Unbreakable Premonition

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Truth Revealed

The vacation comes close to an end, and we are sent back to the school. We register for the final year of her classes. I meet up with Jason and David, as they tell me what all I missed after I left. They also both have long-distance relationships now. Daniel makes it to where I move back in with Markus; and now Michael, who took Mikey’s place. It didn’t take long for Michael and me to work out our differences.

Then one day, Ariya and I are walking out of her dorm to sneak away to watch a movie or something. As we are walking, we see Elizabeth being dropped off back at the school by some tall guy with feathery auburn hair. Even to me, I can tell he is a pretty attractive guy. He walks around and leans down to kiss her then takes her bags helping her carry them to her room.

We both stop and smile at them, as they walk up. She sees us and smiles back

Ariya smiles at them and looks Elizabeth’s man up and down. “Welcome back girlie and who is this?”

Elizabeth glances to me then turns to him as he sets her bags down. “This is my fiancé Brayden”

He shakes my hand and from the lack of firmness in his handshake, he must be a noble and not a guardian. He smiles“You must be the savant Elizabeth told me so much about.”

I Look at her as she looks away with a grin.“I hope it was good things?”

“Of course.”

“Yeah, she told me a bit about you as well”

He smiles to Elizabeth, “Also, I hope they were good things?”

I look at her, “Oh yeah nothing but good things.”

Then he turns to Ariya, and steps forward kissing her hand. Ariya begins to smile brightly as she looks to Elizabeth mouthing the words “So hot” Elizabeth nods in agreement as I roll my eyes looking away.

He looks into Ariya’s eyes, “Elizabeth’s description of you didn’t do you justice. You are far more beautiful than she described.”

Ariya blushes a bit more unable to think of something to say back.

I chuckle “Well, I am glad Elizabeth finally found a good man. She deserves someone like you in her life. But don’t make her mad she can be really scary with her magic.”

He laughs “Oh yes, I know she told me about the confrontation that happened here that ended up getting you expelled.”

I nod and rub the back of my head shamefully, “Yeah I was a bit out of control then.” I Look atAriya who still seems to be entranced by him, ”Ariya, are you ready to go do that thing we were going to do?” She doesn’t say anything and I snap in her face “Wake up woman!”

She snaps out of it looking at me, “What?”

I laugh “Are you ready to go?”

“Oh, yeah sure. It was nice meeting you Brayden”

Elizabeth looks at us curiously, “Where are you two going?”

We Look at each other as Ariya tries lying “Oh, since none of you were back; I was dragging Fabien to see a movie with me.”

I shake my head and look away feigning annoyance. “Yeah she won’t tell me what it is”

Ariya looks at me “Because you probably wouldn’t go if I did.”

“It better not be some cheesy romance. I will just walk out if it is.” I say,

Just as Ariya starts to say something then Elizabeth takes Brayden’s hand. “Give us a bit to put my stuff up, and we will go.”

Ariya and I look at each other unsure what to say. I grin “Good, then I don’t have to go.”

Ariya gasps, “Oh hell no, I am not being a third wheel. You already said you would go, so you are going.”

I sigh looking away, “Whatever”

They walk off to put away Elizabeth’s stuff as Ariya smiles watching them leave. When they are a ways off I say, “Could you stare any harder at him?”

She looks back at me, “What? I wasn’t staring.”

I chuckle, “When he kissed your hand you were pretty much drooling over him.”

“Whatever, I wasn’t drooling. Don’t tell me you are jealous?”

I look away, “Of him? Pfft no way. He is way too stiff and overselling it with the kissing of your hand and stuff.”

She smirks, “That’s how a true gentleman is supposed to act. Maybe you should take notes.”

I give a quick laugh, “Yeah, that’s not going to happen.” I try mocking his voice saying “Elizabeth’s description of you didn’t do you justice. You are so beautiful. Pfft whatever.”

“You know what, maybe you should stay home.” She says and I look back at her. I can feel that she is actually starting to get upset.

I chuckle taking her hand," Ariya come on I was just kidding.”

She pulls he hand free and turns to face away from me crossing her arms. “You’re being a jerk”

I step forward and place my hands on her waist and kiss her cheek. "Come on,, I’m always a jerk. I have no problem with the guy, I am glad Elizabeth really likes him.”

