Unbreakable Premonition

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Meet the Parents

The next day I wake up and we are facing each other almost touching. I lie there remembering the last thing we talked about. I am not sure if she or anyone else will ever look past the fact I am a serf. She was too ashamed to admit to her parents what I was. If they did find out what I am, how would they really react. Also Daniel refused to tell them the truth, and he was always my biggest supporter which also seemed to hurt a bit.

As I look at her, her eyebrows scrunch up like she is having a bad dream again. I bring my hand up gently rubbing my thumb over them to get her to stop.

“What are you dreaming about now?”I whisper,

Her face returns to normal as I continue to watch her breathing softly as she sleeps. My hand softly brushes the rest of her hair off the rest off her face. I just continue to watch her, wishing things were different between us. I smile just thinking how much I hated her, but now it’s taking every ounce of my strength to keep from kissing her.

I chuckle silently to myself as I quietly say, “Damn girl everything about you drives me crazy.”

She moans softly in her sleep moving her head slightly, bringing her lips closer to mine. I hesitate as my heart begins to race as I try fighting the urge to kiss her. I take my index finger and softly rub it across her lips. They part slightly as she takes in a breath. I lean towards her already losing this fight.

“Don’t hate me for this” I whisper,

Just as I am about to bring my lips to hers, her eyes flutter open looking at me. I hesitate expecting her to say something, or pull away, she doesn’t. Her eyes just close again as I hear in my head as she softly says,(Please don’t stop)

Not sure if she was telling me not to stop, or was hoping I wouldn’t. I close the rest of the distance bringing my lips to hers. Our breathing stopped, and my heart swelled; as her warm tender lips pressed against mine. I get overflowed with both my feelings for her, and hers for me. We were afraid, knowing this was wrong, but everything about it felt so right.

One of her hands comes up to my chest as I feel her body tremble. The kiss only lasted a few seconds but it felt like much longer. I didn’t want it to stop. I pull away looking at her as she keeps her eyes closed.

She lets out a groan of frustration “Shit”

“What?” I ask, wondering if I messed up.

She looks to me “Why do you have to make everything with me so complicated?”

Looking at her slightly confused. “Oh sorry, I thought you wanted me too”

“I did, I mean -” She leans forward kissing me again with a moan “You don’t know how bad I want this. But everything about it is so wrong.”

I smile “Well our bond breaks all sorts of rules, what’s one more.”

She smiles biting her bottom lip with another groan and she rolls on to her back, “You know they will never let this happen.”

I chuckle and slide over lying half over her, “Who said we have to tell them. Why didn’t you ever tell me how you felt?”

She looks up at me and rubs her hand through my hair. “I didn’t want to believe it. You don’t know how hard I tried to not have feelings for you.”

“Why because I am a serf?”

She places her hand over the brand on my chest. “No, because you are my bonded partner. I stopped thinking of you as a serf long ago. Plus, before you told me how you felt. I never thought you actually thought of me that way.”

I chuckle, “Really how many times have you caught me checking you out or calling you hot.”

She smiles, “Well you have said that about Traci and Melissa. I know you hate them.”

I nod in agreement, “Yeah they are total bitches.”

She laughs, “See and that’s what I thought you still thought about me.”

I grin, “I still think you’re a bitch” She gasps slapping my chest. I rub my chest chuckling “Ow see, but I think that is one of the things I like most about you. I don’t have to guess how you feel you let me know.”

“Or you just read my mind,” she says as she narrows her eyes at me.

“Yeah, that usually helps too.”

She smiles looking back at the brand tracing her fingers over it. “So what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know, I guess we can just keep acting like we have been towards each other.” Then I say in her head (It’s not like they can hear everything we say to each other.)

She looks to me with a smile, “You are such a bad influence on me.”

“We can break the bond again if you want?”

“Oh, that is never happening again” Her hand slides up to the back of my head as she looks into my eyes. “I think you should kiss me again”

I smile and lean down kissing her again. This one was much more passionate as we release every bit of our built up frustration and emotion into this kiss. We both lose ourselves completely into it. The hand in my hair would close grabbing a handful of my hair. Her other hand slid across and up my back. Our tongues met caressing each other. There was a slight bitter taste to it from the morning breath we both probably had, but we didn’t care. Everything about this kiss was euphoric and felt like every other kiss we had before this was just practice for this one.

