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Journey To Washington

********FEW DAYS PASSED*******

It was a pleasant day of 22nd January.. The sunrays crept into the girls dormitory and woke me up. I yawned and slowly opened my eyes hoping for the best. I wore my coat which was kept on the side table and walked up to the large window. Today, the weather was quite warm (I was really thankful for that), a pleasant wind was blowing and the trees seemed to dance even without its leaves, the fog decided to part and the fallen leaves seemed to play together. The grey building of our college too looked pretty, in short, everything was very beautiful today. I smiled and thought “When you are happy, everything around you looks pretty.” With that thought in my mind, I went up to Charlotte’s bed and woke her up. We both gave an excited squeal and I went to the bathroom first, freshened up and changed my clothes. “Wow Amy! You look just amazing in this peach coloured high-neck top with a black belt on it and black jeggings with black boots. You love black it seems.” I smiled and walked up to the dressing table to do some hairstyles and all. I tied my strawberry blonde hair into a French twist. Then I took up the lip-gloss and applied it on my lips and finally put my black earrings on. There! I was ready. Just then I saw a girl in dark blue jumpsuit with a brown coat on. She came up to the dressing table and began applying soft curls to her hair. She literally was Charlotte! “Girl! Who are you? You were hiding your fashion talent from me all these years!? I hate you for that Char..” I exclaimed. “I didn’t hide it, I saved it for this day sweetie.” She smirked. I laughed out loud and that woke all other girls and instantly the peaceful dormitory became the noisy one with girls murmuring. All the girls moved here and there double checking their bags, their dresses and hair and those who couldn’t go were helping them out. After everything was ready, I took my black bag which contained no more than a few dresses, hair clips, hair bands, my phone, a waterbottle, a lunchbox (for emergency), a GPS, a comb, a guide to Washington, and a few more supplies (I can’t list all.. can I?) So with that and Charlotte on my with her blue suitcase (What’s inside? I think same content as mine) we went to the Galaxy Common Room. It was bustling with activity all boys and girls running here and there and some sitting on the couch agitatedly waiting for the announcement. We both sat down there and as we did Charlotte whispered “Ms. Gorgeous, yesterday night I got the same vision again. I-I don’t know but I feel even more enthusiastic to go on this trip.” I shot her a look that said ‘Char! This is beginning to be extremely serious now.’ And she nodded understandingly. And then a voice boomed in the room “All the students who are going on the trip to assemble in the hall!” We looked the time and it was 6:30 AM already. Today as it was the trip we had to wake up early as we had to leave from the school at maximum 7:30 AM. All the Galaxians who were going to Washington were led by their house prefects, Clara Hemsworth and Ray Walliams. So we followed their lead to the hall. There we saw Mrs. Norkiss already on the podium and as soon as we entered she began saying “Good morning my little troublemakers! You all are going to Washington it seems, good lot of you eh? So unfortunately, I can’t go being the so-called principal of this college but don’t you worry, Ms. Chelsia and Ms. Shelley are going with you. All the children going on the trip, please stand in a line behind Ms. Shelley. And enjoy!” Were her last words. The hall broke into chatters and tapping of feet. Charlotte and I walked up to the second half of the hall towards Ms. Shelley and it was then that I noticed Grace standing there in Green jacket and light blue jeans. His sky-blue eyes tinkled. He looked just amazing. I walked up to him and said “Hi. Um. You are also going on this trip?” He greeted and replied “Yeah. I am really happy that I was sorted in Galaxy house because of that I got a discount. So I joined.” I was still confused “Uh that’s okay. But as you are um… orphan then how did you manage to..” Grace’s smile faltered “Last month, I published a novel and that did quite well in the market and I received good amount of money. With that I joined this college and paid fees for trip. Um.. Excuse me please. I’ve got to go for a minute. Thanks” With that he left. My luck must have been rotten to core that day because I noticed a boy with black hair which were highlighted with purple, green eyes and red sweatshirt and black jeans that was none other than Thomas. Behind him a girl with pitch-black hair, emerald sea-green eyes white crop top and warm blue denim and she was of course, Roselle. With her, there was this boy with brown hair and amber eyes, wearing yellow furry jacket, I identified him as James. “Ugh.. Thomas, Roselle and James are also coming! Rotten luck.” I muttered. “Guys! Ready are ya? Follow madame Chelsia and she will lead you to your bus which will take you to the airport.” And we did follow her. The ride in bus was quite fun all the boys and girls sang pop songs while some shared interesting facts and horror stories. I, Charlotte, Clara, Reyna Worth, Jack Quebeck, and Grace shared stories songs and our talents. Jack and Reyna told horror incidents which were more humorous than horror while I and Grace sang ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber (Everyone loved that. Grace has good voice it seemed). We also mimicked various teachers whom we didn’t like and most of it were dedicated to Mrs. Norkiss and she also happened to receive the Nastiest And Ugliest Teacher award by us while Ms. Shelley got The Best And Beautiful Teacher award from