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Alphas, Betas & Protectors

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This book is about the life of a werewolf named Lucas. He is the beta at his pack that is ruled by Alpha Gavin. He loves Kelly Anne. But the Alpha's sister Gillian loves him. You dont refuse an alpha wolf anything. There are complex relationships and turmoil and loyalty is at risk.

Fantasy / Romance
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1. Looking Over The City

Lucas was sitting on the rooftop of the main state building where he worked in the city that was ruled by his pack. He was looking over the city that was ruled by werewolves just like how the world was for the past few decades. The world had changed now. Werewolves ruled as the stronger citizens but humans were still allowed to live amongst werewolves but they didnt get much say in what went on. They followed the rules. They did as they were told by werewolves and it wasn’t going to end badly. It was that simple but not always. As the beta of his pack he tried to protect them when he could. The city was big. He couldnt be in so many places at once. It was impossible. He was only seventeen years old. He had so much responsibility on his shoulders. His alpha was eighteen. He had defeated his father on his eighteenth birthday and had sent him away to the district where retirements happened. That was how it was in their hierarchy. The next generation always was more powerful than the previous one.

Their district down south, was a peaceful one. They had a good economy. His Alpha was an all American powerful ruler. Lucas knew Alpha Gavin from childhood. They always went to each other’s house. They were close friends. But their friendship was tested when Gavin’s sister Gillian had fallen for him. Eversince childhood they were close since they were in the same year in school. Lucas had never realised how much Gillian loved him. He could never guess. But she did. He was the only one who could calm her down when she was in a fit of rage. He was the only one who could say the right words at the right time to her. She was an alpha wolf and much more powerful than him like her brother.

When Gilian had started holding his hands to walk with him to school he had ignored it. They were just friends. That was how it looked to him. When she had beaten up the girls who fancied him, he didnt think it was jealousy. He had though she had looked out for him because the girls were annoying. He was quite popular in school. Every girl wanted him to take them to the prom that was in a week. But he didn’t care for any of that. He wanted to take Kelly Anne. He had walked to ask Kelly Anne to the dance but Gillian had stepped in front of him asking him to the prom to his shock. That was a month ago. It had been a month that his dreams of settling with kelly Anne had been dashed. One long month. He had hoped that Gavin was going to go all alpha on him for saying yes to his sister. As if he had another choice? You didnt refuse an alpha wolf anything unless you were mental.

Lucas sighed. Alpha’s reaction was unbelievable. Gavin was happy to see Gillian with Lucas. It seemed like Gavin didn’t mind at all. He was proud of his sister for being able to land Lucas. After all Lucas was of a worthy stock according to Gavin. He was of a powerful bloodline. Not as powerful as Gavin’s but quite powerful. A powerful werewolf had a power aura and the force of their power could make people feel the force to submit and kneel. The alpha’s power was greatest but the beta’s came second. Lucas’s aura was strong and attractive according to many girls.

Lucas felt saddened as he looked at the tower block were Kelly Anne lived. Mostly humans lived there. But kelly Anne lived there too because she was a protector werewolf. She protected those who needed protecting. She could be a fighter wolf but she had opted for protector status. She was who she was. A woman of great calling who worked with her healer friends mostly. He loved Kelly Anne more than anything in this world. But kelly Anne didnt even notice him. She saw him as one of the cocky kids in school always. He was hanging out with Gavin and Gillian. She never wanted to be near their group. Kelly Anne never came to watch him play games. She never came to watch him wrestle. But he always went to see her doing spoerts. But she hardly ever glanced at him. She hardly ever glanced at any guys. She didn’t like men much. Her father was an abusive wolf who used to beat her mother alot. Kelly Anne used to be in a different pack and had now moved here. She was taken away into care in a family here who had been her adoptive parents for the past year.

