Unbreakable Premonition

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The next weekend comes and I decide to join her at the spa. The whole time we wait she is extremely nervous. They eventually pull her away and allow her to keep her clothes on if she wishes. Her session doesn’t last very long before she can't go on and has to leave.

She does want to keep coming back, so she drags me with her every other day. She doesn’t want anyone else to know she is doing these sessions. So I promise her I won’t tell anyone. People do get kind of suspicious where we run off too together.

After a couple weeks her sessions begin to get a bit longer. I just end up falling asleep in the waiting room for her.

One day while I am passed out waiting for her, someone taps on my shoulder waking me. I sit up rubbing my eyes seeing the masseuse who has been working with Ariya.

I look around for Ariya, “Is she done?”

“She is getting changed. You’re Fabien right, her boyfriend.” She asks,

I chuckle realizing she even kept the lie going here as well. “Yeah, I am.”

“Do you mind following me so we can talk privately?” She asks as she motions for me to follow her.

“Okay,” I say as I stand and look at her skeptically. Is something wrong with Ariya? Are the sessions not working? I wonder as I begin to follow her.

We head to an empty room and she closes the door so no one can hear us. “I wanted to talk to you about Ariya and how she is doing.” She says as she turns towards me.

“Is she okay? Are these massages working?” I ask,

She smiles and nods, “Yes, she is fine. And, she recently has become more open about her situation with me. She tells me how supportive and patient you have been with her through this process. Even though you two have yet to be intimate or even kiss.”

I smile thinking to myself, wow she has really embellished on this fake relationship. “Yeah I am sure when she is comfortable enough, we will get around to it. I can wait as long as it takes; I just want her better.”

“That’s sweet of you to say. Well she seems to be taking to the healing massages well and I was thinking maybe tonight-” My heart begins racing thinking she might suggest we try kissing. But she says, “you two could try hugging or even try dancing together”

I hesitate, “Um, are you sure she is ready for that? Maybe she should do that with her friend Melissa.”

“Well I suggested it to her, and she seemed willing to try with you. Don’t you want to be able to do those things with her?” She asks,

I rub the back of my head thinking all of this is just getting out of hand. “Yeah, I do.”

She smiles, “Good, you seem like a really good guy. Most wouldn’t stick around to deal with all this. Just don't get frustrated if she wants to stop or can’t do it.”

I shake my head, “I won't,”

We talk a bit more then we walk out. When we exit the room, we see Ariya looking around for me wondering where I went. Then she sees us walking out together and gives me a skeptical look. The lady talks to her a bit longer then we leave.

As we are on the way back to the school Ariya asks, “What did Lana want to talk to you about? You weren’t hitting on my masseuse were you?”

I chuckle, “No, she just wanted to talk to your boyfriend about the progress you have been making.” She smiles blushing a bit. “So who else thinks I am your boyfriend?” I ask,

“Sorry she asked what our relationship was”

I laugh again, “And you couldn’t have said I am your bonded guardian? This place is like ten minutes away from our school.”

“Sorry, I didn’t think about it.”

“Uh huh, so is there anything I should know about our fake relationship if she asks?”

She smiles, “We have only been together a little over a few months.

“So as long as we have been bonded?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

I laugh shaking my head and she repeats, “So what did she say?”

“She was saying how good you were coming along, and how great of a boyfriend I am for supporting you through this. She wishes she had a boyfriend as awesome as I am.” She rolls her eyes looking away then I say “She thinks its time for us to finally kiss” I turn towards her puckering my lips closing my eyes.

She scoffs pushing my face away saying, “Gross, stop being weird. What did she really say?”

I chuckle, “No really, she wants us to try dancing or maybe hugging each other to see how you are doing.”

She gives skeptical look, “She really said that?”

“She said you agreed to do it.”

“Oh, right, I just agreed so she would change the subject.”

I give her a disbelieving smirk, “Uh huh”

We eventually make it back to the school and I walk with her up to her room. When we walk in, the TV is going but no one is inside.

I look around, “Where is everyone?”

She tosses her bag of clothes in a chair looking around, “Well Melissa is still out of town, and I don’t know where Elizabeth is.” She shouts, “Elizabeth!?” There is no response she looks back to me, “I don’t know. Are you hungry?”

