Unbreakable Premonition

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A Passionate End

Ariya has been trying everything she can to drive me crazy with this no touching bet. Melissa and Elizabeth also give her different ideas as well. It’s actually getting quite hard sometimes to resist her. It’s especially hard when we go to practice and work out together. She would have Melissa or someone else helps her with her exercises. But when it comes to mine she makes sure to hold my legs and lean in close when I do sit-ups. She is allowed to touch me, but I can’t touch her back.

We would spend days watching TV together she would place her feet in my lap, or sometimes just lean against me. I would have to keep my hands at my side or in a awkward position to not touch her.

One morning, I was be coming out of my room after changing. She came up throwing her arms around my neck. She would lean up to kiss me. I would lean in to kiss her, then quickly turned kissing me on the cheek.

There was only three days left and she was upping her game making things very difficult for me. She was also getting irritated, because how well I was resisting her. I didn’t really notice it was affecting her as bad as it was. I guess she didn’t feel she was attractive enough or whatever. I could feel her jealousy rising anytime one of the females gave me attention, or I would talk to them a bit more than her.

We end up getting invited to a party just before school starts. The party is going to be at Melissa’s family’s estate. There was so many people there, mostly her parent’s friends. I kept getting pulled away to talk to different people.

As I am talking to someone, Ariya walked off finding the person passing out wine and began drinking. I was so caught up with talking to these people I didn’t realize how angry she was getting. I was pretty much ignoring her the whole time to keep up the appearance we weren’t together.

(So, are you going to just fucking ignore me all day?) She eventually asks,

I look around seeing her leaned against a table just glaring at me as I talk to these people. (People want to meet me. I can’t be rude and just blow these people off.)

(Well you are doing a fantastic job of just blowing off your girlfriend)

(You’re not my girlfriend here; you’re just my bonded partner.)

(Fuck you) She says then turns and gets another glass of wine. Wow she is really pissed, and the alcohol isn’t helping.

Just as I begin to say something, they decide to have all the single guys come up to the stage. I try to duck out of it, but someone finds me and forces me on the stage. They start talking about the fundraiser that was originally started by Aislin.

They are going to hold a auction for all the women to bid on us eligible bachelors to be their date for the night. All the money raised will be going towards thing to help serfs be reunited with their families. As I am standing up there, I look atAriya who is on her third or fourth glass of wine.

(You are going to outbid everyone right?) I ask,

(Why would I do that? I am just your bonded partner.)She says, It’s weird, I can even hear the beginning of drunken slurring in her thoughts.

(Ariya you-)

Someone comes up to me, making me move down to the end of the line. I’m wondering if that is because I am a serf or something else. I continue to try to calm Ariya down, but she just ends up giving me the silent treatment. The bids start and these women seem to have a lot of money to blow on this event. Ariya walks off heading to the restroom with Melissa following her to see what’s wrong.

Almost thirty minutes goes by and it ends up getting to me. They say they wanted to save the best for last, since I am the fabled savant. Ariya has made it back to see how this goes. The bidding starts; and about five people are having a bidding war, and one of them is Elizabeth’s mother. Elizabeth is standing next to her looking at her with uncertainty.

The price ends up getting so high, I start feeling a bit uneasy about it. It eventually ends with Elizabeth’s mother winning. Elizabeth quickly heads over to Ariya; explaining to her she didn’t know why her mother bid so much.

The mother takes my hand and we start mingling about. Then she takes me out to the dance floor. As we are out there, she seemed to have had a bit too much to drink as well. She is holding on to me, rubbing her hands across my back. I glance over to Elizabeth and Ariya, and they both seem unamused by this.

“You know Elizabeth told me about her feelings she had for you.”Her mother says,

I smile at her, “Yeah, it was kind of an ill-fated relationship. We both knew it could never happen. A noble like her, with a serf like me. I guess that’s why I am single now.”

