Born In Hell

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Where's Hernandez


"No, don't move them there, those curtains belong in the V.I.P room." What the hell is wrong with these people, everything needs to be perfect for the opening night. My phone rang loudly from my pocket.

"What!" "What the hell crawled up your ass and died." How dare he "I am your alpha and boss, respect me!" "Ok aLpHa, so I'm guessing you don't want to know how the meeting with the Wolf Pack went?" "What the hell Drake, that meeting was yesterday at 10 in the morning! Why are you barely telling me now?"

"Sorry, the owner was hot and I had to get it out of my system," "YOU SLEPT WITH THE OWNER! Ha, I always knew you were gay." An older lady that was putting up curtains glared at me while her assistant fluttered her eyelashes, I just winked at both of them.

"No, the owner's a chick" "A girl " "Yes, oh dear alpha Xavier, Mr. Almighty, the owner is a girl." I can feel Drake roll his eyes from the other side of the phone.

'Mmm, a girl' 'What is wrong with you Connan, you have never acted like this about any girl before' 'She's intriguing Xavier'
what is wrong with this wolf 'We haven't even seen her' 'So,' 'We don't even know her name' 'You'r point?'

After that pointless conversation with my wolf I blocked him out and returned to my phone call with Drake, only to find out he had hung up on me, what a useless Beta.

I'm Xavier King, a multi-billionaire, owner of thousands of hotels and clubs all around the world. I was opening a new club here in The City of Angels. Euphoria, the best chain of clubs there is. Tonight was the opening of my second club in the city, although this wasn't our first building it was our first time working with Wolf Pack Security.

I've heard of them before, very well known around the industry. Everyone says that the owner is very friendly and in good shape. Many businessmen have shared many rumors about him. There is one that says he jumped in front of a bullet to save someone's kids, or she apparently.

Regardless of the stories that fly around in the business industry we never seemed to have a need to actually work with them until recently when they did a big break a few years ago. The company we were working with had allowed our new shipment to be stolen, this was not acceptable which led us to finally work with the best known security company known to all, again the phone vibrated.

Why? 'That's what happens when you act like an assh-' 'Shut up' vibrations and rings came from my pocket. Dammit "WHAT!" "Damn, who pissed in your cereal?" What do you want Derek?" "I thought you wanted to make sure that they were coming." "Make sure who's coming?"

"Oh moon goddess, really Xavier, you forgot?" What, what did I forget, 'Connan what did we forget?' Silence 'Really Connan, super mature of you' More silence 'Whatever.' "-VIER KING, BOSS, ALPHA! HEY BO-" "WHAT!" "Finally, so do you want me to send an email to the new security company, or maybe a text, I could alway go in person and maybe offer my services as a da-"

A deep, dark growl left my mouth and straight into the phone, but the growl wasn't necessarily mine. A growl? Why did we growl? 'Connan, why did you growl?!' 'HE SAID HE WANTED TO GO ON A DATE WITH HER' 'So' 'SO HE CAN'T' 'Why can't he?' 'BECAUSE HE CAN'T' 'You're crazy.'

I blocked him out after that and came back to the call "Ok you need to stop talking with Connan" "Whatever, anyways, no it's fine I'll go and confirm with them myself" "Yourself really? You never go yourself, I could go I've been meaning to ask her out on a date any-" " NO! No, no I'll go personally," "Fine, Fine. Whatever dude." Yeah whatever.


I walked into Wolf Security, confidence leaking out of me like a waterfall. I walked to the front desk, "Excuse me," the secretary looked up and immediately started drooling over me, yeah I have that effect on women. I winked at her "Hello gorgeous," she blushed. "Would you mind telling me where the owner of this place is, or where I can find her."

She blushed even harder, I could smell how aroused she was by only the sound of my voice. "Miss Hernández has already-" she gulped, "-has already left the building sir." Time to put my charms into action.

"Well then, beautiful, do you know where I can find her?" "Um well, uh, she has already left the building." I groaned inwardly, why is this chick so difficult? "Yes, so do you know where I could find her?" "I believe she had an opening tonight, so she should be getting ready for that now." Hurry up and give me what I need.

"So where is she?" "Well at her home, of course." Yes but where, "Well I really need to reach her, so can you please give me her address?" A smirk appeared on her face "Well, I'm not allowed to do that but," she leans over the desk, giving me a clear view of her cleavage "I could be easily persuaded."

They really need better employees here, "So how can I persuade you Miss..." "Olivia, call me Olivia. Now my choice of poison is a date." "A date?" "Yes, don't you think it's fair, a date for the address that could get me fired, I think it's fair, don't you?" Wow, this bitch is really going to sell out her boss, for all she knows I might want to murder her and she just hands out her bosses address for a date 'Well your gonna get what you want so why do you even give a flying fuc-' ok officialy blocked.

"Well if you put it that way then, yes it is fair." "Ok then, how about you give me your phone number and-" "How about you give me yours and the address, then I'll call you later to arrange that date." If you're not fired by then. "Ok, well then," she started typing into her computer, pulled out her notepad and started writing something on it.

Reaching across the desk, she gave me the piece of paper, she bit her lip and said "Call me handsome." I looked back at her and gave her a smile "Of course Miss Olivia was it? Goodbye." She gave me a wave, I turned around and continued on my way out. I got into my convertible and started heading over to Miss Hernandez apartment.

The only thing on my mind being how I'm never saying never seeing 'Miss Olivia' ever again and how this bitch is never finding another job, well, unless it's working a corner as a stripper.


Heres chapet 2!

Hope your all like it so far and keep reading it gets better!

Have a great day!!
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