Unbreakable Premonition

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A Bad Dream Or?

Suddenly, I jump awake almost falling out of my chair. My heart is racing. Was all that a dream? What's going on? I begin looking around unsure where I am.

Then I hear chuckling coming from below. That’s when I notice I am seated in the back and at the top of a familiar stadium seated lecture hall. Ive cleaned this room many times. Am I back at my old job? Below me is a group of students gathering to perform their bonding ritual.

Then I hear Mr. Hamilton, "Ariya my dear would you please come up here to perform the ritual."

My heart stops realizing I was right.
Everything was just a dream, or was it a premonition of what’s to come? I watch as Ariya stands and takes in a deep breath before walking into the circle. Mr. Hamilton hands her the goblet of blood. She looks at the blood taking in another nervous breath before closing her eyes.

This is happening just like it did before.

She begins her incantation. Her arms raise up as she continues her spell just as I remember it from before. I stand up out of my seat watching disbelief that this is actually happening again. My mind is shouting at me to stop this now, so none of those terrible events will happen again. I can't lose everyone all over again. I can't let my friends and everyone I care for die.

And more than anything, I can't let Ariya die.

Just as I take a step forward ready to end this, her eyes open as she reaches the end of the spell. Her eyes lock on to mine causing me to hesitate. We just stare at each other briefly causing some of the students to look up at me. I wish I could read her thoughts at this moment knowing exactly what she was thinking.

Suddenly something Minerva said to me before enters my mind. “You might have failed saving them this time, but I’m positive you won’t let it happen again.”

That’s when I swear I could see the hint of a smile cross Ariya’s lips. She brings the goblet to her lips never taking her eyes off me and drinks.
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