“I just wish you would work on your etiquette more around higher class people.”

I step back and smile, “Your parents seemed to like me just fine. They didn’t say anything to me about my bad etiquette.”

She turns to face me, “No they said it to me. They said I should get you to take some etiquette classes if we are to deal with higher class people later on.”

I narrow my eyes, realizing she is being serious. I thought they liked me fine, I didn’t expect for them to talk behind my back.. “So, you want me to pretend to be something I am not. Fine, I guess I will just stay home. I don’t want to do something low class and embarrass you in front of Brayden.” I say as I start walking off.

“Damn it Fabien stop.” She shouts,

I turn and look at her. “What?” I say in annoyance.

She grins walking towards me, “Damn, you are more sensitive about what people think about you than most of my female friends. You really need to get over this, I use to be a serf thing so everyone looks down on me. No one looks at you like that anymore. You are ‘The Savant’ people are already looking at you, expecting more from you. My parent’s loved you, their complaint was your dining etiquette. You used the wrong silverware to eat your food; and you liked to talk with food in your mouth.”

I smirk “I was wondering why there was like three forks and two spoons”

Then we hear behind us Elizabeth “Are you two fighting again?” She looks to Brayden saying “These two fight more than anyone I know”

I smirk to Ariya as I turn towards them. "Ariya just said she was embarrassed to be around me when we eat.”

Ariya gives me a displeased look. “It’s disgusting; he used the same fork for his salad, chicken, and his desert.”

Braden gives me a slight repulsed look, and Elizabeth chuckles. “That’s what the other forks are for Fabien. Ariya you really need to enroll him in some etiquette classes.”

I roll my eyes looking away hearing that again. Ariya laughs, “I know, that’s what I was telling him.”

We end up leaving heading to the theater. Brayden wants to drive us there. We both sit in the back and Ariya says to me in my head,

(I can’t believe how sensitive of a boyfriend I have)Ariya says,

(Hanging around you is affecting me. I think you are put me on your period cycle.)

She gasps and reaches over slapping my arm, “Ow!"

Elizabeth looks back at us, “What’s wrong?”

I rub my arm in pain and look at Ariya, "Ariya is psycho, hitting me for no reason”

Ariyaglares back at me, “Oh you know what you did.”

“What did I do?” I ask with a smirk, wondering what she’s going to say.

She rolls her eyes and looks away, “Such a jerk”

“I still don’t know what I did.”

Elizabeth chuckles turning back around holding her man’s hand. We finally get to the place and take our seats. Elizabeth leans forward and looks at us“Now I don’t have to separate you two so you don’t fight?”

“We will be fine as long as Fabien doesn’t do or say something stupid,” Ariya says as she glares at me. I scratch my eye with my middle finger flipping her off. “Yeah, you wish”

Elizabeth laughs walking off with Brayden. I grin, (Oh you just don’t know how much I do wish for that.)

She smiles at me taking my hand “You are going to be waiting a while” she quietly says,

I smile back at her, “I will wait as long as it takes”

She leans over kissing me and I smile watching Elizabeth and Brayden turning the corner “We might end up getting caught”

“No, we won’t. Go get us a drink” she says as she notices them as well.

“Yes ma’am”

I end up getting us a drink, and we begin watching this very sappy romantic movie. Many times, I almost find myself falling asleep. I glance over seeing Elizabeth leaned against Braden with his arm around her. I find myself wishing I could be doing that with Ariya.

Right after, I wish that Ariya leans against me quietly saying,“I am cold, you should put your arm around me” I smile putting my arm around her as she asks in my head. “Is that better?”

“Much better,” I say,

After the movie we decide to go out to eat. Then we head back to their dorm. When we get there we see Melissa and Markus lying on the couch watching a movie together. Michael and his girlfriend show up as well. She barely even looks at me. They all get introduced to Elizabeth’s new man. We all sit around talking for a while, and at some point some alcohol got involved. I am not even sure where it came from.

They wanted to play some couples games together. Ariya and I both insisted we should do something else because we aren’t a couple. They just told us to pretend. They began discussing some games. One was a questionnaire type game where we had to see how well we knew our significant other.