Kelly Anne was new to this city. She was from th country side. That was why authorities hadnt been able to take her into care. Kelly Anne’s father had gotten away for so long. But in the city there was no where to hide. Kelly Anne was happy now but she didnt fit in with most kids. Her best friends were humans. She didn’t mix with werewolves much even though she was welcome to. Her hostility and rejection of male wolves hadnt gone down well. Some high rank wolves at school wanted to teach her a lesson so she learnt to worship them rather than be so nice to unworthy humans and low omegas. She had turned down so many guys who wanted to date her when she had arrived at the pack in her first weeks. They had taken Kelly Anne to a quiet room and wanted to torture her. But Lucas had broken them up and had put his foot down that Kelly Anne was off limits because she was of a protector rank. It was her job to protect humans and weakest omegas of the pack. They had never bothered Kelly Anne again and the word spread that Kelly Anne was off limits. Lucas was the beta. What he said went. Kelly Anne had said thank you and had smiled. She had even kissed him on the cheek. That was the only time she ever touched him.

Lucas heard Gavin from behind him “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be picking my sister up for the City Diner Walk.

Lucas just remembered. That night they were going to have drinks in different diners and moved on to another diner. That was how they were going to explore the city on that friday night. Lucas turned “I just felt like looking at the city lights. Sorry alpha.”

Gavin smiled “Dont worry. I forgive you. My sister is the one you should answer to. She told you to pick her up early so she could go downtown for ice cream with you first.”

Lucas walked to alpha gavin “I will make it upto Gillian. I promise.”

Gavin put his hand on his shoulder “You make sure she has a good time. I know you wont let me down. She talked about you all these past weeks because of this prom. Its good you said yes or she could be very upset. i dont like to see my sister upset Lucas. Do you understand that?”

Lucas looked away and showed his neck to his alpha as he felt the force. His alpha’s eyes changed colour to red when he felt too passionate or strong about any matter. Lucas sucked in a breath and spoke slowly “Yes, alpha.”

Gavin relaxed and made his force retreat which gave lucas the signal to look up into his alphas eyes again “Very well. I am glad you do. I would hate to show you my angry side, Lucas. You are like my brother.”

Lucas smiled sadly. It was true. They were quite close. They were like brothers. Too bad Gillian had suddenly declared she wanted him and now Gillian was the one standing between him and Kelly Anne.

Gavin said “Lets go. Its time to hit the road with our chevrolets.”

Lucas followed his alpha and went down with the elevator to the lobby. His heart started beating fast as he felt she was close. kelly Anne was near by. But why was she there at the main state building.

As Gavin got off the elevator, Lucas followed.

Lucas took in the scene in front of him. Kelly Anne was in the lobby with some files in her hand looking straight at the alpha. But she didnt speak before being addressed. Lucas was worrid. She made eye contact too long with the alpha. Gavin wasn’t going to let that go easily.

Gavin narrowed his eyes “What is it?”

To Lucas’s relief, Kelly Anne looked down as she spoke. She almost pushed it beyond the boundry by holding Gavin’s gaze too long. “I am here to ask if I can speak to one of the enforcers who has raised the rent on council states including our tower block. Humans and omegas are struggling to pay.

Gavin said “Are you struggling to pay? Is the wage given to you not enough?”

Kelly Anne shook her head “No. I am fine.”

Gavin said “Let omegas and humans struggle then. Whats is your problem? You waste my time, I will waste yours Kelly Anne. I am putting you on drinks duty at the central bar tonight. You are serving drinks and be nice to the guys. That is the last stop for the drinks tonight and we are all there from high ranks partying till 5am. Do you think you can manage the duty. if you fall asleep you will be sorry. Do you understand?”

Kelly Anne cringed but under the force of alpha she couldnt object. She showed her neck and looked down “Yes, Alpha.” She hated the alpha’s power over her. The alpha didnt even need to exercise the power he had. Everyone followed him. His genes were too strong. His district’s economy was booming. He lead the district well. The party times were well deserved for his hard working team but Kelly Anne couldnt understand why the alpha took away so much from the weaker classes. He rasied their taxes and rent for no reason. he wanted them to always be in need. He didnt like the weak. He wanted to break them and she didn’t know why. She was going to make it her mission to be the change.

