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“He did what!” Vixoniac yelled.

“He created a -”

“I heard you the first time, you fool!” she interrupted Lillathriel. “How?”

“He took parts from dead Vorgoths and Sirathine and merged it with shards of the decayed. Somehow she lived again and is judging those you send there if they are “pure” or not”

“But how could that happen. Vorgothian limbs cannot be merged with humans in anyway, unless… What aren’t you telling me Lillathriel?” Vixoniac questioned her, her red eyes flaming with pure anger. “She’s a half-blood” Lillathriel quickly said. “I don’t know how but according to Pralekai she is.”

Vixoniac snickered “Did I not dispose of all the mongrels? Or was she the last one that survived the plague?”

“I am not sure, my lady. But he did say she was the daughter of a Roxanne”

“I see. That wretch hid her from me when I banished her to the Kaleidoscope after she foolishly challenged my reign. No matter, I shall see to it” she said as she dismissed Lillathriel. She sat down on her celestial throne, watching her creations, wondering how to destroy what Pralekai had created. She turned her gaze to her Blood Vorgoths and watched as her Arch-Vorgoth, Draegan, was hunting prey.

Draegan returned to his mansion, carrying a large half-eaten elk over his shoulders. His white shirt was drenched in blood. The large ornate wooden door was opened by his most trusted adviser, Savant.

“You have a visitor, she is waiting in the study” he quickly said, the nervousness hanging on his lips. Draegan dropped the elk on the white marble floor and made his way towards the dark wood doors of the study. He flung them open, ready for a fight but quickly fell to one knee once he saw the Goddess. “My Queen” he quickly said “I am humbled by your presence”

“No use for flattery my dear. I have need of you” Vixoniac said. She sat casually, her black and silver dress flowing down her body as she sipped on a golden chalice filled with Blood Wine.

“Name it and I shall see it done” he said dutifully.

“I need you to venture to the realm of the tortured and dispose of the wretch that resides” she commanded

“Pralekai, my queen?”

“He created a… let’s call her a ‘pet’. This pet is upsetting the delicate balance of our world.”

“With pleasure” Draegan answered.

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