Leave Me Alpha [#6]

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"Money Can Buy You Many Things, Including Power" ****** Asher Hayes. A billionaire, werewolf. He doesn't believe in love. He believes in Power. Money. Layla Blake. A girl who is free, lives life to the fullest. Will Asher hold her down?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Hailey, be careful.” I shout, trying to stop her from running downstairs.

Sometimes,I think she’s a 5 years old stuck in a 20 years old woman.

“Vincent said he’ll be coming.” She shouts back.

She runs downstairs, and nearly slips.

“Hailey” I scream running after her. She falls forward, onto Vincent.

“Hey” she smiles at him.

“Hi” he smiles back at her, picking her up slowly, and placing her on the bottom step.

“How was work?” Was the last thing I heard, before I walked past them and into the kitchen, where uncle Tyler and aunt Mia were sitting.

“Hi Layla. Come sit next to us.” Aunt Mia calls, patting the stool next to her.

“I need to talk to you.” I nodded sitting down next to her.

“Your parents are here. They both want to tell you something, but I wanted to tell you first. So they don’t shout at you.”

I nod.

“You know how your parents don’t want to take money off us, right?” She asked. “And how they’re in a huge debt?”

I nodded again.

“They have a chance to get out of the debt. Without giving money.” That’s amazing.

“How?” I smiled and she sighed closing her eyes. I knew.

“Me?” She nodded.

“I tried to talk to Summer but she said she doesn’t care. They both need the money as well as the business. If they didn’t do it, they would have lost the company and been in debt.”

“When?” I asked knowing I had to meet this guy.

“Your parents are going to come and talk to you.” I nodded

“Is he a werewolf?” She nodded.

“An Alpha.” I nodded and walked out of the room. I sat in the living room and turned the TV on.

When I told Hailey about me getting married, I’d heard uncle Tyler telling grandpa Alec. But I thought that nobody told me, so they would have been talking about another Layla. I thought that it was all a lie.

“Layla!” I heard mom shout before coming into the room with dad behind her.

“Oh. We need to talk to you.” I nodded turning the TV off. I’ll just pretend I don’t know anything.

“Yes?” I asked as dad looked at me.

“Why are you wearing that?” He asked.

I looked down at my skirt.

“Because I want to.” he growled and I lowered my head, slightly. It was out of respect. He is still my dad. She’s still my mom. If I can help, I will.

“You’re getting married.” Mom said sitting down opposite me, next to dad.

“To who?”

“Alpha Hayes” Fuck.

“Alpha Hayes? I thought his mate died?”

“Yeah. We need the money. His dad wants to buy our company and we owe them $2.5M.” wow.

“But mom, what about my mate?” I whisper.

“Layla, you’re 21 years old. You won’t find your mate at an old age now. You should have found him at 18. That’s it now.”

“No.” I stood up.

“Layla, you have to do this. They’ll kill us.”

“Alpha Hayes can’t kill you mom. We’re stronger.” She shook her head

“If you stop living in your fantasy world, you’ll realise what’s happening in the real world. Ever since Alpha Hayes mate died, they’re stronger. They pack trained and trained to become the strongest. They are the strong than the fucking king and queen. ” she growled.


“Summer. Wait. Don’t talk to her like that, she didn’t know.” Aunt Mia walked.

“Mia, just leave me alone.” Mom mumbled.

“I know what you’re going to do. Tell her that she’s getting married, and she’ll agree, and you’ll both go out and get drunk” mom crossed her arms, looking at dad.

“Layla will do it. Now both of you leave” Mia said.

“Mi-” she shook her head, and both my parents left.

“Layla, just sit down. I’ll go get you some chocolate donuts, and then we’ll talk about this okay” I nodded as she walked out.

This is why I consider myself as part of the Blake family. I changed my name from Layla Hill to Layla Blake years ago.

I did date Vincent,but it was hardly dating. We were always still friends. It’s just that it was a way for guys to stay away from me, and girls to stay away from Vincent. I think I’ve only kissed Vincent 3 times. And I’m proud of that, because if I kissed him anymore, I think I would puke. We’re not related at all which I’m thankful for. I love his relationship with Hailey.

“Here you go.” She came back with a plate full of donuts and sat down on the sofa. I sat down next to her, crossing my legs and putting the plate on my lap.

