Unbreakable Premonition

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A world where social class and the ability to use magic defines your future. A magical mishap bonds the two most unlikely people together. These two have to learn to deal with the contempt from each other and from their peers. As well as dealing with the emotional, mental, and social issues they both bring to this unfortunate relationship. Watch as this bond changes them both and the views of others, forever changing the rules of society.

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The start of it all

I appear standing in the middle of a mist-filled void of complete blackness. All I am wearing is a pair of dark blue pajama pants I fell asleep in. The curls of my black hair and my slim upper body is drenched in sweat. My heart is racing, and my breathing is heavy.

The deafening sound of an all-out war seems to be emanating from every direction. The sounds of swords clashing, magic spells streaking by, followed by explosions and blood-curdling screams. I turn frantically looking in every direction in fear.

Suddenly, a sweet citrus-like smell fills the air as she calls out to me.

“Fabien help me! Fabien please!” Her disembodied voice cries out from behind me.

I turn and look. The mist diminishes slightly revealing her shrouded form wearing a long white nightgown. All her facial features are masked by the mist. Her long blonde hair glows as it billows wildly behind her.

“Fabien, save me!” She cries out again as she reaches out for me.

“I’m coming!” I shout as I take off running in her direction.

I run and run as fast as I can, but still never getting any closer. The sounds of her cries, along with the sounds of combat intensifies. A sudden flash of lightning briefly illuminates my surroundings. Now I’m running down one of the long hallways of the school. On the right side of me are the doors leading into each of the classrooms. On the left is a wall of windows overlooking the massive courtyard.

The once beautiful courtyard is now in shambles. Burned and mangled bodies of dead students and teachers litter the area. Trees and other forms of plant life are on fire, or nothing but burnt husks. Charred craters left from magical spells and explosions desecrate the ground. Ignoring the devastation below I continue sprinting towards her, I must save her.

Suddenly, stepping out of the darkness behind her is a shadowy figure of a man. He is completely naked and hairless from head to toe. His skin is extremely pale and translucent almost allowing his organs underneath to be shown through.

All the veins in his body glow with an electric blue light radiating from his heart outward. His pupilless eyes also emanate the same bright blue glow. Several bolts of electricity snake their way across his body in various directions.

Then his face comes into view, and I freeze in place. This creature, or man, looks exactly like me. A monstrous version of me.

He sees me and smiles a wide toothy grin showing off his pure white teeth. Electricity snakes back and forth between them as well. He steps up behind her covering her face with one hand, and grabs hold of one of her breasts with the other. She begins to struggle to free herself from his grasp.

He laughs with a deep energy-filled voice that reverberates loudly all around me. “You can’t save her; she’s going to die. Then I will kill you, brother.” The man says before jerking her back into the darkness.

“No!” I scream as I jump awake sitting straight up in bed.

My roommate Jason, who came to wake me up jumps back with a yell. ”Ahh! Oh my god, Fabien. You scared the shit out of me.” He says as he covers his racing heart with one hand. In his other hand is his cell phone.

I just stare at him as I try to catch my breath and calm down. My bare upper body and hair is drenched in sweat. I close my eyes and take in a deep breath.

“Sorry, bad dream,” I say as I rub my face with one hand.

Jason takes a step towards me with a look of concern. “Yeah, I see that. Is it the same one you have been having? The one with the girl?” He asks,

“Yeah, why do I keep having this dream? You don’t think it’s some sort of sign or vision, do you?” I ask,

“Hmm, I don’t know.” Then his face lights up with a bit of excitement. “Wait, do you think maybe the school of magic you’re linked to is divination. Isn’t that the one that gets visions and shit?” He asks,

I look at him with uncertainty “I, I don’t know, maybe” I stand up out of bed wearing only my pajama pants. My brow furrows as I begin to wonder if he’s right. Then I shrug knowing how illegal it is for our kind to even use magic. “Well anyways, like it matters. So, what time is it?” I ask noticing he is already in his work clothes.

