Unbreakable Premonition

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Finally Last Period

We continue walking, and she tells me has to stop by her locker along the way. When we get to her locker, we are met by her friends Traci and Melissa again. Like Ariya, they are both very attractive and know it too. Traci has long dirty blonde hair with hazel eyes. She has one of those petite dancer’s figures and completely covered in a light golden tan. Melissa has long dark brown hair with the ends dyed blue and light brown eyes. Her body is a bit thicker but more athletic because she is a guardian. Her skin tone is a dark olive color.

Melissa walks up hugging Ariya, “Hey chika, how are you holding up?”

Traci looks to me and clicks her tongue in disgust “I can’t believe you got bonded with him, he is so gross.”

I glare at her and scratch my forehead with my middle finger flipping her off.

“He even smells like the trash he cleans up. It’s disgusting.” Melissa adds as she covers her nose with one hand.

I clench my teeth with a growl looking away then secretly smell the top of my shirt to see if I actually stink. I seem to smell fine.

Ariya glances at me then turns towards her locker. “It’s only temporary. When a year is up, we can break the bond.”

I grumble to myself looking further down the hallway, “Thank god”

She hears me and gives me an unamused look. Then I notice a couple of my good friends walking up named Jason and David. When they get to me, they bow to me like I am royalty and both loudly say, “It’s Lord Fabien!”

“You two are idiots,” I say with a chuckle and push David causing him to almost fall over laughing

He steadied himself, “So you are part of the elite crowd now? You haven’t forgotten us peasants, yet have you?”

Traci scoffs, “As if he would ever be one of us.”

Jason grins at her and walks closer to her looking her up and down, “Damn, the perks of being a guardian sure are sexy” He says, and I laugh.

She steps away looking at him in repulsion. “Gross, don’t get near me”

David looks to them all and grunts, “Man, what I would give to be bonded with one of them.” He then looks at Ariya “Except her, we hear she is covered in burns underneath all those clothes”

Melissa steps towards him threatening to hit him as he runs behind me laughing. Ariya slams her locker closed turning to look at him, “Maybe I am, thanks for making fun of me jerk.” She looks to me as I curiously look her over wondering if what she says is true. “Nice friends you have, come on.” She says,

We begin walking and I can’t help but wonder if she is really burned. It would make sense why she suddenly started hiding her body. We eventually make it to the training yard, and it is huge, almost the size of two football fields side by side. There are all sorts of training equipment, a running track, fighting dummies, workout equipment, and even an obstacle course.

When we walk up, I notice there are already a lot of people waiting for the class to begin. The two trainers standing next to Donovan and Samantha talking, are Dominicus and his twin sister Starr. They are very respected and well known for winning many different tournaments together. They are also the first twin brother and sister bonded group. Donovan and Samantha are their teacher’s aides, helping with the training.

When the class begins, we are all standing around listening to them explain what they will be teaching us. As we are listening two guys make their way over to us and I recognize them as Wayne and his bonded guardian Tyson. Wayne is about close to the same height as me. He has short dirty blond hair and dark emerald green eyes. He is one of the most popular guys in school, he is very rich, and his family are very powerful political figures. All the serfs know him as a total player. He has dated and slept with so many different females at this school.

His guardian Tyson is a very large black guy standing almost a foot taller than me. He is built like a wall of muscle. His head is completely shaven bald, and he always looks like he is pissed off. Everyone thinks he might have something mentally wrong with him or he might just be slow. He barely talks and when he does, it’s very bad and broken sounding.

I can feel a plethora of emotions coming from Ariya as they walk over, and none of them are good. Melissa notices them walking over as well and takes hold of Ariya’s hand and glares at them. Wayne ignores them walks up in front of me “So, you are the fabled savant that got bonded with my precious Ariya.”

I glance at her seeing she can’t even look at him as she just stares at the ground. Now I have never had a problem with him, but for some reason now I am feeling irritated by his presence.

“What do you want Wayne?” I ask,

“I just wanted to meet you and -” He reaches over placing his hand on her shoulder causing her to flinch closing her eyes. She seems genuinely scared of his presence “I wanted to say hi to Ariya here.”

