Unbreakable Premonition

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A Guardian Now?

We both enter with irritated looks on our faces. Daniel greets us and motions for us to sit in the seats in front of his desk. As we walk up, I can tell he is fighting back a smile, amused by this situation.

He fails and chuckles, “Two times in one day Fabien, and now you are dragging my sister into your troubles.”

She glares at me as I shrug, “Again, it’s not my fault. I can’t help she sucks at using magic.”

She jumps to her feet and raises her hand to slap me again, my eyes close bracing for the hit. Daniel holds his hand out to her, ”Ariya no!” Daniel exclaims,

She growls and sits back down with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face. He grins rubbing the back of his head thinking for a second while looking us over. She begins calling me names in her head blaming all this on me. I rub my eyes with two fingers, quickly getting a migraine from her yelling in my head.

Daniel leans back in his chair chuckling again and looks at Ariya. “Let me get this straight. You performed the ritual, and instead of choosing between the what, twenty marked students in front of you. It bonded you with Fabien here, that was asleep in the back of the room, nowhere near the ritual?”

Ariya pouts, “Daniel this isn’t funny. He is just a serf, what did I do wrong?” She whines,

I roll my eyes looking away hearing the just a serf thing again. “At least you admit you fucked up.” I say,

She gasps again and Daniel’s smile fades as he looks at me. “Okay Fabien enough. The reason I find it amusing is that you two are the worst possible people to be bonded together.”

We both nod in agreement, “Exactly, how do we fix this?” Ariya asks,

“You don’t, well, at least not right now.” Daniel says as he looks at us in confusion.

“But can’t you get unbonded, I hear you can do that?” Ariya asks,

Daniel nods, “Yeah, but you have to be bonded for at least a year before it can be broken without hurting either of you.”

I sigh in annoyance, “So what are we doing then?”

He rubs his face thinking for a second. “Well, this is a new dilemma for me. I am not sure how you two got bonded in the first place. For one, you didn’t participate in the ritual. And two, you are a serf that means you have mana. That there should make it impossible for you to bond with another magic-user.”

Ariya then glances at me and points at her head, “Also he can hear my thoughts, why can he do that?”

He smirks, “That just means you two have a stronger bond, it’s really rare but it happens” She rolls her eyes at him then he looks at me. “So, what is it like?”

“What?” I ask unsure what he is talking about.

“Hearing her thoughts,” He asks as he leans forward truly wanting to know. Being able to read someone’s thoughts or communicate mentally is extremely rare. Only the strongest enchanters are able to do that.

I look at her as she looks away, “It’s kind of like she is talking loudly in both of my ears. It comes and goes though.”

“Interesting,” He says as he leans back again and thinks for a few seconds staring at me. Then his eyes narrow making me a bit nervous wondering what he is thinking. “So, have you ever learned what sphere of magic you are linked to?” He finally asks,

I shake my head “No”

“Do you want to, and maybe be trained to use it?” He asks as a slight smile forms.

Ariya gasps in shock, “Daniel no, he is a serf isn’t that illegal?”

He looks at her then reaches into his desk and grabs a notebook. “This is a special situation. So how about it Fabien?” He asks as he looks up to me.

I shake my head again, “Not really, I think it would cause too many problems. Plus, like she said, it’s illegal.”

Ariya nods in agreement and Daniel leans back leaving one hand on the notebook. I glance at the notebook seeing it’s his personal phone book.

“Yeah, I guess. Well, I am going to call some people to talk about this situation. Why don’t both of you head to your rooms till I get in touch with you.” He says,

I stand, “So who will clean Mr. Hamilton’s?” I ask

“I will get someone else to do it. Go home and relax till I call you.” Daniel says,


I leave and Ariya stays in there still disputing the situation with Daniel. While I am walking back, I am met by one of my friends, David. He walks up smiling, “I heard you got bonded with the ice witch Ariya.”

I sigh shaking my head, “Don’t remind me about it. This day has been the worst day ever.”

He laughs “So it’s true?”

I nod “Yeah”

He laughs again, “How?”

