Unbreakable Premonition

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The Test

I just stand there watching her storm off, also frustrated by this whole situation. I look back at the class room seeing the people staring at me through the glass in the door. I roll my eyes cussing to myself knowing they just heard everything, then walk off.

I walk for a bit then turn a corner and am met by Johnathan. He gives me a displeased look "You need to follow me, we need to talk."

Already knowing what this is about I motion for him to lead the way. "Whatever, lets go"

He leads me to a conference room. Inside is a large table no cameras except for one. It’s positioned on the top of a large TV monitor hanging on the wall. He motions for me to sit then sits across from me. He places a small box on the table with just one large button on it and sets a TV remote beside it.

"This is the last time I am going to ask. Are you and Ariya romantically involved?" He asks,

I scoff looking away and cross my arms, "This fucking question again. It's really starting to piss me off."

He places his hand on the TV remote.. "Yes or no?"

I glance at the remote then look at the TV. "I'm done answering this question. I am pretty sure you already got your answer."

"Yes I do"

He picks up the TV remote and he starts showing me multiple videos of us together. Some are of us just watching each other through the monitors.

Then he gets to our recent conversation about us not being able to be together because of the rules. He then turns it off looking back at me waiting for an answer or excuse. I just lean back in my chair keeping my arms crossed.

"So what now?" I ask,

A document appears on the table and a pen appears in his hand. "What we do now is break your bond and separate you two permanently."

I stand up glaring down at him, "That aint fucking happening."

He ignores me and begins to write something down. "You know the rules. We can't have your emotions for each other clouding your judgement and possibly costing lives."

I reach forward and grab the pen and throw it across the room.. "Then we quit"

He stands up "So you would walk away from all of this, and force her to follow you. Just because of your so called feelings for each other."

I motion to the TV "You saw the video, I am not forcing her to do anything."

He crosses his arms again, "Fine lets say you walk away. A couple of years down the road you break up. Now you have taken away the only chance she had at becoming something great for a relationship that failed."

I shake my head, "That wont happen. Also we can handle any scenario you throw at us."

"You willing to bet her life on that?" He asks as he cocks an eye brow at me.

I hesitate, "What?"

He then turns the TV back on. This time he switches to two monitors. One is a empty room filled with all of my classmates standing around talking. They don't seem to know what is going on. The other is Ariya unconscious in a chair with guy next to her with a sword against her throat.

I step towards him in anger, "You son of a-"

He steps back holding up the remote, "Ah ah, you don't want to do something stupid and get her hurt. You said you can handle any scenario."

He hits another button on the remote. A monitor then turns on in the room with my class mates, and the guy with the sword. Showing on the monitors is me talking to Johnathan. All my classmates look up at the monitor unsure what is really going on.

Johnathan looks back to me "Now, they will all see if you can truly give up the one you love, to save the lives of all of them."

Suddenly the room with my classmates begins filling up with water. They begin to panic trying to figure out how to get out of the room. It gets even worse once they realize their magic doesn't work as well.

I look back at him. "This is a stupid test, you aren't going to kill them. Ariya is your niece her father wouldn't allow you to do this."

"Her father has no say so here." He looks to the TV "Stacy go ahead"

Just as he says that, I get a premonition of that guy stabbing the sword through her shoulder and out the back of the chair.

I quickly step forward "No stop!" Johnathan raises his hand to stop him as I rub my eyes. "You are fucking crazy." I look up at the screens again seeing the room with my class mates already a third of the way full of water. I glare back at him "So what do I do for this test? Let me guess, I have to choose between saving her or my classmates?"

"Exactly" He leans over the table touching the button "All you have to do is hit this button to save your classmates. But if you do, she dies. If you choose to save her, they all die."

I chuckle sitting back down in my chair looking back up to the monitors. My classmates are beginning to try to keep themselves afloat calling out for me to push the button.

I shake my head "This test is stupid. You just really don't understand how our bond works do you?"

He grins sitting back down leaning forward on his elbows with his hands clasped. "Then why don't you show me?"

I look back up to the screen once more hearing them calling for me to press the button. I smirk seeing Donovan and Samantha both relaxed, and not really worried about how this will go down.

I look back to Johnathan as I slowly reach out for the button. "Okay all of you need to pay close attention because this will be quick."

He smirks and begins to lean back thinking he already won. Suddenly, I reach up grabbing a handful of his hair. I pull him up out of his seat, then slam his face down on the button making the water stop flowing.

Then I stand calling Ariya to my arms. I look down at him in detest. "We quit"

He looks up to me with a bleeding gash on his forehead, as my classmates cheer. Just as I turn to leave the room still carrying Ariya's unconscious body, guards rush in to stop me. Johnathan waves one of his hands as he is standing back up for them to stop.

"Escort them back to their rooms" He says,

The guards escort us back to my room. I refuse to let them take her away from me again. I lie her down on my bed grabbing a wet rag to wipe the blood off her neck where the sword nicked her. Then I lie down next to her waiting for her to come too.

About an hour goes by. I am just laid back on the bed with my eyes closed listening to music. She begins to stir awake rubbing her head like she has a headache.

She slowly sits up looking around in confusion. "What happened? Why am I here?"

I sit up as well, "Your uncle was being a douche about us being together again, but don't worry I set him straight."

She looks up to the cameras noticing they are on then to me with concern, "What did you do?"

I lean over kissing her lips with a smile "Let's just say I passed the test."

She pulls away looking at me with confusion. "What? What are you talking about?"

Just then there is a knock at my door as Daniel enters. He walks up to us looking at us with worry "What happened? They are having a pretty heated discussion about you two" He says,

I shrug "I don't know what their problem is. They tested me with their stupid test and I passed with no one getting hurt." I smirk looking at Ariya, "Well none of the students got hurt."

Ariya still lost as to what’s going on. "What was this test?"

Daniel cuts me off "Well whatever you did, got all the higher ups talking."

I begin explaining to them everything that happened. Another thirty minutes or so ends up going by then there is another knock at my door. A guard enters and looks to us. "I need both of you to follow me please."

"What is this about?" I ask as I stand up out of the bed.

He shakes his head. "I don't know sir, but you must come with me."
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