I pull her to me putting my arm around her as her body tenses even more. Melissa looks at me in shock but doesn’t do anything. “Well, you did, now we are trying to listen to the teachers so go away.” I say,

He smirks at me, “Alright Mr. Serious.” He looks to Ariya again reaching out to touch her again “I have missed y-”

I slap his hand away from her and Tyson steps forward getting in my face and glares down at me. Ariya spins around behind me as I stare up at him not intimidated by him at all.

“Do we have a problem here boys?” Dominicus shouts as everyone looks over at us.

Wayne turns giving him his arrogant grin patting Tyson’s back “We were just having a chat with the help” He says causing some of the class to laugh.

“That’s enough Wayne. You two move away from Fabien.” Starr says and motions for them to join the rest of the class away from us.

Tyson and Wayne walk off and I turn to look to Ariya “Are you okay?” I ask,

She wipes her eyes trying to mask she teared up a bit “I am fine” She says, and Melissa takes her hand again.

The trainers go back to explaining the class. They go on to tell us that they will teach us various fighting techniques. We will be taught to fight alone, in conjunction with our bonded partner, and as a larger team. They will teach us how to use our magic without any real concentration.

But before the class begins, they want us all to introduce ourselves to the class as our bonded duo. Along with our names, they want the bonded noble to tell the class what sphere of magic they are attuned to. They will explain what each sphere of magic represents and how they work, just in case, someone might not know.

We all line up in our groups, there are twenty-four people in the class so there are twelve teams of two. The first group to walk up is a short plump guy named Ronald Rodriguez. He isn’t very athletic, but he is known as one of the smartest people in the school. He walks up with his guardian Jesse. Jesse is slightly taller than me. He has long waist length dark brown hair which he usually keeps tied back. He has a slim athletic build. They both introduce themselves and Ronald tells the class his sphere is enchantment.

Samantha steps forward to explain the enchantment sphere to the class. “As you all may know my sphere is also enchantment. Some people don’t believe it can be as useful in combat as the others. But-” She and Donovan both glance to each other with a smile “We have won three championships together, so it’s not bad. Enchantment allows me to alter people’s emotions and state of mind. This allows me to make the enemy an ally or make an ally an enemy. Also, I could force people to do my bidding if I wish, but that is very much looked down upon. ”

She finishes her explanation and steps back as everyone claps. Ronald gets a big smile on his face as they go back to sit down. A couple more groups go by one is illusion. They explain that Illusionists can create figments, false images, and phantasms to vex and confuse their enemies. The other was conjuration. Conjurers can summon creatures to aid them in battle they also have the ability to teleport themselves or others to various locations they have seen.

Next up is Elizabeth Moore, and her bonded guardian Melissa, Ariya’s friend. Elizabeth is gorgeous and one of the most sought-after females at the school. Wayne has tried several times to get with her but has been shot down every time. She has long flowing raven black hair and beautiful silver eyes. She has a voluptuous body and the tight clothes she likes to wear shows it off perfectly. They introduce themselves and Elizabeth says her sphere is necromancy, the death aspect.

Dominicus steps forward this time to explain the details of her sphere. “Necromancers are the masters of life and death. Life necromancers are the healers and medics on the battlefield. They can heal wounds, cure all sorts of ailments, even sometimes revive the dead. The death side, like Lady Elizabeth here, are the scary ones. They can drain the life force of others to heal themselves, they can inspire dread and fear in their enemies, raise the dead into zombies or skeletons to fight alongside them, or even bestow deadly curses on their victims.”

Everyone claps at theirs and Ariya and a few others cheer for them. A couple more teams go by, one is a life necromancer, and the other is linked to a sphere called transmutation.

Starr explains this one, "Transmuters are the shape shifters. They can alter theirs and other people's forms to look like pretty much anything. They can even make a person stronger, faster, or even fly with wings.”

Next, they call to the stand is Wayne and Tyson. The cheering for them is louder than the others. Again, I can feel the same mixed emotions coming from Ariya. I lean over and whisper, “Is he your ex or something?”

