Unbreakable Premonition

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The Unbonding

The next morning I get woke up to banging on my front door. I slowly get up out of bed and make my way to the door. When I open it I see Markus, Jason, and David standing there. They are carrying sodas, pizza, and some board games. They all push past me and enter.

I look at them with confusion, “Why are you guys here so early?”

They begin setting the food and drinks on the coffee table and getting situated. Markus walks back over and places a hand on my shoulder. “You are getting unbonded today. I hear it hurts like hell, so we are here to keep you company till then.”

Almost two hours go by, then Ashley shows up with a couple of her friends wanting to see the show. There has never been a unbonding since they worked here. We play a few games. Ashley seemed to move on and is now flirting with Jason a lot.

As we begin playing charades and I am up there acting out a scene. A wave of energy blasts outward from my body knocking over lamps and other non-heavy things. I fall to the floor screaming in pain as my body feels like it is on fire. My eyes become blinded with white light, and they feel like they are being crushed inside their sockets. A super high pitch squealing noise is going off in my ears and every muscle in my body begins to cramp up. This all happens at once.

This crazy torture seems to go on for almost ten long minutes of agony. Everyone just watches on in horror unsure what to do. At the very end it feels like an explosion goes off in my brain causing me to pass out.

I wake up sometime later lying in bed. It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to seeing again. Sitting next to me reading a magazine is Elizabeth. I try sitting up with low groan because my body is so weak. She drops the magazine and turns helping me sit up.

“Wow, so you finally woke up?” She says,

Even my voice is weak as I ask, “How long was I out?”

"Nine days. We weren’t sure if you were ever going to wake up.” She says,

“Wow, that long? It only feels like I’ve been asleep for a few hours.”

Really needing to use the restroom, I try standing up out of bed, then immediately fall to the floor.

She runs to my side, “Are you okay?”

“Wow, I am so weak. My muscles can’t even hold me up.” I say, Then I notice all I am wearing is my boxers. I look up to her “Where are my clothes?”

She smiles, “In your closet, we had to bathe you or you would start to stink.”

I give her a nervous grin, “So who bathed me?”

She laughs as she starts helping me up, “Don’t worry it was the nurse.”

I groan as I stand again using her to keep me from falling. “Did she clean everywhere?”

She chuckles, “I’m pretty sure she did”

“Great” I sarcastically say,

I begin trying to get dressed and its a struggle because its hard to even move. I look over at her with a groan of frustration. “So how long will I be like this?”

“I don’t know a day or two?”

“How is Ariya?”

She helps me as I begin to put on my pajama pants. “She is fine. She was only out a couple of hours. She spent a few days here watching over you.”

“Did she get a new guardian?” I ask,

She shakes her head, “Not yet she has tried four times and failed. You might want to avoid her she is pretty upset. They told her sometimes breaking the bond upsets the spirits and they will refuse you a new guardian.”

“I really hope that is not the case, I would feel bad.”

“She is trying again tomorrow if you want to go.” She says as she reaches over and grabs my shirt off the bed.

I take the shirt from her, “Like you said, I think I should really try to avoid her and those rituals for a while.”

She helps me put on my shirt then holds on to my waist looking in my eyes. “Did you miss me any or just Ariya?”

I grin kissing her forehead, “I didn’t miss anyone, I was unconscious”

She gives me a pouty face. “You are so unromantic.”

I chuckle, “Right now all I am is hungry and I really need to pee.”

She spends the rest of the day with me, then Jason takes over to watch over me. We talk for a while. He tells me how jealous he is of me saying I have the two hottest girls in the school taking care of me. I find out they had another school party since they cancelled the tournament. They did another dance of fate and Ariya ended up getting partnered at the end with Andrew.

Ariya has been in a really bad mood since she has been failing all her bonding rituals. She has been arguing and fighting with different people. Even started arguing with Michael and the girl he left her for. Apparently, she beat the hell out of the girl for trying to rub in her face that she is back with Michael.

I try my best to avoid her knowing I might feel the full force of her wrath. It almost works, till one day I am getting off work and walk into my dorm room. There she is sitting on my couch looking down at a goblet in her hands.

She stands looking at me in anger walking over to me. I try smiling, “Um, hey Ari-”

She tosses the contents of the cup in my face shouting, “This is all your fucking fault!” I wipe my face tasting slightly salty bitterness of the liquid. I look at my hand noticing its blood. I look up to her in disbelief as she hits my chest. “The spirits have turned their back on me because of you!”

Her hits actually hurt now since I am not bonded, “Ow, did you just throw-”

She pushes me back hitting me again, “Shut up, why couldn’t you just stay bonded with me.”

“Ow would you stop. I told you why” I try grabbing her hands to stop her but I’m still too weak to hold on to them.

She jerks them free and I flinch expecting another hit, but it doesn’t come. “That reason was bull shit. Saying you want me to be with a real guardian. The spirits wouldn’t pick you if you weren’t meant to be bonded with me”

I sigh, "Ariya that isn’t the only reason.”

She steps closer glaring up at me.. “Then what is it?”

I look into her eyes. Because I have feeling for you. Echoes in my head. I shake my head, “I just can’t.”

