Enceladus 4: The Invasion

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Chapter Seven

I was awoken abruptly by someone shouting. I jerked up and hit my head on my desk. “Fëŵ,” I swore. I looked around. I was lying on a blanket on the floor, halfway under my desk. When I spotted Talia beside me, naked, I remembered why we were on the floor. We hadn’t made it to the bed last night.

Then I wondered who had shouted and why. I remembered another thing. It was Lynx’s wedding day!

I woke up Talia and we jumped in the shower together. Directly after, we went to Cassiopeia’s old room. Several maids were already doing my sisters’ and Golda’s hair and makeup. Talia and I sat in chairs and they did ours too.

Next, we each went to our respective rooms and put on our dresses. I watched Talia as she changed into a beautiful teal dress. I resisted the urge to undress her and fëŵ her. We didn’t have enough time sadly.

I slipped on my dress and we made our way to Lynx’s room. If there were such things on Enceladus as bridesmaids, or even the word “bride”, Talia and I would be Lynx’s. Caelum was also in Lynx’s room with us. I knew Alexander was in Caelum’s room with Jaeel and John.

A maid was slicking back Lynx’s white hair even though he could do it himself. He wasn’t dressed yet which meant he/we would be late. I rolled my eyes. He couldn’t even be on time on his own pônët day.

“How are you feeling, Lynx?” I asked him. I met his eyes through his mirror. He was nervous. More nervous than I’d ever seen him. “This will be the best day of your life.”

Then he smiled. “I know.”

I hugged him when the maid was done with his hair. “None of that!” He pushed me away. “The hair.”

I laughed.

“You two look great, by the way.” He took Talia’s hand and twirled her around. She giggled and the sound calmed yet excited me. How that was possible, I wasn’t sure. “Doesn’t she look divine, Cal?”

Caelum was sitting on Lynx’s bed. He was wearing a simple black suit, much like Earth’s style. His ash hair had been cut. He finally cut the shaggy mess that had grown while he was in a coma. He shrugged. “You look nice.”

My heart lifted even more. By his tone, he meant it. He had just given my girlfriend a compliment.

“You too, Amy,” he said.

My eyes widened. “Really?” I thumbed my black dress.

He nodded. Ever since I had cried on Caelum’s chest, he was kind to me. He was understanding. He never looked at me with that hard gaze I had grown up with.

I cleared my throat. “Are you going to get dressed sometime soon, Lynx?”

“Yeah, your joinment is in one hour. You should already be ready,” said Cal.

“I’m getting there.” Lynx sent the maid away and went to his bathroom to change.

“So, when are you and Golda finally going to tie the knot? You’ve been betrothed forever.” I asked Cal.

I didn’t think he knew the expression “tie the knot” but he got it from context. “We have decided for after the invasion. Assuming we don’t both die.”

“Of course you won’t die. I won’t let that happen.” I knew I shouldn’t have been making promises like that but it slipped out anyway.

“Talia,” Lynx called from his bathroom.


“I just wanted to say-” he came out, “thank you. For everything you did while Alexander was . . . gone. You really helped me.” Then he hugged her.

“Group hug!” I shouted. I put my arms around them both. Talia laughed. The joy I felt was almost overwhelming.

“Hey! Hey, don’t mess up my hair.”

After Lynx put on finishing touches, Talia, Cal and I left him to join the guests in the ballroom. The theme of their wedding was Ålmôn Klïp or Star Day which was the day they had first kissed a few years ago. All over the ceiling, iridescent dots were painted to resemble stars. Silver star-shaped cut outs hung from the ceiling as well.

The room was divided. Half of it were chairs set up for the ceremony and the other half was tables for the dinner. The chairs were draped in a dark blue fabric that looked like the night sky. The tables were adorned with silver cloths. It was beautiful. I couldn’t wait to see the room in the dark in all its glittering glory. On the same wall as the door, by the tables, was a long table full of appetizers. The main courses would be served later.

Most of the citizens Lynx had invited were already there. Music was playing softly and everyone was mingling.

