Unbreakable Premonition

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The Cruise Part 2

One day I am in the gym. The savant I encountered during the dodge ball tournament, and like five other guys surround me. I just keep punching away on the bag minding my own business.

“Hey serf, you should just give up the vacation you won to the people who actually deserve it. No servant should be seen with the princess, unless they are cleaning up after her.” He says as he walks up beside me.

Again just trying to have a good time I ignore him and keep punching away on the bag. He grabs my shoulder to force me to face him saying, “I am talking to you slave.”

I sigh and slowly turn to face him, “Oh I know, I am trying to ignore you but you are making it hard for me to do that.”

They all begin to surround me and I smirk noticing the rest of them probably aren’t guardians. Other people begin to take notice of the situation as well.

“Come on guys don’t you think this fight is a little unfair.”

The guardian smirks “Well if you are scared, I can just take you on by myself.”

I chuckle, “Oh you must have misunderstood me.I look around at all the people surrounding me, then back to himYou are going to need a lot more people than this.”

He gets in my face “Oh yeah, you want to put your words where your mouth is?”

I look at him with an uncertain smirk, “What? I think you said that wrong?”

He pushes my chest, “Let’s just get in the boxing ring serf.”

I shrug, “Fine, I have been needing some practice anyways.”

We step in the ring and he throws a set of gloves at me. I point to his gloves“You won’t be needing those, since you won't be hitting me anyways.”

People start to crowd around to see this fight, and to see the savant in action. Some people even run out to get more people to watch.

We both get into our fighting stances. His stance looks to be more of a kickboxing stance. I know that he is a guardian, so I am already expecting him to be faster than normal.

Someone rings a bell and he charges me swinging at my face. I just sidestep his attack and lightly smack him in the back of the head. He spins backwards trying to catch me with his elbow. I duck under it giving him two light jabs in both sides of his ribs. He seems to have the fighting skill of a rank two opponent. I almost feel sorry for having to embarrass him.

While I am ducked down, he tries to catch me with one of his knees. I just block it with my hand. I quickly spin around him lightly punching him twice in his kidneys, then push on the back of his head.

Now he begins getting frustrated at my mocking blows. He growls throwing a haymaker for my face. I step back grabbing his striking arm twisting it causing enough pain for him to fall to his knees. I roll around him pulling him to the ground placing his arm in an armbar hold.

Every time, he tries to move I apply more pressure. Eventually, he gives up and I let him go. He scowls at me rubbing his sore shoulder. “How can a mere serf have the training and moves like you do?”

I Look at the other guys who wanted to fight me and they all back off. I grin “I’m special what can I say”

(You’re special alright, special ed.) Ariya says startling me again.

I grin shaking my head as I get out of the ring. (What are you in kindergarten now?) I say back to her.

People come up to shake my hand, some laughing at how I humiliated him.

Ariya laughs(I see you are making friends as usual)

(Are you listening to my conversations now?) I ask,

(No, I got a premonition of you fighting. It kind of scared me, man it hurts your eyes when that happens.)

(Yeah it takes some getting used to. Well that wasn’t much of a fight anyways.)

(I know, will you quit embarrassing the peasants there.)

I laugh,(They started it)

(They always do. So how are you, are you having fun there?)

I walk over to the bench where my towel and bottle of water are sitting. I pick up the bottle of water and take a drink. (It’s not bad. I’m going to spend a few days in a castle with a princess later.)

She chuckles (Whatever)

(No really, I won some contest so I will be a guest of a princess.) I feel a bit of jealousy coming from her. Not sure if it’s because I get to meet a princess or if I am spending time with another female. I try to add more to it saying.(Oh and you should see her and her bodyguard. Wow they are both hot.)

(God you’re an idiot. I hate you sometimes.)

I laugh,(I know you keep telling me)

We continue talking as I make my way to the showers. I hesitate before walking in(You’re not still seeing through my eyes are you?)

(No why?)

(I was about to take a shower and didn’t want you to get too excited seeing something you’re not supposed to.)

She gasps,(Shut up, like anything on you would ever make me excited.)

I laugh and people just look at me as I ignore them. She gets quiet for a bit and I figure she got busy with something. Then as I am showering I sense curiosity coming from her. Then it switches to arousal and embarrassment.

I stop washing myself for a second (Are you sure you can’t see me right now?)

Her embarrassment increases (I told you no...Why?)

