Unbreakable Premonition

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The Dance of Fate

The next couple of days just fly by, and it's the night of the dance. I get dressed in the best clothes I can find and head to the dance hall. When I get there I sign in as Frank then I am given a mask. When I put it on my appearance shifts again.

Now, I have blonde hair and light brown eyes. I have a light golden tan, and I’m slightly taller.

When I walk in I see people are walking around trying to find their friends. It’s kind of a fun game to them. There are some people already on the dance floor dancing to the fast tempo music.

Then some female walks up to me, “Jeremy is that you?”

I shake my head, “No sorry” She sighs and walks off.

I actually think people are having more fun trying to find their friends than actually dancing. I decide to hang out by the punch bowl just watching everyone.

As I am sitting there another female walks up to me, “Michael is that you?”

Curiosity gets to me as I ask, "Ariya?”

She sighs in relief, “Oh thank god I found you.” Then leans in and gives me a quick kiss on the lips.

I lose my train of thought, caught off guard by her kiss. Also it’s amazing how comfortable she is now, she can actually kiss him, or me.

“Uh, I am not Michael.” I finally say,

She backs up, look at me curiously, “Oh, I am sorry who are you?”


She gets a sickened look on her face. “Frank; the new creepy guy Frank?”

I chuckle, “How am I creepy?”

She covers her mouth realizing who she kissed, “Oh god, now I feel sick.”

She hurries off and I just chuckle to myself. I continue to watch her asking different people who they are. I guess she eventually finds him, because she takes him out to the dance floor and hugs onto him. I feel so proud of her that she can handle the touching more. I can feel a slight discomfort still coming from her, when he pulls her in close.

After a bit they have a break and Daniel comes up giving a short end of the year speech. Then he says they are going to have a fun dancing game for everyone. He has all the guys line up on one side of the dance floor and the females on the other. I wasn’t going to go at first but someone ends up dragging me out there. They probably think I am a friend of theirs.

When the game starts we will be dancing with the person directly across from us. After each song the guys will switch spots with the person to the left. Then begin dancing with the next female in front of them. This will continue on till a slow song finally comes on. After the slow song finally ends our disguises will drop revealing who our partners are. He says this is called the dance of fate. Whoever we end up with is supposed to be our fated lover.

There is a lot of mixed emotions about this game, especially from the people who are already dating someone. But we all go along with it lining up across from each other. The dancing starts and its actually not that bad. I’ve gotten a bit better at dancing since my recent girlfriend loved to go dancing. After about five songs you can see the fatigue hitting most of the people, especially the non-guardians.

Then the seventh song ends, and I move in front of Ariya. Of course she remembers this new appearance as she scoffs and looks away with disgust.

“Oh god really. Shoot me if the slow song starts.” She says,

I grin, “You got a deal”

She glares at me, then the slow song starts and I cant help but laugh. I make a gun motion with my hand and say “Bang”

She rolls her eyes and turns away from me “This game is stupid”

I hear different reactions from around the room. Some are surprised and some are upset like she is. We just stand there the whole time, while she stayed faced away from me waiting for the song to end.

After a few seconds she turns looking at me curiously, “If you are a serf, why are you participating in this dance? Its only for students?”

I grin, “Let's just say I am special.”

She scoffs rolling her eyes, “You are something but it isn’t special.”

I laugh remembering her saying that to me before. She turns towards me getting more irritated by me.“What’s so funny?”

I shake my head grinning, “Nothing, you just haven’t changed”

She walks closer glaring at me, “Okay who are you?”

“I am Frank,” I say as I look away towards the stage. I see Daniel looking at us with a smile.

Did he rig this dance so we would end up together?

She growls looking away again. Eventually the song ends. She then turns around removing the mask ready to walk off. Then her look changes as I take off my mask. Her eyes widen as her mouth opens in shock.

“Fabien?” She says and my eyes widen.

I touch my face, then look at the necklace. She steps forward as she reaches up touching the side of my face “Is that really you?”

