Unbreakable Premonition

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Sometimes I hate my job

Now, I usually arrive at the school at about eight, but since it’s the first day we all must show up an hour earlier. All the serfs have to be there to welcome the new students and show them where to go for the Welcoming Ceremony. After the Welcoming Ceremony, the students go to the cafeteria to eat, then begin their classes. There are some serfs who are elected to show the students to their classes and answer any questions they have. Then there are some who just merely clean up after them, which is what I do, and I prefer it that way.

Normally, the first place I like to start cleaning is the cafeteria, after all the students are done eating their breakfast. Once I am done there, I like to move on to the restrooms, because at that time the students are usually all in class. But today we have to clean the auditorium after the ceremony. Even though most of the students are just sitting there listening to the headmaster speak, they still seem to make a mess.

So, after cleaning the auditorium and the cafeteria, it’s time to check the restrooms. As I begin pushing my mop band bucket in to one of the restrooms, I am assailed by the smell of cigarettes. I sigh pretty much knowing who I am going to see in there. I step further in and see three guys standing around smoking.

One of these guys is named Andrew Benson, the one I was thinking about. He is a little shorter than me, and I’ve been told he looks a little bit like me. I really don’t see it, other than our hair color is the same. He has been mistaken for a relative or brother of mine a few times. But that couldn’t happen, because if he was, I would have beat the shit out of him every day.

Andrew is a guardian in training, he is also a bully to serfs and some of the smaller students. I have been pretty good about avoiding contact with him in the past, but not today. I walk further in and they all quickly try and hide their cigarettes, like that is going to help. The smell and smoke is already tainting the whole place. When they notice it’s me, they relax and begin smoking again.

I just continue to push my bucket further in, making sure I don’t spill any of the water. “You guys can’t be smoking in here.”

Andrew gives me his cocky little smirk “What are you going to do about it, serf?”

I just look at him, trying not to fight anyone on the first day “Come on, I am not going to repeat myself to you Andrew. Just put out the cigarettes and go to your classes. I won’t say anything.”

He takes another drag of his cigarette as he walks up to me blowing it in my face. “Why don’t you make me”

I cough closing my eyes with a sigh. I knew it was going to come down to this. As much as I hate Andrew, there is one thing about him that earns a little respect from me. He doesn’t shy away from a fight.

I stare back at him unafraid “Come on, don’t make me embarrass you in front of your groupies”

They all laugh, and he looks back at his friends laughing as well, “The janitor thinks he is tough.” He looks back at me “Now, you might have all the other weak ass guardians here scared of you. You know what-” He takes another drag of his cigarette then blows it in my face as he says, “I dar-”

Before he can finish his sentence, I smack him in the head with the handle of the mop without pulling it from the water. He stumbles backwards holding his forehead. His friends move to his side to check on him.

“Maybe next time you will listen. Andrew now jus-”

“You’re dead, serf.” He says as he glares back at me.

I don’t get to finish, as his friends decide to rush me, with him following shortly behind them. If this was a one-on-one fight, they wouldn’t stand a chance, but there are three of them, so the odds are already against me. One guy swings wildly at me as I sidestep it and retaliate with a jab to his eye.

The other guy connects with his blow, hitting me in the side of the head knocking me against the wall. Then I notice Andrew’s punch coming straight for my face and I quickly lean to the side. His fist barely misses me and smashes against the wall. He yells and holds his hand in pain, and I right hook him in the nose. Then his friend punches me in the ribs, while the other friend again hitting me in the lip. That’s when their assault really begins. I hunch over covering myself as they continue their assault on me. Apparently, a teacher heard the commotion going on and runs in at this time breaking us up.

Andrew and them of course lie saying I attacked them out of nowhere, and of course the teacher believes them. Even if he didn’t believe them, he would never take the side of a serf over a student. He drags us all down to the Headmaster’s office and makes us wait outside while he explains what he saw. Now, I am usually here quite a bit for stuff like this but, it’s usually not me that starts it. I pretty much know how to push these kids’ buttons to make them attack me first. Plus, they think since they are getting combat training, they can fight whoever they want.

Eventually, we get escorted in and sit in front of the headmaster, and I noticed he changed a bit since last year. His normally shoulder-length sandy blonde hair is cut much shorter almost to the point it’s buzzed off. He used to wear glasses, but I guess he decided to invest in contacts to show off his blue eyes more. He is the youngest headmaster of all the schools, at just a young age of twenty-six. Almost every female here seems to have had a crush on him.

He glares at me, “Fighting again Fabien? The school year has just started, what am I going to do with you?”

I rub my jaw and can still taste the blood from my lip in my mouth “They started it.”

Andrew leans forward trying to look innocent. “No sir, we just came into the restroom and saw him smoking.”

One of his other friends wastes no time and takes over “We told him he couldn’t smoke in there, and he just attacked us.”

I just look down at the floor shaking my head chuckling silently to myself. The Headmaster just nods his head in approval of their story. He then looks back to me “Is that what happened?”

“Are you really going to believe this serf over us?” Andrew asks,

The Headmaster looks back to him “I have to hear every side of the story. And after I get his side, I will bring in someone to tell me which one of you are lying. Now, before I do, do any of you want to change your story?”

They all looked at each other nervously as I look at them with a smirk. One of the friends can’t take the pressure and gives in, “Sorry Headmaster Arina, it was us smoking. It won’t happen again.” The others Look at him in disbelief as he looks to them, “What, he was going to find out anyways.”