“If she would have told me sooner that you were The Savant, I might have allowed her to be with you.”

I hesitate “But I am a serf.”

She smiles, “You don’t understand, you being the savant will open up unlimited amount possibilities. You can get any job you set your mind too. If she asked me to be with you right now, I would break her engagement to her fiancé.” She then rubs one of her hands through the back of my hair as she stairs into my eyes. “But I might want to keep you for myself. I have been very lonely since my husband died.”

I smile nervously, even though she looks almost like Elizabeth but slightly older. I get a chill up my spine. Just as I about to respondAriya says in my head, (Well now’s your chance you can get with Elizabeth like you wanted before.)

I look over to where she was standing and see her quickly walking off. I do my best to break away from Elizabeth’s mom to go check on Ariya, but in her drunken state she wouldn’t let go of me.

Eventually, Elizabeth makes her way over pulling her mother off me. I thank her and I quickly run off to find Ariya. We have begun having an argument in our heads as I begin looking for her. Then I realize I don’t even have to look for her, I can summon her to me.

I walk off to a part of the place no one is around then summon her to me. I try and figure out what is really bothering her. She is upset how easy it is for me to resist her, and it makes her feel unappealing to me.

I chuckle at how stupid this is. “So all this attitude is over the fucking bet?”

She looks away and crosses her arms, “It’s not just that, you have pretty much ignored me the whole time we came back. Then when Elizabeth’s mom said she would break up her engagement to allow her to be with you, you actually thought about it. Would you rather be with her instead of me?”

Getting annoyed by her jealousy, I say. “I don’t know, she wouldn’t be as so psycho about this as you are right now.”

She gaps and slaps me really hard across the face, “Fuck you” She storms off back to the party (God you are such an asshole.)

I growl and head back to the party. I end up getting pulled away again by Elizabeth’s mother. She wanted to introduce me to her friends. The whole time I can feel Ariya’s anger towards me, and when I get upset it’s hard for me to think straight either. So I just try to ignore her.

Then I hear her thinking about which part of my body she wants to hit with the bottle of wine she is holding.

She continues to call me names, and cuss at me which is upsetting me even more. Then the old Ariya starts coming out. She begins blaming my poor attitude and how stupid I am on my upbringing, and that I am a serf.

I decide it might be best if I excuse myself and leave, before people notice how upset she is making me. I head towards the door leading outside. Ariya quickly makes her way over to the doorway, blocking me from leaving. She leans against it glaring at me gripping the bottle, like she is going to hit me with it.

(Apologize to me) I just glare back at her clenching my fists and teeth, trying my hardest to keep calm. I try to step around and she stands off the door frame still blocking me, (Apologize to me now, or I will go off on you in front of all these people.)

I step in close as I can feel my face hot with anger, “Not going to fucking happen”

She just stares up at me unafraid and I start to push past her. Her voice rises in pitch as she blocks me again, “Where the hell are you going? I didn’t say you could fucking leave.”

Not caring that people will hear me I say out loud “I can’t be here with you right now. The more you keep talking to me the more pissed I am getting. I don’t know what got you in a mood today, but you are acting like a complete psycho. I can’t be around you.”

"Then why don’t you just break up with me then? Apparently you have no desire to touch or kiss me anymore. I am just repulsive to you now.” She says as I see tears forming in her eyes.

I shake my head and push past her walking out the door outside. “Just get the fuck out of the way.”

Suddenly, I get a premonition of her throwing the bottle, and I spin catching it. I look at the bottle in anger then back to her. I know if I squeezed this bottle any harder it would shatter in my hand. I feel her nervousness rising as I storm back towards her.

Almost unable to control my anger I drop the bottle to the ground and grab her face just around the mouth and push her back against the wall outside the house. Luckily, no one is outside to see this happening.

She goes to slap me again and my other hand catches it pinning it against the wall as well. Her free hand grabs hold of my wrist as I lean in closely with fury in my eyes. I can feel her fear rising never seeing me so angry. She tries to pull my hand from her face.

