Moon Tides: Lover's Chance

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This was one moment, after everything. One second, I'm an outsider, the next, I'm the leader of the pack. He's my mate but will he accept me? My abilities are strange, I know. But the moon goddess has a plan she said. Trust her.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: The Beginning

"Please, I know that" I sputtered to my best friend, Aura. She starts laughing. Aura is the only one that talks to me. Everyone else avoids me like plauge and honestly, I'm okay with that. I'm too impatient and stubborn to deal with others.
"Fuck you." I laugh with her.
Oops forgot to introduce myself. I'm Indigo Thompson. An orphan of the Whispered Pack. I'm 17 years old, a week from finding my mate when I turn 18.
Hopefully he will like me. "He will. Even if we are an omega." My wolf, Amethyst, says. Aura starts braiding my long light blond hair out of my eyes. "Ugh, I'm jealous. I want your hair." she whines, her own short red hair messy from practice. "Oh stop, yours is beautiful." I snorted. She found her mate 3 weeks ago and a gamma at that. Jason is a sweet guy and definitely has a fiery handful of a mate at that.
She finishes braiding my hair and grabs her coat to leave. "Gotta go. Jason is going to be home soon and I wanna get a slice." she waggles her eyebrows in suggestion. "Go get it." I say laughing. Door closes softly and I breathe in relief.
The list of chores by my bed calls my name. Since I'm an omega, all the packs work falls on us. Cooking, cleaning you name it. I sigh and go towards the pack house to start cooking. Whispering starts filling the air and I hear it. "Freak" "Weirdo" "Murderer" and more.
When I was 13 my dad was killed by a rogue right during my first shift. I never knew my mom and dad wouldn't say anything. No one believed me and said I did it cause a wolf's first shift tends to be aggressive. But I knew the truth.
I tuned them out and started cooking dinner. 45 minutes later, food is done.
The pack flooded in and chatting away. Alpha Harris and Luna Eva entered. I usually avoid them. They hate me.
"What are you doing, parasite? Move!" Luna Ava spat the words out. Moving, I moved back and retreated to my room. After dinner, I went downstairs to clean up. Aura moved in behind me with Jason in tow.
"Did you hear?" She said cheerfully. "No, hear what? I asked, scrubbing dishes. "The Alpha of the Nightstar Pack is coming in 6 days. "Nice, but I have the day off. It's my birthday." I said, shrugging it off. They're a small pack but girls loved this alpha. I never met him.
"What if he is your mate, that'd be cool!" She said, chirping.
"Yea, I really doubt it. He would reject me in a instant." I said quietly.
Love wasn't in my books when my secret comes out.
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