I shake my head and look away seeing two people looking at us as they walk by whispering something. “I don’t know, I think the gods hate me.”

He claps his hands in excitement, “Oh, this is going to be awesome, did they say what they going to do about it?”

I shrug, “I don’t know, Daniel said he will contact me when he finds out what he can do. Man, if I have to go through with this with her, this is going to suck. Just hearing her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.”

We continue discussing it more while we walk by to my room. I get back and lay on the bed exhausted. I decide to read a bit before falling asleep. About two hours go by till I am woken up by a constant loud banging coming from somewhere in my room. My eyes open, and my normally dimly lit room seems brightly lit from the nightlight on the wall. When I look at the nightlight it’s almost like I am staring straight at the sun. “What the hell.” I say as I cover my eyes and make my way over to the nightlight and rip it from the wall. I sigh in relief as the room darkens.

Now for the excessive banging. I cover my ears and walk out of my room trying to find where that annoying banging is coming from. I walk into the restroom turning on the lights. The brightness of the light is so intense in here as well. I groan and clench my eyes shut again turning it back off. I crack my eyes open slowly, seeing the water dripping hitting my rinse cup that fell into the sink.

Every time a drop hits the cup, the sound causes me to wince in pain. The bond has already started affecting my senses increasing them by a crazy amount. I quickly move over to the sink pulling out the cup and grabbing the crank and turning it. Apparently, my strength has already increased as well, and I twist the crank too hard snapping it off. Water begins spraying everywhere out the top of the handle.

“What the fuck, damn it!” I yell out.

Now the sound of the spray is intense making me panic. I grab the pipe where the water is spraying out and bend it squeezing the hole shut. Now the water coming out is just a slight trickle. I lean down under the sink finding the water shut-off valve and gently turning it off now.

I stand up completely soaked now, hearing the loud drops of water falling off me hitting the floor. I growl and head back to my room; accidentally throwing on the lights and quickly turning them off again as I get dazzled by the brightness again.

I growl again “Okay, where the hell are my sunglasses and I need some damn earplugs.”

I easily find my sunglasses, then I start searching for anything to plug my ears. I eventually go with some toilet paper, which doesn’t really work at all. As I am looking for something else to plug my ears with, I get startled by a loud knocking on my front door. It sounds like they are beating on it with a baseball bat while my ear is against the door. I grab my head in pain, then they knock again.

“I am coming, stop the damn knocking!” I yell I go to answer it and jerk the door open. “What!”

That’s when I see Carla a female serf who I like to flirt back and forth with is there. She steps back from my yelling at her. Then she hesitates, seeing me soaked from head to toe with sunglasses on and toilet paper sticking out of my ears.

She begins to laugh, “What the hell happened to you? Are you okay?”

I close my eyes tightly as her normal talking sounds like yelling, “Can you talk quieter, please. I got bonded, and my senses are going crazy right now.”

She chuckles and says quieter this time, “Sorry, I was sent here to escort you to the Headmaster’s office.”

“You really don’t have to. I know where it is.”

She smirks and reaches up picking something out of my hair “Well, I wanted to talk to you anyways.”

“Okay sure”

We start walking and she can’t help but laugh looking at me, “So you got bonded huh?”

I look over at her unamused by her laughing “Unfortunately,”

“And your senses are already going crazy. Has anything else changed?” She asks as she looks me over. I know what she is looking for. Usually, when a bond happens the guardian’s physical appearance changes slightly. Their muscles become more defined, and sometimes they grow slightly taller.

“Well, my strength heightened as well, and I can feel her emotions already, that’s weird.”

“Are you still going to be a serf?” She asks, now with a slightly worried look on her face.

I shrug “I think so, I mean it is illegal for us to use magic. I seriously doubt they would want one of us bonded with a noble or guardian for that matter”

She smiles and looks back ahead of us. “Good, because I would miss having you around.”

I grin, “Aww, maybe I could ask for you to be my personal serf, and I could get you to do all sorts of things for me.”

She chuckles “I might actually like that.”