(Just making sure.)

I end up heading back to my room changing into some relaxing clothes and just lay down watching TV. About an hour goes by before she speaks again. (Do you like her?)

(What, who?)

(The princess, do you like her?)

I laugh thinking she is jealous. I try sensing her emotions but somehow I think she blocked me.(Does it really matter, she is a princess.)

(You didn’t answer my question. Do you?)

I laugh (No, why?)

(Just wondering.)

(Don’t tell me you are jealous? Are you blocking your emotions from me?)

She gasps (Shut up, why would I be jealous?)

(You miss me don’t you?)

(Okay that’s it I’m hanging up.)

I laugh,(It doesn’t work that way. Ariya, it’s fine if you are jealous, I am pretty sexy.)

(Oh god please stop.)

I laugh a bit harder now then I hear David’s voice from my door, “What’s so funny?”

I Look at him, “Oh, this show I am watching is pretty funny.”

He glances to the TV, “You’re watching the news?”

Ariya laughs and I grin “The news can be funny sometimes.”

She shouts(Bye!)causing me to close my eyes in pain as David says, “Oh okay, are you okay?”

I rub my eyes with a groan. “Sorry, got a headache out of nowhere.”

“Oh, well me and Jason have dates tonight we were wondering if you wanted to come with us to see a movie or a show?” He asks,

I smile and shake my head “And be a fifth wheel no thanks. You guys go have fun.”

“Alright, I figured I would ask”

He begins walking out. Just as he steps out he quickly turns back in saying quietly,“Dude Fabien, the princess’s hot guard is here.”

I smile and stand “You know she is a guardian she probably heard you.”

“Oh yeah,” He smiles at her and steps aside letting her in.

She nods and smiles at him. She turns towards me then immediately looks away. “I am sorry if I am intruding, if you wish to sleep I can come back tomorrow?”

I look down noticing I am not wearing a shirt and in just pajama pants. I hurry over to the dresser “Shit, I’m sorry, what is it you need?”

I quickly put on a shirt as she hesitantly turns back to me. “The princess gave me a few hours to myself. I was wondering if you would like to spend them with me?”

David grins as he backs out closing the door behind him. “Sure, what is it you would like to do? My friends are going to see a show if you want to join them?” I ask,

“Actually, this might be a weird request. But I was hoping you would allow me to spar with you?”

I chuckle,“Oh that sounds so much better than some boring show. Sure we can do that, let me change real quick.”

She smiles stepping back into the hallway as I quickly change and put on deodorant so I don’t stink for her. We head down to the gym and it is completely empty with a reserved sign posted out front.

I click my tongue in disappointment.“Well crap, we might have to come back later”

She smiles and moves the sign aside. “It’s okay, the princess reserved it for us.”

“Oh, nice”

We head in and she goes to change. She comes back out wearing a pair of tight black fighting shorts and a matching tank top. With this, I can see how nice of a body she really has. I find myself standing there captivated by her for a bit. Her hands and feet are both wrapped in boxing tape.

She walks up and bows to me. “Please don’t hold back, I can take it.”

I smile “Are you sure? Because I really don’t want to hurt you”



We get in position and I can tell almost immediately from how she positions herself, she has a lot of combat experience.

I decide to start this one off by rapidly punching at her face. She dips and weaves away. She catches one of my fists with the back of her hand deflecting it away.

Wow she is fast

I try to follow up with a spinning elbow just to have it blocked as well. Before I could react she punches me in the center of my chest knocking the breath out of me.

That blow opened me up for further assault which she takes advantage of. She begins striking me from every angle. I can block one or two, but she is so fast it's hard for me to react.

She follows with a kick to my stomach doubling me over, followed by a quick uppercut knocking me back. All of that seemed to happen in a blink of an eye. Now I realize she is far faster than I am, and way more trained. So I am going to have to take this a bit more seriously.

I step forward again she feints with a punch to one side, then kicks to the other. I catch her leg while grabbing her waist and lift her in the air to throw her. She quickly uses that momentum to spin around my body wrapping her legs around my neck flipping me onto my back.

She steps back to let me stand and I kip-up to a standing position, showing off a bit of my agility to her.

She grins stepping forward punching at my face again only to hit an invisible barrier. She hesitates as I go into full defensive mode. There’s no way I can beat her without using my magic. Now, when she attacks, I either block with my hands, legs, or magic; then follow up quickly striking back.

