The Dawning of Fate

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Echo, an Environmental Scientist, and alien enthusiast, finally gets her wishes granted when she's abducted from her home and taken to outer space. But her unexpected arrival was not welcomed with open arms. From cages to crashed ships, Echo fights her way through unfamiliar terrain to escape being sold. Oh, did I mention she found a friend? And he has wings!

Fantasy / Romance
Keaja Williams
5.0 4 reviews
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*This glossary is subject to update as the story continues.*
Al sisi: Lifemate.
Crinik: Bird.
Esquat: Land animal on Tumeria, similar to a squirrel.
Faex: Tumerian curse; animal feces.
Fati: Father; Tumerian diety.
Fleror: Predominately aerial species animal with long wings and webbed feet. Typically hunted for meat.
Gilora: Native tree on Icturi.
Haju: Male penis.
Kaqai: A plant native to Tumeria used for medicinal and recreational purposes.
Nanu: Insentient metal alloy used for binding prisoners.
Tusa: Female vagina.
Vrat: Tumerian curse; sexual intercourse.

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