Enceladus 4: The Invasion

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Chapter Twenty-Two

I turned in time to see a Tethian’s magical blade cut Talia’s wing clean off.

It was her scream that set me in motion. I lit the Tethian ablaze and took immense pleasure in his pain.

I knew what was coming next.

I looked at Talia. She was kneeling on the road, still wailing. I willed myself to go to her but nothing happened. I couldn’t move. My legs gave out.

She stopped screaming and made eye contact with me through her tears.

Let go, my inner voice whispered.

“I love you, Talia. Forever.” I let out a scream. There was no stopping it.

“No!” She also knew what was coming. She tried to get up but collapsed. She had lost too much blood. Her wound needed to be cauterized.

Lynx, who was knelt beside her, realized the same thing. “Talia, I need to cauterize the wound.” His voice was calm but his face was pure panic. He glanced at me briefly. He knew what was happening. He did, though, what he knew I would want him to do. Talia before me.

“Do it,” she bit out.

The last thing I saw was the fire from Lynx’s hands. The last thing I heard was Talia’s scream . . .

The end.

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