I can tell now she is concentrating more on trying to find a weakness in my defense. She begins striking harder and faster. To a normal person, her blows probably look like a blur of movement.

Now, since she is so concentrated on breaking through my defense; she is leaving herself open for assault. I finally get in a few good hits and I can tell she is getting frustrated. She goes for a kick at my side as I catch it again. She then punches at me as I catch that with my other hand. I lift her up off the ground and spin slamming her onto the mat pinning her beneath me.

We are both spent on energy. I am lying on top of her with her leg under one arm and her hand in the other. Out of breath we just lie there looking at each other for a second. Then we hear clapping and turn to see Aislin standing in the doorway walking towards us.

“That was quite impressive fighting.” Chiara pushes me off her as I help her stand. Aislin finishes making her way over to us. “You two seem very evenly matched, I have never seen Chiara beaten.”

I shake my head looking at Chiara, “No, she is far better than I am. If I didn’t have my magic, this fight would have ended much quicker.”

“Well, it is good to see someone can give her a challenge. But, I only came to watch the match. I will leave you two alone and retire back to my room.”

Chiara steps forward,“I can return with you, if you wish.”

Aislin holds up her hand “No, you deserve time away from me.” She looks to me smiling “Stay with Fabien and enjoy yourself.”

Chiara nods, “Thank you princess”

Aislin smiles at us both once more before she leaves. I Look at Chiara “So what would you like to do now?”

She exhales a quick breath and smiles “We can go get some drinks and eat if you wish. I would like to hear more about how you became a savant.”

“Sounds good, lets shower and I will meet you at the restaurant.”

We part ways to shower and change. When we meet up again she is wearing a beautiful black and gold sequin dress that seems to hug her figure perfectly. I feel bad now because I am only wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt.

I stop in the doorway looking at how beautiful she is“Wow, you look amazing”

She smiles and I know she is just trying to be nice when she says, “You look nice as well”

I laugh, “I feel I should have probably worn something nicer.”

She looks down at herself. “No, I think I might have overdressed a bit.”

I smile, “Well you look good.”

“Thank you”

We sit down and order drinks sharing an appetizer as we talk. “So tell me, does your school allow serfs to participate in the bonding ritual. I thought it was illegal.” She asks,

I take a bite and speak forgetting all etiquette. I just feel comfortable around her, like I am with my friends. “Well, the funny thing is, I didn’t actually participate. I was asleep in the back of the room and got bonded somehow.”

“How did your partner react to this?” She asks,

I grin, “Well at first we both kind of hated it. We-” She holds up a finger to stop me. “What?”

She smiles and leans forward with her napkin. She wipes the side of my mouth. “You’ve got some dressing on your mouth”

“Oh,” I lean back and wipe my lips with my hand. “Thank you” She smiles and set the napkin in her lap. “Well, as I was saying, we really didn’t get along at all. But as time went on our feelings changed and we started actually becoming pretty good friends. We did end up breaking the bond, then ended up getting bonded again somehow.”

She looks at me curiously “And you didn’t participate in that ritual either?”

I shake my head, “Nope”

“That is fascinating; maybe the fates are telling you that you belong together.”

I chuckle and shake my head“I seriously doubt that, we are complete opposites.”

(Wow she is pretty, is that the princess?) Ariya’s voice suddenly pops into my head asking.

I jump slightly but not obvious enough for Chiara to notice. (How are you constantly watching what I do? No this is the bodyguard.) I ask

Chiara takes a sip of her drink then wipes her lips with the napkin. “Well, I always hoped I would end up bonded with the princess. She is my best friend and like a sister to me”

“You don’t like being bonded to the brother?” I ask,

“Well he is more of a politician, it can be kind of boring guarding him. He gave me permission to be with Aislin as her guard and he would call me to him if he needs me.”

(Where is the princess, I want to see her.) Ariya suddenly asks,

“She isn’t here.” I accidentally say out loud.

Chiara gives me a confused look, “Who isn’t here?”

I chuckle and rub my forehead “Sorry, I got a bothersome voice in my head that won’t shut up.”

“You hear voices, are you okay?” She asks

Ariya laughs,(Ha, she thinks you’re crazy)

I close my eyes and shake my head “No it’s my bonded partner, we can communicate with each other mentally”

Chiara leans forward in amazement, “Wow your bond is just fascinating.”