me. Whenever I glanced towards the Thomas Group I saw Roselle, James, Thomas, Gaiya Callders, Michael Kions and Peter Johnson together (All have been the bully of the year in their own time) After what seemed like an hour or so we reached Charles de Gaulle Airport. We got off our bus and gazed at the tall and huge building standing before us. It was the first time I ever visited an airport and as I had read in the guide to Washington, it was much more beautiful and luxurious than I could imagine. Crowded canteens, hundreds of people lined on the entry gate, elevators, lifts, shops.. Everything seemed like a dream. As we were from THE Elite Norm College, we got a VIP treatment. We entered through a different gate away from all the crowd. There was still an hour or so left for our flight so we went to the canteen and Ah! What delicious-delights they were! My mouth watered as soon as I got a plate of Chicken Biryani and Masala Dosa. “Umm.. Just try this Biryani and Dosa guys! This is so amazing! I just love Indian food, they put all those spices and tadkas in it. They make their food brilliant-” But Clara interrupted “We know that you are brilliant in studies and memorising stuffs but please.. Don’t start giving us a lecture on Indian food. We know how brilliant it is.” Everyone roared with laughter and we started chatting. How half an hour passed by in the canteen, I didn’t know. “Students, its half an hour to our flight please stand in a queue” And so did we. All lined up in a queue feeling ecstatic. We were all so happy but did we know that our lives will change after that? No we didn’t. So we moved forward in a line gave our passes to Ms. Chelsia, handed over our luggage to the helper and went forward with Ms. Shelley. She led us to a walkway that connected the airport with the plane. And so we are inside the plane. I awed at every sight (That must have been quite irritating though) as it was the first time I entered an aeroplane. Inside we went on in search oof our seats, 45A.. One year later, I finally found my seat (it didn’t take that long probably just a few minutes but it really felt like forever). As Charlotte HAD to sit beside me, she swapped her seats with Roselle, for which I was extremely thankful but unfortunately, there was no one to swap their seats with Thomas so extremely regrettably, I had to sit beside him. My seat was the window one, Charlotte sat in the middle and Thomas at the other end. He didn’t pay attention to us, completely into James who was sitting next to him. We waited for a while in the airplane and when we started to move airhostess, in a white top, black skirt and black coat with a name plate on it that said- Sia Quora began acting the instructions given while some other girl voiced them. I didn’t pay much attention to it as I was too busy admiring the view outside. I just caught the main thing that was- We will reach Washington in around eight hours. “Ahh! That’s a long flight. I hope I don’t sleep or else I will miss out the fun!” I said to Charlotte while Thomas snorted. I was about to say ‘Keep your snorting to yourself’ when I thought that I was in a plane and I didn’t want to spoil my trip. For a few mor minutes the Plane was running on the track “When will it take off?” I asked Charlotte and without replying she just smiled. I frowned but before I could say something, my stomach lurched as the plane took off. The sensation was… I don’t have words to describe just amazing and a bit tingling. I was feeling like someone took my heart pushed it out of my body, the sensation of take-off, excitement for the trip and smiling Charlotte beside me with annoying Thomas sitting next to next to me, all these feelings made my heart leap out of my mouth. I buckled up my seat and was looking straight forward waiting for the tingling sensation to finish off. And as soon as it did, I looked down through my window and the sight was to behold. I was just mystified at the beauty of the sight! All those clouds through which we were passing looked like giant icebergs, I felt as if I was on a cruise sailing past icebergs through the pacific. Now I understood how Rose must have felt when she was on Titanic. All the way through I either read some magazine or peeked through the window regarding nature’s beauty. That was when the plane began to descend, was it eight hours yet? No! Not possible… When I was thinking and was about to ask Charlotte about it, the plane tilted and wobbled. It happened again and again, Charlotte’s eyes widened while I gave her a questioning look, “Turbulence!” She managed to speak. Horrible thoughts entered my mind.. Turbulence!? What would happen to us? Crash-landing? Or Lost in the world somewhere? Or sink into the vast ocean? What will happen? I was about to get a severe panic attack when a voice thundered into the plane “Dear passengers, there has been some turbulence and we are unexpectantly out of fuel. We will be trying to use extra fuel and steady our plane, till then please don’t panic and everything is alright.” That thing comforted me a bit but still my heart was pounding and my pulse throbbed, I didn’t want my first flight to be my last! I was terrified. I tried to control myself by reading some book or listening to song but I failed, while everyone else was sitting quite calmly in their seats without any tension I wondered how? I kept on thinking about the cases of crash landings I’ve heard about, they were horrible! I wanted to cry out loud but I knew that would be silly. “Charlotte, how are you so calm? Its turbulence!” She looked at me and a tinge of annoyance I found in her I eyes, I was shocked to learn that she was getting annoyed by me! I felt ashamed and I apologised to her “What for?” She asked in confusion. I sighed and replied “You are