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Astronomy Class

THE ASSEMBLY WAS DISMISSED AND EVERYONE LEFT FOR THE CLASSES. Well, except Charlotte.. She didn’t even budge and was staring at the stage as if lost in her own unpleasant thoughts. I was just deciding that whether she was thinking about that Thomas guy or about her vision when she spoke “Come Amy.. We will miss our Astronomy class.” I was quite surprised, the girl who was always cheerful no matter what happens was suddenly so tensed and quiet! Something’s fishy. “Char, tell me.. What’s going on in your mind? Who is that Thomas guy and what are you thinking about your vision?” I asked her. With the same ominous expression on her face she replied, “Amy, right now I feel like attending the class and reserving our seats for the trip.” I was about to ask her about the trip but then the warning bell rang and we ran for our Astronomy class. After five minutes of the starting of every class, a warning bell rings which warns whoever is not in the class to go back or else the consequences won’t be good. We ran for it and at that speed we could have won France a gold medal in Olympics. We reached the class on time to find my favourite teacher, Ms. Shelley giving some instructions. “Uh.. Madame… I came a bit late so can you please repeat what you said? S’il vous plaît…” Ms. Shelley said “D’accord, Amy but you ought not be late in my class now onwards, it is not acceptable. So guys, please get seated and then we shall proceed.” Said Ms. Shelley and we all sat. I am not usually a backbencher but today I wanted to sit at the back and so did I because madame was revising what we had done a week ago. “All those who have done their assignments can enjoy their time. And Grace please pay attention in this class because we are revising our syllabus, and you can um, sit beside Roselle. She will help you out with your work. And all those who have done their revision and everything they can go and sit on the seats at the back. Yes I know Amy, you can go there with Charlotte.” Ms. Shelley said. I smiled and took Charlotte’s hand and pulled her to the last seat. “So?” I asked her. “So… Madame is looking beautiful today. Her light brown hair tied in a tight bun with black and square spectacles on her face. And the black dress, wow! That suits her.” Charlotte replied. I rolled my eyes. “Char.. Back to the topic!” I said and she replied dreamily “Topic? Oh yeah. Today in the corridor, two boys were looking at you. They were saying that-” I interjected her “Don’t you dare change the topic! I know you are doing this on purpose! Tell me what are you thinking about-” She interrupted “Grace? Oh, he is a nice guy. Quite good looking too. But just see how that Roselle is looking at him.” But she stopped in middle of her sentence when I glared at her. “Oh ok.. Amy, I-I am having a feeling that I need to be with my parents! They need me… But I don’t know where are they. I am MISSING them.” I knew why she emphasised on the word missing. Actually, her parents are quite rich and are the trustees of this college. They have their only child, who is good in studies but is an introvert. They wanted her to be open and brilliant, the way all other rich kids act. But Charlotte was nothing like that. She is too much shy and gets bullied easily. Recently her parents went on a trip to America to complete some important work there as well. They wanted her to accompany them but Charlotte didn’t like travelling much so she refused. So because of all this, it was not normal for Charlotte to actually miss them. “Well… I don’t know much about the missing part because you know Char… I don’t have parents.” She looked at me with tears glistening from her eyes. “uhh.. Char, you didn’t like travelling no? then why are you going to this trip?” I quickly changed the topic. “I just know that its important for me to go on this trip to America. I just have to, I am having this weird gut feeling. And the thing about foreign country… I still have you with me. You will come with me.” She said. “Me! But.. umm.. you know, I don’t have enough money. So I can’t afford going there.” I replied with a disconsolate expression on my face. “Don’t worry about that. I will talk to that pathetic principal, Mrs. Norkiss. I am the daughter of one of the trustees so it gives a good impression. Actually I am leaving right now as she is usually free at this time.” She replied and raised her hand. Madame permitted her to go to Mrs. Norkiss’s room. I was sitting alone in the last row as I was the only one who has completed her work. I looked over the astronomy equipment and then my eyes fell on Grace. That boy with Blonde hair and blue eyes.