Unbreakable Premonition

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The Attack

Sometime in the middle of the night, the ship's alarm begins going off again. Red blinking lights begin going off in our room as well. We both get startled awake as we both sit up.

She looks to me “What’s going on?”

I stand up out of bed “I don’t know”

The intercoms begin going off as they start calling security to come to the bridge saying we are under attack. They want all passengers to stay in their room and lock their doors.

We both Look at each other and almost say at exactly the same time, “The princess!”

She stands up and we quickly run out of the room. We see people running to their rooms in a panic. I see David standing in his doorway as he looks back at us. I motion to him to return to his room “Get inside and lock your door.” I take Ariya’s hand “Come on, I know how to get to her room.”

We run down the hall and get to the main staircase and elevators. When we get there we see some people carrying guns kind of dressed like pirates. They are blocking people’s escape and tying up people who surrender. They shoot anyone who try to run or attack them.

One of them notice us and points his machine gun at us saying with a very strange sounding accent, “On your knees now love birds”

We both raise our hands in surrender as we scan the area seeing about six of them. I Look at her (You ready to put our training to use?)

She nods. We both split off in different directions and charge at them. She goes for one with a sword, as I charge the one with the gun. He fires at me but it gets deflected by my magic hitting an invisible barrier in front of me. I get up to him grabbing the gun with one hand raising the barrel towards the ceiling as he unloads several shots into the ceiling. I punch him in the chest with my free hand sending him flying backwards into another guy.

I quickly snap the gun barrel and turn looking to see how Ariya is doing. She is dodging this guy's attacks with ease as she retaliates with a punch to his face and a kick to his ribs. Another guy charges me with a sword. He slashes downward at me. I sidestep to the left hardening the skin of my hand parrying the sword. He quickly turns the blade slashing across my chest. This one barely misses as I lean back allowing the sword tip to fly by. I quickly follow the dodge with a sidekick to his chest sending him flying back crashing into a wall.

Again, I glance over seeing her fighting another guy. From behind her I see a guy pointing his gun at her. I close my eyes wishing for her to appear in front of me. She instantly summons to my embrace as he unloads several shots into his partner. We Look at each other with a smile and jump back into the fight.

I head straight over at the gunner, juking left then right making it hard for him to aim. I dash up to him with a rabid burst of punches all across his midsection. I hit him hard in the gut causing him to hunch over then finish him with a knee to his face.

Ariya is busy fighting two guys at once both carrying swords. One stabs at her as she sidesteps it grabbing his wrist forcing him to stab the other guy in the chest. She takes a step back and leaps in the air with a spinning roundhouse kick to the first guy's head knocking him unconscious.

I start clapping for her as she turns to me with a smile and bows. We waste no more time as we take off again. We run up the stairs avoiding the elevator. We fight through a few more people along the way. Then we finally get to the hallway where the princess’ room is at the far end of the hall.

Down this hall, we see a trail of bodies leading up to a massive dark skinned man with long dreadlocks. He has to be about seven feet tall, and he is blocking her slightly opened door.

Ariya looks to me. “I will let you have this one”

“Thanks, that’s sweet of you.”

She grins as I charge towards him. He quickly notices me and crouches down preparing for my attack. I leap through the air for flying punch. He easily catches me by the neck and slams me into the wall. Ariya was only a second behind me as she hits the ground sliding through his legs and into the princess room.

He lets go of me and begins to turn to her. I kick him in the back which really doesn’t seem to faze him at all. When I hit the ground I kick him in the back of one of his knees causing it to buckle. Then I try and kick him in the side of his face only to be blocked by one of his massive arms.

He growls looking at me and I smile “Yeah we aren’t done yet Tiny.”

He goes to grab for me as I disappear and appear next to Ariya. She quickly kicks the door closed and quickly locks it.

I look at her “That’s not going to hold him long.”

He begins pounding on the reinforced door causing the room to shake with his massive blows. We turn to see many pirate bodies lying on the floor as Chiara is in the middle of fighting four at the moment.

“Something isn’t right,” Ariya says as she closes her eyes and begins concentrating,

I run over to help Chiara with these men. She has ahold of one of the men using him as a shield while dodging the other’s attacks. She lets go of him kicking him in the back of his knees causing him to drop. Then she straight kicks him in the back of the head, causing his face to smash down into the floor.

I run up to engage one and he turns to face me. Before I could attack, Chiara kicks him in the side of his head sending him crashing into a wall.

I Look at her “Damn it I wanted him”

She dodges another attack and retaliates with a punch to their sternum “Sorry, you’re too slow.”

Ariya’s eyes shoot open in shock as she yells, “There’s an invis-”

A short man not much taller than Ariya appears behind her with a knife to her throat. With his other hand, he reaches behind him unlocking the door, letting the big guy step in.