After Gavin left with his beta following behind him, she felt safe to look at their retreating forms. He watched Lucas move. He was a powerful werewolf with a soul. Many in higher ranks had sold their souls to power but not Lucas. He was a real man. He was a real man with morals. She liked the way he walked. But he was abit intimidating and he had a power aura that kept people away. But he was fair. He was the perfect wolf. He was a ray of hope in this population. She had been meaning to go talk to him at times but she never got the courage. He was always hanging out with the alpha crowd. She kept her distance from the powerful. She didnt want to get hurt but she wasn’t going to watch while others got hurt either. She didnt have to fight to protect herself and others. There were diplomatic ways.

Kelly Anne watched as Lucas got into his chevrolet that he was going to use for picking up Gillian, the alpha’s sister, the most conceited and least considerate girl of her class with alot of genetic alpha power than Kelly Anne could never dream of but didnt envy. With power came responsibility. Kelly Anne wanted to use her gifts for helping others and not terrorising or abusing others unlike how her father did. Now she had a safe home and she wanted to make everyone feel safe.

As the car engine of Lucas’s car made a sound, Kelly Anne walked quickly outside to watch him leave. When he left he left a void. She never felt the courage to tell him that he was the only man she fully trusted and admired in this city. He truly was an angel. He had saved her from a severe beating at school and ever since then no one bothered her. All because of Lucas. He was noble like that. He didn’t exercise his power when he could. He only did it when he needed to. He was a beta with heart. Right now she really hoped Gillian didnt hurt him. Gillian was no ordinary wolf. She was an alpha. A dangerous alpha you couldnt say no to like any alpha. Gillian and Gavin took and never gave.

Kelly Anne sighed as she called a taxi to get herself to work. She had to work at the centra bar. As she reached there she didnt find it to be busy since higher ranking wolves who afforded drinks there were out at the drinks safari around town going from one diner to another to then end up there. After not so long the gang of the powerful and brutal arrived at the mansion like central bar and Kelly Anne got on with serving and being careful not to run anyone the wrong way. She had learnt fast. After Lucas had saved her she had learnt her lesson to be very careful. Lucas couldnt save her again if he didnt get there fast enough.

As Kelly Anne was serving drinks time went so slow. She didnt like serving the guys mostly who wanted her attention. She wasnt ready to allow any man in her space. She didnt trust any of them. She only trusted lucas. He only made her feel safe. Even watching him from far brought her peace. She felt at peace watching him sitting next to Gillian laughing and joking.

KellY Anne had good long range hearing. Living in the country side had taught her to focus. She could despite the noise hear the murmer of the guys sitting at the bar “Should we ask Kelly Anne to dance? She is ordered to show us a good time by alpha. She cant refuse..”

“No. Lucas is watching. He said she is off limits because she is a protector. Obviously he has a use for her at work. Apparently she is smart....”

“Yeah, Lucas told me she is new. We should cut her a break”

“Yeah man. Lucas said to me, he wants to promote her to diplomatic relations because of her scores. he said he doesnt want to be one talent short when the time comes.”

“I agree man. He may send us to detention centre if she gets hurt. He said no one is smart like her in her class. This year’s graduates are mostly fighters.”

Kelly Anne was surprised to hear compliments. Lucas never complimented her. He never talked to her. Since he was a beta and had authority he was one expected to address her. She didnt go looking for trouble approaching him. But he had said nice things about her. It was the first time she heard it. Lucas really was trying to watch over her. It was the job of alpha and beta to help others in the pack as well as rulling them. Lucas cared for her. Just like how she cared for him.

Luckily the guys didnt act. They didnt bother her and didnt try to chat her up. Lucas had put fear and caution in them. He was a beta for a reason.

