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Bring Me The Heart Of Your King

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For decades, the Kingdom of Unity has thrived under the peace and prosperity afforded to them by their loving and powerful King. Having restored magic back to Unity, and showering his loyal subjects with plenty, King Isaiah has created a lasting peace from the warring days of old and looks forward to a bright future. But when the King is betrayed by one his own, the kingdom is thrown back into chaos and depravity. Once again under the control of the Morags, Unity finds itself cast into shadow. Now it is up to their one true King to save them all, before the kingdom is plunged into darkness. With Isaiah on the run and the evil sorcerer Gaddan at the helm of this once great Kingdom, time is short to save the people of Unity. Will Isaiah return triumphant? Will the might of a King be any match against the awesome strength of such dark wizardry? Find out in this epic tale of adventure, fate, and redemption and grab your copy of Bring Me The Heart Of Your King!

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Chapter 1

Imagine your existence among Kings, Queens, people who lived for honor and glory within their land.

Come place yourself within a mystical realm. Feel the rush of discovering the unknown. Prepare to discover this tale.

Here is a story tucked deep into the long ago. A story of love and allegiance. A story which fascinates.

I ask, do you wish to know this story?

Far away, long before, existed a land so immersed in love that fate’s jealousy vowed vengeance.

A land far away from the valleys called, Unity.

Unity was ruled by King William, fifth King of his name to command.

King William sought to bring concord and solidarity to the lands near and far. However, there was a man who lived in a nearby village, his name was Bronario.

Unlike King William, Bronario was not intent on bringing peace. Instead, he vowed to deliver devastation to the land of Unity.

Bronario once lived among the people of Unity and was entrusted with protecting Unity’s precious stones used for market trade.

Soon, Bronario was found to have stolen many of the stones. Soon after he was tried by the Great Council, convicted of theft and disloyalty toward Unity. As punishment, King William banished Bronario from Unity, forever.

Bronario soon found his home amongst Unity’s enemies, the Morags.

Bronario used the stolen stones to build up the Moragian land. Eventually he became their leader.

The Morags were no longer weak and without direction. Bronario lead the Morags to become deadly, feared by many, and a forceful threat to Unity.

Bronario’s obsessed vengeance toward Unity was relentless and wore at King William like a sickness.

King William kept a strict watch on the Morgaians and took immediate action against any of their threats.

Even with King William’s efforts, many Moravian attacks brought deaths to an abundance of the King’s Knights.

Bronario’s relentless moves continuously sent Morags toward Unity and his efforts to torment Unity were never ending.

Bronario would die in old age, but the Moragians vowed to carry his legacy of vengeance toward Unity.

On this day, the news of more Unity’s knights’ deaths comes before King William prompting a gathering of the King’s Great Council.

The Great Council was made up of the King’s most loyal men and assembled for the and often influenced Unity’s laws. Their meetings were sacred and often omitted hushed conversations among Unitarians.

On this day, King William, known for his calm bearing was noticeably disturbed.

His addressment was without greeting and rather than casualness his demeanor was stiff and authoritative. “I have summoned you all to discuss the recent fulminations the Morags have made upon our land,” King William’s seriousness intensified, “We must take his threats seriously.”

“Your majesty,” a voice beckoned the King’s attention. King William looked at Marcus, one of the eldest and most beloved council members.

Marcus was highly respected and though, without children, was viewed as a father-figure by much of Unity. Marcus could sense the king’s seriousness, and cautiously continued, “Do you believe that the Moragians seeks to harm a land Bronario once called his home…and truly loved?”

King William’s voice was quiet, and his deep bellow told of the sadness he felt, “Indeed.”

Marcus pleaded through a quiver in his voice, his statement more a nervous wish. “My Lord with respect, I do not doubt the Morags commitment of revenge, but they simply have not the means to do so.”

King William quietly gave a wry smile. He was accustomed to Marcus’ peaceful demeanor, but surely, he was cognizant of Bronario’s vow of vengeance. Ordinarily he could recognize Marcus’ advice, but he knew that was no longer possible.

“They simply are not smart enough,” Marcus insisted.

King William pursed his lips and hurried his dismissal, “I understand. I appreciate your good intention but, I certainly do not trust what is seemingly surrounding us”.

Instead of a consensus the council advanced toward empathizing with Marcus, more devoted to excusing Bronario inspired threats as nothing more than trivial ambitions.

King William was still as the council chatted among one another debating to present a consensus with Marcus.

The Council’s plea to the King would be to await a more defined threat.

“Gentlemen,” the King’s voice breaking and regenerating immediately silencing everyone, “I appreciate your allegiance and I understand the doubts you harbor around the Morag’s loyalty toward Bonario’s wishes but, I believe otherwise.”

An uncomfortable pause conveys the King’s frustration, “Bronario was a man who sought nothing more than revenge and now he has left the task to beasts and fools” his words laced with anger and a plea for urgency, “They will come!“, the King voice raising like an angry tide.

The Council grew quiet as they detected the taste of fear within their King’s voice.

A profoundly judicious voice requested the King’s attention. It was Torsha, the newest council was chosen by the King for his remarkable intellect toward conflict.

Though many senior councils rejected Torsha’s appointment, arguing that he was much too young, King William refuted the opposition and Torsha had since earned their unanimous respect.

Torsha fumbled with his hands as he begun to speak his eyes sagging and his forehead showing weary indentations, “Your majesty, I agree. Bronario’s threats were real and the Morrigan’s are committed to the legacy of his vengeance. We must remain diligent in preparing for an attack by the Morags.”

The council sat still, eyes shifting, and throats clearing. Some covered their mouths surely mocking Torsha.

King William sensed the uncertainty in the room, and again took an authoritarian approach.

The King again prevailed upon his council, “Bronario’s antipathy lives in the Morgaian’s. Be it one year or twenty each day we will bring Unity closer to their most dedicated attack.”

King William stood and the council ensued. “Torsha, prepare a proclamation and alert my army that Unity must take action. King William’s voice dropped as he gazed out into the open. “Our peace is threatened for how long I do not know. We shall defend our land with each of our lives.”

The council agreed and raised their swords shouting, “Forever Unity.”

King William bid his council farewell. He took to his throne sitting in the stillness of silence. He thought of Queen Mary and of his son, Prince Isaiah nearing adulthood. His heart ached for the difficult times he knew his people would one day face.

The King would remain on his throne staring out into the open until the moon and stars replaced the heaven’s sunlight.

There was a great sadness within for he knew his death was near.

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