Unbreakable Premonition

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Here we go again

The next few days go by with me stuck in my room leaving me very bored. They post guards outside my door making sure I don't get visitors. I do begin to feel bad for how things turned out. Deep down I want to apologize and beg for them to forgive me. But also, my ego won’t allow me to.

The weekend comes and I am all packed up ready to leave. As I am passing by the training yard, I see everyone huddled around someone. I figure someone got hurt or something during practice. Then I notice Minerva with them. She looks my direction and stands making her way over to me.

Shit, is she going to lecture me now?

I try and keep the subject off me, “What happened, did someone get hurt?” I ask,

She looks back their direction with worry. “No that’s Ariya, she failed yet another ritual. Apparently she heard you were leaving and was going to hurt herself. Luckily, one of her friends caught her before anything bad happened.”

“Wow, she is taking this really hard.”

She looks at me, “Do you want to go talk to her and at least say bye?”

I look over seeing Daniel holding her in his arms as she is crying, “That’s probably a bad idea. I really upset Daniel this time.”

"Well, I think you should. It might help if she at least hears from you before you leave.”

“Do you really think it will help?”

She nods, “I do”

We make our way over to her. As I am walking, I step in a puddle of what I guess is dragon’s blood that spilled out of a goblet she spilled or threw. I pick up the goblet and carry it over to them. Some gets on my hand and I just wipe it off on my pants.

People look over at me and get quiet when I walk up. Ariya is crouched on the ground holding her knees with her head down. Daniel has his arms around her hugging her trying to console her the best her can.

I walk up and crouch down next to them. He looks to me with a scowl about to say something but Minerva stops him.

I reach over placing my hand on her shoulder, "Ariya, I just wanted to come say goodbye before I leave again.”

She looks up to me her face stained with tears. Her lips seem to have a slight reddish tint to them from drinking the blood. Some has dribbled down the side of her mouth to her chin.

I give her a warm smile and she just lunges at me hugging me. Just as soon as our bodies touch, a huge pulse of energy goes off knocking everyone around us to the ground. We both begin to feel the brands immediately begin burning themselves back on our bodies.

Both of our clothes begin to smoke as the heat from the brand sears it’s way through the fabric. Ariya ignores the pain of the brand as she continues to hug me. My eyes clench closed as I groan in pain, realizing what is happening to us once again.

I look at Daniel afraid how he might react. To my surprise his shocked look on his face turns to him laughing. Then Ariya begins laughing, which makes me begin to laugh. Everyone else just looks to us dumbfounded by what just happened. Ariya leans back wiping the tears from her eyes still chuckling. I look down at my chest seeing the same hourglass shaped brand with a dragon coiled around it.

I touch it feeling how sensitive it is. “Ow...Well, damn.” We Look at each other and I smile (Well, lets do this then.) I think to myself.

She hesitates, then chuckles, “Oh, you are doing this. We are not breaking this again.”

I look at her in with uncertainty and point at my head, “D-Did you just -”

She nods with a wide smile, (Yep, I can hear your thoughts now bitch.)

Daniel leans over to me grabbing my shoulder “You are taking extra classes of Mr. Drakes meditation class.”

I grin at him, “Yes dad”

He gives me grin as he stands, “Well, I guess you are taking those bags back to your room.”

Ariya grabs one of the bags as she stands. “Let’s g -”

Suddenly a loud thunder clap goes off scaring everyone. She drops back to the ground covering her ears. It immediately begins to rain, even though the sky was perfectly clear before. Quickly, I realize we are standing in a field like she said in her dream.

I crouch down and take her hand, “Come on we need to get out of this”

She reaches up wrapping her arms around my neck. I pick her up in my arms, already feeling my strength returning, I start running towards the school. Everyone else scatters running different directions. As we are running Ariya starts having a conversation with me telepathically,

(Take me home please)

“That’s a really long run, we should probably wait inside the school till this stops,” I say out loud

(I just don’t want people to see me like this)

“Okay, let me take you someplace safe then.” I say,

She continues to hold on to me as we make our way into the school. The storm begins to worsen. The wind begins blowing harder, the lightning flashes almost every second. We both could hear the rain pounding against the roof and windows. Sounding like an army of people beating against them with their fists.

We make our way through the school to the library. I don’t think she knows where we were going she just kept her face buried against my neck. I could feel her body trembling against me. I hurry up to the second floor. She raises her head noticing where we are now.

“Why are we here?” She asks,

I set her down, “You will see”

I open a hidden door behind one of the bookshelves and lead her inside.“We should be safe in here” I say as I close the door behind us.