Melissa points at us accusingly, “We can’t play that because Ariya and Fabien could cheat, because they can read each other’s thoughts.”

I grin, “We could just watch.”

“No, we will just find something to play that you two can’t cheat at.” Elizabeth says,

Ariya and I grin to each other. Again, we ended up in a game of truth or dare. They still wanted to do this as couples. And again, Ariya let them know again we aren’t a couple. After a bit of begging, we finally give in saying okay. Melissa brings up a app on her phone with questions and dares for us.

She ends up starting it out by hitting the random button. “Okay, it's a dare. It says for me to kiss my favorite part of Markus.”

She turns to him as they both smile to each other. Then she leans forward kissing him on the lips. She pull back looking at his lips and licking hers. “Mmm, I just love his lips.”

We all smile as they kiss once more before she passes her phone to him. He pressed the button “Okay I got a truth one.”

Melissa pouts, “Damn”

He smiles at her then says, “It says, would I ever leave her if it would make me very rich.” He looks at us then shrugs, Well I am already rich, so no.”

Melissa cocks an eyebrow at him. “So if you weren’t rich would you”

“Of course not.” He says,

I laugh “Melissa, I would leave you for a sandwich and some chips.”

Melissa glares at me, "Well, I would never date you to begin with.” She scoffs “So disgusting”

I chuckle and we move on. Now they hand the phone to me, and I look at it nervously hoping I don’t get a dare. I get a truth and feel a bit of relief.

Then I read it out loud “What did I say, the first time I saw Ariya naked.”

Everyone chuckles and Ariya blushes slightly, “He has never seen me naked.”

I Look at her with a grin. “The first thing I said was, damn why did I have to wake up.”

Ariyanarrows her eyes at me, as I just smile back at her. (Don’t believe that dream, that isn’t what I look like naked.) She says,

(Are you sure it’s not a premonition of what is to come later? I think it was your couch in here we had sex on.) I say, then she blushes a bit looking over at the couch.

Melissa clicks her tongue. “That’s no fun. We know you have never seen her naked. Do it again.”

I Look at her, “Come on, this is a couples game most of the stuff won’t apply to us.”

“Whatever, just do another one.” Markus says,

I sigh, “Fine, it better not make me do something weird.”

I press the button then let out a sigh of relief as it is another Truth. “Thank god it’s another truth. It says, how many relationships was I in before I got with her.”

I look over at Ariya as I start counting on my fingers. She chuckles looking away “Whatever, quit acting like you’re some ladies man."

Then I finish counting “About eight.”

Ariya realizes I am not lying and looks at me with wide eyes"Eight really, how many did you sleep with?”

I smirk “Does that matter? That wasn’t part of the question.”

She looks back to everyone else and leans back. I can feel her curiosity rising wanting to know. I smirk handing the phone to Ariya.

She looks at it nervously,(Please don’t be a dare) She pressed the button (Shit) I chuckle to myself as she reads it out loud “Oh wait, this one is for everyone. It says to -” She stops then looks to everyone with reluctance “Come on, we really don’t have to do this one. Fabien and I aren’t together.”

Elizabeth slides over to look at the phone “What’s it say?”

Ariya reads it out loud “All the couples need to bring their faces and bodies as close as they can to each other without touching or kissing. The last couple to keep from touching or kissing wins.”

I chuckle to myself (I can see why you are scared to do it. You couldn’t resist not kissing me.)

She looks over at me with an unamused look,(Oh I think you are talking about yourself.)

Elizabeth looks at her with a smile. “Oh, this one is easy. Well, I guess you can sit out if you want. But you two would probably win since you aren’t a couple anyways.”

I smile at Ariya “I’m not scared. Let’s do it.”

She looks away rolling her eyes “Whatever, kissing you is probably disgusting anyways.”

Elizabeth was about to say something about when we kissed then stops and looks at her man smiling.

“So how do we do this?” Michael asks,

Elizabeth think for a second. “Well, I saw on a movie once. They would sit near each and hold up their hands not touching each other. Then they began moving closer to each other to see how close they could get without touching. I guess we could do that.”