“Me too”

We eventually make it to the office just as Ariya is walking out. She looks to me like I’m an idiot, seeing how I look as well. “About time, what happened to you?”

I scowl and point at her, “You. You did this shit to me.”

Carla chuckles and looks at me, “You got bonded to her?”

I give her a displeased look “Yeah...”

She snickers and Ariya scowls at her, “What’s so funny, serf?”

Carla smiles back to her, “Oh, nothing ma’am” She turns kissing my cheek, and whispers “Have fun with that one.”

I look at her unamused by that as she smiles. Carla starts to walk off as I begin to head inside then I hear Ariya say, “Serf girl stop.”

I turn to see what Ariya says. Carla turns back to her with a smile, “Do you need something?”

“Yes, I want you to go fetch me an iced coffee with three sugars” Then she pulls out her shoes I spilled her drink on earlier today from her backpack “I also want those cleaned and returned to me before class starts in the morning”

Ariya turns smirking at me. Carla takes the shoes and looks at her with reluctance “The cafeteria is closed so I cannot get your coffee.”

Ariya glares back at her, “You know how to drive right?”

Carla nods, “Yes, I can drive.”

“Go and fetch me one.” Carla looks to me unsure what to say. Ariya steps up into her face, “Don’t look at him. Do your job, and fetch me a drink, serf.”

Carla looks back to Ariya and I can tell she wants to hit her, but she gives her a fake smile. “Yes ma’am”

I shake my head walking inside quietly saying, “What a bitch”

Ariya stays outside, as I walk in closing the door behind me.

Daniel laughs at my appearance. “I see the effects of your bond are already kicking in.”

As I begin to sit, I pull the toilet paper wads out of my ears, “This shit ain’t funny. So what’s up? What did they say?”

He smiles and stands walking around the desk, “You sir, are going to learn what sphere you are linked to and learn to use it. Also, you will be receiving guardian training as well.”

I sigh and stand back up feeling uncomfortable with him standing over me. “Really why? Daniel, I don’t want to learn all of that.”

He sits on the edge of his desk crossing his arms “Well sorry Fabien, you have no choice.” I give another deep sigh of displeasure looking away. “I know you really don’t want to do this, and it will probably be the most difficult thing you ever had to deal with. But I think you will be able to handle it. You actually pick-up things faster than most of the students here, and one of the most hard-working serfs we have.”

I shake my head then look back at him “But how will the teachers and students handle this?”

“Oh, I am pretty sure most will hate it, and give you crap for it. But to be honest I am not worried about you.” He looks to the door behind me “I am worried about Ariya. She may act tough, but she isn’t. This will be really hard on her and I want you there to look out for her through this.”

I chuckle and look back at the door as well “You do know, we really don’t get along right?”

He smiles and steps up to me placing a hand on my shoulder “Come on Fabien, do this as a favor for me and everything I have done for you over the years.”

I rub my face in frustration hating that he would pull that card out on me. Finally, I give in with a sigh, “Fine, whatever”

He smiles and begins walking back around his desk. “Good, then after a year if you two still wish to break the bond, we will discuss it.”

I cross my arms “So, what do I do now?”

He begins to write something down in his notebook. “Well, first you need to speak to Minerva to find out what sphere of magic you are linked to. Then we will work on your class schedule so you can begin your training.”

“Do you want me to go see her now?” I ask,

“No, she left for the day. You will talk to her tomorrow.” He says then rips out the page and folds it up. He then tosses it in the air, and it vanishes

“Alright, are we done then?” I ask,

He walks back around his desk looking at me with a bit of concern, “Are you going to be okay?”

I turn and walk towards the door. “Like it matters, you said I don’t have a choice in the matter.”

“Fabien I am sorry. You know I am always here though if you have any problems.” He says from behind me.

“Yeah, I know”

I end up leaving and walk out. Ariya is waiting impatiently outside to go back in, she still has her angry face on as I walk out. She doesn’t even look at me as she stands walking back inside. I walk back to my room ignoring all the whispers and laughs finishing out the rest of the night.

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