The man steps behind the big guy saying, “You follow me she dies.”

They both turn invisible and the big guy steps forward. Chiara knocks out the last guy and advances on the big guy. “I got him, go save Ariya.”

I tumble past both of them into the hall.I glance back seeing them going at it. I close my eyes and try and summon Ariya to me, and nothing happens. I try one more time, straining even harder this time. Again nothing

(Why can’t I call you to me? Where are you I can’t see you.)

(We are about to enter the banquet hall)

(Already, damn he moves fast.)

I take off running all the way to the banquet hall. When I enter I look around for him, only seeing only bodies on the ground.

The guy’s voice comes from somewhere in the room. “How are you following me? I guess you want this little girl to die.”

I look around shouting, “Come on out coward”

(He is heading to the kitchen door on the right.) Ariya says,

I run and kick a chair into the door just as he tries to open it “Your invisibility is useless; I can follow you anywhere you go.”

“Fine then, let’s play.” He says, Then I suddenly get a premonition of him slicing the knife across her neck.

(No!) Ariya shouts in my head,

He becomes visible, as I see her body slump to the ground. He begins laughing pointing his knife at me as twenty images of him surround me.“Her death is on your hands”

They all charge me at once.

“I am going to kill you!” I shout,

I start wading through the images trying to find the real one. But once I destroy one another appears to take its place. I am getting a cut here and there. It’s just so hard to block so many attacks coming at me at once.

The guy laughs “You are getting tired boy, I can do this all day.”

And he is right; I am getting weak from blood loss and lack of mana.

(Okay, anytime would be good.) I say to Ariya

Then I get slashed from behind across my back as I fall to one knee. Then the images all disappear. The guy appears with his dagger impaled in his chest with Ariya holding the other end.

He slumps to the ground looking at her in shock “I-I killed you”

She kicks him over and turns to me “Sorry, it takes me a bit to find the real one.”

I chuckle and fall down to my knees coughing up a bit of blood. She runs over to me looking at my bleeding body with concern “We really need to find you some help”

Just then Chiara and Aislin run in. Aislin runs over crouching next to me “Let me help him”

She places her hands over me and begins healing my wounds. Ariya is now looking at her in awe, seeing the real princess and how just beautiful she really is. I glance over to Chiara as she walks up “I guess that monster was no match for you.”

She smiles “Well Aislin kept me healed, and eventually he ran out of steam.”

After a while, the alarm stops, and security runs in. We hear everything is now secure and it took almost an hour and a half to do so. We find out their main goal was actually to kidnap the princess. Chiara helps me up and escorts me back to my room. I can feel a bit of jealousy coming from Ariya as Chiara continues to talk to me along the way.

I walk inside and just fall on the bed exhausted. Chiara leaves to go back to the princess. Just as Ariya is about to say something to me my phone goes off and it's Daniel calling. She answers and her father ends up taking the phone. Apparently they heard about the attack asking if we are okay.

As she is talking, she looks to me “Hold on dad, dang it Fabien you’re getting blood all over my bed get up.”

I Look at her defiantly as I grab the blankets rubbing them all over me then I stand. She shakes her head“Very mature, now go clean yourself off in the shower.”

I smirk then walk off taking a shower. I begin to feel a bit more refreshed from Aislin’s healing, but I am still low on mana. I walk out with a towel around me Ariya walks past me into the restroom.

“Now you can change the sheets on the bed.” She says,

“Whatever mom”

She just ignores me as I smile getting dressed, then fix the sheets. I Look at the clock seeing its a little past three in the morning. I go and lay on the bed waiting for her to come back out. She comes back out in another one of my t-shirts as I just grin at her thinking how good she looks like that.

She lies down next to me and looks at me with a smile. “That was pretty exciting right?”

I smile back “Yeah your fighting got a lot better, I was really surprised.”

“I think we make a pretty good team.”

“So, you like being bonded with me now, huh?” I ask,

She brushes her fingers across her neck. “Well, you did save my life again by shielding my neck when he tried to cut it.”

So was your family mad I pulled you here. I know they had to be worried about you.” I ask,

She shakes her head. “They weren’t really mad, but they do really want to meet you.”

“Did they say anything when you told them you got bonded with a serf?”

She gives me a reluctant look “I, I didn’t really tell them that.”

I hesitate, “What, how are you going to -”

“I lied to them. I said something crazy happened and I accidently got bonded with another noble.” She cuts me off saying,

I roll on to my back with a sigh. “Great, what about Daniel?”

“He was just quiet about it all. Are you mad?”

I turn away “Nah, it’s whatever I guess. I guess it’s better if they don’t know.”

“Well, you aren’t really a serf anymore.”

“Let’s just drop it okay?”

“I am sorry”

It gets quiet for a while and we eventually fall back asleep.

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