His uniform consists of a full set of navy-blue coveralls. Stitched above the right pocket is his name, Jason Phillips, Serf of Heralds of Light Academy. On his head is a backwards turned matching ball cap. Last is his slick resistant, solid black work shoes.

He looks at his phone. “It’s six fourteen”

“Damn it, I guess there is no time for a morning run. Let me take a quick shower and get dressed. I will meet you at the school.”

“Alright,” He says as he turns to leave. He makes it to my door then turns back to me. “Why don’t you talk to Minerva about your dreams? Maybe she can make sense of them. Hell, you never know, she might even tell you if your school of magic you’re linked to is actually divination.”

I smirk at him shaking my head. “Nah, that’s okay, I’d prefer not to know. Anyways, Minerva could get in lots of trouble if she told me. You know, it’s illegal for us serfs to use magic or even learn about it, so what’s the point?” I say as I walk over to my closet where my work uniform is hanging on the door.

“Aren’t you at least a bit curious?” He asks,

I pull the uniform off the door and glance over at him. “Nope”

“Whatever. Well, don’t rush, they are holding a welcoming ceremony for all the new freshmen starting this year.”

“Oh right, damn it. A bunch of new spoiled ass kids that think the world revolves around them.” I close my eyes and tilt my head up towards the ceiling. “Oh please, if any of you gods are listening. Make this day, no this year, go by peacefully. And please give me the strength and will power not to slap the shit out of one of these kids.”

Jason laughs. “Yeah right, with your temper, I bet you will go off on someone by second period. Not even the gods can save you from yourself.”

I glare at him “Shut up, I’m working on it, asshole.”

He laughs again and turns to leave. “Liar,” He says as he walks off.

I growl, walk over, and close the door. I turn on the TV and listen to the daily news report as I begin to get dressed. Of course, the main topic is the new school year beginning for Heralds of Light. It’s a big thing to report on. This school is one of the five schools dedicated to educating and training the “future leaders” of the world. Unfortunately, these spoiled ass “future leaders” come from the stuck-up rich families who can afford to pay the millions to send their kids to these schools.

Even at this school, like out in society, they define themselves and only hang out with people close to their wealth level and societal ranking. If someone’s family is worthless or hold a lower position, they could be ignored altogether, even picked on. Lately, the school has been enforcing rules against bullying and neglect towards the less fortunate students. Even some teachers have been fired for favoring other students.

I quickly get dressed, eat a quick meal, then brush my teeth before heading out. I don’t bother fixing my hair because it’s just going to be hidden under the work ballcap I’m forced to wear. Since I didn’t get to do my morning run, I decide to jog all the way to the school. The Serf’s dormitories are several blocks away from the school, so it gives me a little bit of exercise at least.

I weave in and out through the students slowly making their way to the school. From the looks, and how many people are walking, it seems like this school year will be much larger than the last. Hearld’s of Light has only been around for a little over ten years but has grown in popularity surpassing the other schools quickly. It must have been all those tournaments they won back-to-back.

As I am running, I go to pass a group of girls taking up the whole sidewalk. The school has a strict rule against walking on the grass, and since it’s us serfs that take care of the school’s appearance, so do I. I was going to step off into the road and run past them. But suddenly, one of the girls laughs and pushes another one making her stumble away. This left an opening for me to run through.

I begin to run past. Just as I run between them the girl steps back. I bump her shoulder knocking her over. “Hey, watch where you are going, you filthy serf!” One of the friends yells out to me.

I glance back at them noticing the girl I knocked down was Ariya, the headmaster’s little sister and her three bitch friends. Ariya looks up at me from the ground with a scowl, I just smirk at her. “Fabien, get your butt back here and help me up, you mongrel!” Ariya shouts,

“Sorry, I’m in a hurry. Maybe I will help you next time” I say as I jog backwards briefly, then turn and run off.

“I’m going to talk to my brother and get you fired, jerk!” She shouts back.

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