Conquest of a Queen

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Chapter Twenty-four

Nancy escorted Iskander to his room on her arm.

“This is most unorthodox.” He frowned as they entered and she bade him to have a seat on the chaise lounge.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gone before anyone knows to set their tongues wagging.” Nancy replied, opening the pot of salve as she sat beside him.

They sat in silence while she applied the mixture, stopping briefly to trace the light scar on his cheek. He grasped her hand. “Is it so terrible?”

Nancy smiled. “Not at all. This stuff is amazing.”

“You are amazing, A’Janae.”

Nancy’s pulse quickened.

“Iskander.” She whispered.

He pulled her close, cupping the back of her head beneath her hair, and kissed her. His lips were firm and warm and his tongue delved into her mouth, savoring her. Nancy melted within his grasp, dropping the salve and wrapping her arms around his neck. He kissed down her neck and she dropped her head back, combing her hands through his hair, as he tasted her collarbone.

“Iskander,” she panted, “aren’t you worried people will talk?”

“They think we are betrothed.” He replied, sending waves of pleasure through her body as he placed kisses along the top of her breasts.

“But we’re not.” She gasped, battling with her desire for him to continue.

Iskander moaned and closed his eyes, resting his forehead on her shoulder. Of course she was right. She did not want to marry him and he could not in good conscience compromise her. Not only could it present a problem for any man she did decide to take as a husband, but an illegitimate child would do nothing to help the unification of their countries. It was a shame, Nancy was purring like a kitten after just a few kisses. If she allowed him to do what he wanted he could have the maiden screaming with reckless abandon in no time. The very idea made him hard and he had to release her and sit back to control himself.

“I’m sorry, Iskander.” He heard her say, her voice trembling. “I’m going now, but if you need me I’m right next door.”

Nancy lay in bed for hours but could not sleep. What a mess she was in and it was all her fault. Her mother had said her stubbornness would be her undoing and for once she was right. She was so determined to go against what she was told that she flat out refused a man she had later fallen head over heels in love with. She thought for sure he only wanted her out of obligation, but judging by his kisses and the way he held her, she knew he wanted her. He liked her, had called her a good friend, but did he love her? She thought perhaps someday he might after all. A combination of friendship and lust was fairly close to love wasn’t it? Still, if Iskander did decide to marry her, she knew he had convinced himself that being his wife would be a hardship. He also seemed convinced that she would only accept him out of pity and so Nancy knew he would not ask again.

The sky rumbled with thunder and the curtains at her window began to dance in the breeze. She climbed out of bed and closed the window as lightning flashed, accompanied by another roll of thunder. She leaned against the wall and watched as sheets of rain poured down into the dark city below. Bolts of lightning streaked across the sky and thunder shook the castle as the storm intensified. Such a powerful storm would seem frightening to most people but having grown up in Texas, Nancy had seen her share of storms and actually enjoyed the stronger ones.

“I like my storms how I like my coffee and my men, hot and strong!” Nancy smiled to herself.

There came a quiet knock at the door. Nancy straightened, stepped into the receiving area and waited, thinking maybe she was hearing things. The knock came again and her heart thudded. Who would be up and about at this hour? She thought for a moment that maybe the Duke had decided to oblige himself of a royal guest. He’d been leering at her steadily throughout the night as the drink flowed. Of course this was one aspect of the night she hadn’t relayed to Iskander. She knew the man only did it because the king could not catch him at it and looking never hurt anyone. Surely he would never become a physical threat. Would he dare put hands on her royal person? The question popped into her head and made her giggle nervously. She picked up a heavy silver candelabrum and headed for the door.

“Who’s there?” she called.

“Nancy,” Iskander whispered, “did I wake you?”

Thunder shook the castle and Nancy sighed, set the candelabrum down, and opened the door. He reached out and she took his hand to guide him into the room.

“Is everything alright?” she asked him.

Iskander nodded. “Tis a terrible storm. I came to see that you were alright.”

Nancy smiled. “These storms are a dime a dozen back home. They don’t frighten me.”

Iskander smiled tenderly and stroked her cheek. “I am beginning to think nothing frightens you.”

The windows in the bedroom burst open with a crash causing Nancy to jump and let out a yelp.

“What was that?” Iskander cried, pulling her behind him.

“It’s alright,” Nancy chuckled, squeezing his shoulder. “The storm blew the windows open.”

She went into the room, fought against the curtains blowing about in the gale of wind, and slammed the windows shut again, replacing the latch.

“Oh,” she panted, catching her breath, “that’s much better.”

She felt a pair of hands on her shoulders. “You are soaking.” Iskander said.

“I reckon I’ve had my second bath of the night.” Nancy giggled.

He guided his hands down her arms and pulled her close. “Perhaps you should remove your wet things and get warm,” he whispered, before nibbling her earlobe and kissing the line of her jaw.

