Born In Hell

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"Hello beutiful, a drink." "Sorry, I don't drink, I want to remember who I did it with, how good it was, and their number so I can call for a second round." She had a smug look, he was just strait up piss, why, he didn't know. They weren't in a relashionship, yet he felt enraged just thinking of her with another. Another male touching her, runing his hands up and down her sexy body, grinding on her, body glistening with sweat, wispering into her ear. It made both him and his wolf go mad with jealousy. He was pissed at the thought of her with another man, but he wasn't any better, he had sex with countless of females yet he was jealous of even imagining her with someone else, why? She smirked, knowing it would rile him up, but she wasn't lying, much. She sensed his wolf was agitated, angry, he was on the verge of breaking, she could tell. That just made her smile more, the big bad alpha was getting jealous of an imaginary guy. She wasn't a virgen, but she wasn't a whore. She only had relashionships with her past boyfriends, maybe a one night stand once in a while. Never would she sleep around, yet the thought of it made both him and his wolf jealous, this made her happy? Strangly it made both her and her hellhound happy to know he was possesive of her, why? Follow both Xavier and Rubi as they discover secreats and destiny as buisness partners, neighbors, and secreat mates?

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New Client


I colosed the door to my office and started walking down the hall of my building. "Hey chapara, were going to meet the new client in a few hours. Where are you going?" "To the gym I have a traning cesion with the new guys." Gabe just looked at me with his disaproving stare. "As lo que te pege la puta gana" (Do whatever the fuck you want). I continued down the corridor with a smirk plasterd on my face.

I'm Rubi Ash Hernandez. The Hellhound, litteraly. I co-own a security company with my best friend and roomate Gabriel Fernandez, the shadow dragon, also litteraly. Wolf Pack Security, it might sound familiar this is because we're a world renound security company, most, if not all, of our employees are either sups, short for supernatural being, or ex-military people. Our headquarters are packed with people at all hours of the day. I designed this building personaly, every brick to doornob in this place was hand picked by me. I know every crook and crany, every secret room and restricted area is engraved in my mind. This fortrase is my baby, don't mess with my baby unless you want me to bash your skull, another thing, don't challange me on my own turf, because I promise you will regreat it.


"OK FRESH MEAT, GET YOUR FUKING ASSES INTO GEAR!" "YES MAM!" Perfect, just the way I like it. As I said, I was traning the new guys, today I happen to be working with sups. We usually tend to seperated the sups from the humans during training so we can train not only physicaly but with their powers too, don't want to freak out the humans. In this particular cesion I had a great amount of vampires, about a third of the people, and a few witches, wardlocks, and wolves. " This job is extreamly demanding, even for a sups. You need to keep in shape and have a mastery of your power just incase they are needed in a grave situation. You will train with me or Shadow on a daily basis," did I forget to add that everybody goes by code names given to them depending on what their speciality is, "I don't give a fuck about what species you're from, what ranking you are, or your stupid racial wars, everybody in this building is of equal important, everybody here, human or sup, this is your family and you treat them as such. I don't care who the hell you are you will show respect, you all where hand picked to be part of this family based on who you are and your ability to be here so there will be no demeaning of abilities or species, understand?" "Yes Mam" "But why should I respects these muts?" *GROWL* of course, their is always one idiota. 'Let's shift' that Umbra my other best friend and my hellhound, she doesn't like being called wolf 'Uma, if we shift you will have to give me control' 'But why Ash?' 'Uma you know you will lose control' 'It's just that I hate this disrespectfulness towards other species' 'I know, I do too baby girl but you lose control' 'Fine.' She gave in and we shifted. I heard my bones craking as they started to rearange themselves, my hands turned into claws, my face enlonged into a snout, I started sprouting fur and a tail. In the exact same spot I stood a few secondas ago now in my stood a giant black "wolf." I heard the door open behind me as I started addressing everybody infront of me, instead of doing a mindlink I projected my voice outloud, something only a hellhound can do, "I SAID IT ONCE AND EVEN THOUGH I DON'T LIKE REPEATING MYSELF I WILL SAY IT ONCE MORE, I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT WHAT SPECIES YOU'RE FROM, WHAT RANKING YOU ARE IN THE SUPERNATURAL WORLD, OR ABOUT YOUR STUPID AS FUCK RACIAL WARS, EVERYBODY IN THIS BUILDING IS FAMILY AND IN THIS FAMILY YOU SHOW RESPECT, IF YOU LACK IT YOU WILL BE IMEDATLY REMOVED FROM THIS ESTABLISHEMENT AND I WILL PERSONALLY MAKE SURE YOU NEVER WORK IN THE SECURITY BUISNESS AGAIN, UNDERSTOOD?" " YES MAM," I turned to the little bastard that thougt it was ok to disrespect others and transformed in to my human form again, fully closed to the suprise of everybody in the room, another thing special to hellhounds. I walked over to the vampire that commented about wolves, looked him straight in the eyes and asked again "Understood?" the idiot started shaking in his pants. Now take in mind I'm a short ass bitch so for this dude, who was at least half a foot taller than me, to be shiting his pant I'm scary as fuck. "Y-yes ma-ma'am" I looked at him with a smirk on my face and said "Perfect, now this guy behind me is Ryan, the Ripper, Fox. He is an alpha tiger, the reason he was given the code name Ripper, apart from the ovious, is because he is a master in both hand in hand and animal form combat. He will help with traning for the shifters. Jannet, Angel, Charming will help with both vampires and magic possesers, she is a witch and vampire hybrid, you will meet her tomorrow. Ripper will show you around the place and the sup only places, you are not allowed in the human traning rooms, you will have contact with humans and will be around them, the only palace were you will be seperated from them is during group tranings or when you train your powers on your own, other than this you will all be mixed. I expect you to behave and keep your powers a secret. Afterwards you will be allowed to leave or showed to your room depending on whether you requested a room to live in or not." I looked at them, they all nodded at me in undertandment, I continued "It was a pleasure to meet you all, tengan un buen dia y nos vemos mañana.(have a good day and see you tomorrow)"

'Where are you? The meeting is almost over and we need you here to sign the contract' 'Im going, can I go in my traning close? I just finished and won't have time to change if I go there now' 'That fine just get here now" 'Ugh, so demanding' 'Always have, always will' Um let out a wolfish laugh. I had a shit eating grin plastered on my face the rest of the way to Gabes office.
When I got there I saw a blue haired man sitting on the chair across his desk. "Hello gentalmen." I said from my position leaning against the door frame. "Why hello beautiful," said the blue guy getting up from the chair, making his way from towards me. I plastered a smile on my face and said "Sorry, I don't get envolved with clients," I looked at Gabe "He's not a client, he's a representative of the client." I looked back at the guy, he took my hand and and kissed the back of it, ah a ladies man of course. "Well it doesn't matter, your in one of my offices, your envolved with one of my clients, your off the list, sorry baby boy." I saw a smirk flash on his face "You'll change your mind beautiful" 'Uh no, we won't, sorry not sorry' I smirled at Umbras remark as I leand over the table to sign the contract.



Im stoked. Its my second published story here on Inkit!

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