My hot breath hits her as I begin to speak in a low controlling tone, “You need to calm this attitude of yours now. If you ever hit me, or throw something at me, or talk down to me like I am your fucking servant. You don’t want to see what I will do.” I can feel my pulse beating in my head and my whole body feels hot with anger.

She glares up at me as a tear runs down her cheek. “Go ahead fucking hurt me, hurt me like everyone else has.”

“I have never raised my hand to you; or threatened to hit you, and I never will. But if you keep acting like this, and talking shit about me, because I was a serf. I will fucking leave whether you want me too or not. Now I don’t give a shit if you think what I said was wrong or you are right. Or that the people on the other side of this wall can hear everything we have been fucking saying. You are acting like a spoiled little bitch and as much as I love you, I cant put up with it.”

Now we just stand there a bit as she is unsure what to say. Her hand moves from my wrist to my chest as she closes her hand gripping some of my shirt in it. Her gaze finds its way to my lips. Her hand then slides up to my neck tracing her fingertips along my skin. She looks back up to me as more tears run down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry” She barely gets out as a whisper,

Still angry, but hating knowing I said some hurtful things and made her cry. Not caring if anyone could walk out and see us. I lean forward kissing her with a hard passionate kiss, but not enough to not hurt her. The suddenness of my kiss took her breath away as her hand returns to my wrist and her legs begin to tremble. I can taste her tears as they ran down to our lips.

I pull away looking at her for a second, taking in how much I genuinely love her and how crazy she makes me. Then with my hand still on her face, I lean back in kissing her again. Restraining my anger feeling the tension in both of our bodies. I push her harder against the wall. I let go of her hand and it comes down holding on to my shoulder.

Our kiss becomes deeper as our mouths were hungry for each other. Our tongues were fighting each other moving between mouths. The kiss alternates between hard and deep, and slow and soft. Then she bites on my bottom lip. I groan and pull back looking at her, as she stares at me with lust and passion in her eyes. I kiss her again as she bites my lip again.

My other hand slides down her body to her ass, as I lift her up pinning her between me and the wall. Her legs wrap around my waist. My lips make their way down to her neck and shoulder. I continue kissing, biting, sucking, and even more kissing. My hand leaves her face coming down to her back as I continue to hold onto her.

Finally, I pull away breathlessly closing my eyes as I let her down. “I need to stop”

She looks to me breathing hard as well,“Why?”

“Because you don’t know how much I want to take you home and make love to you right now.”

“Oh,” She says then looks down biting her bottom lip.

I step forward placing my hand on the side of her face, "Ariya, you know I fucking love you right? You have no reason to be jealous or doubt my feelings for you.” I reach up with both hands rubbing the tears from her cheeks “I am sorry for cussing and scaring you if I did. You know I would never hurt you no matter how mad I get.”

“Say it again.” She says as she stares into my eyes,

“What?” I ask unsure what she means,

“You never told me you loved me before now. I want you to tell me again.”

I smile and gently kiss her again “I love you”

She smiles and closing her eyes releasing even more tears. “I love you too. I am sorry for what I said about you being a serf.”

I smile and step away, “I am over it now, we both say stupid things when we are angry. Do you want to leave or go back to the party?”

She takes hold of one of my hands “Let’s just go home”


We start walking then out of no where she stops and looks at me with a grin. I look back at her slightly unsure why she stopped.

“Well, since you are my personal serf for a while. You are going to take me to get something to eat. Then we are going to go back to my dorm, and we are going to watch whatever movie I want too. And you are going to stay with me till I fall asleep.” She says,

I chuckle realizing I actually lost our bet. “Is that it?”

She thinks as we start walking again,“You can rub my feet while we watch TV.”

“Anything else?” I ask, feeling like I owe her a lot more than that.

She smiles, “Umm, on the way home. I want you to tell me everything you love about me.”