She ends up thinking (Unfortunately) but says to me, “It is none of your business.”

I shake my head, “Whatever”

Wayne and Tyson get to the stand. Wayne bows to everyone then they introduce themselves. Wayne gets silent for a bit smiling at everyone trying to be dramatic. Then he leans forward to the microphone and says, “Evocation”

The cheers roar out through the crowd as he raises his hands like he won something. Starr steps forward again shaking his hand and laughs at his performance. “Well, pretty much everyone here knows what evocation is, so I won’t have to go into great detail. Evocation is the ultimate combat sphere. The evoker can control the elements to create devastating attacks. They can shoot lightning from their fingers or rain down fire from the sky. Evocation is what most battlefield nobles wish they were attuned to.”

People cheer some more as he goes to sit back down. His friends bow to him shouting, “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!“. As he walks by to his seat, he looks to Ariya and winks.

This just enrages her further as she stands storming off as Melissa quickly follows her. I can feel her emotions flooding over me once again. She is full of so much hate and anger towards him I wonder what he did to piss her off so bad. Wayne probably slept with her and tossed her to the side like he does most of the females here.

A few more people end up going by and Ariya makes her way back with Melissa. They end up calling us up to the podium. Her friends cheer really loud, while everyone else claps for us. As we walk up there, I can feel her nervousness rising along with mine. I really hate being in front of crowds. She introduces herself first then I introduce myself. Again, I hear the snide comments and whispers about me, so I finish my introduction with “I am also what you would call a savant; a guardian that can also use magic. There hasn’t been one like me in over a thousand years.”

Everyone gets quiet and all our instructors glance to each other with a nod. Then Ariya steps forward saying her sphere is Divination.

Donovan decides to explain this one to the class. “Divination is a complicated one, because it is more of a support behind the scenes sphere. Not many diviners enter into combat.” The class chuckles again and I can feel Ariya becoming ashamed again. Donovan continues, “But diviners are actually the most valuable and most rare out of all the nobles, everyone wants one on their side. A diviner can tell you the outcome of events, can see things before they can actually happen, they are the ultimate trackers, can tell if people are lying, and can even see through illusions.”

Ariya smiles and begins feeling a bit more prideful about herself. Then one of Wayne’s friends raises his hand. Donovan points to him and the guy says, “If she doesn’t get in combat, then why is she in this class? Is she going to tell us the outcome of our training?”

People laugh and I look at him “If you want, she can tell you the outcome of me beating your ass if you keep talking shit.”

People laugh and ooh at that comment, even Wayne claps and laughs as well. Donovan silences everyone and places his hand on my shoulder “Calm down Fabien. Everyone, no matter what sphere they are goes through combat training, because you never know when you will need it.”

We finish out all the introductions just in time for class to be over. We begin walking off again and I am following behind Ariya. Wayne walks up to her and grabs her hand stopping her. She glances at me with a worried look, and I just keep walking by.

“It’s none of my business remember.” I say,

(Fabien please.) She pleads and I can feel her fear is almost overwhelming.

I try to ignore it and get maybe a few steps away, then I hear Tyson say, “Yeah that’s right, keep walkin’ boy.”

That makes me stop and I clench my teeth. My ego makes me turn around and walk back “You know what, I forgot. Daniel wanted to talk to us both about something.” I hold out my hand to her and Tyson blocks my path placing his hand on my chest. I glance at his hand then glare up to him clenching my fist ready to hit him. “Take your hand off me.”

Wayne laughs and pats Tyson’s back “It’s fine we will talk later. Come on Tyson.”

They begin walking off while Tyson and I just glare at each other. Ariya walks in front of me looking at me, “Thank you for that.”

I turn walking off again “I didn’t do it for you. I just really want to hit that guy.”

That was the last of the classes for the day, so I decided to head back to my room. When I get there, I see my room door is open, and all my stuff is gone. Thinking this must be some sort of prank, I head next door to David’s room and bang on the door. A female serf opens the door, and I’m assailed by the smell of pot. She smiles at me, “Hey Fabien.”

I don’t respond to her and step in looking around. They are all sitting around playing games and smoking. “Okay, where is all my shit.”