…. gives me chills, not that fear ones but a weird feeling. And I just didn’t like the way Roselle was watching him. Ah! I forgot to tell you about her. Roselle Dove Brown is in simple words, my rival. She is the only girl apart from me who is considered by boys. But the difference between us is that, she loves this popularity, while I hate it. She wears expensive clothes for instance today, she is wearing white stylish shorts and white T-Shirt with a slogan that said ‘GIRLS ALWAYS WIN’ in pink. She was actually looking beautiful with her emerald green eyes and her dark black hair turned into a French braid. They all suited her and made her the most beautiful girl in the college. But the problem was that she was pretty much proud of herself. She had a lot of attitude and because of that no-one liked her except for a few. She always looked up at me as her competition in fashion of course. My thoughts were interrupted by “Grace, starting from very basic, tell me about the Supernova.” Madame asked him. Without hesitation, he stood up began blabbering about Supernova as if he had done a research on it. “A supernova is the biggest explosion that humans have ever seen. Each blast is the extremely bright, super-powerful explosion of a star. Massive stars burn huge amounts of nuclear fuel at their cores or centres. This produces tons of energy, so the centre gets very hot. Heat generates pressure, and the pressure created by a star’s nuclear burning also keeps that star from collapsing. A star is in balance between two opposite forces. The star’s gravity tries to squeeze the star into the smallest, tightest ball possible. But the nuclear fuel burning in the star’s core creates strong outward pressure. This outward push resists the inward squeeze of gravity. When a massive star runs out of fuel, it cools off. This causes the pressure to drop. Gravity wins out, and the star suddenly collapses. The collapse happens so quickly that it creates enormous shock waves that cause the outer part of the star to explode! Usually a very dense core is left behind, along with an expanding cloud of hot gas called a nebula. A supernova of a star more than about 10 times the size of our sun may leave behind the densest objects in the universe- black holes.” Madame looked at Grace with an astonished expression and said “Formidable Grace! So you know pretty good about Supernova. Then I guess you must know about VY Cannis Majoris?” Grace smiled and answer “Oui madame. VY Cannis Majoris is the biggest red giant ever found. A red giant is ten times or even more bigger than our sun. Some scientist say that it can swallow up stars which are near it and smaller than it.” Ms. Shelley was impressed and she asked him to sit down. “Another competition of mine!” I thought. Then suddenly he looked at me and a surge of repelling feeling. I don’t know why but my body wanted to repel his gaze and so did I. “Uh! I hate that boy. By the way, why didn’t Charlotte return by now?” I thought. I was about to ask madame for permission to go out when the bell rang. I was about to leave the class when Ms. Shelley called “Amy! Come here.” I walked up to her and asked “Yes madame?” Ms. Shelley replied “Amy, I want you to help Grace with his work.” I was flabbergasted “What madame!? But Roselle was about to help him no?” Grace smiled from behind and said “Her work isn’t complete for what I can make out from her notebook” Ms. Shelley turned to me and literally ordered “You are going to help Grace. He already is a brilliant student and with a bit of your help he will do outstanding work. Now go to your common room and there discuss your meetings.” After that, “Hi” was my first word since I was forced to help Grace, the newbie. “Hi, so you are Amy right? I am Grace.” Was his reply. I don’t know why but his normal sentences were striking me and why I was having a feeling to instantly get away from him. “I am Amy Chandeliour Rick. And you are Grace…….?” I asked him and his smile vanished “No surname. I have no parents, they died when I was only 1 and my aunt and uncle left me in an orphanage. And after that I just somehow grew up on my own. And you… What’s your parent’s name?” I felt extremely sorry for him, “I am really sorry to know that Grace. I myself am an orphan. At least you have any kind of memory of them. I don’t even know who are they. When my eyes opened, the first thing I saw was my orphanage.” A feeling of sympathy flooded through me for him when he asked mee the most annoying question, “then your surname?” I was sick of it! I just hate it but its not his fault I thought and replied “Named after the founder of that orphanage.” Watching me gaze at him, I guess he understood that I didn’t want to talk about that anymore. “Oh… so, can I see your notebook? I mean, you know just see how much work was done?” I hesitated but then gave him my astronomy notebook. He opened it and found it scribbled with notes and star charts, diagrams, questions and etc. “You are the topper of the class, aren’t you?” He asked me. “Uhmm… yes but how did you know?” I asked, amazed. “Ah! I have a good sense of understanding people just by looking their body-language and their work. And this girl, Roselle is your rival or something?” He asked. “Not exactly from my side. You know, I just don’t want to be famous! I hate this popularity. She doesn’t understand it and she always looks up to me as a foe.” I explicated. “Oh. And do you know the fact that you have a very beautiful handwriting indeed?” He commended. “Yeah, my teachers tell me that.” I said blushing. “Just like you, my beauty.” He murmured. “Sorry?” I asked (even though I heard what he said quite clearly but was it possible..) “Uh.. mm... Nothing I just-” But I interrupted him “Can you just take Charlotte’s help—” But there was a loud thump and the door to the common room swung open and in the doorway stood…….

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