I fall on the couch saying, “A little bit.” I wave my hand at her acting like I am sending her away “Servant girl, go fetch me a sandwich.”

She pushes on my head as she walks by, “Get up and make one yourself.”

We both sit down to eat and watch TV for a while. As we are sitting there she is really engrossed in whatever music show we are watching. In the show there are two people dancing and I begin to wonder how well she is actually coming along. I look over at her next to me on the couch seeing her hand beside her.

I wonder how she would react to my touch. I reach over placing my hand on top of hers. She quickly jerks her hand away looking at me “What are you doing?”

I chuckle “Sorry I was just curious to see how the therapy was coming along.”

“Oh, thank god. You freaked me out, thinking you wanted to hold my hand.”

I chuckle shaking my head. “Uh, no.”

She grins and looks back at the TV seeing the people dancing still. Her smile slowly fades as I feel her nervousness rise a bit. She begins chewing on her bottom lip.

Then she eventually asks, “Do you think we should try what Lana said?”

“Kiss? Definitely.” I say with a smirk,

“Oh my god stop, I am serious about this.”

I chuckle, “Fine. It’s up to you Ariya, you have to be the one ready to do it.”

She looks at me then back at the dancing people nervously, “I want to try”

“Okay, which do you want to do first.”

She turns to me thinking then holds out her hand, “Let me hold your hand”

“This should be easy we have done this before." I say as I place my hand on top of hers as she takes hold of it. I can feel she is a bit nervous but not too bad. My thumb rubs over her hand, “You okay?”

She just looks at our hands, “Yeah”

I hold up my other one, “Want to try the other?”


She hesitantly brings her other hand up to mine and this time our fingers intertwine together. I watch her as a slight smile forms across her lips. My heart begins racing again as I just look at how beautiful she really is. Then she looks up to me just when her eyes meet mine. Then it hits me... again. Fuck, I think I like this girl. I can’t like her, there are a million reasons why I can’t like her. But, I also notice she isn’t feeling the same as me at the moment.

She cuts through my train of thought when she says, “I think its working”

I smile, “Good I am glad. Want to try something else?”

“Like what? And no I’m not kissing you.” She says and I grin.

Then I look at the TV, “Well she suggested dancing?”

She looks at it hesitantly, “I don’t know”

I chuckle, “It's fine, we can wait to try that later”

Another week goes by as we continue to secretly work on things together. That weekend Wayne invites us all out to another party. This time it would be at a popular club within the city. He invited our whole class. He even invited me and my roommates if they wanted to come. I didn’t want to go to anything Wayne was hosting, but Elizabeth forced me to go. Since she was going and I was going, Ariya went as well.

I drive up by myself and there is already a lot of people there. Even people from another school are at the club. Mikey showed up with some girl he has gotten pretty serious with. I see Markus already there and he is flirting with some goth looking girl up at the bar.

When I walk in, I can already sense Ariya is feeling uncomfortable and irritated. I start looking around for her. Then I eventually see some guy leaned over talking to her flirting with her. He places his hand on her shoulder and she stands shrugging him off telling him to leave her alone.

I start to make my way over there and he goes to reach for her again. Melissa gets there before I do. She grabs his hand twisting it and grabs the back of his head slamming it against the table.

I grin as I walk up to hear Melissa say, “I think she said for you to leave her alone”

The guy groans in pain and apologizes. Melissa lets him back up and pushes him away. We both turn to Ariya asking if she is okay and she says she is fine thanking Melissa.

Elizabeth sees me and walks up. She is wearing a tight form-fitted black dress, that just shows off every curve of her body nicely. She grabs my hand saying, “It’s about time you get here, come dance with me.”

I look at her reluctantly, “I am not a very good dancer”

She ignores me and continues to pull me onto the dance floor, “It’s time for you to learn.”

We danced for a while to the upbeat tempo music. I was pretty much entranced by her almost erotic movements as she danced against me. After a couple of songs, we were both were working up a sweat.

After the second song ends she smiles. “You lied, you’re not so bad at dancing”

I smile, “You make me look a lot better than I am.”