(You are so going to cave.) Ariya says while nodding to Elizabeth.

(We will see)

We all sit down across from our partners. Then we hold up our hands in front of each other, inches away from touching.

I smirk at Ariya “You know I could just grab your hands now and we could just lose.”

Markus chuckles, “Oh so you are scared you are going to lose.”

Ariya glares at him “There is no way we would lose.” She looks to me “Come on quit being a pussy.”

I chuckle, “Alright”

Brayden leans over whispering to Elizabeth, “Does Ariya curse like that?”

She shakes her head whispering back, “No only around him.”

“Ah,” He says looking at us curiously.

“I think every minute or so we should move closer because this could last forever.” Melissa adds,

We all agree, and they start a stop watch that beeps after each minute. The game begins and we are just looking at each other. I keep wiggling my fingers coming close to touching her hand. (I can read your mind, I can see how much you want this to end in a kiss.) I say with a smile,

She rolls her eyes, (Whatever, I could go days even weeks without kissing you again.)

(Oh really, okay after we win this. We are going to see how long you can go.)

A beep goes off telling us a minute has gone by and we lean closer. She smiles glancing towards my lips. (You kissed me first remember. You couldn’t handle going that long without kissing again.)

(Oh, I am not just talking about kissing. There will be no more holding hands or cuddling, no touching at all. It shouldn’t be hard right since we are pretending to be just friends.)

She narrows her eyes, (See now you are just being mean. I thought -)

Another beep goes off and I get on my knees leaning towards her. She falls back bracing herself with her hands as I lean over her. (So you can go without kissing, but not holding hands or cuddling. I figured it would be the other way around.)

She laughs out loud and everyone glances over at us. (Your kisses aren’t all that.)

(Oh really) I lean a bit closer to her as she smiles leaning further away. (So you didn’t like my kissing at all?) I ask,

(I didn’t say that) I lean closer bringing my face inches from hers. She glances to my lips as she backs up a bit (I just mean I’m not tempted to kiss you all the time.)

I follow her crawling forward keeping my face close to hers. (You have no desire to kiss me right now?)

Even though I can feel the desire building up in her she lies (No)

She continues backing away as I follow her. She eventually comes to a dead end, backed up against the wall. I place one hand on the wall blocking her in. My lips move in so close, we can feel each other’s breath and the heat from them. Her lips part as we both totally forget where we are.

(You can’t lie to me, I can feel how bad you want to kiss me.) I bring my face slowly around to her to her ear as my breath causes goose bumps to form on her skin. I whisper in her ear, “Tell me how bad you want it”

Her eyes close as she pants out softly “I - so bad”

I softly blow down her neck to her shoulder causing her body to shudder as she takes in a quick breath. Then I bring my lips back to hers “Then do it, give in. Kiss me.” I quietly say,

She looks into my eyes and I can just feel she is about to give in. Our lips are so close. Her lips part and I lean in closer making our bottom lips barely touch.

Suddenly, a text message goes off snapping us back to reality. We stop and turn seeing everyone has stopped playing and is looking at us. They all aww because they didn’t get to see us actually kiss.

Ariya pushes me back “Dang it Fabien get off me.”

Melissa slaps Markus arm for letting his phone go off ”Your damn phone had to go off. That better be an important text message.”

Ariya and I get back into our spots as both of our faces are a bit flushed from that.

Elizabeth chuckles,, “Holy crap that was hot, I almost thought you two were actually going to kiss

“I think we all did,” Markus says,

Ariya scoffs, “Whatever, so who won?”

Michael shakes his head with a smile. “No one, we all stopped to see if you two were actually going to kiss.”

I chuckle and rub the back of my neck.. “Yeah we know, we were just trying to give you all a little show.”

Melissa gives us a skeptical look “Uh huh, that’s why both of your faces are red right now. You both better find people to date soon before you end up breaking some rules.”

Ariya stands up acting offended, “Shut up, that would never happen. I need another drink.”

Everyone laughs and I look up at her. “Can you make me one?”

“Do I look like a serf to you, get it yourself.”

She walks off to the kitchen as everyone laughs some more. I finally get up and follow her in there. She is standing in front of one of the counters pouring her another glass of wine. I make sure no one else is following me in there as I walk up behind her putting my arms around her.