The Headmaster sighs, “Well for fighting you are all going to get a week’s worth detention and Saturday as well.”

They all kook at each other in disbelief and Andrew motions to me “What about him he was fighting too?”

“Let me handle Fabien’s punishment.” Daniel then looks at me “He knows better than to fight on school grounds. Why don’t you all go to the nurse to get checked out, while I talk to Fabien.”

They all stand as Andrew glares to me, while I just ignore him still looking at the floor. When they leave, the Headmaster looks back to me with a stern look.

I look up at him licking my hurt lip “So, Daniel, what’s my punishment this time? No pay for a week or I have to clean the stadium?”

His stares at me sternly then his face slowly turns to a smile, “No, your punishment today is you have to eat breakfast with me.”

I chuckle shaking my head, “Yeah, you’re an ass”

He chuckles and then orders us some food to be delivered to us. Daniel is actually a really cool guy, and he sympathizes with us serfs. I think he allows me to get away with some of the fights I get into is because I quickly humble most of the arrogant guardians thinking they can fight whoever. Or he likes to see how well they are getting trained; I’m really not sure.

I have known him since he was a student going through his Noble training here. I usually come see him two or three times a week for stuff like this, or just to sit and talk. He will tell me funny stuff that happens around the school and all the issues he has to deal with. I will tell him about all the stuff going on in my life, or any rumors I have heard around the school.

We sit and talk till the next bell rings and I thank him for the food then head back to work. I leave closing the door behind me. Just as I am about to walk out to the hall, I bump into someone spilling their drink on their shoes. I look and notice it’s Ariya again. The spoiled rotten little terror.

She is almost a foot shorter than me with long golden blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She has one of those petite dancer’s figure. She used to show it off more with slightly revealing clothes. Now she seems to dress more conservatively in loose pants, long sleeve baggy shirts, and jackets. Along with her new clothing style came an even more bitchy attitude. Other than when she is with her friends, she just seems mad at the world. I might actually find her attractive, if I didn’t hate her so much.

She gasps from spilling her drink on her shoes and glares up to me “Ugh, it’s you again. Watch where you are going you idiot!”

I just ignore her, trying not to get into another fight and walk past her. She grabs me by the collar of my work uniform and jerks me back. I turn and glare at her.

“Where do you think you are going? Clean off my shoes.” She commands as she scowls at me.

I glance down to her shoes then back up to her, “Hell no, clean them yourself.”

I turn to walk off again, and she quickly removes her shoes then throws them at me hitting me in the back of my head. “Clean my shoes now, serf!” She shouts louder now.

I growl rubbing the back of my head. I look out into the hall noticing people looking at us from the hallway with mixed expressions. I turn picking up her shoes walking over to her. Then I lean in really close to her. She tries not to look scared, just glaring back at me. I push the shoes into her chest and she grabs them as I slowly say, “Fuck...You”

She gasps and slaps me hard across my face. Then she turns storming off into Daniels office yelling at him, “I hate that damn serf! You need to fire hi-”

She slams the door behind her cutting off the rest of her rant as people from the hallway laugh. I rub my cheek with a low growl “I hate this school, ow, that kind of hurt.”

I head back to cleaning the restrooms, to finish what I started. I get almost done with them all, and I am just finishing up the last of the female bathrooms. Just as I am about to walk out when Ariya and her two bitch friends Traci and Melissa walk in.

They all look at me in disgust and Traci says, “Oh, that horrible delinquent boy is in here.”

I look at them with annoyance, “Don’t worry I am leaving. I’m done in here.”

I begin to push my pail past them, and Ariya steps in front of me blocking my path with a devious smirk. I just glare at her and she kicks my pail over spilling all the dirty water on my shoes and pants.

She giggles “Oops, I guess you aren’t quite done yet.”

They all begin laughing walking back out. I spend another twenty minutes cleaning up their mess. Finally, I get to the last boy’s restroom, and I am cleaning one of the stalls when I hear my bucket get knocked over, again. I growl and step out about to tear into whichever idiot did this.

“You mother fu-” That’s when I see Donovan.“-Oh, it’s you”

Donovan is one of the senior guardians here. He is really popular, smart, and a three-time combat champion. He stands a couple of inches taller than me with a very well-built body. He has short light brown hair and amber eyes. He is actually pretty cool, and always been nice to me. He immediately grabs some paper towels and begins trying to clean up the mess.

“I am sorry Fabien; I didn’t see that there.” He says,

“That’s fine man just do what you need to do. I will clean this up.”

He looks to me with reluctance, “Are you sure, I mean I don’t mind hel-”

I step forward with the mop cutting him off “It’s cool, I got it man.”

He smiles and throws away his paper towels “Thanks, again I am sorry.”

He does his business then leaves and I eventually finish cleaning the restrooms. A few more hours go by and I am sitting in the break room waiting to get off. Luckily those were the last of the incidents I had to deal with. Then in comes Monica, one of the older serfs. She sees me and smiles coming up to me, “Oh Fabien there you are, I’m glad I found you. Can you do a huge favor for me?”

I look at her skeptically, “Depends on what it is?”

She places both her hands together and pleads “Would you mind cleaning up Mr. Hamilton’s room for me. They are doing the bonding ritual and I need to go pick up my kid from school.”

I groan and roll my eyes looking away not really wanting to do it. Those bonding rituals get kind of messy. She gives me a pleading look.

I sigh again giving in “Fine, I will do it.”

She leans forward hugging me “Thank you so much, you are a sweetheart. I owe you one.”

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