I take hold of her hand pulling it away, “Yeah it’s me”

She lunges forward hugging on to me as my only reaction was to hug her back. I smile, “I guess you missed me”

She steps back looking at me with narrowed eyes, “Why were you disguised as creepy guy Frank?”

I chuckle, “Again, I still don’t see how I was creepy.”

“And why didn’t you say anything when I talked to you?”

“I-” I begin to say,

Then her gaze shifts past me and her mouth opens. Her face slowly contorts to anger. I start to feel a bit of anger and jealousy come from her. I turn to see what she is looking at. Then I see Michael holding hands with some other girl smiling and laughing. Ariya growls and takes off that direction. Michael notices her and as she gets close he quickly lets go of the girls hands.

He moves up to Ariya and leans down to kiss her. Ariya’s head turns making his kiss only hit her cheek. Ariya glares to them both and I can see the look of nervousness on this girls face.

“What’s going on here?”Ariya asks,

Michael chuckles nervously and rubs the back of his neck. “Oh the song stopped on us and we thought it was funny so we were just talking.”

Ariya glares at him, “What’s so funny about it?”

The girl steps forward, "Ariya, all we were doing was talking.”

Ariya glares at her in contempt, “I wasn’t talking to you.” She grabs Michael’s hand “And don’t ever touch my boyfriend again. You lost your chance.”

"Ariya babe-” he starts to say before she begins dragging him away.

“We need to talk.”

I smirk as I watch them leave. Then someone covers my eyes from behind and I feel breasts pressed against my back. Then obviously Elizabeth’s voice says,“Guess who?”

“Ronald?” I say,

She gasps pushing the back of my head, "Jerk"

I laugh and turn to see her. She looks amazing in a strapless dark blue dress embroidered with diamond like gems. I look her over in awe “Wow, you look, amazing.”

She smiles and steps back, “Thanks you are looking good too. You even got yourself a nice tan. How long have you been back?”

“A couple of days, but I am not staying.”

Her smile turns to a slight pout, “Really, why not?”

“I’m only here to watch the tournament then I am going back to my new life and apartment"

Then Melissa walks up holding Markus’s hand, “Oh no, are you back again?” She says with a bit of detest still in her voice.

I just ignore her and point at their hands as I smile to Markus, “When did this happen?”

He smiles looking at Melissa, “A couple of months ago. She just kept showing up with Ariya when she came to visit Michael, and we kind of hit it off.”

Elizabeth begins looking around, “Speaking of which, where is Ariya?”

I look the direction Ariya dragged Michael off too. “I can still feel her anger, so I think she is fighting with her man. She saw him holding another girl’s hand.”

“What girl?” Markus asks,

I begin looking around the room for this girl and eventually find her then point. “Her”

They all turn to look and Markus sucks in air through his teeth. “Oh, yeah that isn’t good.”

I look that him, “Why, who is she?”

“That’s Michael’s ex he was madly in love with. Her family forced them to break up saying he wasn’t good enough for her.” He says,

I look back over at her. She notices me looking at her and quickly looks away. “Oh wow, now I can see why she was a little upset.”

We continue talking about why I am back; and them trying to convince me to join the tournament. Eventually Ariya and Michael make their way back holding hands.

“Is everything okay now?” I ask,

They look at each other and I can still sense a bit of awkwardness between them. But they smile at each other.

“Yeah, we are fine.” She says,

We finish out the dance. Melissa invites us all back to their dorm to hang out and play some games. I decide to head back to my room to shower and change clothes. While I am in the shower I hear a knock at my door. I turn off the shower and listen making sure I heard a knock. Then there’s another. I quickly dry off and throwing a towel around me hearing a louder knock.

“Hold on, I am coming.” I shout,

When I open the door I see Jason standing there with my recent ex girlfriend Sara. I give her a displeased look, “What are you doing here?”

“I was hoping we could talk?” She says as she steps towards me.

I place my hand on her shoulder stopping her. “I don’t have anything to say to you.” I look at Jason “Show her where the exit is”

I turn to close the door and she steps forward grabbing my other hand, “Please Fabien, I love you. I know I messed up bad, please listen.”