She tenses up (Stop they will see you.)

I bring my lips to the nape of her neck kissing it “No they won’t.”

I gently bite on it causing her to softly moan. Her eyes close as she turns to face me taking a drink as she glances behind us. “You need to be good.”

I lean forward kissing her tasting the wine on her lips. “Sorry, that game just made me really want to kiss you.” I lick my lips to get more of the wine taste and I take the glass from her taking a sip “Mmm, this wine is pretty good.”

She takes the glass back “Get your own glass. I knew you were all talk saying you could go a week without touching or kissing me.”

I walk over grabbing a glass from the cabinet to pour me some of the wine “Oh I could. I just don’t want to.”

She laughs “Uh huh whatever, like I said all talk.”

She begins walking back to the living room. I follow her (Fine, I will show you then. I won’t touch or kiss you for a week.)


We go back to the party and I decide to sit away from her, as she just rolls her eyes shaking her head. The night ends up going by and we head back to our rooms. Markus and Michael are walking with me.

Markus pushes me, “So, tell the truth, is there something going on between you and Ariya?”

I look at him like he’s stupid. “What no, all that was just show for the game.”

Michael smirks, “It might have been show to you. I think she was about to cave kissing you.”

I chuckle, “She probably was, I am pretty irresistible.” I laugh “No, there really isn’t anything going on with us.”

Markus places his hand on my shoulder. “You know, even if there was, I would never say anything. I would never rat you out.”

I look at him, almost wanting to let him know. Then again, Im not sure if Michael can really keep a secret. I decide to lie taking their mind of Ariya. “Man, I promise you there is nothing going on. I’m actually thinking of getting back with Ashley.”

Markus looks at me with uncertainty, “The girl who was obsessed with you? Didn’t you say she was way too clingy and overly jealous?”

I nod and smile, “Yeah, but she was great in bed. Mmm, the stuff she could do with her tongue.” I say and they both laugh.

(You are so disgusting. Maybe you should get back with her then.)I suddenly hear,

My eyes close with a sigh as I rub my forehead with one of my hands. Markus notices “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just a headache I think I drank too much.” I say,

Michael chuckles, “Wow, you are a lightweight when it comes to drinking. I thought you were a party guy like your friends”

“Yeah, I guess not." I say and pretend to rub my head again.

(Well, you don’t have to worry about the bet we made, you won because you are never touching me again.)

I sigh (It was a lie, I only said it to -)

Suddenly stepping out of a car walking towards us is Ashley. Markus slaps my shoulder with a grin. “Well Fabien nows your chance” He waves her over shouting “Ashley, Fabien wanted to talk to you!”

My eyes widen (Shit. Ariya please call me to you.)

(Hell no, this is your chance to get back with your crazy stalker ex that does ‘amazing’ things with her tongue.)

Ashley smiles and begins making her way over and my heart starts racing nervously. (Damn it please I didn’t mean what I said. Please!)

Ashley gets maybe ten feet away and asks, “What did you want to talk about?”

Both guys smile to me as they walk off and I beg Ariya once more,(Ariya please!)

Just as Ashley gets to me, I appear in front of Ariya in her room. She is sitting in a chair in front of her large vanity desk her painting her toe nails. I sigh and begin to hug her as she hold up her hand with the nail brush stopping me. “Nu uh, you stay back. You’re still not allowed to touch me.”

I smirk, "Ariya come on, I just said that to get them to stop asking about us.”

She begins painting her toes again “Oh I know, remember I can tell when you are lying. But you weren’t lying about her tongue thing and I didn’t need to hear that.”

I smile and begin thinking about what she use to do. Apparently, Ariya was still reading my thoughts. She grabs her brush throwing it at me and I catch it.

“God you need to stop!” She exclaims,

I smile and set her brush back on her vanity. “Sorry. Ariya you know, you are the only one I want to be with. You know I will never do -”

Suddenly, there is a knock on her door as we both look at each other.

“Hide somewhere.” She whispers,

I look around then dive under her vanity as she turns hiding me with her body.

“Come in” She calls out to whoever.