Mikey then walks up and places a hand on my shoulder as he whispers in my ear, “You need to take her home with you tonight.”

Elizabeth hears him and grins at me. A slow song starts and she takes my hands pulling me back to her. She places her arms around my neck as I hold on to her waist.

At first, we danced pretty loosely just holding each other. It didn’t take long for her to change the pace as she moved in closer. Her hips moved against mine as she slowly ground herself against me. One of her hands slid up to the back of my head as her face moved beside mine feeling her cheek against mine.

Then she brings her lips to my ear “Are you going to take your friend's advice?” She asks, Then I feel her lips gently touch my neck, sending a shockwave of pleasure through me.

My eyes close as I exhale a breath I didn’t know I was holding, “Is that what you want?" I ask,

Her face makes its way back in front of mine as she looks me in the eyes.

“What do you think?”

I knew at this moment I wanted to kiss her more than anything. Just as I thought I built up enough courage to go for it, a loud crash interrupted the mood. We both stop and look at where we heard the sound. That’s when we see Wayne and Tyson surrounded by like eight guys from the opposing school.

Elizabeth wastes no time and takes off over there to help him as I follow her. Markus runs over to me.

“What’s going on?” I ask,

He looks in their direction, “Wayne and the team captain of the other school were talking crap to each other, then this happened.”

The surrounding guys charge in. Wayne and Tyson do well holding their own without the use of magic. Magic is forbidden to use outside of the school grounds or without authorization.

Apparently, this other school didn’t get taught that part. Wayne gets lifted in the air by someone’s magic and thrown across the room. That’s when the people from our school begin jumping in.

I see Tyson getting overwhelmed by multiple guardians attacking him. I run over and decide to help him out. Our rivalry was temporarily put on hold, as we stood back to back fighting them off. The tide slowly began to turn in our favor. Then suddenly Tyson turns and grabs me putting me in a massive bear hug. He roars in my face squeezing the life out of me. Then I notice his eyes are glazed over like he is being controlled by someone with enchantment magic.

I reach up with both hands grabbing the sides of his head. Then I begin to mercilessly head butt him in the face till he lets go. His nose gets shattered, and he begins to swing wildly losing all his combat training as this person controls him. I grab his arm using his momentum to flip him over me onto his back as he crashes through a table.

At this time, I glance over seeing Ariya fighting with another guardian. She isn’t really hurting him; but he can't seem to hit her, as she is anticipating all his attacks. I start to head over to help her, when I am lifted in the air by magic. I look around finally seeing the noble doing it. Just as he is about to fling me across the room Elizabeth grabs the sides of his face. Black veins form on his neck and face. His eyes roll back into his head, and he drops to the ground. I fall back to the ground as she turns smiling at me.

I smile back then a guardian steps forward punching Elizabeth in the chest, sending her flying across the room into some tables. Melissa quickly shows up and engages the guardian as I run over to check on Elizabeth. When I get there she is barely conscious gasping for air.

Just as I crouch down beside her a guardian runs over to attack me. I turn to block the attack. Suddenly, I get a premonition vision of an explosion going off. I turn grabbing hold of Elizabeth and put a force shield around us both as a fireball hits the guardian and explodes, sending him flying away. Two more explosions go off as I look seeing Wayne now using his magic haphazardly.

I start to feel overwhelming fear coming from Ariya as I hear her shout in my head. (Fabien help!)

I turn seeing her frozen in place, paralyzed by the guy who has been flirting with her all night. He walks up grabbing her face and kisses her on the lips. Tears begin to run down her face. The anger and rage I figured I thought I got rid of suddenly rushes back to the surface. I don’t want her to have to go through anything like that again. She was just getting better!

Her magic must be locked since she hasn’t summoned me to her side, so I charge towards them. Another guardian blocks my path swinging at me. I catch his wrist and pull his arm across me. Then I punch his elbow breaking his arm. I continue his momentum past me as he falls to the ground screaming in pain.

I get to the noble kissing Ariya and tackle him into a wall. The wall cracks with the force of our hit. I black out as I grab his head and begin slamming his face over and over into the wall.

(Fabien stop, you’re killing him!)Ariya shouts in my head breaking me from my rage.