My eyes close and I let out a deep sigh. “Fine, you have until I get done changing.”

She steps in as I glare to Jason as he smiles walking away. We head to my room and she looks around not impressed with how small this place is. “So this is where you used to live?”

I slide on some boxers as I turn to her. “I don’t think you came to talk about my old life.”

She sits on my bed looking at me with remorse. “Fabien, I really miss you. I know I screwed up.”

“Yeah you did, and with Chris? That guy is a moron and a pot head. I knew I didn’t trust that guy.”

“I don’t know why I did it, I promise it will never happen again?” She pleads,

“Was that the only time you cheated on me with him?” I ask as I step closer.

She scoffs and rolls her eyes looking away, “Of course, I can’t believe you would ask that?” I look at her skeptically not sure if I believe her “You weren’t completely honest with me. You never told me you were a guardian.”

I laugh at the audacity of her comparing my omission to her cheating on me. “Oh me not telling you that, doesn’t even compare to you cheating on me.”

She starts to stand and I back away from her to keep her from touching me. “Please Fabien, give me another chance?”

Then I start thinking about how much her dad liked me. He even talked about making me a foreman over one of his crews. I look at her skeptically.

“Henry put you up to this, didn’t he? Your dad really-” Suddenly there is another knock at my front door and I yell, “Come in!” I look back at Sara “I just don’t know if I can trust you. I mean, I was only gone one day; and you were already screwing him behind my back. Now you say you love me?”

Her eyes begin tearing up, “I do please belie-”

Now there is a knock on my bedroom door as Elizabeth peeks in, “Fabien are you ready?” She sees Sara and stops, “Oh sorry, I didn’t know-”

Sara looks to me with an accusing look and points at Elizabeth, “Who is this bitch?”

I glare at her, “None of your business and don’t call her that.”

Elizabeth hesitates then points behind her. “Should I come back later?”

Sara starts walking over to her trying to act tough “I’m Fabien’s girlfriend Sara, who are you?”

Elizabeth looks to her obviously not intimidated and before she can say anything I say, “Ex girlfriend you mean.”

Sara looks back at me, “You’re breaking up with me?”

“I figured our relationship was over once you stuck Chris’s dick inside of you.” I say,

Elizabeth looks back at me in shock, “Yeah, I think I should go.”

I look over at Elizabeth, “No you stay, she is leaving.”

Sara looks to me in disbelief, “Fuck you Fabien”

I glare back at her, “Not after you slept with Chris. You probably caught something.”

Sara begins crying as she quickly runs out slamming my door behind her. I close my eyes and rub my hand over my face in frustration.

Elizabeth hesitantly walks over to me, “Wow, I am afraid to ask what happened between you two.”

I take in a deep breath and look at her, “It’s probably better that way.”

“Are you okay?”

“I will be fine,” I say. Then I walk over and begin looking through my drawers for something to wear.

Suddenly I hear my front door open again. Sara shouts through the dorm as she makes her way back to my room,“You know what Fabien, I will make sure my-”

I turn looking at my bedroom door for her to enter. As she opens my door Elizabeth grabs me pulling me to her and kisses me. My breathing stopped as Elizabeth’s grip tightens on my hand. Sara opens the door the rest of the way and is rendered speechless.

Elizabeth slowly pulls away and looks to Sara with a smile, “Just give up, he is so over you now.”

I almost pray Sara isn’t stupid enough to hit Elizabeth, and luckily she doesn’t. “Fuck you both, and you are out of a job now Fabien! Oh and that wasn’t the first time I fucked Chris behind your back!” Sara shouts as she leaves.

She storms off and I hear my front door slam shut again. Elizabeth turns back to me with a grin and I am still kind of in a daze from the kiss. She chuckles and lightly smacks my face to get my attention,

“Fabien, wake up” I look at her as she asks “Are you okay?” She says,

I shake my head, pulling myself back to reality. “Yeah, um, thanks”

She chuckles, “Are you thanking me for kissing you, or for getting rid of your ex?”