I hear Melissa’s voice say as her and Elizabeth enters. “Okay Ariya talk to us. Is there something going on with you and Fabien?”

“What no I told you. There is nothing going on with us.”Ariya responds,

This is when I begin to notice, I am sitting pretty much between her legs. And all she is wearing her long pink night gown. Being the guy I am, I can’t help but lean my head to try and see what type of underwear she is wearing. I guess some how she sensed or knew what I was trying to do, as I get kicked in the chest. I groan quietly as I bump my head as well.

Melissa look down at Ariya’s feet “What was that?”

Ariya leans down rubbing her knee “Oh I hit my knee. Ow.”

Then I hear Elizabeth say, “We know you like him, so don’t lie to us. I will make Ronald come down and force you to talk to us.”

I smirk and decide to mess with her some more. I begin to rub my hand up the side of one of her calves. She jumps “Oh! You better not.”

She goes to kick at me again and I catch her ankle. I laugh silently to myself. (You’re going to give away that I am down here.)

“Then stop” She accidently says out loud,

“Stop what?” Melissa asks, “Ariya come on we are your best friends. Like we would ever tell on you.”

(Come on just tell them that you are in love with me.) I say,

She sighs, “Fine, I might have some feelings for him but - aahh!”She jumps again as I leaned forward kissing on the inside of one of her knees.

Elizabeth looks at her leg with worry, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

"Ariya rubs her calf again, “Yeah just a cramp.”

“Want me to massage it for you?” Melissa asks,

I smirk (Now that sounds hot)

(Be good)

(Oh I am. I could be a lot worse.)

I kiss further up the inside of one of her thighs, as her legs close locking my head in place. Ariyagroans “Can we talk about this later please.”

Elizabeth steps closer, “Take it from someone who fell for him. I think if you get the chance to be with him, you should. If I didn’t have the arranged marriage thing I would have totally got with him. I don’t care what my parents thought.”

“He actually not as bad of a guy as I thought. At least he isn’t some weird pervert.” Melissa surprisingly adds,

I laugh (I wonder what they would think if they knew where my head was right now?) My hands slide up her legs to the outsides of her thighs as I gently bite down on the part of her thigh my face is pressed against.(Maybe I should just leave a hickey right here.)

She jumps up backing away from the desk looking down at me “Okay that’s it get out”

They both Look at me peeking out from under the desk and smiles form on their faces.

I smile back at them as I crawl out. “Hello ladies”

Elizabeth chuckles seeing Ariya rubbing off the inside of her thigh “What was going on under there?”

Ariya scowls at me, “Fabien just being a pervert.”

Acting offended I gasp, “What, I am innocent”

Melissa narrows her eyes at us skeptically and crosses her arms. “Are you two together?”

Ariya looks to them both pleading, “Please don’t let anyone know. We could get into a lot of trouble.”

Melissa smiles at Elizabeth “Well It’s about time. I was wondering when something would happen between you two.”

Elizabeth nods in agreement. “So when did this happen?”

I walk over taking hold of Ariya’shand. “A couple of weeks ago when we were on the airship.”

“So you have been hiding it this whole time?” Elizabeth asks,

Ariya looks to me. “We still have to keep hiding it. I am not sure if we will ever be able to be open about it.”

Elizabeth tilts her head with a smirk. “So that no touching dare, what was happening there?”

Ariya pulls her hand from mine backing away, “Oh yeah, you aren’t supposed to be touching me.”

I chuckle reaching for her hand again, “Well I already lost so -”

She steps away, “Nope we are starting over. This time if you lose, you will be my personal serf and do whatever I say.”

I grin thinking all the dirty stuff she could ask me. “Sounds good to me.”

“If washing my clothes and cleaning up after me is fun for you then okay.” She says,

I sigh realizing all these rich people are prudes. “Whatever, what if I win? You can be my personal serf”

She shakes her head, “You won’t win.”

Elizabeth laughs, “You two are funny”

We talk for a bit longer then they help me sneak back out to my dorm. The next couple of days go by and Melissa lets Markus know about us. Michael still doesn’t know. Markus isn’t sure if he might still hold a grudge deep down for what I did to his girlfriend.

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