As Kelly Anne was serving drinks, she froze at his voice “Excuse me please Ma’am, May I have some tonic water please. I need two glasses and a big bottle of tonic water if possible.”

Kelly Anne looked up. He was smiling at her. She couldnt move.

Lucas continued “Sorry. If there is no tonic water we just take any fizzy drink. We have had alot of drinks on the way here.”

Kelly Anne quickly started putting ice in the glasses and started pouring drinks in them. She put the glasses on the table “Enjoy your drinks.”

Lucas said “Thank you Maa’m. I think you should have a drink too. Its getting too hot here. Arent these gentleman allowing you to have a drink and have a break?” His stare at the guys at the bar made them look away and some even stood up from their seats showing their necks and looking down.

One guy muttered “We were about to outisde.”

The other one said ” We go so maam can have a break.”

Suddenly the guys around the bar where she was serving left and she was by herself now with lucas there. There were still many bars in with servers that people would go to.

Lucas turned to him “These guys have no manners. They should give a lady a break.” He then winked and walked away.

She smiled. She watched him walk to Gillian. he put the glasses of drinks on the table. She got jealous at times and beat girls up. But Kelly Anne was no threat to her. To her, Kelly Anne was just a protector that Lucas felt sorry for and Gillian had offered to even get Kelly Anne therapy. Gillian was heartless and conceited but it seemed like since Lucas had put a word around that he looked out for Kelly Anne because of her difficult past and being adopted in that city and being new, Gillian just looked at her as no threat. Well, she was no threat. Why would Lucas be with her when he could have the alpha’s sister and the power that came with her. Gavin and Gillian were big threats. Their district was becoming more powerful and even the neighboring district wanted to surrunder and join their pack because their alpha had no heirs. That district was invincible with its army who worked like aclock work. Lucas could have anything he wanted being with Gillian. Lucas could have abused his powers but he didnt. He didnt have to call her ma’am but he did so he made an example in front of other guys to be polite to a girl serving them.

Gillian was holidng Lucas’s hand as Kelly anne was watching. She whispered in his ear “Do you want to come watch a movie tonight at my place?”

Lucas smiled politely “That would be fun.” He recalled his promise to make her have fun. His alpha was going to kick his backside if his sister was upset. He could feel Gavin watching them.

Gillian smiled “Perfect. I choose the movie.” She then looked at the distance. her eyes caught Kelly Ann’s who was watching them. She frowned “You were talking to Kelly Anne back there. What did you say to her?”

Lucas spoke quickly “She looked tired so I wanted to help out and asked the guys to give her a break. She has a long night. She has to work till 5am tonight. Your brother made her take the long shift. She should be in bed. She is not a night kind of werewolf. I feel sorry for her. Do you want me not to talk to her. I wont if you feel I shouldn’t. I need to look out for every werewolf in the pack but I can assign her to someone else.”

Gillian rolled his eyes “Lucas. She is not worth my time to think about. I dont care. As long as she doesnt fancy you, I dont mind. Now, tell me about the prom arrangements. Thats more interpreting.”

Lucas sighed in relief. He just knew what to say to Gillian. He just did. He knew what to say to get her attention off Kelly Anne. Lucas siad with meaning behind his words “Kelly Anne doesnt like any men, Gillian you do know that.” That did it to remind Gillian why she didnt see Kelly Anne as a threat. So for now Kelly Anne was safe from suspicions from the Alpha’s sister who could destroy gillian witha flick of her wrist litrerally.

Gillian squeezed Lucas’s hand tightly making him wince in pain “I know that Lucas. Thats why she is alive right now for talking to you too long. tell me about the prom arrangements. What time are you coming. If you are late, like tonight I will be very angry Lucas.”

Lucas assured her “I wont dissapoint you. I am sorry for tonight.”

Gillian just wanted to hear his sorry words. thats all she wanted. That showed he cared for her feelings. She leaned close and kissed his cheek as she released the pressure on his hand “You are so sweet.”

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