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With the Great War finally over our magically astute heroes can finally continue their studies, have fun and be teenagers rather than carrying the safety of the world on their shoulders. This story continues tales of Hogwarts as the students start their new semester with the only worries they have to face are potions, grades, and their biggest challenge, life after Hogwarts, or so they thought? Their Last Year in Hogwarts won't be easy, as our heroes meet new tricks, bumps and maybe new threats along the way Are you ready for an adventurous journey? ***** Warning! Contains Mature content such as sexual themes and inappropriate language. Book cover is made by Awesome Fiancé @ismailyaniu Book Edited by @ismailyaniu ❤️

Fantasy / Mystery
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Hello ^_^

Hello my fellow readers,

This is my first time writing a fan fiction. I hope find this story interesting and exciting to read. I’ll do my best to provide you all with a good content. I do not own most of the characters in this book. They belong to J.K.Rowling of course without her the Wizarding World will not even exsit. Hats off to J.K.Rowlling.

To make this fan fiction more exciting and to bring it in a new road I have added some of my own characters. I would like to hear what’s your thought about how the story goes and if you like it please like the story and express your feelings on the comment section.

If there is any hater I will ask you kindly to leave nicely. Haters are not welcomed here. ^_^

Everyone has different opinion’s, imaginations that I understand but commenting rudely will not be accepted here.

Enjoy you guys.
Happy Reading ^_^

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