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Dr Ren ,Sou and Rema went to an another world by a time machine and could not get back to earth as their time machine broke. They faced many dangers. Then they decided to meet with the sun king of Austagoros[name of the world] as only he could bring them back to earth. This is going to be a hell of a journey.

Fantasy / Adventure
Shreyasi Hati
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

In the year 2061....

When the whole world trying madly to create a miracle , scientists are putting their all merit just to get together the concept of space-time....

In a small house of India...

SOU: Rema! Can you give me the outlet design of the machine??

REMA: It is not ready yet.

SOU: Why is it that you can’t do anything correct?

REMA: What? First of all , it is not my department. Second ,you are not my boss. So why I have to listen to you! Correct DR. Ren?

DR REN: Can you all shut it up. I am in the verge of the thesis but can’t find what is it that i am missing?

SOU : How many days have you waste in that part DR . If you continue like that then our time machine will only end in infinity time.

DR REN : Wait !! what did you just said?

SOU : That how many days will you need?

DR REN : No no... not that. Before that. What did you said?

SOU : Oh! infinity time may be...

REMA : Ahh! what nonsense are you two doing? Get to work.

SOU : You don’t have to say me that . I know my work .

“Ahhhhhh! Hahaha...Finally after all this years at last i did it.”

SOU : What happen !!

DR REN: Sou,Rema prepare to work to the last drop of your blood. Cause I have finally completed the time-space thesis!!

2 months later.....

REMA : Does it not look a little weird? This time machine is alright right?

SOU : Are you insulting my design?

DR REN: Though it does look like a soap box!

SOU : Hey you two! Don’t go on the outer look . It is impotent that main function is okay.

REMA : Okay then, where to go? I suggest to past. Then all the evens will be our understanding.

DR REN : Then I am starting.

As soon as the machine starts, it enters to the time tunnel. The view was outstanding ,like all the colours are spiraling to create a tunnel. They can see some past event pictures are flashing through them. The TICK TOCK sound of clock is humming through their ears. Suddenly a spark creates smoke in the machine.

REMA: Ahhhh!! what is happening?

DR REN : I can’t control the machine!

SOU : Hold tightly the machine!!

A black hole creates in front of them and they enters through it. A bright light puts their eyes to shut. Sou first opened his eyes. Rema and DR Ren were unconscious. Sou don’t know how many time they were unconscious. Sou tries to wake up Rema and DR .

REMA: ahhhh , it hurts.

DR REN : My whole body hurts. Where are we? Wait , what happened to my machine!

The machine is now nothing but like a fallen soldier.

SOU : Guys! look front. Actually where are we?

That time they didn’t know , what journey is waiting for them in this unknown world.

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