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Ready For Trip!

Crying, I entered Galaxy House common room (There are actually four houses in our college- Galaxy, Star, Planet and Comet. According to them, various house competitions take place and mostly our house, Galaxy wins. I am really proud to be a part of it.) I went to my bed and sat down with the support of the curtain. I was in a terrible condition anger, shock, guilt were mixed up in me. This day was terrible, first Charlotte’s dream then Char being bullied and finally this! Ugh! I felt like get rid of my life. ‘Seriously, Amy! All this happened and you didn’t even try to stop it! At least you should have spoken to madame and tried to sort it out but what did you do!? Just let it happen? Didn’t expect this from you. Those poor boys who joined the quarrel for me! And after all it all wouldn’t have happened I wouldn’t have been too over-protective for Charlotte and smacked Thomas in the face, however much good that felt. Its all your fault! Go and repent it. Go and talk to Madame Norkiss.’ And with this thought I wiped down my tears and stood up deciding how will I address madame. I walked up to the door of my dormitory, ready to face anything which awaited for her but before she could even open it, the door swung open and there stood Grace and Charlotte blocking my way. “Again! Get out of my way! I-I just want to go to um... Madame Shelley for some work.” I lied but the lie flickered in my eyes and Grace caught that “You are going nowhere. We know what you are upto, you are trying to get away and go to headmistress to get yourself punished and stop her from punishing others right? Well don’t ask me how do I know, I told you I am good at reading people. See Amy, we did what we could. Charlotte herself told us that she tried her best to protect all of us from punishment. But we can’t help it now, you understand?” I thought of a trick in my mind and said “Y-Yes.” And as soon as Charlotte’s grip on the door loosened listening this reply I pushed her away and dashed away in the corridor. “Sorry for the push Char.” I called out. But Grace was too quick for me and before I could run round the corner, he caught me tightly by my arm and pulled me closer to him and “Ah! Your grip is too tight! Let go of me! Its hurting!” I cried but he wasn’t going to get into this one he pulled me closer and said “Don’t you dare go anywhere Amy, don’t you dare!” I frowned and pulled my arm free, and did as Grace told me to, went into the common room of course. Charlotte was waiting for me there and I sat down on my bed and the mixed feeling of guilt and anger filled me again. “You did what you wanted to do! Now lemme do what I want to do!” I shouted. And all the girls and boys present there in the room looked at me. The word of the fight has spread everywhere like a fire in the forest. I knew deep down that they all were angry from me but the Galaxians were too polite to say it. “Calm down Amy. Its not your fault.” Zain Mavis said. “Ok, Zain’s right. Fine, so its not my laptop. Lemme freshen up and then Charlotte, you are going to tell me all about the trip thing.” I said as I opened my bathroom door and went inside. There I took some handwash and washed my hands and took some water and splashed it on my face. I looked up in the mirror and recited in my mind ‘Its ok Amy…. Not your fault.. Ofcourse your fault but not your fault.’ I took deep breath and sighed. I pushed open the door of the restroom to find all the Galaxians (that’s what we call all those why our in Galaxy house. Well all were there except those in punishment) I grinned at them and said with a clear voice “No more sobs, no more complaints. Char, talk about this trip.” Charlotte beamed and said “That’s my girl. Ok, so I went to madame’s office and I talked to her about the trip. She gave me some information about it. This trip’s gonna be for one week, and there is a discount for the me, well you know why. And as I am paying for Amy as well so for that too I have discount. And as the Galaxians’ results were brilliant, they have to pay one hundred and fifty dollars.” The whole house cheered and made my heart lighter. “Great Charlotte. Umm… I don’t wanna go to that topic but what actually happened to you? Like what did Thomas do? And why did he call you his neighbour?” Charlotte’s face fell. “I will be back guys. Amy come.” She took me to the girls dormitory and made me sit on my bed and said “You wanna know about Thomas? Listen.. He is a complete bully and also happens to be my neighbour. Before I came here I used to get bullied by him everyday. So that is why he called me his neighbour. And rest what happened to me, you can guess it. I was coming from the headmistress office and then as I was about to turn round the corner, he grabbed me by my arm and threw me on the floor. He took a garbage bin of dry papers of course and threw it on me as if I was a landfill. And then he took his coke and poured it all over me and began laughing loudly and I screamed at him ‘You are impossible!’ and crying I came here. Fine? Now come back.” I stared at her as if lightening has struck her “Calm down Char.. I-I am sorry.” That’s all I said and I went back to the common room. Judging by our faces others decided not to ask about Thomas. “Aaaah! I am feeling very sleepy. Bye guys. I am going to my sweet bed.” Diana Flynn Orly said and left. One by one every person left and only I and Charlotte were left. We sat there silently when Char broke the silence “Sorry Amy. Sorry that I burst up on you. I was thinking about my parents that time and then you called that moron’s name. I just got furious.” I nodded and replied “Yeah. Its ok. Um, can I ask what were you thinking about your parents? Like you are sure that this vision is actually vision not just a nightmare?” Charlotte again looked at me as if she will eat me up raw but replied with calmness in her voice “Yes. This isn’t a nightmare, it’s a vision. I can sense it. I can’t explain how I feel when a vision comes but I sense that it’s a vision. And I was thinking that… I have to go to Washington on this trip. Even if you say no then also I will go. I don’t know how will I manage but I will go. I have a feeling that I can help my parents there. I know its silly but its also true.” I bobbed understandingly and said “Ohk.. And Miss. Charlotte Kate Winston don’t you dare to say that you will go there alone. Who is going to save you from other bullies there huh? You need a Martial Arts champion beside and that’s me.” My dearest bestie smiled “Sure miss. Amy Chandeliour Rick or shall I say Martial Arts champion?” We both laughed out loud and I waded her my goodbye “Bonne nuit!” Then I hit my pillow and slept soundly. I got no visions or even dream that night. My sleep was full of pitch-black darkness, soothing silence, and for the first time tension free night. Then suddenly a white dazzling light interrupted my pitch-black darkness and murmurs clashed against the soothing silence, thoughts of classes and tr I slowly opened my eyes and saw the roof of my red bed, sat up in the bed opened my curtains and saw the dust particles and light pouring into our dormitory through our windows. I smiled and thought ‘Ah! What a day..’ I took my slippers and went to my bathroom, freshened up and changed my large black T-Shirt and black PJs to nice magenta crop top and black jeggings. Bound my hair in a tight high ponytail and went out in my dormitory. As soon as I was out Charlotte was up with a beam on her face and I realised that either she had a good vision or none at all. Every girl there was in good mood and seeing them smile made me think that nothing can make me sad on this wonderful day, but I was wrong. When all of us were ready and there was still time in our class we went into the Bliss Hall. Everyone was having fun there but as soon as I kept my foot their everyone began giving me dirty glances. On the other corner of the hall were those children who were punished yesterday, mopping the floor. “Hi guys! I didn’t get a chance to say sorry so… I am extremely sorry.” But I found out that they were ignoring me. I felt a pang of guilt and whenever I passed by any student, he or she used to taunt me and the whole Bliss Hall began murmuring but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. Then I met Roselle in white cold shoulder top and dark shade of blue jeans. She smirked and whispered in my ear “Hey Amy! Or shall I say the Cheater?” I looked at her furiously, my warm eyes were replaced by cold ones looking for something to swallow. “Oh don’t give me that look Cheater. That’s what they are calling you by the way, Cheater. You cheated us! You got away from the punishment but didn’t even try to help us out. Ha! Look what you did to your so-called followers.” I was furious but at the same time I was guilty. I turned away from her and my eyes full of tears I ran towards my classroom. No one was there in maths class but I sat there, put my bag aside and started crying. I cried and cried and cried… for how long? I don’t know, probably for a few minutes but it seemed like aeons. “Amy! Amy!” Was something which brought me to sense. I rose up my head to see a blurred vision of Charlotte and Grace standing over me. My sullen eyes and face messed with tears were too much for Charlotte to stand. “Amy come right away. You are going to the medical room and you are going to attend no class. I will tell madame about it. Come” She said. I looked at her and yelled “No! You are not going to do anything. Whenever you do anything others taunt you, me and everyone with us. I don’t want that. You two go back to your class and attend it. Tell Ms. Chelsia that I am unwell I won’t attend Chemistry class. I will come in a while. With that I pushed them out of the empty classroom. I sat there in a trance. Whenever I closed my eyes that scene of Headmistress madame’s room popped up and I again began crying. “Uh.. Its ok Amy. Don’t worry… When you do something, others are always there to criticise. Do one thing, once you have break, gather all the Galalxians and at least apologise to them.” I thought. I glanced at my watch and realised that only five minutes are left for our class to get over. So I wiped my tears and went to my dormitory. I sat there and waited for all the Galaxians to come. Suddenly, the door burst open revealing a crowd of cheerful kids but their faces wore that grim expression once they saw me. “Hey guys!” I said awkwardly. They ignored me and I took a deep breath “Guys I know why are you all angry with me. I am really sorry for that. I-I went to Madame’s office to tell that this all was my mistake not yours but that pathetic woman didn’t understand. I am really sorry. She didn’t punish me so what? You can.” I declared. There were murmurs in the crowd but Grace, Charlotte and a few others who consoled me last night stood against my proposal of punishment. “No! She won’t get punished. You all understand? Its not her fault, nor it is yours. The fault is Thomas’s and his crew’s. Don’t you see? He bullied me! Amy and Grace were the only people who stood against him. And then you joined. Thank you for that. But don’t you dare to say anything to Amy!” Charlotte said. And everyone was stunned, it was the first time that she spoke something in public to all. Grace and a few others supported her. And gradually the whole house forgave me. I smiled and we all became great friends again. Still the taunts of the college wasn’t over yet, but I didn’t care because when I had my friends along with me, why should I worry? In a few days, these taunts died down as fast as they spread. That day, Charlotte paid for both mine and her trip fees and I was looking forward to that trip. It was the first time I was going out on a trip after all!

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