I smile, “Both actually”

“Well, I’ve been wanting to kiss you for a while. This just seemed like the perfect opportunity.”

I chuckle,“Yeah I guess”

She takes my hand, “So are you ready to go?”


We head over to their dorm. As we are walking over there, she is holding my hand the entire time. I can hear different whispers about me. Some are wondering if we are together and then there are the ones shocked to see me back at the school. Most of the whispers aren’t very good talking about how I put that kid in the hospital.

I guess Elizabeth could sense something was bothering me, “Are you still thinking about what happened with your ex?”

I look over at her. “Oh no I am fine, I am just a little spaced out at the moment.”

She smiles, “Still thinking about that kiss?”

I chuckle, “It will be a while before I stop thinking about that kiss.”

We get to her room at this time and enter. Almost everyone already there, sitting around laughing and talking. They have some music playing in the background and I see someone also brought some alcohol. Ariya should be eighteen now, so she is old enough to drink.

We sit down and immediately get included into their conversations. Ariya is leaned against Michael on the couch with his arm around her. I end up sitting on the ground. I don’t know when it happened, but sometime during the night Elizabeth ended up sitting in front of me leaning back against my chest with my arms around her.

We end up playing different games, even a singing one which was pretty embarrassing. I have a horrible singing voice, but Markus has a surprisingly decent one. They play a trivia game which again me and Markus seem to dominate. They all thought because I was a serf I wouldn’t know that much.

Then they wanted to play a couples game. But only four out of the eight people were actually in a relationship. Elizabeth said we could pretend to be a couple, which I was really considering before they changed their mind. We decided to play truth or dare. They had everyone write down a couple of dares on a piece of paper. Then they would fold them up and place them in a large bowl for people to pick out of. No one was allowed to write down anything too crazy or sexual. Traci ended up starting it out. She closes her eyes and reaches in the bowl and pulls one out.

She reads it then gets a repulsed look ”Ew this one is gross.”

Elizabeth chuckles, “What’s it say?”

“I must take the socks off everyone in the room and shove them in my pants. I have thirty seconds to complete it”

Everyone looks around trying to figure out who wrote that weird dare. Everyone removes their shoes and surprisingly everyone’s socks were pretty clean. Still repulsed by having to touch everyone’s feet she tries and quickly fails. When she fails she has to quickly drinks a whole plastic glass of alcohol.

Now it's Ronald’s turn and he pulls out a paper. “Nice, it's a truth one. It says, have I ever used my magic for my own personal gain and how?”

He laughs, “Oh yeah a few times, I actually got my food for free when I forgot my lunch card.”

People chuckle at that and a couple more people go by. Now it’s Michael’s turn and he pulls out one. "Truth. Have I ever thought about kissing someone else in the room, if so who?”

Most of us look around the room at who we might want to kiss. Elizabeth leans back whispering, “I’m thinking of kissing someone right now”

I smile then I notice Ariya is glaring at Michael as he refuses to saying anything grabbing his cup drinking it.

“Who is it?” She asks,

People chuckle at them as he looks to me for any support. I laugh,“Just keep your mouth shut on this one, because she will know if your lying”

He just looks to Ariya and smiles trying to kiss her. She turns her head refusing the kiss then leans forward taking a piece of paper out of the bowl.

She looks at it then tosses it to the side. “We just had that one”

Markus picks it up handing it back, “So what, you can get the same question.”

She glares at him taking it back saying, “Fine, its the kissing one again. Dummy, must have put it back in."

He holds up his paper, “No I didn’t, it’s right here.

“Well I guess someone wrote the same question. So what’s your answer Ariya?” Elizabeth asks with a smile.

Ariya glances to me then looks away. “No there isn’t anyone here I want to kiss.”

Ronald leans forward, “Why don’t I believe you. Are you lying?”

We all figure he used his magic on her as she immediately says “Yes” then covers her mouth in shock. Everyone chuckles as her face turns red.