She slowly walks in looking around at the hidden room. It almost looks like an royal harem room. There is purple and red silk couches and satin hanging from the ceiling. There are a few racks of different type of clothes. Lots of different pillows laid all over the place. It is lit by floating balls of golden light spread throughout the room.

She looks around in awe, “What is this place?”

I smile as I walk past her, “It’s a hidden room the serfs use as a storage, and a lost and found.”

“It’s amazing.” She says as she runs her hand across one of the satin fabric hanging from the ceiling.

All this stuff is what we have collected over the years that students leave behind or lose.”

She looks over at me as I begin digging through one of the boxes, “Does my brother know about this place?” She asks

“I’m sure he does”

She walks over looking at some clothes on a rack. I grab a towel from the boxes and start drying off my hair. “Why don’t you find some dry clothes to change into.”

She looks back to me, “I am not changing in front of you”

I chuckle and point over to a dressing screen in the corner of the room.“Change behind that, it’s what it’s there for.”

She gives me a skeptical look. I sigh walking over grabbing some clothes for me. “Fine I will do it, you can change out here. We might be here a while is why I suggested it”

She grabs my arm, “No, I will go”

She takes a while going through the different sets of clothes first asking me if they are clean. I reassure her they are. She then steps behind the screen to change as I find me some clothes. I go simple and comfortable with just a pair of pajama pants with a t-shirt. While she is back there changing I hear her phone go off.

She answers, “Hello...Oh, I am with Fabien... Yeah we are in the library. Did you know about the secret room in here?”

Not really wanting others to know about it I ask, “Who are you talking to?”

“Daniel” She replies

“Oh, tell him I am sorry about earlier.”

“Okay... Fabien said he-”

Another loud thunder clap goes off startling her. She ends up dropping the phone. Then I hear her shuffling around trying to pick it back up. Doing so she accidentally knocks down the changing screen.

When it hits the ground I see her standing there in just pink lace bra and panties. She looks to me in shock then covers herself. “Turn around!” She yells,

I quickly look the other way. I can hear Daniel calling out for her on the phone. She picks it up telling him she is okay. Then while I’m faced away, I notice her reflection in a mirror just in front of me. She has a petite figure, but also athletic from the constant training and working out. Her skin is pale from always wearing pants and long-sleeved shirts. Her breasts are small, each one couldn’t be more than a handful. And her ass, oh god…

(Wow, she does have a great body.) I think to myself.

I suddenly get hit in the back with a pillow. I start to turn around “Don’t you dare turn around! Damn it, why is there a mirror?" She says then runs behind a rack of clothes. She finishes up with Daniel saying, “Oh, nothing. Yeah we are fine... Okay I will, bye.”She hangs up. A couple second later another pillow goes flying by me barely missing me. “What about my body?”

I chuckle still facing away, “You know, I really hate that you can read my mind now.”

“Now you know how I felt. I am dressed now.” She says as she steps back out.

I turn seeing her in white and pink pajama pants that seem to hug her curves. She is also wearing white tank top with a weird pink symbol on it. I just grin and nod thinking that looks good on her too. She narrows her eyes at me, then grabs a small blanket and wraps it around her.

She then begins walking around again looking at all the stuff “So you got this from all the students that went here?”

I walk up beside her, “Yeah and some teachers. I guess when you are rich stuff like this is easy to dispose of. None of us could ever afford anything like this.”

She looks at me, “Why don’t you keep it?”

I pull out a shirt but keeping it on the rack and look at it “Some people do. I don’t really see the point of it. I will never go anywhere nice enough to wear anything like this.”

“Have you ever been anywhere else other than the school, and where ever you moved to?”

I shake my head, “Not really, most of my life was spent at this school. I mean, we were allowed to go to the beach or the amusement park. But no, I have never been out of the city.”

She frowns, “Wow that’s kind of sad.”

I shrug, “It’s the life of a serf.”

I walk over and sit on one of the couches propping my feet on the coffee table. She tries sitting across from me on a chair. Then another thunder clap goes off shaking the school. She immediately stands and sits on the opposite end of the couch facing me. She covers herself with the blanket and hugs her knees as she looks at me.

“Are you mad that you got bonded with me again? I know you really didn’t want this.” She asks,

I shake my head, “Actually not really, I thought I might. But I would rather it be me, than some other guy getting bonded with you.”

She chuckles, “So you were worried about me getting bonded with another guy?”

I hesitate realizing what I just said, “What... that’s not what I meant.”

