Unbreakable Premonition

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Horrible Truth

The next day I am over at the girl’s dorm room. Ariya isn’t there she had something important to talk to Michael about. Elizabeth was in her room most of the time talking to her family about the arranged marriage. So that left me to talk to Melissa and Markus.

A couple of hours go by and a serf shows up to get me. He says Daniel would like to speak with me in his office.

Just as I stand up to leave, a vision hits me of something happening to Ariya. I am looking through her eyes again. This time I’m seeing Tyson attacking Michael and beating him up pretty bad. Michael is on the ground trying to cover himself. Tyson is crouched over him holding his shirt punching him repeatedly in the face.

Ariya is screaming and crying at Tyson begging him to stop. She runs up and tries punching Tyson in the face which doesn’t phase him at all. Then she kicks him in the groin to get his attention. He growls as he takes a swing at her. She barely ducks under it punching him again in the groin. He roars in anger then grabs her by the throat lifting her in the air then slamming her hard into a tree.

At this time I flash back to my body catching myself on the door frame. Everyone looks at me with concern. Without saying anything, I just bolt out the door. As I am running I am trying to remember the surroundings to figure out where they were. Eventually, I realize its by the park.

I sprint as fast as I can over to them. Then I see Tyson walking towards me wiping off his hands grinning about what he just did. He looks up seeing me running at him. He crouches down with a smile preparing for me. As I get close he swings and I baseball slide between his legs. I quickly stand as he spins towards me. I try kicking him and he catches my leg then punches me in the chest. I manage to barely shield myself before it connects. But the force of his hit sends me flying backwards.

I tumble across the ground then stand. I glare at him clenching my fists. “I’m going to fucking kill you!” I shout,

He roars out and charges at me like a bull seeing red. Once he gets close I leap over him rolling across his back. While doing that I grab him by his head spinning around putting him in a rear chokehold.

He tries reaching back grasping at my shirt and head. I pull back even further causing more pressure on his neck. He begins to stand straight up to lift me off the ground. I leap up kicking both my feet into the back of his knees.

I hear an audible snap coming from one of his legs as he falls backwards on top of me. He roars in pain as my grip tightens even more around his neck. My legs wrap around his waist as I continue to hold on. Now, he is gasping and choking trying to get any air he can. Eventually, he stops fighting and goes limp.

I push his unconscious body off of me and rush over to Ariya. She is unconscious and bleeding from be back of her head. Still angry and still not thinking straight, I pick her up in my arms ignoring Michael’s unconscious body. I carry her straight to Daniel’s office, and not to the nurse. I burst in almost knocking the door from its hinges.

“This is what Wayne and Tyson do at your school!” I shout.

Then I quickly notice Daniel is in a meeting with Minerva, Wayne, and some very nicely dressed older gentleman. Daniel sees Ariya’s limp body in my arms. Daniel and Minerva rush over to check on her.

Wayne stands looking at us in shock, “I did nothing, I have been here.”

I look at him with fury in my eyes, “You got Tyson to do this to her, you fucking piece of shit!”

The older guy gasps as he stands, “How dare you accuse my son of something like that! Who are you?”

I step towards Wayne ready to hurt him, still holding Ariya in my arms. Daniel stops me pushing me back.

“Fabien calm down!” Minerva says,

I’m so angry tears have started to fill my eyes as I look at her, “You want me to calm down. First him and Tyson rape her, now this. I am done being calm.”

"Wayne did what?" Daniel immediately turns to face Wayne as the room temperature seems to immediately drop twenty degrees. The lights in the room begin to flicker and dim. Its almost like something from a horror movie. I can almost feel the fear from everyone, even Minerva.

Daniel walks up to Wayne “You did what to her?”

Wayne backs up in fear stepping behind his father as he stutters,“H-he is lying, she made it up to hurt me.”

I step forward again yelling,“I am going to k-!”

Minerva shouts with a magically enhanced voice echoing through the room,STOP, NOW!”

We all turn her attention to her as a wave of calmness shoots through the room.

She walks up placing her hand on my shoulder saying in a stern but low voice, “Fabien, take Ms. Ariya to the nurse, I will handle this.”

“But I-”

“Now go.” She cuts me off as she stares into my eyes.

Wayne’s father begins to say something as Minerva looks to him speaking with nothing but authority, “You, sit back down, and shut up.” He just falls back into his seat not saying anything. She looks back to me, “Fabien please”

I glare to Wayne one last time with a sneer of contempt before leaving. When I get to the nurse's office the golem announces us. We walk in and see her working on Michael. I am guessing someone brought him here.

She looks up to me seeing me carrying Ariya “Fabien I guess the violence never stops following you does it? Just set her on that bed.”

I walk over to one of the empty beds “It’s this damn school” I gently lie her on the bed brushing and picking the matted hair out of her face. I quietly say to her even though she is still passed out."Damn it, why didn’t you call me to you?”

I lean down kissing her forehead. Then I stand up thinking they might need me to go tell them what happened. As I turn to walk away Ariya grabs my hand. I turn seeing her with tear filled battered eyes.

(Please don’t leave me again.) She mentally says,

I sit back down gently wiping the tears off her cheek. The nurse looks at us giving us a slight smile. Ariya then asks in a weak voice, “How’s Michael?”

I look over at him and the nurse, “Don’t worry, the nurse is working on him. He will be okay.”

“He still loves her.” She says as another tear rolls down her cheek.

“What?” I ask unsure what she means.