She pushes me again and my back hits the wall behind me, “You are so pathetic now. Thanks for ruining my life.” She walks over to the door reaching for it. “I really hate you”

The door begins to open as I close my eyes with a sigh knowing I’m going to regret this.. “I like you.”

She looks back at me, “What?”

I look over at her, “The reason I can’t be bonded with you is because I have feelings for you. I fucking like you Ariya.”

She stands there for a second unsure what to say. Then she just says, “Okay” and walks out. I lean my head back against the wall with a deep sigh.

Now, I just wish I could feel her emotions to know how she feels about what I said. Her reaction to what I said confuses the hell out of me. I kind of expected more than just okay. Another couple of days go by and she doesn’t talk to me and avoids me again.

I end up catching Melissa alone walking to one of her classes one day and stop her. “Hey Melissa, has Ariya said anything to you about me?”

“No why?”

I rub the back of my head with confusion and look down the hall.“I don’t know, she has been kind of avoiding me.”

“Well, she is pretty pissed at you for breaking the bond with her. She thinks its your fault she can’t get bonded with anyone else. I think it is too, you asshole." She says,

I begin to crack a smile actually hearing her cuss now. “Yeah, I feel bad about that. But she hasn’t said anything else about what I might have said to her?”

She thinks a second then shaking her head no, “No, why what did you say?”

I shake my head, “Nothing, just forget it.”


She walks off and it just bothers me the rest of the day. The next morning I wake up stumbling through the living room to start some coffee. While I am passing though I glance over seeing Ariya asleep on the couch holding herself like she is cold.

I smile then walk back to my room grabbing blanket, then bringing it back, and covering her up. I crouch beside her seeing how worn out she looks. She seems paler than normal. Her eyes have dark circles under them, probably from using so much magic doing all these rituals.

I lean forward to kiss her forehead then stop saying to myself, “Damn it, I need to stop doing that”

I fix the blanket again then head to the kitchen making some breakfast. I even make extra just in case she wakes up. Just as I am close to finishing I see her sitting up stretching. She looks around slightly confused. I smile walking over bringing her a plate of bacon, eggs, and some toast.

“Good morning beautiful”

She looks at me with a tired scowl and her hair is wild like she tossed and turned all night. “What’s so good about it?” She says with a tired gruff voice.

I almost laugh at how her voice sounds. “Umm,” I hold out the plate to her “How about breakfast?”She groans taking the plate from me then wraps herself up more in the blanket. “You look like crap, maybe you should take a few days off from the ritual to recover.”

Too tired for any etiquette she takes a bite of bacon and says while she is chewing, “Shut up, you sound like Daniel. Oh, and I hate you again.”

I grin and sit in the chair across from her, “I don’t think you do or you wouldn’t be here.”

She waves her toast at me, “After I get done eating I am kicking your ass again for making the spirits hate me.”

"Ariya they already hated you. They paired you with me.” She throws the toast at me barely missing me and I chuckle.

“Well, you don’t have to worry I am waiting till this weekend to try again.”

I sit there a second eating my food. I look over at her wishing I knew what she thought about what I told her. Just as I am about to say something she looks at her phone and quickly stands, “Shit I am going to be late.” She holds her head and falls back into the couch from getting lightheaded.

I stand and look at her with concern, “Calm down, just take your time; if you are late you can just blame me.”

She groans and slowly stands up again, “Oh, I was going to do that anyways. Come on you are escorting me to class.”

She tosses her bag at me and quickly fixes her hair. She takes her last piece of toast holding it with her teeth as she runs out the door with me following her. I follow her all the way to her first class, then head to get my supplies to start working.

The day seems to be going well till I get to the restrooms and get hit with the familiar smell of cigarettes. I sigh taking in a deep breath thinking he is never going to change. When I walk around the corner and I am not surprised to see Andrew and his friends smoking.

I step in further, “Wow deja vu here we are again. You just don’t learn do you.”

They turn towards me and I can see Andrew is looking a little buff like he got bonded. He grins arrogantly as he walks towards me, “Are you going to tell us we can’t do this?”

I hold up my hands showing I don’t want to fight. “Come on Andrew, are you still doing this? Just put out the cigarettes and I wont say anything.”

He laughs, “Wow, now that you aren’t a guardian anymore you turned into a little bitch. Don’t tell me you are scared?”

I guess my ego takes over not wanting to be talked too like that, or by him of all people. I look him over “Look I get it, you’re all excited over your new muscles and want to show them off. But I am just here to clean.”

He pushes me and I stumble back a few steps, “Aww you are scared. Come on bitch boy get mad.” He pushes me back again and I end up against the wall. Since you got Wayne and Tyson expelled before they could finish you off. I guess it’s my job to do it. No one wants you around here.” I clench my fist really trying not to hit him because I am already on thin ice with Daniel and everyone else here. Then he steps forward again, “Where’s all that trash talk you use to do.” He pushes my forehead with his finger “Come on pussy”

That did it and I lean forward glaring into his eyes. “Bonded or not, you will never scare me... Bitch.”

