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Supernaturals: Legends of Iris.

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Long ago Supernaturals and mortals lived in harmony, until the magicians attacked the mortals. They saw them as lesser than Supernaturals while we saw them as our equals. So, they rebelled and became the outcasts. After this we had to erase the memories of the mortals for we feared if there was another rebellion their lives would be in grave danger. Then we spread all over the world,Vampires, Werewolves, Elementists, Shape shifters and many more. The Shape Shifters and the Elementists stayed to fulfill a prophecy. Then the magicians attacked again and this time they attacked the Shifters and Elementists, the other Supernaturals could not help us because of this same prophecy. " For a time will come when one of your own will turn and their shall be war between the Supernaturals. The elements, and the shifters shall fight against magic and their fate will be decided by one yet unborn." So we started training, seeing that the Magicians were one of the most powerful Supernaturals ever. But, we couldn't help but hope for the one ' yet unborn', our Elysian, our Chosen one. No one knows where it will be born, in the hands of the Magicians, or with us. Either we hope we'll ready when the war comes. We are THE SUPERNATURALS!

Fantasy / Action
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Iris's POV.

" HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRIS!" was what woke me up this morning.

" Thanks guys but did you seriously have to be that loud?" I asked.

" Sorry we just so excited, oh my baby's all grownup." Mum said hugging me.

" Happy birthday princess."

" Thanks dad."

" Happy 17th birthday dork." Austin my little brother said holding the cake while I blew out the candles.

"Now everyone out of my room, now." I said pushing them out. After a long bath I got dressed in a white floral patterned dress paired with black flats.

I stood in front of my mirror and looked at myself, from my long blonde hair that fell in natural waves down my shoulders, to my small pink bow shaped lips and small button nose and finally to my eyes. I had narrowed cat-like eyes but the thing I hated most about myself was my eye color.

I had lilac irises. Maybe that's why my parents named me Iris, because of my uniquely colored irises.

I went downstairs for breakfast and saw that Austin was already for school which was weird cause he spends a lot of time on his 'perfect' hair.

" Wow you look beautiful honey." My mum said tucking a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. My mum had emerald green eyes which made her look beautiful.

" Thanks mum. "

" Oh, I almost forgot, here's a gift from your father and I. Happy birthday Iris." she said.

" Oh my-, thank you." I said once I opened it.

They had gotten me a new phone and I was super excited cause my birthday was off to a good start.

" Don't mention it honey, you're the best daughter one could ever hope for."

" Thanks dad". My dad had black hair with crystal blue eyes which I really wished to have but you don't always get what you want.

" Why are you here shouldn't you be styling your oh so perfect hair?" I asked my brother.

" This hair is a master piece not many people have jet black hair like this, so this is not 'oh so perfect', it is perfect. And dad said he'd ground me if I made you late on your birthday." He said rolling his emerald green eyes.

" Well that explains a lot. "

" Okay we have oatmeal for Austin and chocolate chip pancakes with freshly cut strawberries and whipped cream for the birthday girl." Mum said placing the food right in front of us.

" No fair, why does she get pancakes and I don't ?"

" Cause today's my birthday and I'm older."

" Yeah, by just two years!"

" But I'm still older." I retorted and he just stuck his tongue out. We had our breakfast while bickering.

" Come on kids let's get going. "Dad called.

" Wait! Birthday picture." Mum yelled.

" Everybody say cheese!"

" Cheese!!!!!!"

" Here's the photo Iris, love you."

" Thanks mom, love you too,bye!"

While I was in the car, I took a good look at the picture mum took and sighed.I was the odd one out, they would have been a perfect family if it weren't for me.

I walked towards my locker and as I was taking out my books I heard someone talking about me.

" She's such a freak, I mean who has lilac eyes?,she's a total weirdo."

Although I was used to their jeers and taunts, it still hurt.

" Hey birthday girl." I turned and saw Chris.

Chris was the only friend ,well apart from Savannah, his girlfriend, he was the only friend I had.

" Hey Chris."

" Happy birthday."

" Thanks." I said hugging him.

" Iris!!!" Savannah yelled.

" Hey, Sav." I greeted.

