Unbreakable Premonition

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Ariya continues to pull me down the hall, and eventually I pull my hand away “Okay okay you can let go now.”

She looks down at our hands then quickly let’s go. “Oh yeah”

She turns and keeps walking while wiping her hand off on her pants like touching me was disgusting. I roll my eyes and keep following behind her. Then she stops and she looks back at me in confusion. “What are you doing?”

I hesitate, “What? I am supposed to follow you around to your classes.”

Now her tone changes to like she is talking to a child “It’s lunchtime now, so go away.” She waves her hand at me shooing me away. “Shoo”

“Oh, thank god, see ya.” I say and turn to leave.

She rolls her eyes again shaking her head as we both go in different directions. As I begin heading back to the serf’s break room to eat. Samantha sees me and smiles, “Fabien where are you going it’s lunchtime?”

I point past her down the hall, “To the break room to eat, why?”

She steps forward and takes my hand urging me to follow her, “You are one of us now, come eat with me in the cafeteria.”

I look down at her hand holding mine, then back up to her. “Are you sure? I don’t mind eating in the serf’s break room.”

She smiles at me again, “Of course, come on.”

She leads me all the way to the cafeteria still holding my hand. I notice everyone’s eyes on us as we walk by. She doesn’t seem to notice, or care at all. When we enter the cafeteria, she lets go and we get in line. The food here has always been amazing. Every now and then, the serfs were allowed to eat the stuff leftover at the end of the day. They have everything from steak to sushi. As I go through the line picking out food to eat. The serfs serving the food all congratulate me for what happened, they even give me extra helpings of food. A lot of the students start grumbling and complaining. Samantha quickly makes them calm down.

We go and sit down next to Donovan and some of their friends. I glance around the cafeteria getting all sorts of mixed looks. I still feel like I shouldn’t be here.

“Hey Fabien, so what did Minerva say about you?” Donovan asks me bringing my attention back to them at the table.

I look over at him, “She said I am something called a savant. A guardian that has the ability to use magic.”

He hesitates and looks at me curiously, “A savant? I heard about them. I thought they were just fairy tales or made up for books or whatever.”

I look down at my food and poke at it with my fork, “Well, she said I was one. She said there hasn’t been a savant in over a few thousand years.”

Samantha takes a sip of her drink then wipes her lips with her napkin. “Did she say what sphere you were?” She asks,

I take a bite of my food as I look up at her, “Well, she said I had two but could only -” I say between chews.

“Wait, she said you were linked to two spheres?” She quickly cuts me off.

I nod, “Yeah,”

“How?” She asks as I take another bite of my food. I begin to talk then she holds up her hand to stop me. “Finish the food in your mouth before you speak”

I chuckle and chew it up really quickly and swallow it. I forgot I am sitting with the upper class now; they have a different etiquette when eating. “Sorry, I don’t know how I could have two spheres, but she could only read one which is Abjuration. The other was masked.”

“Wow that is crazy, all this is crazy.” She says as she looks over at Donovan who just nods in agreement.

Donovan looks back at me with a smile, “So you are a guardian with defensive magic. I am jealous”

I begin to put some more food in my mouth then stop and lower my fork to speak. “Well, I can’t use it yet, hell I am still getting used to these new senses and strength I have.”

“Oh, you will, I will make sure of that. Man, if you can learn to control your magic well in a combat situation you could be unbeatable.” He says,

I smile and take a bite of my food. Then I suddenly feel embarrassment and shame coming from Ariya as I hear her think, (One year is going to be too long to be bonded with him. I wish this never happened, it's humiliating.)

Now I begin looking around for Ariya thinking she is in here with us, but I don’t seem to see her anywhere. Then one of Samantha’s friends asks, “So what do you think of your bonded noble Ariya?”

I look back to them, “I just can’t wait for this year to be up so I can break the bond and sever her from my life.”

Samantha gasps, “That’s kind of rude”

I smirk and take a bite of my food again forgetting about etiquette, “Let’s just say me and her don’t mesh well. This whole bond was a mistake, to begin with anyways.”

Then Ariya walks into the cafeteria and sees me. I just look at her touching the side of my head with my index finger then pointing at her, letting her know I heard her. She immediately understood my meaning and nervously looks away. We finally finish lunch and I wait for her at the entrance to walk out.

She glances at me and I motion for her to lead the way, “Go, I am following you.”

We begin walking and she looks back to me, “What did you hear me say?”

I look away in annoyance, “Does it really matter? Just lead the way.”

She scowls and looks away as well “Whatever, I was just asking.”

“Well, don’t,” I say back

(God, he is such a jerk.) She says and I roll my eyes and shake my head.