This kiss gets interrupted up by someone clearing their throat. We both look seeing Daniel standing there with an impeccably well dressed older gentleman. He has feathered greying black hair and a well-trimmed beard. Standing next to him is a lady slightly younger than him with golden blonde hair and light blue eyes. She seems to be trying to hold back a smile. Next to them are two obvious body guards carrying swords on their hips.

Ariya quickly pushes me off her panicking as she sits up. “Mom, dad, why are you here?”

My heart leaps into my throat as my eyes widen hearing that. The man glares at me as he walks towards me saying in a commanding tone, “Stand up boy”

I slowly stand up out of the bed knowing this is going to get bad. I look down to nervous to look him in the eyes. “I am sorry sir, I -”

He stops in front of me holding his arms behind his back. “Grow some balls boy and look at me.”

My eyes shoot up to his as Ariya exclaims, “Dad!”

He snaps his fingers at her and she goes quiet looking at her mom nervously.

He steps closer getting in my face. “Are you her guardian?”

“Yes sir,” I say back,

He walks around me inspecting me as the mother walks over sitting beside Ariya on the bed.

“So if you are her guardian, why are you kissing her?”He says then pushes on my back to see how sturdy I am.

I move slightly and turn to look at him. “I’m sorry, sir.”

“Well you look like a guardian, but can you fight? Maybe you just like to use these muscles to get females into bed with you.”

“Dad stop please!”Ariya pleads,

The mother takes Ariya’s hand as the dad ignores her and glares in my eyes again. “Why don’t you give me a good reason why I don’t have this bond removed right now?” He says and I feel like I’m being drilled by some army person.

“Because sir, no matter what you think about me. I would never allow anyone to hurt your daughter. As for my fighting skills, you can put anyone in front of me and I will defeat them.”I say without hesitation or having to even think about my words.

Daniel smiles glancing over at Ariya. The father nods in approval, “Well, we will see about that. We have come to take Ariya back with us, and you are coming with her.”

“Yes sir”

Then he motions for me to move with his head. "Go, you have ten minutes to get dressed and packed up then we are leaving.”

“Yes sir”

I quickly begin getting dressed as he walks over talking to Ariya. As I begin packing the mother walks up and begins helping me.

She smiles and begins folding a shirt for me. “Please forgive my husband; he is very protective of our Ari. We just weren’t expecting to come in seeing what we saw.”

I look at her with a reluctant smile. “Yeah, I am sorry ma’am it just happened.”

She looks to me with question, “Was that your first one with her?”

I nod “Pretty much”

She smiles looking back to Ariya, “Such a passionate first kiss.”

Ariya gasps, “Mom!”

The mom chuckles turning back to me. “Sorry after she broke up with that Wayne boy, I never thought she would date again.”

I Look at her with uncertainty “So you don’t mind if we dated?”

The father quickly cuts in “I mind”

The mother looks to him, “Oh be quiet Gregory” She then quietly says to me “Her father and I used to be bonded as well. Plus I like you a lot better than that Wayne boy.”

I nod “Yeah he was an arrogant jerk” Then I begin to wonder if Ariya has told them what Wayne did to her? I know she kept it from Daniel.

The dad then looks at Ariya with disappointment "Ariya should have fought harder to keep him. He comes from a good family. Now stop talking boy, my dead grandmother packs faster than you.”

Well that answered my question.

I glance to Daniel with a slightly irritated look as he just shakes his head at me. The packing eventually gets done. Then we all stand in a circle together holding hands. The mother then uses her teleportation magic to make us appear in the main hall of their mansion. We must be totally on the opposite side of the world since its night here still.

The father looks to one of the guards. “Show Fabien to one of the guest rooms.”

Daniel steps up beside me. “I will do it”

We walk off heading upstairs to one of the rooms. As we are walking he says, “Sorry about my father earlier, he was just trying to scare you.”

I smirk “Well it worked”

We get to the room and I look around tossing my bags on the bed. He leans against the dresser crossing his arms with a grin. “So you like Ariya now? I remember when you two wanted to kill each other.”

I chuckle “Yeah she kind of grew on me”

“I also heard you saved a princess. Someone should really write a movie or a book about your life.”