“Uh huh”

I roll my eyes and shake my head, “Whatever, I just want you to be with someone who can protect you.”

“So what if I got bonded with a female?”

I grin, “That depends, is she hot?”

She kicks her foot at me hitting my hip. "Perv.” She then gets a serious look, “You know Elizabeth really likes you. She thinks you like her too.”

“Well I did, I mean.I look away thinking, Do you think it’s possible to have feelings for more than one person?"

“Yeah, I guess.” She looks down at the blanket fiddling with it “You know, we can’t -”

“Yeah, I know. That’s the main reason I didn’t want this bond.”

She gets silent as she fiddles with the blanket some more. I begin to feel a slight bit of reluctance and jealousy from her.

“Why haven’t you tried to get with Elizabeth if you like her?” She eventually asks,

“We have talked about it actually. She is actually already engaged, and her parents would never allow her to be with a serf.”

She looks up at me with uncertainty, “She is engaged? How come-” A loud thunderclap goes off startling us both. “How come I didn’t know?” She asks as she slides over and sits next to me propping her feet on the table as well. She has her legs covered but her feet poking out from underneath.

I smile, “It’s an arranged marriage, I don’t think she wanted anyone to know.”

“Well, my parents wouldn’t allow me to date you either, I mean a serf.”

“Yeah, I figured that.”

Another thunder clap goes off and she leans against me. I place my arm around her. We continue to talk for what seems like hours. It didn’t seem like the storm would ever stop. It gets so late else both end up falling asleep together.

That night I have a nightmare, it’s storming outside like last night. I am standing in the middle of a huge field. Littering the ground around me are a hundreds of dead bodies. Among the bodies I see Daniel, Minerva, Donovan and Samantha.

Then I see Ariya leaned against a huge piece of stone debris bleeding from her head. Standing beside her looking down at her unconscious body is the figure from my other nightmares.

He is completely naked and totally hairless. His skin is almost translucent. All his veins are pulsing with blue energy. Then he begins his deep energy filled laugh. His head slowly looks towards me. Lightning strikes him from the sky and spreads snaking its way across each limb. He begins to glow brighter and brighter as his laughing gets louder and more maniacal.

I take a step away in fear seeing my face looking back at me. Electricity crawls across his teeth making his mouth glow with a blue light. He takes a step towards me raising on hand into the air. A blinding streak of lighting strikes his hand releasing an ear piercing thunder clap.

I jump awake with a gasp. I can still hear the storm going on outside. Ariya and I are both lying sideways on the couch as she cuddled up to me facing towards me. She is shaking and moaning in her sleep like she is having a nightmare as well.

I hug on to her and kiss the top of her head “It’s okay, it’s just a dream. You don’t have to be afraid.” I whisper.

Was that the dream she has been having? Does the person in it look like me as well?

After seeing that dream I begin to feel a little nervous about it as well. I look down at her with her head buried in my chest. I kiss the top of her head again and leave my lips against her.

“You actually make me wish I wasn’t born a serf” I whisper,

She squeezes me a bit more as she moves like she is waking up. Barely awake she looks up to me “Did you say something?”

I smile, “No, just go back to sleep.”

She closes her eyes and sleepily says “Liar” before falling back asleep. I smile and we both end up falling back asleep.

The next morning I wake up and she is gone. The next few days end up going by, then summer vacation starts. All the students are allowed to leave to visit their families. We all have about two months to do whatever. Since I have never known my family and pretty much only lived here, this is where I usually stay.

I’ve been extremely bored without Ariya and everyone else around. I do have David and Jason to hang out with, but we can only do so much.

One day Minerva comes and visits me in my room. She stands in front of me with her hands behind her back. “So Fabien, what do you plan on doing for your vacation?” She asks,

I shrug and look around my dorm room. “Probably nothing, I usually just stay here till school starts back up. This is my home, and all of you are pretty much my family.”

She smiles, “Would you and your two friends David and Jason like to go on a cruise?”

I look at her with uncertainty, “A cruise? Like on an airship?”

She smiles and nods, "Yes, and yes, we still have the tickets we were planning on giving out at the tournament. We figured you could use some fun and relaxation away from this school. The tickets were just going to waste here anyways.”

“Wow really? You would do that?” I ask,

She pulls out the tickets from behind her. “Of course, here take them.”

She hands me the tickets and I take them then hug her. We talk a bit longer then I quickly run off to find the guys letting them know where we are going. They seem to be even more excited than me to go. We all get packed and get taken to where we need to go the next day.

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