We walk the rest of the way to her next class, which is called ‘History of Warfare’. I’ve been allowed to sit in this class a few times and listen while I waited for it to end. As we walk in, the teacher Gregory Stevens, a pudgy balding guy looks to Ariya and motions to a seat on the front row “Ah, Lady Ariya please take your seat.” He then looks at me and motions to the door. “Fabien, you can wait outside for the class to finish.”

There are a few chuckles in the class. I know he has to know I am her guardian; everyone already seems to know. He is probably one of the people who opposes our bond. I point to Ariya “I am with her, I’m her -”

“That is fine, but the serfs wait outside.” He cuts me off saying and I clench my teeth.

The class snickers more and I begin to feel Ariya’s embarrassment rising again. Then someone says to the teacher, “Mr. Stevens the Janitor is Ariya’s new guardian.”

Everyone laughs and I just glare at the person who said it. Then someone else says, “He is going to protect her with his mop and broom.”

The class laughs some more as the teacher looks to Ariya as she is sitting leaned over with her head down on the desk hiding her face. He looks back at me and I just shrug at him. He sighs and motions for me to sit beside her saying with a displeased tone, “Fine, go sit next to her.”

I sit and he begins his lecture. As I am listening, I just lean back in my chair rocking back and forth bored out of my mind, probably because I know a lot of the stuff he wants to teach. Most of the teachers didn’t mind if I sat in their class waiting for it to end as long as I don’t disturb anyone. Apparently, his lecture is boring Ariya as well because she isn’t really paying attention either. All she is doing is doodling in her notebook.

Of course, with us sitting in the front, it wasn’t hard for him to notice either of us weren’t paying attention. For some reason, he decides to make an example out of her instead of me.

He clears his throat and drops the honorifics with her ”Ariya, who was the first savant and noble team to defeat Magnus Arcanum.”

I look up at him with a scowl knowing she would never know that since that wouldn’t be in any of the textbooks. As Donovan said, Savants were actually treated more like a fairy tale than actual historical people, so they weren’t added to history books. This was one of the savant teams Minerva actually told me about. He just ignores my glare waiting for Ariya to embarrass herself by trying to answer. She sits up shocked that he actually called on her, and begins flipping through her textbook hoping to find the answer.

He then sighs, ”Ariya, if you would start paying attention, I wo-”

My chair slams down startling him as I sit forward, “Benjamin Piedra and Stacy Ivy. Maybe you shouldn’t be an ass, and actually ask her a question that is actually in the books.”

He gasps shocked by what I just said, “How dare you speak to me like that? Would you like to go see the headmaster?”

I stand, “Sure, I am sure he would like to know how you tried to embarrass his sister in front of the class with a question she would never know.”

He hesitates and looks around the room seeing everyone’s eyes on him. He clears his throat again then motions for me to sit back down. “Fine, but Ariya please pay attention from now on.”

The class begins whispering to each other as I sit back down. He begins teaching again. After a few minutes, Ariya says in her head, (Thank you)

I lean over to her, “Pay attention, next time I might not be here to save your ass.” I quietly say

She gasps, (I didn’t ask for your help, leave me alone.)

I growl, “Listen you little bit-” I begin to say in a low angry tone.

“Are you two done talking or would you like to come up here and do the teaching?” The teacher cuts me off saying,

I glare back at him, “Maybe if you would explain things better, I wouldn’t have to answer all her fucking questions.”

He slams his hands against the podium then points to the door, “That’s it Fabien, leave the room, now!” I stand and slam my chair under the desk glaring at him as I walk to the door. He ignores me looking back at Ariya, ”Ariya from now on raise your hand if you have a question.”

“Yes sir” She reluctantly responds as she watches me leave.

I walk out of the room and sit on the bench across the hall waiting for the class to finally end. Eventually, it does, and she walks out, and people glance at us whispering how scary and violent I can be. Ariya stops in front of me unable to look at me as she looks down the hall.

“Our next class is combat training; we have to walk out to the training yard.” I stand and again motion for her to lead the way not saying anything to her. As we are walking, she looks to me “Why do you have to be a jerk to everyone?”

I just continue to look forward in annoyance, “Does it really matter? If I am the asshole, they leave you alone right?”

She looks back forward, “I guess. But do you have to cuss so much?”

“Why does it matter?” I say back

She stops and turns to me “Because you are my guardian, and when you talk and act like that it not only looks bad on you but on me as well.”

I chuckle at how absurd that sounds and look at her. “So, you are saying the way I talk, and the way I act, affects you? You know how stupid that sounds?”

She sighs walking off again, “Whatever, as if I could ever expect a serf to understand anything about social etiquette.”

“Fuck you,” I say as I start following behind her again.

She shakes her head continuing to walk ahead of me, “You are such an immature child”

I growl silently to myself clenching my fist wanting to hit her so bad.

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