, right in front of a tree

“That was close” he sighed and I nodded

“Thank you Jack. For helping me.” I said leaning on the tree, tired

“Emily will you shut up about this!” He shouted and I nodded looking down at the grass

“Sorry” I mumbled and he sighed

“Emily. Sorry. Look at me” he said and I looked up at him.

“It’s because of you and your powers that we are here Emily. I really don’t know what you are but you are amazing. You don’t have to be scared of me” he said holding my hand and I nodded

“I know Jack. But what can I do? I have this fear in my mind of men. I can’t stand them Jack. They make me feel sick. You know it Jack. After what they all have done to me, I can never be myself again” I whispered tears in my eyes

“Emily..” he hugged me

“Don’t cry Emily. And you’re not scared of me! I promised you that I will somehow get you home. Even if I don’t know where your home is. What was your pack called again?” He asked letting me go as I wiped my eyes

“You know I’m not scared of you Jack and The Sliver moon pack” I muttered and he nodded

“I wish we knew where we were Emily. It’s really hard for me as well because I have been locked up in that house for so long. I don’t know much. So I was thinking we go to the closest town or city, what ever it is. And if we find a werewolf or vampire we’ll ask if they know that pack. Okay?” He said and I nodded

“We need to leave now Jack. I can hear them coming” I stood up straight and he nodded and held my hand

I sighed and ran as fast as I can.

“Stop! They’re humans ahead!” Jack exclaimed and I stopped running

“I think it will be hard for them to find us if we block our scents. Okay. You know how to do it right? I was thinking we got to this town or city. I don’t know what it’s called though. And we’ll ask around where we really are” Jack said and I nodded

“But Jack. I’m only in a robe” I whispered and he nodded

“Okay. You stay right at the end of the forest. I’ll go inside. The most I will take is 10 minutes. Don’t move from here okay?” He said and I nodded

“Just be quick Jack. Please” I pleaded and he nodded

“Don’t worry Emily. I will be back” he said and I nodded and stood behind a tree as he walked inside the village.

If Jack didn’t help for these years, I would never been able to get out if there. Because of Jack,I learnt my powers, because of Jack I know a little about the world. Every night, Jack would bring books for me and then in the morning he would take them back.

And whenever I got a little food, Jack would bring in a little more for me. That’s the reason I’m not all bones. I do have a little fat on me.

Emily. They’re here! Ava exclaimed and I quickly made myself invisible and hid my scent.

Cameron stopped right next to me and looked around.

“She’s close guys. Really close. I can smell her. Split up and look for her and that asshole” he shouted and about 10 people ran into the village.

I slowly walked away from the tree to see Jack hiding behind a shop. I quickly walked towards him and held his hand and he turned invisible as well.

“Oh thank god your here Emily. Quickly put a shield around us. And we can get out if this place. I know where your pack is” he said and I nodded and created a small shield around is.

“Shush” he whispered into my ear as a few vampires walked past us.

I raised my hand and the shield around us, lifted us up into the sky.

“Jack they were so close! I thought they were going to take us” I mumbled and he hugged me

“Emily. We’re finally out! And with you? They won’t be able to find us. This is New York. I couldn’t find any werewolfs here to tell me where your pack is but we could try again” he said letting me go and I nodded

“Sorry Jack. I overreacted” I whispered and he rolled his eyes

“Emily...” he warned and I nodded

“Sorry. Shall we go?” I asked and he nodded

“Let’s just stay in the sky until the night. Then we’ll go back down and see if a pack is close by. New York is big so there must be a pack somewhere” he said and I nodded

“Let’s go” I mumbled and he nodded

“Don’t worry Emily. I will get you home” he said and I nodded

“I know you will Jack. But if I didn’t walk out that night when I was younger. I wouldn’t be here” I said and he nodded

“I know Emily. Just forgot that. We have to find a pack first” he said and I nodded

That’s how it all started. I couldn’t sleep, because I was scared I would get a nightmare again. And when I saw something move outside in bushes I walked out of house and towards it. I was only 6, so I thought it would be bunny or something. But it was Cameron. He was waiting for me.

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