This sets him off as he punches at my face. His fist stops inches from my face hitting an invisible barrier. I grin and kiss at him just before kicking him in the groin. He groans and crouches over, holding himself. Now, his friends jump in. Even in my weakened state, with my magic, and the training I received, I easily take them down.

Andrew comes back at me with flurry of blows. I realize now I can’t dodge or block fast enough, and I am rapidly running out of mana. Just as his blows begin bypassing my barriers and begin hitting me, someone shouts, “STOP!”

Andrew stops, and I am slumped over holding my ribs. We both look seeing Ronald standing there. Andrew turns to him, “What are you going to do little man?”

He walks up to Andrew saying in a calm voice, “Oh I am not going to do anything. But what you are going to do is clean every inch of those urinals, with your tongue.” Andrew’s eyes glaze over, then he turns and walks over to one of the urinals and begins licking the outside of it. Then Ronald says, “And don’t stop till the bell rings”

Ronald turns back to me with a smile stepping over one of Andrew’s friends lying on the ground. He holds out his hand, “Hey Fabien, good to see you again.”

I stand up still holding my side with one hand and shake his hand with the other. “Yeah, I guess, thanks a lot for your help.”

“Oh, it's no problem. What are friends for.”He turns stepping over another friend heading over to the urinals. He begins peeing in the one next to Andrew making sure some of it splashes on him. “So how do you like being normal again?”

I lean against the wall still holding my ribs. I’m pretty sure one or more of them could be broken. “It’s going to take some getting used too. But I think its better for all of us me being this way.”

“It’s really a shame all that talent you had going to waste now.”

“Well, I am really trying to avoid fighting again”

He turns zipping up his pants and looks to the guys on the ground with a smirk, “I don’t think that is working out too well. Look, you don’t have to explain it to me. Some people just aren’t cut out for this.”

“Yeah, I guess not.”

He heads over washing his hands then dries them off on Andrew’s shirt. He looks to me one last time, “Well it was good seeing you again”

I smile, “You too man”

He walks out and I figure I will just come back to clean this restroom later. I should really go see the nurse. Luckily, none of my ribs were broken, just severely bruised.

The rest of the day ends up going by. I decide to spend the remainder of it at the training yard watching everyone practice. Ariya is training by herself and doesn’t really seem to be into it. She also seems pretty exhausted still. As I am watching someone walks over next to me and sits.

“Hello, Fabien.” She says,

I look over seeing Michael’s new girlfriend, or old new one. Not really wanting to talk to her I just look away saying, “What do you want?”

She chuckles and pushes on my shoulder, “Oh don’t be like that. I just wanted to talk.”

“Well, I don’t really feel like talking.” I say as I continue to watch Ariya struggle with her training.

“I just wanted to say you made the right decision breaking your bond. Ariya is pretty crazy.”

I look over at her already getting irritated by her. “If you know what’s good for you. You might want to quit talking to me.”

She smiles and looks over at Michael. “Well you know, Michael only dated her out of pity because he couldn’t be with me.” I close my eyes clenching my teeth trying not to get angry again. She continues, “Michael was way too good for her. I guess a serf does seem more appropriate”

That did it, sending me over the edge. I stand and crouch over her getting in her face. “Listen you fucking bitch. You are so lucky you are a female. Or I would beat your ass so bad it would cause Michael to have flashbacks of what Tyson did to him.”

“Fabien stop!" Someone shouts,

I ignore them and continue. “Michael was the dumb shit for leaving her for your ugly anorexic ass. He never deserved someone as good as Ariya.”

Someone grabs me from behind and immediately I think its Michael. I elbow them in the side of the head causing them to hit the ground. I turn towards them seeing Samantha on the ground. My eyes widen and I couch down to apologize. Then I get hit from behind knocked unconscious.

I get woke up later by a glass of water thrown in my face. I look around seeing that I’m sitting in Daniel’s office. I groan and rub the back of my head in pain. I see Samantha glaring at me holding the glass as she turns to leave. Daniel is sitting across from me, looking at me with disappointment.

“Fabien you are making it so hard for me to keep you employed here. I went out of my way so many times for you, and you just can’t stop” He says,

“I’m sorry, the bitch pissed me off”

“And Samantha?” He asks,

“Yeah I am sorry about that; I never meant to hit her.”

He shakes his head, “Also I found out you were fighting with Andrew again. And someone made him really sick by forcing him to lick toilets.” I grin and look down. “Fabien it’s not funny, do you see me laughing? Parents are giving me crap saying I should have never brought you back. You are dangerous.”

I stand up and point towards the door, “I can just leave again if that’s what you want? I’m not bonded anymore, nothing is holding me here.”

He stands as well, “I am almost thinking that is the best thing.”

I roll my eyes and look away, “Whatever man, just do whatever you got to do.”

“Fine, you will finish out the end of the week, then you are gone. But until then you are working the night shift and you are staying away from everyone.” He says as he walks around his desk and stands next to me crossing his arms.

I smirk and turn towards him, “Did you just ground me from seeing my friends?”

“I guess, if you you want to act like a child you will be treated like one.”

I roll my eyes again and walk towards the door. “Are we done?”

He waves his hand sending me away, “Yeah, go.”

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