I smile and start walking around looking at everything. “Well, your sister helped out a lot. I would probably be dead right now if she wasn’t there.” I pick up a picture sitting on the end table of him and his whole family. It looks to be when he was barely a teenager. Ariya looked at be around five or six. So what have you told your parents about me? She said she lied about me being a serf.” I say as I look back at him.

Suddenly we hear from the door a young voice say“He’s a what?”

We both turn and look seeing a young boy about eleven years old. He turns to run off shouting. “I am telling mom!"

Daniel takes off after him yelling, “No Chris stop!”

Daniel chases after him and catches him picking him up. The boy shouts, “Let me go, mom!”

The mother turns the corner looking at them“What’s going on? Daniel put your brother down”

Chris shouts, "Ariya’s guard -” Daniel quickly covers his mouth.

“Just ignore hi - Ow!”

Chris bites down on Daniel’s finger and yells. Daniel lets go dropping him. Chris uses this opportunity to say, "Ariya’s guardian is a serf!”

The mother’s eyes widen as she looks past them to me, and Ariya who just stepped out of a room hearing the commotion. Ariyalooks to me and quickly pushes me back into my room as I hear the mother say, “Chris go to your room and don’t talk to your father till I say.”

“But mom!” Chris exclaims

“Do what I say now. Daniel come with me, we have to have a talk with your sister and Fabien.”

My heart is racing again as Ariya and I Look at each other nervously. Ariya takes my hand as they both enter and the mother closes the door behind her.

She looks to us in disappointment “Is it true what Chris said, Fabien are you a serf?”

“Not anymo -” Ariya begins to say,

The mom snaps her fingers and cuts her off glaring at her “I was talking to Fabien, sit down and be quiet.”

We Look at each other as Ariya sit down next to me on my bed.

“Yes ma’am, I am.” I nod,

She looks to Daniel, who is leaned against the wall watching,“And you allowed this serf to participate in the bonding ritual. Do you know how dangerous and illegal that is? Ariya could have gotten killed.”

Daniel comes off the wall “He didn’t actually participate, he was just in the room watching.”

The mom crosses her arms “Don’t lie to me, I know you have to be part of the ritual for it to work.”

“It’s true, he didn’t participate either time we got bonded.”Ariya adds

The mom looks to her, “You did this more than once?”

Ariya looks down shamefully “Yeah, we bonded the first time then broke it and when I did it again it bonded us again.”

“I actually wasn’t there the second time she did it.” I say,

The mother rubs her forehead in confusion looking at us. She then walks over to me and I can feel Ariya’s nervousness rising. The mother places both her hands on the sides of my head closing her eyes. I feel a strange pressure in my head,

(What’s going on?) I ask Ariya,

Her and the mother both answer at the same time, “Looking into your memories”

A sharp pain hits both Ariya and I in our heads as the mother collapses to her knees in pain. Daniel and I quickly kneel beside her in concern.

“Are you okay?” I ask

She looks to me “Sorry I got too much information at once. When I looked into your memories I got hers as well. Your bond is much stronger than I have ever heard of.”

We help her up, then we hear a knock at the door as the father walks in. “This is where everyone is. What’s going on?” He says when he sees us all in here.

The mother looks to him with a bit of reluctance in her eyes. Then she motions to the bed beside Ariya. “Honey you need to sit down, there is something I need to tell you.”

He looks around to everyone then his eyes widen as he looks to Ariya. “She isn’t pregnant is she?”

His gaze turns back to me in anger. Daniel almost laughs and immediately goes back to a straight face. Ariya gets a shocked look“What, no.”

The mom mother shakes her head. “No nothing that serious, but he is a serf.”

His voice raises as I could almost see a fire in his eyes “A what!?!” He yells,

The mother walks over taking his hand, “Honey let me explai-”

He jerks his hand away from her and moves up to me. My eyes close and I turn my head away expecting to be hit. He shouts in my face causing a bit of spit to land on my lip. “My daughter was kissing a lowly serf!”

Daniel looks to me nervously expecting me to say something. Ariyajumps up “Dad stop!”

