The Moonlights Daughter

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Ally is a 25 year old girl living a boring life as a historian. That is until a handsome young alpha and a creepy englishman walk into her life. Ally's life is then turned upside down, she finds out she is a lot more than a young woman with OCD, and all the myths and dangerous stories she's studied for years turn out to be all true.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 - Miserable Beaumont

Ally was sitting in her psychologists waiting room, researching a myth patiently while awaiting her appointment. It was a small room but very quaint. The air smelt of disinfectant and the white walls were plastered with mental health pamphlets. It was quite warm inside compared to the freezing Canadian air outside.

Ally was invested in the myth of Selene and Demetri, she had read the story hundreds of times. But there were so many unanswered questions that she needed to know. How did the enchanter Ezekiel know Selene? How did she meet Demetri? How did Selene’s godly power not measure up to Ezekiel’s curse? A lot of the myth didn’t make sense.

She had this pointed out to her multiple times by a creepy Englishman who started to hang around the museum a lot. His name was Percival McIntosh, he was a weird man. He was quite young he would only be 30 or so, but he was the palest man she had ever seen. He looked to be quite fit and always had his hair combed neatly up and to the side of his head. The one thing that creeped Ally out the most, was the man’s piercing blue eyes. He would stand somewhere near her and just observe her for hours. He never did any harm and rarely spoke to her, but she still carried pepper spray in her pocket constantly just to be safe.

She was pulled out of her thoughts when she heard, “Ally, Ally… Alba.” Doctor Redmond said standing in front of her.

“So sorry doc, I’ve been researching the myth again” She said while trying to quickly place her laptop back in the bag that seemed like it was two sizes too small.

“That’s fine, Ally.” Doctor Redmond smiled. “Let me guess it was the story of Selene and Demetri?” He asked smiling at her.

“I’m obsessed doc, there is just so many unanswered questions!” She said passionately.

The doctor chuckled as he opened the office door gesturing for her to go in. The doctor’s office was small but also quaint he had an orange lounge chair placed in front of a window with a pot plant next to it and on the other side of the pot plant was a single blue chair. The doctors colour scheme was all out of whack, but the office still always felt comforting to her.

Ally had been visiting the doctor for 7 years just after her parents disappeared. A few months after they died, she started hearing a strange voice in her head. It was like the voice was its own person. She was very opinionated, commented on most things Ally did. However, she did have some qualities that Ally liked about her. Whenever she was sad or upset the voice would comfort her, she was also extremely passionate about history. She even named herself when Ally was studying Latin, she called herself Accalia, it meant she-wolf. Ally was so confused as to why she wanted such a word as a name, but she didn’t question it. She would have ended up having a raging argument if she did comment on it. Accalia was the strong headed type.

“So, Ally have you been taking your medication?” Doctor Redmond questioned with a wary look.

Ally started to nervously pick at her fingers, “ahh… well you see… they ahh… they make me feel sick.” Even she didn’t believe it when it came out of her mouth.

Doctor Redmond sighed and looked at Ally with concern. “Alba” he said which made shudder knowing she was in trouble.

“We have spoken about this, you need to take that medicine to help keep Accalia’s voice at bay. In our last session we spoke about the fact that it’s not normal to have a completely different persona in your head. OCD is a real medical condition Ally and you need to take the medication to help you live a normal life.” He said looking Ally straight in the eye.

She started to play with her braid that she had hanging over he shoulder. “I guess your right Doc, but it’s just nice to have the comfort of someone there you know.” She said quietly trying to keep the tears from falling.

“I know Ally, and I can’t even begin to imagine what it was like losing your parents at such a young age and having no other family around, but you need to get out there and make friends. Real friends.” The doctor said adding emphasis on the word ‘real’.

After Ally’s session with Doctor Redmond finished, she was walking down the cold wet pathway back to work. Ally didn’t own a car, Accalia talked her out of getting one. She said, ‘walking to and from work will keep us fit’ and Ally who didn’t exercise much anyway couldn’t think of an argument to come back with.

As she walked up the limestone stairs to the museum her black stilettos were making the clip clap sound on the ground, she loved wearing the heels they made her feel more powerful and confident. If she ever felt anxious, she would put the heels on and she instantly felt powerful. Like a CEO of a business, the type that no one wanted to have a confrontation with.

As she walked through the museum to her office, she felt so at home. All the ancient artefacts made her feel happy, she knew exactly what every artefact was and the story behind it. She did hate however that she had studied ancient and modern history just to end up showing school children around a museum. Ally loved kids, but she would rather be in Athens studying Greek mythology or Cairo researching anything she could find on Cleopatra. But instead she was stuck in miserable Beaumont working 9-5. The same routine day in day out. She always felt she was meant for more but could never find the courage to leave.

As she entered her office, she checked her appearance, her long blonde hair was still draped over her shoulder, the mascara on her eyelashes still brought out her blue eyes. They were more of a grey but everyone she met called them blue, so she conformed. She heard the footsteps of her boss Max walking down the hallway and stood in the doorway of her office.

Max was a short man with red hair and cute little reading glasses. He wasn’t a very talkative man, but Ally always tried to at least make an effort with him. “Your 10am class is going to be here soon Ally” he said in his mono tone voice.

“No worries Max, I’ll be ready for them soon” she said smiling.

Max turned around in his uninterested way, Ally felt sorry for him. Like her Max had no friends and his family all lived in New York, he never really went to visit them. He always said he could think of nothing worse.

She grabbed her blue clipboard with the student’s school name on the top “Beaumont College”. She started walking to the class when she saw Percival standing in his corner.

“Yuck, that abomination is here yet again.” Accalia chimed in. ‘He’s a nice man, he’s never been rude to us once.’ Ally said back.

“He’s still a creep.” Accalia argued. Ally rolled her eyes and continued in the direction of the student’s teacher. She looked to be a middle-aged lady with her hair back in a tight bun. She looked as miserable as poor Max. Maybe it was just Beaumont that made everyone miserable she thought to herself.

Just as she was passing a statue she saw the most handsome young man, he was very tall with broad shoulders and brown hair. He looked to have a couple of tattoos coming down his arm. Ally thought he was the most gorgeous human she had ever seen in her life. He realised Ally was staring and looked up at her flashing her a small smile. Ally saw he had the most beautiful pair of brown eyes, they were a light brown. Almost a gold, like honey and he had a gorgeous smile with one little dimple on his left cheek.

Ally blinked and noticed her and the stranger where standing staring at each other. Embarrassed she cleared her throat and started walking back to the class, very visibly blushing. She walked to the teacher and started to smile at the teacher and was met with a scowl.

“Mrs Edwards and the grade 8 history class?” Ally asked while extending her hand to the teacher.

The teacher looked at her hand like it was a dead fish. She didn’t return Ally’s gesture and just looked her up and down with disgust. “Yes, Professor Alba Lupa, I presume” she said in an unamused tone.

“That’s right but please just call me Ally.” She smiled. This is going to be an interesting 2 hours, Ally thought to herself.

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