“Shoot” I say, knowing she has something to say

“You know Layla that I accept you as my daughter right? I treat you exactly how I treat Alexa. And you know that I would only want the best for you?” I nodded

It was true. Uncle Tyler would only let me date when I was 16. And he had to see the guy first. I love them more than my own parents.

“So you know that if you don’t say yes, your parents won’t be happy. You might not see a change in them. I know I’m telling you to sacrifice a big thing in life, and no you’re not old to find your mate Layla. Never think that.” I nodded eating.

“Maybe,you’ll find your mate in that pack?”

“But I’ll be married” I sighed laying my head on the sofa.

“Auntie Mia, I never thought that I would get married to a stranger. I always thought that it would be someone I would love, someone who loves me. But the only thing I know about Alpha Hayes is, that he’s an asshole, and a workaholic” I closed my eyes, not in the mood to eat

“And that he lives in New York. I’ll be away from all of you”

“But your wedding will be in Texas. Tyler talked to your dad, about everything. They will be coming tomorrow”

“So no one waited for me, what my choice was” I looked at her.

“Layla, you know how your parents are, sweetie. I couldn’t do anything about it. You’re their daughter.” I nodded knowing she was right.

I wasn’t her real daughter, even though she treats me like hers. She couldn’t say anything to my parents because they have rights on me, more than her.

I could run away, but then I’ll become a rogue, and knowing my parents they’ll hunt me down and kill for me, for damaging their reputation.

And I have to listen to what they say.

“Okay. I’ve never seen Alpha Hayes, except on magazines. Is he really that hot?” I asked smiling, a fake smile

“So you’re okay?” I nodded

“Yeah. I know that my life has been set out for me, without my own choice. I need to leave, from this place, from my parents. I’m ready to do this” she smiled

“You’ll still be coming to see me, right?” I nodded hugging her tightly

“I’ll always come back. I need to talk to Hailey.” I stood up, holding the donuts in my hand.

“Alpha Hayes is coming tomorrow. Be ready okay? You might be blown away” I rolled my eyes, smiling.

“I hope not too far away” she laughed.

“Auntie Mia. Is it true,that his pack is the strongest now? I thought we are, because Vincent and Hailey are the queen and king” I asked

“When Lucifer was still here, our pack concentrated on him more than the pack. At that time, Alpha Hayes had gone to the council, and had showed them how powerful his pack was. And the council agreed making them go higher than us. Everyone agreed to it, because we were at our weakest.” Oh.

“We’ll be back. I know it” I whispered walking out of the room.

“Hailey?” I questioned walking upstairs.

“Fuck. Layla? Is that you?” She groaned in her room.

“Are you two having sex again?” I asked not opening the door

“No!“She exclaimed

I nodded and opened the door,to see her taking deep breaths, and sat on the bed.

“My water broke” she whispered

“Fuck” I screamed

“Vincent!” I shouted running out of the room

I ran back inside to see Hailey closing her eyes.

“I’m never having kids. Never. Not werewolves.” She muttered, tears running down her face.

“Where’s Vincent?” I asked walking towards her.

“Gone to get me a cake” she smiled slightly.

“Okay. I’ll call the doctor, and you can have the twins in this room” she grabbed my hand, narrowing her eyes at me.

“I have sex in this room, Layla. I can’t have kids in this room as well. I’ll never be able to forget it. I can walk” I nodded helping her up. She was scary

I slowly walked downstairs with her to the emergency room, we had in the castle.

“Mia” Hailey shouted as I placed her on the bed.

“It seems like I’m killing you” I smirk as Mia runs into the room.

“Vincent’s on his way” I nodded as Amanda ran inside. She’s a pack doctor which Vincent said will be helping Hailey.

“Bella! I’m here.” We could hear Vincent’s voice from outside.

“I’m here. And I bought cake” he ran inside handing me the cake, and walking towards Hailey, who was groaning.

“It’s okay. I’m here now” he whispered, running a hand through her hair slowly.

“Never again. Never again are we having kids” she groaned

“But I was thinking a football team?” Vincent mumbled.

“Fuck you. You get pregnant, and then we’ll have a football team.” I walked out of the room with Mia. She walked away as I went to the kitchen.

I want someone to love me too. That’s all.

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