He grabs her pulling her away from me and I look back to him “Sir let me-” He turns throwing a punch at my face only to hit a invisible barrier instead. “-explain”

His face contorts with anger as he holds his hand in pain. He almost growls out “No, I want you to leave this house right now.”

Daniel steps forward now “But dad.”

“Boy, you better leave now. We are breaking this bond and you are never going to see my daughter again.”

I can feel Ariya getting extremely angry now, and just as she is about to say something I interrupt her. “Fine, I will leave your house. But I will not break this bond again. I promised your daughter I would protect her, and never leave her again. I plan on keeping my promise to her.”

The father gets in my face, “You act like you have a say in this matter, serf.”

I grit my teeth staring back at him as Ariya walks back over taking my hand. “His name is Fabien, and I will not let you break our bond.”

He looks to her, “So you would tarnish your reputation and the reputation of your family over a mere servant?”

I clench my fist getting even more angry knowing it would come down to this. Her hand tightens around mine as she gets louder “I don’t care what people think about us or him. He has saved my life over and over even saved the princess from pirates kidnapping her. He is my guardian and you will not take him from me. I love him.”

My eyes widen and my heart skips a beat as I look over at her. Her eyes begin tearing up and I can feel her nervousness. But she is standing firm with what she said. A smile forms on her mother’s face as Daniel just stands there in shock.

The father turns looking at the mother as he slowly begins to smile as well. “You are right, they are just like us.”

We both just stand there confused as what is going on now. The mother walks to us she takes hold of my clenched fist“Fabien, we have known for a while who you are.”

The father walks over and kisses Ariya on the forehead. “Of course I would do a background check on who gets bonded with my little girl. Daniel has also told me everything you have done for her.”

Ariya’s nervousness rises as she looks to Daniel thinking they know what Wayne did to her. Daniel somehow realizes that and steps forward saying, “What I told them was how you protected her at the club and almost getting arrested. Also when Tyson assaulted her and Michael.”

The father steps back in front of me and holds out his hand to shake “No hard feelings right?”

Still a bit confused about the situation I shake his hand hesitantly “Yeah, I guess”

He then grabs my shoulder leading me away. “Good, now come walk with me. Oh and sorry for spitting on you. I got a little caught up in the moment."

“Oh, that’s fine,” I say as glance to Ariya nervously and wipe my lip.

We walk off and as we get a ways away he looks to me. “So you made quite the impression on my daughter. Daniel told you about the history between you two.”

I look at him with a confused smirk. “So, he knew you were messing with us?”

“It was actually his idea.” I chuckle shaking my head thinking I am getting him back somehow. He continues. “You know if you ever hurt or break her heart, I will have you killed.” I Look at him stunned by that remark as his straight face slowly turns to a smile. “But that wont happen right?”

I shake my head “Oh no sir, I would never do that.”

“Good. But that’s not the reason I wanted to talk to you. I wanted to tell you I found out more about your savant bloodline.” He says as we begin walking some more.

“Oh really?”

We walk into what looks like a study as he sits behind a large desk with a rather large book laying on it.

He slides it across the desk in front of me. “It's all in there. Apparently all savants are part of some ancient cursed bloodline, dating back thousands of years. There is a story about a dragon that fell in love with a prince and took human form to be with him.

She ended up giving birth to twins. The twins were complete opposites, in every way. One craved power, fame, and domination over everything. While the other just wanted to live a normal peaceful life.

These twins grew up in total conflict with each other. The people who were close to them would end up getting hurt or even killed. The mother eventually had to make the hardest choice any parent had to make, and killed the power hungry twin. Before the twin died he cursed his brother and his bloodline. The curse made it so anyone in his bloodline has a chance of also birthing twins. These twins would also end up conflicting with each other killing each other and their loved ones in the process. So far every savant he read about, ended up dying in a great battle against what he guessed is their twin.”

I smirk at how crazy this story sounds.“So you are saying, I might have an evil twin?”

“I don’t know and I couldn’t find out anything on your birth parents. This makes me reluctant on allowing my daughter to stay bonded with you. But after seeing her stand up to me like she did and how she truly feels, I can’t bring myself to break you two up.” He says with a smile.

I open the book seeing a few pictures about different savants. “Are you sure this is true, it all seems like a fairy tale made up about us”

“Let’s hope so.”