I spotted Alexander near the archway he and Lynx would get married under. He was with Delphinus and Jaeel.

I took Talia’s hand and led her over to the group. I hugged Alex before he had time to say anything. His arms went around me without hesitation.

“Are you excited?” I asked. I noticed he hadn’t stopped smiling.

“I am. How’s Lynx?” He wore an elegant black suit.

“Good. Excited as well.”

“Princess,” Jaeel greeted.

I stiffened and grabbed Talia’s hand once more. “Jaeel.” Even though I believed him now when he said he was sorry, I was still wary.

Just slaughter him. No one gets to talk to you like that and live.

Once again it wasn’t my father’s voice. It was my own. My stomach grew queasy. No, I couldn’t let this bother me today of all days.

As we walked away, Delphinus came with us. “What’s going on with you and Jaeel?” she asked.

I sighed. “Long story.”

We took our seats in the front row by Caelum and soon Cassiopeia and John and Jae joined us. The two rows behind us were occupied by the Dukes and Duchesses of each division. Directly behind me sat Golda. She was the duchess of the Vela division. Next to her sat her two kid siblings.

A brief flutter of pain passed through my heart. My very first girlfriend, Alessa, used to be the duchess of the now Greek division. She died in the war. She would have been sitting next to Golda.

Soon, the music changed and everyone stood to see Lynx at the doorway. He wore a grin that wasn’t cocky like usual. It was full of joy. He strode down the aisle with the upmost confidence. On Enceladus, no one walked anyone down the aisle. Even if we did and Orion was still alive, Lynx probably wouldn’t have invited him to the wedding.

Lynx reached Alexander and they stood under the arch, hands interlocked. I hardly heard what the maid who married them said but before I knew it, they were kissing. Everyone stood and cheered. My vision blurred with tears.

Everybody hugged Lynx and Alexander. There were tears and laughs. It was about time Enceladus had something good happen.

Jelô æ bü ïjå, Alexander,” I told him. “Welcome to the family,” I repeated in English.

After all the hugs and kisses, Lynx shouted, “Who’s hungry?”

We all moved to the dining half of the room. Once we were seated at Lynx and Alexander’s table, I kept planting kisses on Talia. On her hand, her cheek, her temple. That day, that moment, I saw our own wedding and I felt like my heart was going to explode.

“You know, on Earth,” Golda started, “one person in the couple usually takes the others last name as their own.”

“That’s odd,” Alex said. His arm was draped around Lynx’s shoulders. They hadn’t stopped touching each other even when they ate. I didn’t blame them.

“Lynx Caverly. I must admit that it has a certain ring to it,” Lynx said. He kissed Alex’s cheek.

After dinner, Lynx declared it was time to dance. The second the word “dance” left his mouth, the lights went off. And the second the lights went off, I gasped. The entire room was lit up by the dots on the ceiling. On the floor around the snack table and bordering the dance floor were twinkling lights. It was gorgeous.

We danced for hours, only stopping to hydrate. Before I knew it, I was drunk. Soon, I wanted Talia so bad I started kissing her neck during a slow dance.

“Amelia,” she whispered, blushing. “We’re in public.”

My eyes danced. Every part of me felt alive. Although that could’ve been the effects of the kïn. “So?”

She laughed. I looked around. There was only dozen or so couples on the dancefloor. Most of the citizens had left. All the children were gone. I spotted Lynx and Alexander clinging to each other like they’d never let go.

“You’re intoxicated.” The way she said it implied she didn’t mind. She was slightly intoxicated too. “Let’s go.”

I nodded, swaying over to Lynx and Alex to say goodbye. Talia had to steady me. Well, she tried but I was much taller than her so she struggled.

“Wow, you are plastered,” Lynx said. He had learned that word from Lainie.

“Not that bad,” I said.

“Take her home, Talia!” he said dramatically. He was drunk too. It looked like Alexander hadn’t had a single sip of kïn.

“My pleasure.” Talia took me back to our room and I didn’t remember the rest of the night.

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