The Yeet Blade

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The Dragons and Oni were always at war until the Oni found a prophecy that told them to combine their powers with the Dragons to make a being to stop this war. Tyler, Eisa and Lazarbeam were 3 friends trying to become the Yeet Lord which they will have to kill the Ice Dragon for. Tyler kills the Dragon and eventually becomes the Yeet Lord. But with Muselk, the Dark Lord, peace was impossible. So the 3 friends set off on a journey to kill Muselk once and for all.

Fantasy / Action
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The Rise of The Elements

Long-long ago at the commencement of time where only the Elemental Dragons and the dreaded heartless Oni ruled the land. The elemental dragons created the good realms by combining all their elemental powers such as earth, fire, ice and water. While the Oni combined their dark misshapen supremacies to create the dark realms such as the shadow realm, which soon takes over the mainland. The Oni and the Dragons were at warfare for as long as they could remember until one of the Oni discovered a prophecy in a incomprehensible cave that was lit up very satisfactory. The prophecy said “The-eth one-eth who-eth is-eth created-eth by-eth good-eth and-eth bad-eth shall-eth be-eth thee-eth who-eth end-eth this-eth war-eth”. Once the Oni figured out what this meant they knew they had to make a fake truce with the dragons so they can create a new realm and hopefully they could persuade the one from the prophecy to help them win this war.

After the Oni had their plan they decided to put it into accomplishment. The Oni sent one of their kind as a representative and tried to purpose with the dragons and asked for a peace settlement. The dragons accepted this offer on one condition that the Oni leave the dragons alone and stop murdering their women and children. The Oni accepted to these terms and also requested to make a realm to commemorate the peace but what the dragons didn’t know that this was secretly all a part of the Oni’s plan to get rid of the dragon’s world once and for all. When the king of dragons and the lord of the Onis combined their powers to make a new realm called “Minecraft” which had many monsters but a beautiful landscape.

As soon as the dragons left the Oni waited for the one from the prophecy to emerge from this recently fashioned land-dwelling but nothing happened. The Oni lost expectancy but one who was a young Oni stayed when every other Oni left because he had hope that the one from the great prophecy could assist them. He waited so long that it was night fall so he spent the night in Minecraft, it was hard for him to sleep because of all of the monsters but as soon as he was drifting of to sleep he saw a small light in the distance which was becoming bigger and bigger until it reached its full competency. It levitated, spun around and exploded. After the dust settled the young Oni saw a figure were the explosion happened he told himself “You are brave” he kept on saying that until he was close enough to see the figure move and realized that it was nor dragon nor Oni. He thought for a while if he should bring the thing to the Oni or dragons then he thought about giving it a name and decided to call it Mojang after his father who perished in the war just like his mother. The young Oni brought Mojang to the dragons because he thought Mojang would live better there. In return the dragons gave the Oni a potion and told him only to drink it if he is the last of his kind. The Oni acknowledged the contribution and went back, every Oni jam-packed him asking if anything happened last night and the young Oni told the rest of the Onis that nothing happened in the new realm and he had told them that the monsters were evolving and figuring out ways to represent themselves. Later that day the tribal elders had a meeting and the village chief and the Onis decided that the boy was dishonest, the young Oni was watching and listening. He was very muddled when they said we should end him for lying to the chief. When he saw an elder looking in his direction he went straight to him. When he was in his quarters to hide just in case anyone saw him, he asked the same question, what did end him mean. He was up all night until he finally realised that they were going to kill him. He ran away from his home and went to the dragons because he thought they were the only ones that comprehended him. When he reached the dragons he told them his condition and what the Oni were planning to do, the dragons then set up their battlements and operated their battle surroundings getting ready for war. The next day the Oni criticized the dragons. The dragons stood their earth (more like hovered there pulverized). The Onis fought till there numbers were no more but before they died they killed the dragon queen along with many of the other rudimentary dragons. The young Oni remembered that if he was the last Oni he should beverage the potion, the Oni didn’t know what it did so he was indeterminate to drink it but in the end even through his whole race was wiped out he still drank the potion not knowing its capabilities. Straightforward after he drank the potion a dragon came up to him and said “We gave you the inappropriate potion.” but it was to late. The ground began to shake and lightning takes industrial action, once the dust established there was no Oni but a S.C.P (super crucial power). The S.C.P commenced assassinating lots of dragons pending there was the king dragon and Mojang left. With Mojang charging at the S.C.P, the S.C.P damaged Mojang so much that he was very hurt. With the king dragon in rage he evacuated the S.C.P in a forever deep stagnation in a unfathomable treacherous cave while he made Mojang heal and froze the land and made everything and everyone go in a unfathomable slumber. The SCP now had to be killed.

To be continued...........

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