We continue talking about it for a while then I head back to my room. Ariya is already in her room for the night. They post guards outside our rooms to make sure we don’t sneak out to see each other.

As I am lying down reading some more about the Savants, Ariya says in my head, (Are you sleeping?)

(Not yet, just reading) I say back

(What did my dad say to you?)

(He showed me this book and was explaining to me what he found out about the savant bloodline.)I say then close the book and set it on the end table.

(Did you learn anything useful?)

I smile and reach over to turn off the lamp. (I might have an evil twin.)

She chuckles, (An evil twin?)

(Yeah apparently every savant was born a twin. One of them is good and the other is evil.)

(So there is someone worse than you? Maybe, you’re the evil twin.)

I chuckle and lay back resting my arm over my eyes. Even after getting used to talking like this, it still give me a headache. (I’m not that bad am I?)

She laughs (I wanted to strangle you every time I saw you.)

I smile (Well that must have changed since you are in love with me now.)

(I didn’t mean to say that.) She says as I feel a slight embarrassment from her.

(It’s okay all the females seem to fall in love with me once they get to know me.)

She laughs, (You are an idiot)

(But you still love me though right?) She gets quiet and I say (But I wanted to say, I thought it was awesome how you stood up to your dad.)

(He was making me mad kept calling you serf, and boy.) She says, and I smile feeling her start getting upset again.

(Well I am a serf)

She gasps, (No you aren’t, you are my guardian and a hero.)

I hear one of the guards cough outside my door and look their direction. (You know these guards outside our doors are pointless. I could just summon you here if I wanted.)

(I think we should just be good tonight and not push things with my parents.)

(Fine I guess.) I get quiet for a bit then ask (So are we together now?)

(Is that what you want?) She asks,

I smile knowing she just want to hear me say I do. (I’ve wanted it for a while now, and you know that.)

(Then yes we are)

(What about the rules?)

(Fuck the rules)

I laugh (God it’s so hot when you cuss.)

We talk for a while longer and eventually try falling asleep again. After a long night, the morning finally rolls around. I am woken up by a knock at the door and a servant enters.

I sit up looking at him as he says, “Excuse me my lord, your presence has been requested in the dining hall for breakfast.”

I smirk hearing the guy calling me lord“Thank you, I will be there as soon as I am dressed.”

He nods, “Okay sir, I will be waiting outside if you need anything.”

It doesn’t take me long to get dressed and ready to head down there. When I walk out the guard escorts me to the dining room. This room is massive and the table they eat at looks like it could hold maybe twenty people around it. Sitting at one end is the father and on his right is the mother. On the left side is Daniel and Chris. It doesn’t seem like Ariya has shown up yet.

The servant escorts me to a chair beside Chris. As I am sitting down Chris gives me a look of detest then turns to Daniel. “Switch spots with me, I don’t want to sit next to the serf.” He says quietly

“Don’t be rude, get up.”Daniel quietly says back as he begins to stand.

They switch spots and the servants begin bringing out a plate with a large helping of food to eat. Along with the food they bring me two glasses one with orange juice and the other with just ice water.

The mother smiles to me after she takes a sip of her wine. “Did you sleep well last night? I hope we didn’t scare you too bad with our test?”

I chuckle and look at the father. “Oh yeah, that scared the shh, crap out of me, especially when your husband tried to punch me.”

The father laughs “Daniel said you could protect yourself with your magic, so I wanted to make it look real.”

Ariya walks in at this time glaring at him “What if you actually hit him?”

I turn seeing her in a long pink spaghetti strapped nightgown. I just smile thinking how beautiful she looks. She glances to me with a smile as her father answers her question. “He is a guardian, I knew he could take a hit from me. But yeah I would have apologized afterwards.”

Ariya sits down beside her mother across from me and the servants bring in her food.

Ariyalooks at both her parents curiously as she unfolds her napkin and sets it in her lap.“So you really don’t care that he is a serf?”

“Oh, I was upset at first till I heard the whole situation from Daniel, telling me he is one of the fabled savants.” He says as he smiles at me.

I flash him a fake smile this time. Now I’m even more skeptical of this whole situation. I begin thinking the only reason they allow me to be with her is because I am The Savant. They might be using this situation to boost their reputation or something.