I let go of him as he slumps to the floor motionless, in a pool of his own blood. My hands are covered in blood and I stand there looking at them in shock. Damn it, I did it, I lost control and killed someone. I knew this would eventually happen. Ariya steps in front of me placing both her hands on the sides of my face looking up at me with tear-filled eyes.

Suddenly, a wave of energy blasts through the whole building. We all become frozen in place and all our magic abilities are cut off. In walks the arcane police. Walking in with them is Daniel, Dominicus, Starr, and staff members from the other school as well. One officer casts a spell and goes into a trance while the others begin walking around assessing the damage.

(I am sorry. It’s my fault for what’s going to happen. You were just protecting me.)Ariya says in my head.

Starr follows an officer over by us seeing us standing there looking at each other. Her gaze then turns to my bloody hands. The officer sees the mangled unconscious student and runs over to check on him.

The officer then yells, “We need a medic over here this one isn’t breathing.”

Starr’s eyes widen as she looks up to me. My eyes begin to tear up thinking I actually killed this guy.

(He won’t die don’t worry) Ariya reassures me, sensing my worry.

The officer then notices the blood dripping from my hands and stands walking over to me. A medic rushes over and starts taking care of the injured student. The officer touches me as magical shackles begin to wrap around me. Then I’m lifted into the air.

(I am sorry)Ariya says, What does she mean by that? What’s going to happen to me?

Starr turns to the officer, “That boy is my student, let me take care of him.”

“Sorry ma’am the boy is under arrest for aggravated assault and possibly murder.” The officer responds

Now fear begins to overwhelm both me and Ariya. I’m going to jail, I’m really going to jail. I end up getting escorted past Daniel who gives me a look of utter disappointment. That seemed to hurt me, like a knife in the heart, knowing how much he believed in me.

Others end up getting arrested for fighting and endangering civilians with the illegal use of magic. The officer that went into a trance used his magic to observe everything that went on. The medic was able to save the guy I attacked, but he was still left in a coma. I end up getting sentenced to five years in prison. The student I attacked parents were pushing for a lot more than that. Wayne and Tyson end up getting off using his father’s political ties to get his charges dropped.

Daniel ends up finding out what happened to Ariya and the officer who went into a trance. By talking to the Arcanum Syndicate, he got the okay to bail me out of prison. I do end up getting expelled from the school until they figure out if it is safe for me to return.

They have me put up in an apartment in the next city over. They even help get me a job working construction to pay for the apartment. I am also forced to take anger management classes.

I am not allowed contact with anyone from the school even Daniel. Ariya gets really depressed and tries to talk to me every chance she gets through her little mental link with me. She tells me everything that is going on at the school and with everyone else. Her birthday even passes, and I feel bad I'm not there for it.

After a couple of months of sheer boredom, I decide to join a type of martial arts class. The brochure said it’s supposed to work well for people with anger and stress problems. Daniel ends up sending me my Abjuration book so I could keep up with my studies.

It didn’t take long for me to grow accustomed to my new life. I even made new friends. Even though I missed everyone at the school, I started to enjoy this new life more. It was a lot less stressful, and I had the freedom to do what I wanted. Of course, I wasn’t allowed to let anyone know that I’m a guardian or that I could use magic.

There wasn’t much time left before she broke the bond with me.

One weekend a few of my friends decided to head down to a club to get drunk and hopefully meet some girls. I was kind of reluctant to get into any kind of relationship at the moment. But, I wasn’t opposed to a one nightstand if it happened. We were all standing around playing pool keeping an eye out for any prospects that might pop up. Each of my friends was trying to out do the other, saying they could pick up any girl in here they wanted.

I come up with an idea to settle it. “I got it, lets make a bet. I will pick out any female in here, and one of you has to go up there and get her number. But it really has to be her number, not a fake one she will probably give you. Bring the number back over here and call it. I want to see her answer her phone. If you get it, I will pay for your drinks for the rest of the night plus a hundred dollars.”

One of my friends William says to me as he is leaned down lining up a shot, “That’s easy, I will take your bet.”