“His ex, Michael still loves her. We were arguing about her when Tyson attacked him.” She says then groans in pain.

“Don’t worry I took care of Tyson. Why didn’t you call me to you?” I ask,

“I know you have given up fighting, and I didn’t want you to get hurt too.”

“Damn it Ariya, I-”

She begins crying again,“I am so sorry”

I sigh and hug on to her, “It’s okay. I told your brother everything, everything Wayne and Tyson did to you.”

I feel the fear hit her as she tries to sit up, “I need to go there”

I put my hand on her chest to keep her from getting up. "Ariya, your head is bleeding and you probably have a concussion.”

“Daniel needs me there,” she says trying to sit up again.

“Daniel will be fine, he would want you to get healed first.”

She lays back down with a deep groan. The nurse finally makes it over to us. The nurse begins healing Ariya’s head first and looks to me “Did I hear you fought with Tyson?”

I nod, “Yeah he was knocked out when I left him.”

“Why isn’t he here?”

I shrug, “I don’t know and really don’t care.”

She finishes healing Ariya and we stand. Ariya quickly runs off to see her brother as I follow her. While we are making our way over there. We see Tyson being escorted away by the police. Then we see Wayne and his father walking away as well. His father is yelling and scolding Wayne for what he did. Ariya stops and stares at them a second contemplating something.

I stop, placing my hand on her shoulder, “What is it?”

She doesn’t even answer me she just takes off running towards them. I can feel her anger rising as she gets closer. I quickly follow after her hoping she doesn’t do anything stupid. They both see her running that direction and I see Wayne look at his father unsure what to do.

His father pushes him forward saying, “Handle it”

She gets up to him as Wayne steps forward with an apologetic look, ”Ariya I-”

He doesn’t get to finish as she punches him straight in the face. Wayne stumbles back bringing his hands up covering his face. I totally expected his father to say something or step in stopping her. But his father surprises me as he steps back allowing Ariya to continue. She begins cussing Wayne as she grabs a handful of his hair pulling his head down and commences to punch him over and over.

I start to step forward to stop her and the father raises his hand to me stopping me. “No let her go, he deserves this.”

Wayne tries to grab or fight her off but she was relentless in her attacks. At one point she grabbed two handfuls of his hair then tossed him to the side. Just as she was going to lunge on top of him his hands light on fire.

She hesitates and Wayne’s father yells, “Boy, you better not use your magic against her. You deserve everything she is giving you.”

The fires fade and I smirk looking at the father thinking he might not be as bad of a guy as I thought. She jumps on Wayne again beating him some more till the father finally looks at me saying, “Okay, I think that is enough.”

I step up grabbing Ariya from behind. "Ariya that’s enough.” She pulls away from me one more time kicking Wayne hard in the groin with a yell. I grab her again pulling her to me hugging her, “Okay okay, you got him”

She hugs on to me tightly breathing hard as I feel her crying again. I look at Wayne seeing his nose and lips are bleeding. His face is red and already starting to bruise. His father helps him up.

I look at his father “Thank you for not interfering”

“I hope it helps, and Lady Ariya, I am sorry for the actions of my son. No one deserves to go through what you did.”

The father drags Wayne away. I look atAriya wiping the tears from her eyes with my thumbs. Shh, calm down. It’s okay now." She is still breathing heavily with all the adrenalin still flowing through her. She closes her eyes taking in deep breaths still trying to calm down “Are you okay?” I ask,

"Oooh, I wanted to kill him so bad. You just don’t understand” she says

“Well, you certainly did a number on him. Remind me to never piss you off.”

She chuckles wiping her face, “Yeah I kind of just lost it. But it felt so good, I just wanted to hurt him as bad as he hurt me and more.”

“Well I am proud of you for standing up to him like that. You are a lot stronger now.” I say,

She looks to me with a smile, “Can we go see my brother now?”


We end up leaving again heading to see Daniel. When we get to the office and run in, only Minerva and Daniel are sitting inside.

Daniel hurries over hugs Ariya. Then we begin talking about what happened with Ariya. Daniel asks her if I should leave thinking she might not want me there while she talks. She shakes her head and says she wants me to stay.

It makes Ariya break down some more as she talks about everything they did. Daniel was disappointed that I never told him, but Ariya says she told me not too.

Daniel tells us Wayne and Tyson will be forcibly unbonded. Tyson is being sent to prison. But Wayne’s father will probably get Wayne off for everything he did. Wayne will also be going to a different school now. The last thing he says, with everything that happened, our tournament will be cancelled till next year.

I do eventually get asked to leave while Daniel and Ariya talk privately. Minerva follows me out and as we are walking. "Ariya was lucky you were there, imagine what could have happened if you weren’t”

“I just wish she would have called me too her.”

“So are you going to leave now since the tournament is canceled?” She asks,

I look over at her unsure what I really want now. “I just want to make sure everything is okay with her first. But I still think it is best for me to leave.”

She smiles, “You do realize the main reason for you leaving is transferring schools.”

I shake my head, “He isn’t the only reason. I don’t really want to be a guardian, I just want a normal life without all this violence.”

“Aren’t you going to miss everyone and the school?”

“Of course I will. You all were pretty much the only family I ever had. I am just tired of people getting hurt because of me.” I say,

“Can’t you just continue to work here and be close to all your friends? You can still have the normal life you want.”

“Nothing at this school is normal”

She chuckles lightly, “You are right, but please think about it. We would really like it if you would stay.”

“Okay I will, think about it I mean.”

We part ways and I head back to my room passing out on my bed.

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