Apparently Ariya was listening to my thought. She glares across at me in offense. (My family wouldn’t do that. They don’t care about reputation and all that.)

I look back at her as I take a bite of my food. (Sorry all of this just doesn’t seem real to me.)

(Well it is, and don’t think that way about my family.)

(Sor -)

Suddenly, Daniel pushes me. “Fabien are you listening?”

I cough , almost choking on my food and look at him. “Yeah sorry about that. What did you say?”

The mother glances to Ariya then back to me “I just said, that I thought your bond you have with my daughter, everything about it sounds so romantic. Also, your relationship reminds us so much of ours.” The mother says as she looks to her husband with a smile.

The father smiles at her then kisses her lips, then looks back at me “But we really aren’t the ones you need to worry about. It still is against the rules for you two to be together romantically. If they find out, things will become very difficult for you both. Especially you Fabien, since you were born a serf. How do you two plan on handling it?”

I shrug "I’m not sure, what did you two do?”

The mother responds, “We did try hiding it at first, but as you know, nothing stays hidden forever. They eventually caught on to us. We were given the option to stop dating and be under constant supervision, or be forced to break our bond. We chose to break our bonds. At first our parents weren’t very happy, but they came to accept our decision.”

I take another bite then say “I know I have always heard the rule saying its forbidden to date or be romantic with your bonded partner. But-”

(Fabien)Ariya suddenly says and I stop and look at her. She points to her mouth. (You’re being gross and talking with food in your mouth)

I look back at them seeing them looking at me with confused expressions. I cover my mouth with my hand “Sorry” I quickly chew up my food and swallow.I forgot, its rude to talk with food in your mouth.” They smile and look at Ariya as she rolls her eyes and shakes her head. “Well as I was saying. I don’t really understand why its forbidden to date your bonded partner. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to protect that partner if you loved them?”

The father nods “Yes you would, but it also brings with it other complications. One is, if you had to choose between saving a high priority person, like the princess, or completing a mission; but in the process you might lose your partner. They don’t want you to choose your partner over the mission. Also, let’s say a few years down the road, you and Ariya have a horrible break up or a fight. That could seriously influence how you two do your job.”

I nod.“Yeah, I guess, but I still think that could happen to anyone. I mean you are stuck with this person for maybe the rest of your life. You are going to end up having some sort of feelings for them.”

“That’s true,” He says,

I look over at Ariya. “But as for what we are going to do, I will do whatever she wants to do. If she wants us to break the bond again I will. If not, then I am sure we will figure something out.”

Ariya smiles back at me “Well, we have another year to figure it out. So, I guess we will just have to keep it a secret till then.”

We all continue eating and discussing everything that happened on the airship. Ariya was excited to explain all the fighting we did, and saving the princess. Then I remember the contest I won to visit the castle.

I turn to Daniel “Oh crap I forgot, I won a contest to visit Chogatha Castle. The princess is probably expecting me.”

Daniel smiles “Yeah, I talked to her. She was a little upset, but understood. I think her guard was more upset that you weren’t going to be there.”

I glance to Ariya as she takes a bite of food smiling. (I told you she liked you.) She says

The father leans forward with curiosity “So you actually met the Chogathan princess? Is the rumors of her beauty true? I hear she rivals even the goddesses themselves.”

To mess with Ariya even more I just grin and nod to him “Ooh yeah, both her and her guard were sooo ho- Ow!”

Suddenly, I get kicked in the shin from under the table. I look atAriya as she narrows her eyes at me taking another bite of her food. Her family chuckles at us. We talk a while longer and the father wants to get to know me better. He decides to begin showing me around his places as we talk.

Their estate is massive; you have to drive pretty much everywhere you go. They have multiple courts for different sports, a running track, it’s wn training grounds, and two swimming pools both indoors and out. It has a huge amount of land for their twelve horses to run on. Also there is a rather large lake that he keeps stocked up to go fishing if they want.

We walk down to his lake and sit at a gazebo overlooking the lake. As we are sitting he pours me a glass of wine “So I hear from Daniel, you and Ariya didn’t get along very well at first.”

I chuckle and take a sip “That’s a nice way of saying it. No we didn’t like each other very much at all.”

“So what changed? I guess the bond helped quite a bit?” He asks then pours a drink for himself.