Now, it would probably be easy for him because he is a lady's man. He already has a friend with benefits he can call on at any time. Plus, since I have known him he has had three different women come home with him.

One of our other friends laughs, “Well Fabien you should just fork over the hundred now. I don’t think there is a skirt out there that can resist William’s charm.”

“We’ll see,” I say,

I smirk looking around for someone I think would totally reject him. Maybe I can find a lesbian or something. Then I see one a cute little red head that I saw walk in with her friends not too long ago. They are sitting at the bar. They already have four guys talking to them obviously trying to pick them up.

“There we go I found her.” I say then take a sip of my beer.

William stands up looking in the direction I am looking, “Where?”

I point over at her, “The cute redhead right there in the silverish sparkling top.”

He sees her and chuckles, “She’s taken, look at those guys around her. You can’t pick the ones I will obviously fail with.”

I smile, “Actually, if you would have noticed her earlier. She came in with just her female friends. These guys showed up later.”

“So you want me to just step in between all those dudes and get her to ignore them. Just pick someone else” He looks around the place and sees another female by herself drinking watching her friends on the dance floor. He points to her “What about her?”

“That’s too easy. Come on are you scared of a little competition with those guys. Come on your William. You’re supposed to be the king dick out of all of us. It should be easy for you. Hell, I could probably get her number.”

He chuckles giving me a look of disbelief, "Riight, go ahead. Show us what you got.”

Another one of our friends laughs, “That’s not happening. I haven’t seen Fabien with a girl or even talk to one since I have known him. For the longest time, I almost thought you were gay.”

“Alright fine” I take in the last little bit of my drink as I stand. “Let me show you guys how it’s done.”

I start walking that way pulling out my wallet grabbing some money out. I can hear my friends laughing behind me. They think I am going to completely fail or end up pissing one of the guys off around her.

When I get up to the bar I lean in between her and another guy placing some money in her hand. “My friends and I would like another round of beers over at the pool table over there.” I motion back to my table as I say that.

Then I just turn around and begin walking back. She looks at the money then at me obviously offended by me thinking she is a waitress.

She stands up from her stool, “Hey!” I just ignore her and keep walking. She begins walking in my direction. “Hey, asshole!” At this time I turn looking back at her. She walks up to me grabbing my hand and slapping the money back in my palm. “I am not the waitress asshole.”

I smile, “I know”

She looks at me slightly confused now, “Then why did-”

I look past her to her friends and the guys looking in this direction now.

“How else would I have got you away from those guys over there?” She glances in that direction then back to me with a chuckle. I smile holding out my hand to her “I’m Fabien by the way”

“Sara,” She says with a smile shaking my hand.

I hold up the money, “Can I buy you a drink?”


After that, things advance with us very rapidly. She is so much fun to talk too and probably cusses even more than I do. I can almost see why it bothered Ariya so much.

I end up getting her phone number and I even convince her to come back to my apartment with me. We never made it back to the apartment and ended up pulling off somewhere and having sex in her car.

The next day I end up driving her back to her apartment and that’s how the start of our relationship began. Not but maybe three days later, I was at work discussing some stuff with my boss. Then there is a knock on his office door and someone starts to enter.

That’s when I hear a very familiar voice “Hey daddy I was wondering if-” She stops in mid-sentence as our eyes lock on each other. My boss's daughter is Sara. She smiles, “Hello Fabien”

My boss looks at us both in confusion. “You two know each other?”

A bit of nervousness comes over me wondering how he is going to react to me dating his daughter. Hopefully, he won't fire me. Actually, he wasn’t as opposed to it as I thought he would be. What’s amusing is he actually thought I would be a good influence on her. She usually dated scumbags and said she had horrible taste in men.

Our relationship just quickly blossomed after that. She still loved going to the clubs and dragged me with her when she could. Many times I had to step in as the boyfriend; scaring away any guys who approached her or tried flirting with her. We were both pretty much alike. We both liked to go out and have fun and were both big flirts. We never really got jealous of each other because we knew at the end of the day we would be going home together.

The next three months go by Ariya stopped talking to me altogether. I figured it was because I couldn’t respond back to her. Every now and then I will hear something about some worry she has. But I could feel from her emotions she is becoming a bit happier.

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