getting annoyed from me. Sorry for that but you know it’s my first time on plane!” She laughed lightly and said “Oh dear.. You totally missed out who is sitting beside me.” She said and I took the hint. I saw Thomas and found that he was talking to James, Roselle and Daksh Sharma. I pushed myself forward and pressed my ears hard they were talking about Charlotte being a duck! Roselle was telling them about this act in which Charlotte was chosen for a duckling act (It was an incident of childhood which she shared with her friends but it slipped out to the Stars, God knows how!?) Thomas mimicked a duckling- Quack-Quack!! I smirked and called out “You look much better as a duck Crease.” Mr. Thomas turned and his smile vanished “Ms. Interrupter, did someone ask you to interrupt in between?” I replied “Yes of course.. YOU did! If you speak about Charlotte insultingly then it’s quite certain that there will be an interruption by me and by her too… someday.” Roselle interfered “Someday. Ha! Ha! And by the way, Ms. Orphaned Poor Little Girl, how did you manage to get to this trip huh? Did you sell your huge stack of books? Oh you won’t, ‘Cause you are in love with them aren’t you? Didn’t get a guy so she’s into the books. Ha, HA!” This was going too far, “Shut you bloody mouth Roselle or else.. I hope you remember that day’s fight didn’t you? And Mr. Thomas till the time we land you DON’T have to utter a word about Charlotte or even after. You get that or need a judo-flip for it?” Thomas was taken aback “You gonna judo-flip me HERE? Wow! Nice try but no.” I simpered “Oi. This is Charlotte’s parents’ plane I can do whatever I want. And if not.. I will save the judo-flip for hotel and do with a short smack here right on the nose, right Crease?” Thomas blushed but before he could say anything a voice boomed “Dear passengers, we tried our best to control the flight. Already the fuel somehow finished too early, the weather is not helping us. We are afraid that moving any further might not be good for us and we may crash land directly onto a good tall tower. So, our crew has decided to land on the nearest airport in New Jersey. Please stay calm and co-operate. Thank you.” My confidence to argue with Thomas drained off and the feeling of fear filled me again. I sat back into my seat, sinking deeper and deeper into it (I could have made a hole in it if Charlotte wouldn’t have stopped me.) “Its ok Charlotte. Turbulence is normal for flights. And we are landing in the airport na. we aren’t crashlanding we are landing in New Jersey. I hope…..” She consoled me but as soon as she said that my heart leaped and our seats slid forward. The plane started to tremble like a man with thousands of ghosts surrounding him. My head hit into the soft cushion of the seat in front of me ‘thank god it wasn’t hard or else I would have taken a trip to hospital instead of Washington and might not have come back..’ I thought but as soon as I thought that I felt as if poison filled in my stomach, that thought hurt me even though there wasn’t a family of mine to leave behind, or was there… No-time to think that. My main concern was that, would we crash-land?” ‘A GIRL NAMED AMY CHANDELIOUR RICK DIES IN A PLANE CRASH DURING HER SCHOOL TRIP TO WASHINGTON, SURVIVED BY NO-ONE AND NO FAMILY. ACCORDING TO OUR REPORTS THERE WERE TWENTY OTHERS WITH HER ON THIS TRIP INCLUDING TWO TEACHERS.’ I made myself these cosy headlines in the Daily Cream Gazette. I tried to think about some happy moments of my life (like it is shown in movies.. happy moments of your life swarm before your eyes just before your death) but none came back. Did that mean I had no happy memories? Oh, of course not. I had many, with Charlotte and Clara and all other well-wishers of mine. For a better thought, did that mean that I wasn’t going to die? A next-to-impossible thought judging the way plane was plummeting, even if it landed safely in New Jersey still I would be dead because of a heart-attack that’s gonna come in a few moments. I began to imagine my funeral, my friends left behind in my life and the college standing there in black clothes all crying and carrying a bouquet in their hands, my coffin lying on the ground… “Stop it! This is going to make me mad! Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!” I cried out loud and Charlotte looked at me “Are you o-okay? You don’t seem fine to me… Amy, do you need oxygen? Shall I call an airhostess for help? If there’s anything going in your mind.. Then tell me immediately.” I was blank, how could I tell her about all those thoughts crowded in my head? No, I couldn’t so I said, “Nothing. I-I just slept and-and it was a nightmare.” I looked away but it was no use, Charlotte caught what was going on in my mind. “If you are worrying about the turbulence then probably this might help, see.” she pointed to the window, I looked down there. The plane was still tumbling a bit but lesser than it was earlier, and down there I could see a city and- LAND! I was so land-sick that I wanted to jump out of the plane and fly all the way to New Jersey. But not possible, I haven’t tried Skydiving ever in my life. “Ah! Probably we won’t die.” I thought as we were close to the airstrip but as soon as a feeling named ‘relief’ entered in my panicked body, the plane began to shake. “Superb! Probably we won’t survive now.” I thought again and anything related to relief left my body and actually, EVERYTHING left my body, I lapsed back in my seat. I couldn’t feel my hands or legs or any part of my body, voices around me were dimly audible (as if I knew what they were saying but they were hardly audible), my eyes began to sting and my head spun. My vision darkened and I fell into an abyss of darkness………..

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