“No, it’s pretty annoying”

(You’re annoying)

Chiara clasps her hands and continues to look at me with amazement. “So what is her name and what is she like?”

I smile and lean back “Her name is Ariya and she can be a spoiled brat sometimes.”

Ariya gasps (I am not spoiled!)She exclaims loudly

(But you admit you are a brat.) I say back,

Chiara smiles, “It’s amusing how you two hated each other, but ended up getting bonded twice.”

“Well, it isn’t as bad now. Now she is like an annoying little sister or friend.” And for some reason, I can’t help but remember the sexual dream about her and think to myself One that looks really good naked

(Oh my god what are you thinking about?!)Ariya shouts, and I close my eyes wincing at her yelling.

Chiara looks at me with concern, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah sorry, I’m being yelled at in my head.” I say as I rub my forehead again, then take a drink of water.

(So you think I am hot huh?)Ariya asks with amusement in her voice

I just ignore her and ask Chiara, “So, how long have you been training, your fighting skills are amazing?”

(Don’t you ignore me!) Ariya shouts again.

Chiara begins talking to me and Ariya begins singing in my head to purposely drown her out. I sigh and stand. “Sorry, can you excuse me for one second?”

She stands, “Oh sure”

I turn and walk off to the restroom, (Ariya, I am trying to have a conversation here. We can talk as much as you want when I get home.)

I figure while I am in here I might as well use the restroom. (Sorry, I am just bored here. I really hate visiting my family. I should have gone with you on the cruise.)

I sigh in relief as I begin to pee. (Yeah I am sorry you’re not having fun. If I could I would bring you here but I -)

Suddenly she appears beside me scaring us both as we scream. She glances down seeing me peeing and quickly turns, “Oh god don’t tell me you brought me here while you were peeing.”

I quickly finish zipping up my pants. I didn’t take time to shake off the excess, feeling it run down my leg. I groan in displeasure “I have no idea how you got here, but I didn’t summon you.”

“Then how do you think I got here?” she asks,

I quickly head over to wash my hands. I put some water on a towel and wipe off my pants. “Like I said I don’t know but-” Then I Look at her noticing she is in nothing but a small satin pink nightie “-the real problem is you are here dressed like that.”

She looks down seeing what she is wearing as her eyes widen and she runs into a stall.

“Where are we?” She asks,

“In the men’s restroom at the restaurant here. That looks good on you though.”

“Shut up, you need to get me out of here.”

Just then there is a knock on the restroom door as it cracks open with Chiara asking. “Fabien are you in here?”

I walk over to the door opening it more “Sorry, I kind of have a problem in here.”

She glances down and sees the wet spot on my jeans. Her eyes widen and she starts to turn away. Then Ariya says loudly from the stall,“You have a problem.”

I grin as Chiara looks back into the restroom then back at me “Who is that?”

I smile “I accidentally might have summoned Ariya here with me, while I was peeing. It kind of scared me. And…" Then I motion to the wet spot on my jeans. “that happened.”

“And he summoned me without clothes!”Ariya shouts,

Chiara smiles, “She is naked?”

I shake my head no as Ariya “Well, pretty much I am.”

Just then a guy walks up looking at Chiara and me curiously standing in the restroom doorway. “Excuse me”

We step aside letting him in as he walks over taking the stall next to Ariya. Then he proceeds to have a very gassy sounding bowel movement. Chiara and I grin at each other as Ariya says in my head,

(Oh I am so going to hurt you when I get out of here. Ugh it smells so bad.)

I chuckle as Chiara says, “Let me go grab Lady Ariya some clothes. Do you know her size?”

I look at Chiara’s figure saying,

“Uh, she is about your size. Maybe smaller in the chest”

(Asshole! My dress size is a 2) Then she mumbles as I can barely make out her say (Bra size 32B)

I chuckle rubbing my eyes from the yelling and quietly tell Chiara what she said. Chiara grins, “Okay I will be back”

I turn telling Ariya in her head what she said. (I know I heard her, jerk.)

(Yeah, sorry.)

Almost ten minutes go by and the guy finally gets done. He just looks at me weird as I am still standing around in the restroom then leaves. As soon as he leaves Ariya says out loud“Fabien can you leave?”

“Why?” I ask,

“Just step out of the restroom till I say you can come back in. And don’t let anyone come in either.”