Michael now looks at her with an accusing look, “Who is it?”

She takes a page from his book and grabs her cup quickly drinking the alcohol in it. Everyone boos her for not being any fun.

Now it’s Elizabeth’s turn and she pulls out a paper reading it. “Apparently this is for everyone. Everyone must be blindfolded and spin in a circle for ten seconds then find the first member of the opposite sex and kiss them for thirty seconds.”

Traci looks around to all of us, “Can I just drink?”

Ronald smiles, “Don’t be scared, it sounds like fun.”

“You are probably the one who wrote it.” Melissa says,

He looks around with an obviously guilty look. “What, no it wasn’t me.”

Ariya coughs out the word, “liar” and everyone laughs. Elizabeth looks to me smiling. “I’m not scared I will do it.”

We all eventually give in and we all spread out. I can tell everyone is trying to remember where the person is they really want to kiss. We all blindfold ourselves then begin spinning. We all end up very dizzy from all the spinning mixed with the alcohol.

We begin wandering around the place bumping into different things and each other. The first person I bump into is obviously a guy and we move past each other. Then I find a female and we cant talk, so we try feeling each other trying to figure out who it is.

Her hands slide up to my face and hesitate. Then after a second we both lean in. My lips hit her nose at first and she chuckles then readjusts. Her lips hesitantly touch mine as we just continue holding the kiss.

Then she surprises me as she takes it further as her lips part and her tongue brush over my lips. I go with it as my mouth slightly opens as our tongues find each other. Her kiss had the sweetness of the ice cream and the alcohol she has been drinking. Her hands slide up my back as she holds on to me tighter.

Then Michael says,“Time to remove the blindfolds”

I remove my blindfold first seeing myself standing in front of Traci. When she removes hers, her eyes widen as she sees me. Her face has a slight flush to it, “Oh god, it had to be you.” She says,

I chuckle wiping my lips with my thumb,“You’re not a bad kisser”

She smiles walking away to talk to Melissa. We all take our spots again and Elizabeth grins to me wiping the excess lip gloss off my lips. “Who’s was better?” She asks,

I grin and shrug, “Not sure, ours didn’t last nearly long enough.”

“We might have to remedy that then.”

I chuckle as she takes her spot again pulling my arms around her. I just look at her wishing this could actually happen, but our social status is too far apart.

Then Ronald looks to me and pushes on my arm. “Fabien, it’s your turn to draw.”

I pat Elizabeth on the side for her to move and she leans forward grabbing one for me.

She looks at it and smiles, “Oh, I would like to know this too.”

I grin taking it from her and reading it outloud, “It says, if you have had sex where was the craziest place you had sex?” I begin looking at it thinking of the different places I’ve had sex. “I thought we weren’t writing down anything that had to do with sex?”

“Just say you haven’t, and get it over with.” Melissa says with a grin.

I look at her saying, “Probably on the roof of my ex-girlfriend’s parent’s house”

The guys laugh as they all look at Ariya to see if I was lying. She hesitates, “Well he isn’t lying. What if someone saw you?”

“And that sounds uncomfortable,” Elizabeth adds,

I chuckle, “Well we had blankets, and it was at night. Her roof isn’t very steep either. Also we didn’t really care if people saw us. It was just the thrill of maybe accidentally being seen.”

Traci scoffs, “Wow, you are a pervert.”

This breaks into a lot of questions about my sex life and I quickly realize all of them are virgins. They go on to tell me that because of how their families work. They aren’t allowed to be with anyone like that before marriage.

I find it pretty awesome, that even after all those parties, Markus never slept with any of those girls. Markus then says Mikey slept with his illusionary girl Akane. We all laugh. Then that’s when I find out that Mikey dropped out of the school not long after I left.

We do a couple more rounds of truth or dare then decide to watch a movie. They pick some horror movie to watch. It ends up getting pretty late. The dorm master eventually shows up and makes all the guys return to their own dorm rooms. As I am walking back to my room it begins to pour down raining. I quickly make my way inside then shower and go to bed.

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