We ride a sky carriage back to the dorm. She runs off to take a shower then comes back to watch TV with me. She is wearing a small pair of pajama shorts and one of my t-shirts, I guess she claimed as hers now. She comes in plopping down beside me grabbing my arm putting it around her nestling herself against my chest.

She takes the remote and begins flipping through the stations trying to find something for us to watch. I was too distracted by the fresh scent of the shampoo in her hair. My eyes began to trace their way up from her feet to her slender ankles. The tight muscles of her calves from constant training, and soft smoothness of her thighs just made my mouth water.

“How about this show?” She asks forcing me to tear my eyes away from her.

I look seeing a familiar action romance show that has to do with a forbidden romance between rival gangs. I smile, “I’ve seen it but sure I wouldn’t mind watching it again.”

She sets the remote down and takes hold of one of my hands, as she begins watching the show. I wanted to so badly finish what I stared at the party. My whole body was aching make love to her right here, but I didn’t. We both just continued to watch the screen silently. It was hard for me to concentrate on the show.

I glance down seeing a bit of cleavage through the top of the shirt. Watching her chest slowly rise and fall as she breathes.

Everything about her was perfect to me. She was crazy and out of her mind, but that just seemed to draw me into her even more. I leaned closer and took in her aroma. That sweet sugary scent, I loved so much

My gaze traced its way up her neck up to her jaw, then all the way to her lips. She bit down on her bottom lip. Almost thinking she might have caught me staring, I looked up to her seeing she was still engrossed in the show.

My gaze went back to her lips seeing she has stopped biting them. They were still slightly damp where she did. It took every ounce of my strength to not to kiss her right there. Her lips parted slightly once again as she bit on her lip again. This time when I looked up to her she was looking back at me.

Our eyes met taking each other in then her gaze drifted to my lips “You should stop thinking about it and do it.”

She didn’t wait for me, as she moved in bringing her hand up to the back of my neck to pull me in closer. Our lips met once again. Her lips were sweet and her mouth had the taste of her toothpaste. She breathed into me as our tongues danced. Her hand began to pet the side of my face as she sucked on my tongue and lip.

Then she raised one leg bringing it to the other side of me as she straddled me. Both her hands ran up into my hair as she took two handfuls of it slowing pulling my head back forcing me to look up at her. She looked down at me with a smile before kissing me once more.

My hands began to wander from her waist to her ass as I began to squeeze. She moans into my mouth as I hear in my head,(Let’s finish what you started)

I heard no hesitation coming from her, she seemed to want this as much as I did. But I feel a bit of uneasiness. I break the kiss and look at her. “If at any time you-”

(Stop talking) She leans down kissing me again.

She didn’t have to repeat herself. My hands kneaded at the firm flesh of her ass, digging my fingers into her. A gasp escaped her mouth as I kissed down to her jaw and her neck. Her head leaned to one side giving me more access, as she continued to hold on to my hair. She moaned softly in my ear.

I would gently bite down and use my tongue not just making her neck wet but adding to her arousal. Her hands released my hair as they ran down my chest to the bottom of my shirt. She pulls it up over my head causing me to stop my assault on her neck.

She looks to my bare chest and places one of her hand over the brand. Her hands then trace their way down my body to my abs, just above the top of my pants. They made their way back up resting her arms on my shoulders as she leaned in kissing the top of my chest then collar bone.

Her lips found my ear whispering “I’ve been thinking about this all night” before biting on my earlobe. I groaned out in pleasure.

Her hands came down as she raised herself off me and began unbuttoning my pants. I began helping, still her still unsure if this is really happening. I’m fully expecting myself to wake up at any moment.

She stood and finished removing my pants and boxers. Then she stopped and took in the sight of my full prominent arousal. As she stood before me, I leaned forward pulling her to me kissing her stomach. I slowly lowered her panties letting them drop to the floor.