“Is everything okay?” I ask as I start to walk over to her.

She gets louder, “Dang it Fabien, I need to pee and I don’t want you listening.”

“Oh,” I laugh and step out leaning against the wall next to the door. Chiara eventually runs back up with clothes she bought from one of the stores here.

She looks at me curiously seeing me standing outside now.“Is she still in there?”

I nod “Yeah she made me leave so she could pee. You can take her the clothes if you want?”

Chiara slowly steps in ”Ma’lady this is Chiara an acquaintance of Fabien. I brought you some clothes.”

The door closes as I continue to wait outside. Quite a bit of time goes by and I had to run off two people saying this restroom is out of order.

I get tired of waiting so I turn and knock peek in “Are you decent?” I hear them talking just ignoring me so I enter. Ariya is standing in front of one of the mirrors brushing her hair while they are both talking. I walk further in looking at them in confusion “Um, what’s going?”

“Sorry, I can’t walk out there with messed up hair.”Ariya says as she continues to brush her hair.

I smirk “You know you are still in the men’s restroom?”

She looks to me,“Oh, yeah I almost forgot.”

She walks over to me and smacking me really hard in the arm with the brush. I grab my arm in pain “Ow”

“That’s for the nasty pooping guy earlier”

Chiara chuckles at us. Ariya finally gets done and we walk back out to the table where our salads have been waiting. We sit down and Ariya catches the waiter as he walks by to order a glass of wine.

Chiara looks back and forth to us then motions to Ariya saying, “So you are the noble, and he is the guardian, but he can summon you. Can you summon him?”

I smirk at Ariya “Oh yeah, we found that out the hard way.”

Ariya glares at me unamused by my statement then takes a bite of my salad with her fork.

“Your bond kind of breaks all the rules. It’s fascinating to me.” Chiara says,

“Yeah, it's something else.” I Look atAriya“Don’t you need to call someone and tell them where you are? They might get worried and start looking for you.”

She wipes her mouth “Yeah I guess, give me your phone.”

She takes my phone and ends up calling Daniel because she is worried about what her parents might think. She tells him what happened which causes them to talk a bit longer.

After she finishes she looks to Chiara asking, “So you guard the princess, what is that like?”

“Well, Princess Aislin is not just the princess to me. She is my closest friend and a sister to me. The princess is a very kind and generous person who just loves to take care of people. She is loved and respected by all of our people"

(She is pretty hot too) I mentally say to Ariya just to mess with her. Ariya glares at me and points with her fork. “Well, you should keep her away from Fabien. He is a bad influence and a pervert.”

I scratch one of my eyes with my middle finger flipping her off. Chiara laughs seeing that. “You two are funny, you act like a brother and sister. How long have you two been bonded?”

“A little over a year. But we have been unbonded and rebonded.”Ariya says then takes a drink.

“So I have heard.”

Then Chiara’s phone rings and she looks at it. She stands and smooths out her dress “I am sorry, I must return to the princess. Fabien thank you for keeping me company and for the sparring match earlier.” She bows to Ariya “It was nice meeting you Lady Ariya"

Ariya smiles “You as well Chiara”

She leaves and I can’t help but watch her go. Then I get smacked in the head with the end of Ariya’s fork. “Don’t stare too hard now.”

I rub my forehead making sure she got no dressing on my head. “Don’t be jealous”

She chuckles,

“Yeah right,” She then takes one more bite then stands. “Come on let's go find your friends since you are staying with them tonight”

"Uhh, no I’m not.” I say as I begin following her out.

She looks back at me mocking me. "Uhh, yeah you are. Where do you think you are sleeping?”

“In my room?” I say slowly

“Not while I am here. You summoned me here, so I am making you sleep with them.”

I roll my eyes “Whatever, not like we haven’t slept together before.”

We continue debating the issue as we walk, but I eventually just give in. We get to Jason’s room first and can hear obvious moans and sexual noises coming from the other side. We Look at each other and I grin seeing her blushing a bit. We decide to make our way to David’s next door. I knock and a female answers in her bra and panties.

She looks to me then Ariyaunsure who we are.“Yeah?”

I look past her “Uh, is David in here?”

He walks up behind her putting his arms around her kissing her shoulder wearing only a pair of boxers. “Who is it?” He asks then looks up seeing us “Oh hey Fabien, and Ariya, why are you here?”

