The Unconditional Despise (J.Jk ff)

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DARK ROMANCE! Jk: Since the day I saw you, you've become one of my dirtiest habits. He whispered in her ear hoarsely and the chill runs down in her spine. She was feeling her legs are getting weak at every other second. He was holding her hands with his left hand above her head pressing her more and more between the wall and himself. Jk's eyes were glossy like if he was screaming from ide. Scream to let go of his sorrows, his invisible wounds and so on. But next second his eyes change into a dark one. The dark orbs were showing nothing except hate, anger, and Despise. Aerin thought of breaking the silence in this night. AeRin: J-jungkook.. i- Before she can say something he held her jaw roughly with his right hand. And pressed his warm lips over her luscious one. "Everyone fall in Unconditional love. But, I've fallen in despise with you." "An unconditional despise" The Unconditional Despise (J.JK ff) By @deaxlykookie _____________ Copyright✓ © Deaxlykookie

Fantasy / Romance
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💜❤Unconditional despise❤💜


👉I, deaxlykookie welcome you to my new book. Unconditional Despise (j.jk Fanfiction)

👉First of all, thankyou so much for giving this story your precious time.

👉Now some important notes are that-

👉This book contains mature themes, mature language, sensitive topics, murders and so on.

👉This book doesn’t support any kind of violence and Rape.

👉The topics from the book are fully based on author’s imagination. So don’t take it seriously.

👉This book is going to be very very Dark. So If you are sensitive then leave it otherwise read at your own Risk.

👉This story is owner by me. I deaxlykookie am the real owner of the Story © Copyright 2020✓. So, Don’t copy the scenes and storyline.

👉English is not your author’s first language so story may contain grammatical errors. I hope you won’t mind.

👉Again, Thank you so much to.come here and giving this book a chance.

👉If you really like the story and my work. So don’t forget to Vote and comment cause they means a lot and shows your love and appreciation.


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