The Haunting Hour (TWH #2)

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Zara Storm is convinced that she just can't seem to catch a fucking break. Six months after a failure of a last ditch attempt of stopping the demon prince Leviathan's ascension to the mortal realm, Zara finds herself in the Hell dimension instead of dead thanks to a certain girl that had sold her soul over to the very demon that killed Zara in the first place. Unfortunately being brought back to life has its downsides, the first being a severe bloodlust that gives Zara the deadly ability to take lives on autopilot. To add salt to the wound, Zara can't exactly leave the Hell dimension without her body in the mortal realm being located which is rumored to be under lock and key by Leviathan. Which brings us to the third, most upsetting thing about this entire ordeal: Leviathan managed to get to the mortal realm and is working to take over it entirely. Now it's up to Zara and her friends (new and old) to find the one thing that can stop him before he can take over the world. To be entirely honest, Zara liked her life a lot better when she was dead. **disclaimer: this is the second part in the continuous series "The Witching Hour"**

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“if you prick us, do we not bleed?

if you tickle us, do we not laugh?

if you poison us, do we not die?

and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”

- The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare


...and we’re back!

welcome to the haunting hour the second book in the witching hour series (i highly recommend you go read the first one if you haven’t because this just won’t make any sense)! for those of you that aren’t new, can i first start by saying thank you for reading my first ever completed book?! thank you for the love and support.

i’m also really sorry about the emotional rollercoaster i made you ride on during the first book.

the update schedule looks a little different from the last book (well...a lot different) because a) i’m a full-time sophomore in college in addition to being a first-year resident assistant to freshmen AND a part-time biology researcher so my life is busier and b) this book has not been pre-written aside from a very (very) rough outline.

alright, well you’re probably more interested in the book than you are about my rambling so, without further ado, please enjoy The Haunting Hour.



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