David walks up at this time looking at me in confusion “What?”

I glare at him, “All my stuff from my room, where is it?”

He smiles, ”Ohh yeah, we had to move it to your new room.”

“What new room?” I ask,

“You’re staying in the Pegasus dorm, since you are a guardian now.”

Jason shouts from the couch along with another serf sitting next to him, “All hail lord Fabien!”

I rub my face in frustration, “Damn it, I didn’t want to change rooms.”

I turn to leave, and the female stops me grabbing my hand, “You should stay Fabien, it’s more fun when you are here.”

I hesitate really thinking about staying. After this day, it would be great to relax with all of them and get high. I sigh shaking my head, “Sorry, I really need to see what’s going on.”

As I am leaving, Jason shouts again, “Don’t forget us when you are famous!”

I walk all the way over to the Pegasus dorm. It’s been a while since I have been allowed over here to clean these rooms. Apparently, some of these rich kids don’t know how to clean their own rooms. As I enter, I am stopped by a huge eight-foot steel golem. These defense golems are immune to all forms of magic and can withstand massive amounts of damage. They are mostly used in wars against other nobles and their guardians.

A red light from its eyes begins to scan me and it says in a metallic voice, “Fabien... Classification Guardian... Room number twenty-eight... Access granted”

It holds out its hand and a key appears in it. I take the key and it steps aside letting me through the door behind it. It doesn’t take me long to find my room down one of the hallways. As I get close, I see Andrew and one of his friends bullying a younger student that looks to be about fifteen or sixteen in front of my door. He is pinned against the door with Andrew leaned over him.

I just ignore what’s going on and walk up to the door to begin unlocking it. Andrew grabs my shoulder trying to pull me away and make me turn towards him. But since I got bonded, I am a lot stronger and didn’t budge at all. Andrew scowls at me, “Fabien this place isn’t for your kind, you should leave.”

I finish opening the door then turn and step up to him looking him in the eyes. The young kid runs into the room behind me as I stare at Andrew unafraid “Why don’t you try and make me leave?”

He stares back at me a second then looks past me into the room. “We will finish our conversation later Mikey.”

Andrew motions for his friend to follow him and they walk off. I head inside looking for this kid that ran into my room. When I get inside the dorm room is huge, it’s about the size of a three-bedroom apartment. There is a kitchen, living room, study, a rather large restroom, and three bedrooms.

As I look around the little guy walks out of one of the rooms with a tall skinny black guy wearing glasses. The kid points to me smiling “That’s him, he stood up to Andrew and made him run away.”

I smirk “He didn’t really run.”

The black guy walks over holding out his hand saying with a surprisingly deep voice, “Are you Fabien? I am Markus.”

The short guy smiles, “I am Mikey”

I shake his hand looking around again, “Yeah, so I guess you two are my roommates?”

“Yep, it’s awesome right?” Mikey excitedly says,

Markus crosses his arms and looks to me with question, “Aren’t you the guy who cleans the restrooms? Why are you staying here?”

“Well, I accidentally got bonded with a noble here. So, they decided to make me a student. I'm surprised you haven't heard about it.”

“How do you accidentally get bonded?” Markus asks,

I shrug “I have no idea, but it happened.”

Mikey grabs my arm to bring my attention back to him. “Who did you get bonded with? Do we know them?”

I glance at his hand and he quickly pulls it away. “I’m sure you do. I got bonded with the headmaster’s little sister Ariya.”

His face lights up as he looks to Markus. “Wow really? She is so hot!”

“Yeah, and a pain in my ass.” I say,

Markus chuckles at my comment. “I hear she gained a lot of weight that’s why she wears baggy clothes now.”

Mikey shakes his head. “No, I heard she got pregnant and is trying to hide it.”

Markus laughs changing the subject back to me. “She must really hate being bonded to you knowing you are a serf.”

I smile, “Oh yeah, and she lets me know every chance she gets.”

We talk and sit for a bit then they show me to my room. When I walk in, I notice everything has already been unpacked. I change out of my clothes, take a shower, then fall asleep.

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