Zodiacs of solaris : the amburs chase.

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" whoa , did you decide to read this ? A bad decision , really !" " So what if .... I don't get the Ambur ?" I asked , staring at prof . Galatia , fear flooding my brains . She turned her gaze a me , her silver eyes piercing my soul . " There is no " if you don't " you have to get the jewel or an apocalyptic age we feared for years will rise . Monsters and vicious men will rule the universe and amadeus will banish the gods into tartarus . They will destroy the creation of serenity if not stopped. " " The Ambur must be safely brought back to solaris and the 4 of you will make sure of it ".

Fantasy / Humor
The oracle
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Chapter one

"this is the story of how i died ......( dont worry i came back to my unfortunate life )
"oh my goodness!!!!! im getting late again !!" i exclaimed as i ran out of the house locking the door in a hurry as mom wasnt at home . oh where are my manners ( i dont have any ) . my name is malissa dawn . im a 16 year old girl with hyperactivity disorder . well my mom and friends call me mal for short. so ! right now im literally running for my dear life , not because someone is chasing me but if i dont hurry my friends will rip my heart out.............sikeeee!!! i have no friends ............
Matt: ....thats deep sis......
me : i know.....forget it

i took my usual way to the school which is the back porch of the school because it was closest to my house. my college was below the bridge so i usually use the rope which i tied on the first day to college but this time i wanted to check my incredibly soft camouflage cusion i made and kept it on the top of the terrace to land if i watnted to. so once i got over the college terrace i looked down to find my cusion directly below me. i stood on the railing and just then a local , well he was actually jogging on the side of the pathway spotted me . and my dramatic brain was like " goodbye world , i will sure miss you !" i exclaimed as i jumped from there . i really knew no one would happen to come here on the terrace due to a past accident . not even the janitor comes here and i knew that i would fall on the cusion according to my calculations , but..... i ended up falling on someone ." oh my god ! " i thought as i felt someone beneath me . " shit!! are you alright ?!?" i asked as i reached out my hands to help the person ,but he slapped my hand away . "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ?!?" the boy roared in rage . he was about my age maybe a year elder or so. . brown straight hair with silver edges and long silver sideburns, neatly coiffered to cover a chaming sad face . dead , azure blue eyes set buried elegantly within the eye sockets , which looked immensely mesmerising . he looked fit , but the XXL size of his jacket made him look immensely skinny . he was way taller than me and literally looked flawless with his long beautiful hands . daamn i felt like a disgrace to this world after seeing him." look okay i am sorry i fell on you...." i said looking at him . the moment i looked up into his eyes he gasped " h-h-hybrid?!?" he exclaimed . oh goodness ! i forgot to put my lenses on . just then the warning bell rang and i sprinted off in the college thorough the terrace entrance while the boy kept yelling at me from behind . so about my eyes. i still dont know how i have two colour eyes and more specifically they are not the same colour as both of my parents . my mom has sapphire blue eyes while dad had warm hazel eyes and i ended up having one forest green eyes and one wine red eyes. i have no idea how i ended up with this eye colour . due to this hybrid eye colour i was often bullied by people when i was young . that is the reason why i started wearing lenses to hide my true eye colour . people often called me a " Christmas doll" because of my hair being strawberry blonde and my eye colour being Christmas hue. and also because i wasnt a tomboy at that time . i became a tomboy when u started elementary school , because around that time i got a weird seal on my both hands which looked like a dragon with many head , i dont really know . due to this tattoo i was forced to wear a hood even during summer or bandage my hand , but of course that didnt work out.

so i stopped at the fourth floor , put my green lense on and jumped to the third floor. " whoa girl ! there is still a lot time for the class to start ! chill" i heard a familiar voice coming from ahead of me . i looked up and smiled " hello there brother !" . Matthew dawn a.k.a my big brother , was standing there. with his friends and goofing around near our lockers . " hey there sis ! long time no see " matt said as i approached him and his friends who immediately started blushing. " yeah , how have you been doing monkey butt?" i asked him smiling . " good. how about you tiny panda ?" . he asked " welp better than your face" i walked past him as he stood there cursing me while his friends were laughing hysterically .this entire summer matt had spent in his friends house leaving me with my aunt , my dads younger sister. she was literally just two years elder than matt and four years elder to me . her name is florian dawn but i just call her aunt flora while matt calls her flora. i entered my class and threw my backpack on the bench in the corner . " hey god please dont let anyone sit with me today!" i prayed as i slumped in my seat and plugged my headphones. i buried my head in my arms and put my head down resting it on the bench . " just hope that boy doesnt reveal my real eye colour or ill literally make his life hell here " i muttered as i listened to the song

. a short while later i felt a tap on my head and i got up to find. " stella?!?" . Stella is my best friend, well , my only friend . she is more like a big sister to me . stella is the only person other than aunt flora , mom and matt who knows about this seal and my hybrid eye. she has always been there for me when i needed her the most . " hey mal!" stella said hugging me . " omg ive seen you since a long time huh? your hair has really turned beautiful!" she said letting me go and playing with my hair . " WHY DIDNT YOU VISIT ME DURING THE VACATION?!?" i yelled at her and made my puppy eyes . " oh my god ! my poor heart cant bear the cuteness!!" stella said clutching her heart . stella is one of the most popular girl in college.nearly every single guy in this college has a crush on her . literally they just take one look into her grey eyes and they fall in love . i mean how does this even happen ? . stella has long blonde locks and dark grey eyes . she has that light pink tint on her cheek which is literally natural as i know how much she hates wearing makeup. " ah well..... i was a little busy during the vacation.." stella said smiling at me " and how did you know that im here?" i asked . " well....i met your brother outside ..." stella said blushing . " oooh ! you met my brother ?" i nudged her with my elbow while she lept blushing . " he told me you are in my neighbouring class !" stella said looking at me . " no way ! you are in the next class?" i exclaimed " yea and this time matt is in my class" stella whispered blushing really really really hardly. oh right i forgot to mention ...stella had a huge crush on my big brother . well literally every single girl in our entire neighborhood has a crush on him . and my brother literally makes it simple for them to like him more . he is a huge flirt . (cough cough playboy cough cough ) . " stella why dont you literally just go and face him?" i said smiling at stella . " im afraid that he will reject me ...." stella said taking my hands into hers . " oh my goodness mal ! your hands hasnt grown a bit !" stella chuckled . " its still that small and chubby hands i used to play with last year !" . i pouted and looked at my hands . " besides , did you get the news ? a cute transfer student has come to this college!" stella said playing with my hands. " why not make friends with him?" stella suggested . " well , you know i literally brother zone every boy i come i contact with " i chuckled as i tucked my phone and earplugs in my bag . " i still am clueless how i became friends with you ! i literally dont know how to make friends " i said looking back at her . " mal ! " she said smiling ." you are a kind and caring girl ! everyone will want to be friends with you .." stella stroked my head " only if , you dont act cold and savage to everyone" . just then the bell rang and the student hurriedly entered the class . " mal ! i believe you ok , try your best today !" stella said patting me on my head. " have a great day ok" she waved me as she got out of my class.

everyone entered the class in a hurry and immediately the girls took out their mirrors and lipstick and started applying their make up . " whats with them ?" i thought as i pulled my hood from my head. the teacher entered the class and im glad that our professor was miss carnations. but behind her followed someone who is the last person i want to meet now......

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