Winterbourne Legacy (girlxgirl)

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Winterbourne siblings Larkin, Briar, and Cassia return to their childhood home following the death of their estranged uncle in anticipation of receiving their inheritance. However, upon arrival they discover their uncle had hidden intentions in calling them home. While fulfilling the stipulations of of their uncle’s will, they stumble across a family secret that threatens to change their lives forever. Legends of a secret magical force called Legacies chosen by the goddess of magic and moon herself are suddenly more than just legend. An unknown evil lies in wait and the fate of the Winterbourne Legacy and their world hangs in the balance.

Fantasy / Romance
Brooke Davis
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Author’s Note

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I’ll start by saying thank you in advance for reading and hopefully enjoying my book. This is my own story with characters that I have created in a world that I’ve designed. Any likeness with persons, places, or events real or otherwise is purely coincidental. This story takes place on an alternate earth; this means that, though it is set on the same planet in the same solar system, there will be geographical and historical differences. This is a fictional fantasy world with fictional characters and many things will not be as they are in our world. There is a map that corresponds with this, but until I figure out how to insert it on this platform, I'll have to do without. The information below is for significant places and things that might be helpful to look back.

I love communicating with my readers, so please don't be shy!

Legacy families:







Realm of Geordia: A vast, geographically diverse terrain (approximately 300 years post-establishment of the monarchy).

Places of interest:

Embroria Mountains: Cold, high elevation mountainous region to the North East. Inhabitants are primarily magical. Many small towns and cities with close sense of community fill these mountains.

Catsalis: Seaside town in the South East, home to the largest trading port. Climate is hot and humid. Busy hub due to trading and a popular merchant site. Inhabitants are both Magical and Non-Magical.

Norlisi Desert: Hot and very dry, full of small to medium cities in the South West. Mostly harmless as long as you’re in the cities, but stray too far and you may end up being robbed or getting lost. Not much wildlife due to the extremely arid climate. Bordered by the Norlisi mountains.

City of Jenpor: Most populated city in Geordia, very diverse, home of the oldest and most prestigious university, known for it’s immaculate architecture, advanced innovations, and progressiveness.

Visily: Small, traditionalist (primarily) Non-Magical town in the North West near the edge of the Suxara forest. It is a wealthy community known for their intolerance of Magicals.

Illara: Capitol of Geordia, home to the Monarchs, collection of towns surrounding the city center where the palace is. Abundance of trading and merchant sites and heavily diverse. Also home to a traditional university (study of Magical and Non-magical subjects).

Suxara Forest: Moderate forest region that isn’t overly populated. Most inhabitants of the forest own large portions of land which limits population growth in this area. Home to the Winterbourne Estate.

Anthe: A diverse medium-sized city between Catsalis and Illara, often a stop for weary travelers, but population is rapidly increasing due to its positioning near major hubs.

Belis: A diverse medium-sized city located in the South West near the Norlisi Desert region. It is the largest merchant location in the South West.

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