" Happy birthday." She said giving me a neatly wrapped present and Chris wrapped his arm around her. I opened Savannah's present to saw a beautiful silver charm bracelet in the box

" Thank you so much Sav."

" Don't mention it ."


" There goes the warning bell we better get to class." Chris said. I started walking down the hallway when Chris called me

" Iris, are we still having dinner at your place?"

" Yeah." I replied. Chris's and Savannah's parents were coming over for dinner tonight and my parents were excited about it. They were friends in high school so I guess that's why they're so excited about it.

Ding dong!

" I'll get it!!!"I yelled.
" Hello Mr and Mrs Henderson."

" Hello Iris, how are you?" Louis, Savannah's mom greeted.

" I'm fine thank you come in."

" Savannah mentioned that today's your birthday so happy birthday." said Luke, Savannah's dad.

" Thanks, uhm speaking of Savannah, where is she?"

" Oh she's coming with the Evans ". The Evans and Savannah arrived a few minutes later and we all settled for dinner.

" This is amazing Elena, you have to give me the recipe." Rae, Chris's mom said

" Sure." Mom said. Austin stood up and gestured to me to get up too.

" Iris,come on I have something for you." He said.

" Okay." I stood up and followed him to the patio.

" Hey what's up?" I asked.

" Here, happy birthday ". I opened the box that he gave me and inside was a picture frame with a picture of us when we were little.

" I know it's nothing special, but I hope you like it sis ."

" Thank you Austin." I replied hugging him.

" No, I should be the one thanking you Iris. You've always been there for, you stood up to all my bullies even though it meant you being bullied instead of me. You played with me when no one else would, you read me bedtime stories ever night and let me sleep in your room when I got scared. I know we may argue and fight a lot but I love you and you're the best sister ever. You're my best friend."

" But, what about Shawn and the other popular kids at school?"

" They've got nothing on you " He said and I hugged him again. As we walked into the house, we couldn't help but notice the hushed whispers that filled the air. I hid behind a wall so as to hear what they were talking about more clearly.

" Why'd you stop?" Austin asked.

" Ssshhh!!!"

" When are you going to tell her?" Chris asked.

" We don't know how to break the news to her." My Mom replied.

" But you're gonna have to tell had sooner or later I mean you already got the acceptance letter and you know how hard it is to get into Crest Hill High." Thomas, Chris's dad said.

" We really don't know, maybe we'll just take her to the school and have them explain the whole supernatural thing to her." My dad said.

" Yeah but what about Austin?, how's he gonna take it when he finds out that his sister is being taken to a school for supernaturals. He's not gonna be happy about that. I mean I wasn't when my elder brother went two years ago. " Savannah said

" Austin will be fine, but the problem is Iris and how she'll react when you tell her that she's a supernatural!" Luke exclaimed.

" Our best option is not telling either of them." Dad said finalizing it.

" I can't believe it, we're supernaturals, how, wh-,this is so confusing." I said sliding down the wall.

" Maybe they're just joking, we only hear about supernaturals in movies and different books on Inkitt!" Austin said.

" Austin, we both know they're not joking."

" Wait, so we're actually supernaturals?, and they're thinking of separating us? Unbelievable!" Austin said storming into the dining room.

" Wait!,Austin don't-" I tried to stop him but he already been noticed.

" Austin, what are you-" Mom started until Austin cut in

" Were you ever gonna tell us?!"

" Austin, we can explain." Dad said standing up.

" Then explain and don't you say it was because I wasn't old enough cause I'm six months older than Savannah and yet she knew." I said joining my brother in the dining.

" We were gonna tell you-" Mom said but I cut in

" No you weren't, you were just going to dump me in that school so they would explain everything to me there ." They were all shocked when I said that.

" Yeah, that's right we heard everything you said."

" Iris you have to understand the situation" Chris said walking towards me.

" What situation?,that you knew about it and you didn't tell me. Same goes for you Sav, but don't worry I'll go to the dumb school."

" What!" They all exclaimed.

" Iris don't." Austin warned.

" I know what I'm doing Austin, I don't want to ruin their perfect plan cause it seems it's more important than their children's feelings. Come on Austin, let's go." Austin and I walked out leaving them speechless.

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