“Yeah probably. We would probably still hate each other if we never got bonded. But over time the more I learned about her the more I wanted to be there to help her with her problems and protect her.”

“You mean Wayne her ex?”

I hesitate, wondering if he really knows what happened between them. “Did they tell you what happened between them?”

“All I know is he broke her heart and spread nasty rumors about her. He also had his guardian beat her and friend of hers up as well.”

I chuckle, realizing she didn’t claim Michael as her ex either, “Michael the guy who got beat up was her ex as well”

“She had another boyfriend? Why didn’t she tell us about him?”

“I am not sure, he still wasn’t over his ex while they were together. She just has bad luck with men I guess.”

He smiles, “Let's hope you are better than her last two.”

“Oh I know I will be. Wayne was a....”

I can’t seem to think of any non cuss words to call him. He raises an eyebrow, “An asshole?”

I chuckle, “Was trying not to use a cuss word, but yeah”

He laughs, “I was also told about how you like to express yourself through cursing”

I nod and take a drink, “Just a bit but your daughter is helping me be a better person. But yeah Wayne was an asshole.”

“Well, after she broke up with Wayne she stayed here almost two weeks cooped up in her bedroom not talking to anyone. It took her friends to come here from the school to convince her to return. Did something happen we don’t know about?”

Knowing Ariya probably doesn’t want them to know I say, “No, that’s all I know as well.”

“Apparently her feelings for you are very strong, love is a very heavy word to be thrown around. Do you feel the same way?” He asks, then takes a drink and stares at me waiting for my answer. I hesitate a second knowing I have never actually said that word about anyone.

Ive never really believed in love. I believed love was just a chemical reaction in your brain providing those amorous feelings. You can get those through watching a good movie or eating chocolate.

Just as I am going to answer he leans forward. “Oh, and she isn’t listening right now is she? I heard you two can read each other’s minds.” He quietly asks.

I shrug to him, “I am not sure if she is listening, she usually yells at me to let me know.” He laughs leaning back and I continue. “And to answer your question, I know I care deeply about her more than I have with anyone else. I know I always want to be there for her to protect her no matter what.”

He smiles, “Good answer. So I hear you are really good at fighting, I hope to see you in action someday.”

“I am decent I guess, I have seen people a whole lot better than I am. Like the princess’s bodyguard, she was so much better than me."

“I also heard you were quite the rebel in school always fighting and getting into trouble.”

“Well, most of that wasn’t my fault. Those spoiled rich kids there knew how to really irritate me, even your daughter.”

He chuckles, “Yeah she has always been a handful.” He leans forward again saying “You know up until she was ten she wanted to be a boy? She hated hearing that girls were the weaker sex, and we even caught her dressing up in Daniel’s clothes”

I laugh saying, “I don’t think I could ever picture her as a guy she is way too -” I hesitate a second trying to choose my word carefully then say “Feminine.”

He gets a serious look on his face.“You two haven’t... you know?”

(Oh god, what are you two talking about?)I suddenly hear,

I chuckle almost spitting up my wine. I wipe my lips “Well, she just head that question you asked.”

He laughs then leans forward yelling at me, “Sorry dear!”

I close my eyes to him shouting in my face, “You really don’t have to yell. But no all we have done is just kiss.”

(Okay this is embarrassing, how do I turn this off.)

He then asks, “Is she still listening?”

I just nod as he gets a mischievous grin, “You know how I told you she wanted to be a boy.”

(Oh he better not)She says and I fight back a smile.

He continues, “Well she got into a fight with some boys at her school saying girls couldn’t pee standing up. So sh-”

Before I could hear the rest, I suddenly I appear next to her in her room. She gives me an upset look and crosses her arms.

I chuckle, “Hey, I was listening to him.”

“Shut up, he was just trying to embarrass me.”

I laugh again, “So did you show those boys you could pee standing up?”

"Ew no, that’s gross”

I laugh again walking up to her placing my hands on her waist pulling her to me. “Well I am glad you aren’t a guy, then I could never do this.”

I lean down kissing her. The next few days go by and I really start getting along with her family. Except her little brother Chris, he seems like a little Ariya before we got bonded. He didn’t really bother me much and I just ignored him most of the time.

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