I shake my head, "Nevermind, I will tell you tomorrow. You are busy just go back to what you were doing.”

I turn to face Ariya as she just turns walking away. “You are sleeping on the couch.”

“Fine, whatever”

As we are about to enter my room the lights flicker and the sound of thunder goes off. She looks at me as I smirk “I think you are cursed. Every time we are together storms seem to happen.”

She opens the door stepping in“Shut up, it’s not funny”

"Ariya just think about it. In your dream, we are in a huge field and most of the people who died aren’t even with us. So you have no reason to be scared of this storm.” I say as I follow her in.

She looks back at me.“You saw my dream?”

“Yeah, I did.”

Of course, I didn’t want to tell her in my dream I think she was dead. That would just make her worry even more. I can feel a slight bit of nervousness coming from her.

Her brow furrows with worry “Now, do you think it might be a premonition or just a nightmare?”

I walk up to her and poke her scrunched up forehead “I think you need to quit worrying about it so much. You are going to end up getting wrinkles.”She looks at me and rubs her forehead. I laugh and walk past her. “Come on let’s go change, this was an exhausting day.”

We both head into different parts and change clothes. I grab some pillows and sheets then prepare the couch to lay down. Another loud crash of thunder goes off causing the airship to shake. I hear a scream and a crash from the restroom.

I jump up and run over to the restroom“Are you okay?” I ask,

I hear a groan “Ow, I feel into the bathtub”

“You need my help?”

She doesn’t answer but I head her moving with more groans of pain. She opens the door wearing just one of my t-shirts that’s hanging just past her waist and a small pair of ankle socks. She is holding the back of her head in pain. Suddenly the ship shakes again sending her into me as we stumble backwards falling on the bed.

She lands on top of me with her head against my bare chest as I am holding on to her. I look down at her asking, “Are you okay?”

Her head lifts off me as her eyes trace their way up my chest up to mine. I’m not sure if it's hers or mine, but I can feel affection and a bit of desire hitting me. I can’t resist the emotions this time.

My hand starts to come to the side of her face as I lean towards her forgetting our social statuses. But I quickly get brought back to reality as the intercom goes off. They apologize for the turbulence but they request everyone to stay in their rooms. They came across an unexpected storm.

Ariya's cheeks redden as she stands up off me fixing the shirt. “Sorry about that”

“It’s okay, I am just glad you aren’t hurt.”

She rubs the back of her head again. “Yeah, it’s just a little bump. I guess we should go to bed.”

“Okay. Goodnight Ariya.”

She climbs into the bed covering her legs “Goodnight Fabien”

I go and lay down on the couch. My heart is racing now as I think about the stupid thing I almost did. The storm continues to rage on and even with my speech saying she shouldn’t be scared of this storm. I can feel a bit of nervousness coming from her. Just as I am about to say something she mentally asks,(Would you mind lying next to me till the storm is over?)

(Sure) I say back

I stand and make my way in there as she slides over to the other side of the bed. I lay down and face her as I cover up. She turns to face me as well.

She smiles “You know, I saw your fight with Chiara earlier”

“Can you control seeing through my eyes because I can’t do that?”

She hesitates “No it seems to only happen when you are in danger or fighting.”

I narrow my eyes at her unsure if I believe her, “Oh, but you saw us while we were eating as well.”

“Yeah, I don’t know why I saw that.”

I give her a skeptical look, “Uh-huh. Since you saw my fight how did I do?”

She smiles, “She was kicking your butt till the end when you cheated using your magic.”

“Yeah, she is a lot better than me.”

She gets quiet a second, “You know she likes you.”

“How do you know?” I ask,

“When we were talking in the restroom. Just the way she was talking about you and the way she looks at you. It’s not hard to tell.”

I look away thinking about our encounters together. “I didn’t notice anything.”

“Of course not you are too dumb to see it.”

“Wow, thanks” She grins then gets quiet closing her eyes. I almost figure she might have decided to go asleep. I just look at her thinking about what she said about Chiara liking me.

“Do you like her?” She asks as her eyes open again and looks at me.


She gives a slight smile, “Liar”

I roll over lying on my back “Well just think, after this trip you can have me all to yourself again like you want.”

She chuckles, “Oh shut up”

I look over at her and grin. “Let me guess you hate me?”

She turns over facing the other way, “Whatever, go to sleep”

We both end up falling asleep shortly after that.

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