Electricity flowed through her body into her nipples and she moaned when he stroked her breast, lightly running his fingers over an erect nipple. He kissed down her neck slowly, gently. Her knees went weak and he placed his arm around her waist as she leaned against him, moving his other hand beneath the open neck of her gown to cup her soft breast. He ran his thumb over her nipple, causing her to moan again.

He smiled against her jaw, kissing it. “Do you like that, A’Janae?” he whispered.

“Yes,” she gasped.

Feathering her breast with his caress he asked, “Would you like me to do more?”

Her body felt like jelly as he licked and nibbled the most sensitive spot on her neck. He moved his hands and began caressing her other breast.

“Ooh,” she gasped, “but we can’t.”

“Can’t we?” he whispered, moving his other hand up her belly to play with her other nipple.

Nancy arched her back, throwing her head back with a cry as currents flowed down her belly and she began to throb below. Iskander gathered her up into his arms and kissed her deeply. He turned around and walked forward slowly.

“Iskander, what are you doing?” she breathed.

“Taking you to bed, of course.” He smiled.

“But you can’t see it.”

He kissed her again. “You can direct me to it. You will not let me fall, I trust you.”

His heart gave a lurch as he recognized the truth of the words. He trusted her as he had never trusted another. She had tended to him not out of obligation, he came to understand, but because she actually cared. He trusted that she would not let any harm befall him. That she would defend and protect him if she had to. Though he could not see her face he knew when she was frustrated with him, even angry, if he dared to feel sorry for himself. She believes in me! The realization made his heart constrict as warmth pooled in his belly.

She directed him towards the bed and he laid her gently upon it before lying down beside her. With his head propped on his hand, Iskander slowly explored her body. He could hear her breath pick up and feel the beating of her heart beneath his fingertips. Her body seemed to hum with ecstasy as he caressed her. Iskander reached for the bottom of her gown and raised it up and over her head, his palms caressing her skin as he did so. He bent down, stroking her cheek, and kissed her. He lowered his hand, tracing his fingers down her throat and following with his lips as he teased her collarbone and down between her breasts. He fondled each delicious orb, taking a rosy peak between his lips and rolling the pebble with his tongue. Iskander felt her body tense, heard her gasp sharply and emit a soft moan. He kissed and caressed her soft belly, taking in the scent of honeysuckle and her personal musk as he traveled lower still. He could feel her hands tugging on his nightshirt and he sat back to pull it off.

Nancy gasped. Her suspicions were correct. Iskander was all man! He drove her to distraction with his slow tender study of her body and now as her eyes traveled along his exquisite form she wanted him more than ever. She pulled him down onto her with a kiss filled with yearning. Her hands traveled down his powerful back, across his firm chest and belly, down to his long thick shaft. He sucked in a breath and closed his eyes as she ran her fingers up and down its length and traced the tip. Iskander lightly kneaded her thighs before sliding his hands up to caress the soft down between her thighs and tease the bud within.

Nancy’s hands dropped away as she arched against him. She throbbed against his fingers, gasping and moaning as he played with her. He loved the feel of her body as it moved against his. He kissed her mound and then started to tickle her with his tongue. She screamed to her god and he had to smile as he felt her body go rigid. Nancy placed her heels onto his shoulders, drawing him closer as he lapped, nibbled and sucked greedily, unable to get enough of her. She bucked wildly beneath him, her cries climbing ever higher until…

Nancy’s body exploded in a white heat as she thrust against her lover’s mouth, screaming and laughing as waves of ecstasy pounded over her again and again. Finally, she fell back onto the bed panting and giggling, her body slick with sweat.

Iskander lifted his head and smiled. “Did you enjoy that?”

Nancy giggled. “Couldn’t you tell?”

“Would you like more?”

Nancy sighed, utterly spent, but the question made her throb again. “Yes please.”

Iskander raised himself up and positioned himself over her. He traced his tip along her lower lips and Nancy threw her head back against the pillow whimpering as pleasure began to build again. Inch by wondrous inch, he entered her. He seemed to go on forever as he filled her completely. She squeezed against him and he froze with a groan, closing his eyes. He moved slowly inside of her, drawing all the way out and plunging all the way in again. With every thrust of his hips she luxuriated in the waves of pleasure that threatened to engulf her. She wrapped her legs around his chiseled behind, clutching at his back as he drove into her harder and faster; his breath becoming shallow. Nancy threw her head back and forth, her back arching as ecstasy crested within and they cried out in unison. Nancy collapsed onto the bed with Iskander on top of her. She felt so good she had to giggle and he laughed right along with her. He took her into his arms and kissed her so deeply she felt butterflies in her stomach. She turned over, pressing her body against his and they fell asleep listening to the rain.

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