She was almost completely bald down there except for a small patch of blonde hair just above her most intimate spot. She climbs back on top of me kissing me and began grinding herself against me.

My hands tighten on her waist as I pull back looking into her eyes. “Are you sure about this? You don’t have to do this for me.”

She raises herself up positioning me at her entrance. “Who said I am doing this for you? Now stop asking questions and let it happen.”

“But I am not wearing protection,” I ask,

“Don't worry, I'm protected. Now stop making excuses, you seem more scared to do this than I am.”

She smiles leaning forward kissing me again, as I feel her lower herself onto me slowly. She began to take me into her and she felt almost too tight to continue on.

Her eyes closed as she took in a deep breath. Her forehead rested against mine. I could feel her nervousness and a slight fear rising in her. Then I felt it something wet hit my neck. She kept her head against mine and I could feel the discomfort she was feeling.

“Does it hurt?” I ask,

She didn’t say anything as the tears continued to drip down her face. She lowered herself further down onto me. It wasn’t as much the pain that was affecting her. It was all the emotions and discomfort from everything she went through before. It seemed to continue on for a while, and I was still only half way inside of her. Her eyes opened as she looks to me.

I bring my hand up to the side of her face “Are you okay?”

She tries to force a smile. “It hurts, but you feel good at the same time. Lay all the way down.”

I take hold of her hips as I turn lying back on the couch. She leans forward on all fours kissing me softly as she slowly began to rock. Her movements would bring her chest up to my face. Then she slid back down bringing her face back in line with mine. She continued to do this over and over feeling me move in and out of her.

Even though her pace stayed slow and steady, I could feel the contractions of her body quicken. I just lay back holding on letting her control everything about this. I knew this couldn’t last much longer as I could feel the sensations of completeness growing inside me. I guess she could feel it as well which was causing her to become more aroused making it easier for me to move inside her.

She contracted hard around me, as she began to moan. Her movements and breathing sped up.

“I’m... about to-” I say.

She looks down as a smile forms on her face. “Good. I want... you too.” She pants out.

Hearing that pushes me over. I grab her pulling her body down to me. She buries her face in my neck as she began to moan loudly. I pushed myself as deep as I could erupting inside her.

She just held on to me tightly feeling my pulse inside of her. Even though she didn’t reach the climax herself it didn’t matter. She is just glad she could push herself to go through with this with me.

After we calmed down she just laid against me and I held onto her. Our bodies continued to tremble still feeling the aftershocks of our encounter. She surprises me when she says, “That was so much better than the first time.”

I chuckle, “Well I hope so. I am surprised you went through with this.”

“Me too, I just feel safe with you. After what happened at the party, for some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about doing this with you.”

“Well, I -”

Suddenly, we hear keys in the front door and two people talking. I quickly grab the blanket draped over the back of the couch and cover us. I did it just in time for Melissa and Markus to walk in.

Ariya pretends to be asleep still lying over me. I look at them placing a finger against my lips telling them to be quiet.

"Ariya fell asleep” I quietly say,

Melissa walks up and looks at me with confusion. “Then take her to her room why-”

She stops in mid-sentence, as Markus smirks and pats her shoulder, then pointing at our pile of clothes beside the couch.

Melissa’s eyes widen (Shit, they see our clothes)


Melissa looks to me in shock “Did you two?”

Ariya slides off me, causing me to groan feeling me slide out of her. At least she kept us covered by the blanket, as we turn on our sides.

“Don’t ask dumb questions you know the answer to.”Ariya says,

Markus grins at me holding up a fist to congratulate me and I smile at him.. Melissa notices my smile and turns to look at him. He quickly goes back to normal acting like nothing happened.

Melissa then turns back “So you are both-” She gets a look of repulsion on her face “Oh god, now we have to get rid of that couch. Dang it, you couldn’t have used your bed? I eat breakfast there.”

Ariya grins “Sorry it just happened.”

So that night ended on an incredibly good note.

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