The Brothers and I

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Chapter 18

Cocooned in a state of contentment, I closed my eyes to the light rumble of his breathing in the background. His strong arm across my body, held me with a gentleness that completely contradicted his display of aggression this morning. My mind did not possess the capacity or the knowledge to understand how such extreme polarities could exist within the same person simultaneously. Nor could it comprehend the reason as to why I found both of his sides equally appealing.

But I knew that right from the start, we had some strange kind of chemistry between us but I never expected it to be so…perfect?

If someone had told me that one day, I would throw caution to the wind and hop into bed with someone I barely knew, I would have laughed in their face. I would have told them that they had the wrong person. But now? I don’t think I know who I am anymore. I had effectively broken all the golden rules, overlooked a few red flags and all in a matter of weeks since meeting him.


“Penny for your thoughts?”

Opening my eyes, I stared at the ceiling, watching the lights from the passing cars cast long shadows that danced across the room before they vanished out of sight. And although I was confused about everything when it came to Thomas, there was one thing I was absolutely sure of, as I turned to gaze at the eyes that held so much fondness and warmth. I had no regrets when it came to him. None. Certainly not about sleeping with him.

I smiled, my heart swelling with emotion at the sight of his face.

“Just thinking.”

He raised an eyebrow before giving me a wide grin. His eyes twinkled mischievously like there was a wicked plan brewing behind them. Raising himself, he rolled back on top of me and rested his weight on one of his arms while the other one traced the side of my body. The glowing ring around his eyes were back as his gaze slowly filled with lust.

His voice dipped an octave lower while he leaned in and gently pressed down on my breasts, “Maybe, I didn’t do a good job if you’re busy "thinking" right after what we just did.” Grabbing my arms, he raised them over my head and held them in place while he simultaneously nudged my leg to the side, pushing it apart and opening me up to him.

I let out a gasp as I finally caught onto his plan. “Thomas! We literally just-”

The words died in my throat when he rammed his cock into me with precision. I moaned loudly as my body greedily accommodated him. My eyes involuntarily closed, enjoying the feeling of him deep inside me. He chuckled, before lowering his lips to my ear and whispering seductively, “Sorry, didn’t catch that. You were saying...?”

I arched my back, feeling the shiver of anticipation run through me. However, to my frustration he remained still. My eyes flew open to find him looking down at me with an amused expression. I flushed in embarrassment realising how easy it was for him to get me all worked up. But hang on… Two can play that game. Flashing him a flirtatious smile, I raised my hips and began to move.

His smirk dropped and his mouth opened in evident pleasure. I thrust my hips forward, taking all of him in me. My fluids mixed with his cum from our previous coupling, flowed out onto the bed as his cock squeezed all the way in. His whole body shuddered causing the muscles on his neck and arms to push through to the surface. He moaned loudly while his grip on my arms loosened as I continued to move against him.

Seizing the chance, I pulled my arms from his hold and gripped his shoulders tightly before pushing him off me. When his back hit the bed, a look of surprise crossed his face before being replaced with excitement as I climbed on top him. His eyes flashed gold before a growl of approval passed his lips.

“Fuck yes baby...ride me”

Smiling seductively, I raised my lower half slightly and then lowered myself onto his throbbing cock. He moaned once again as I began to slowly move up and down. His hands trailed my body before landing on my breasts, giving them a squeeze and making me shudder in the process. I continued to move, maintaining a steady pace. And just as his face scrunched up in pleasure, I stopped.

I couldn’t help but let out a giggle when his eyes flashed open and he glared at me in frustration.


My victory, however, was short lived. I was quickly tossed off his lap and onto the bed. And before I could gather myself, I was propped on all fours and he was ramming into me from behind.

“Ah! Thomas!”

His hand reached around and circled my clit, applying just the right amount of pressure. I backed into him as the pleasure started to build within me. In this position, his cock seemed to hit deeper, touching all the right spots. The sound of skin slapping bounced off the walls as he continued to thrust into me.

He showed me no mercy as he carried on thrusting into me with fervent vigour. I gripped the sheets hard, nearing my release. And as if he could sense it, he started to move faster. His fingers on my clit pressed harder, escalating my pleasure to the point of no return.

I cried out loud when I finally went over the edge. My release seemed to trigger his own as he moaned loudly behind me. I felt his cock pulse before his warm cum filled me up inside for the second time.

Still panting from the release, I lowered myself onto the bed. I hadn’t realised how much sweat there was until I felt the sheet stick to my body uncomfortably. I closed my eyes, feeling the exhaustion slowly creep back, now that the adrenaline had dissipated.

After a few seconds, Thomas gently removed himself before joining me on the bed. The remnants of our love-making seeped out of me and onto my thighs. Normally, I would have rushed to the bathroom to clean myself off but surprisingly, the urge never came. If anything, being covered in his essence felt right. Made me feel like I was his.

We lay in blissful silence; enveloped in each other’s embrace and uncaring about the world around us. But of course, the burning question in my head could only be held back for so long. Tracing his chest, I ran my fingers in tandem to his defined muscles while trying to think of the best way to phrase the question.

“Can I ask you something?”

Releasing a knowing chuckle, he kissed me on the forehead before responding.


“What did you mean... when you said you wanted me?”

There was a moment of silence, only broken by the sound of cars passing on the street below. He reached for my hand that was on his chest and gently raised it to his lips. Placing a tender kiss, he started hesitantly. “I know it’s a bit soon and it may sound weird… but I feel deeply about you. I never thought I would ever find my mat… uh I mean… find someone like you but now that I have, I don’t want to let you go. I want you in my life Mia.”

Letting go of my hand, he gently cupped my chin and lifted my face to meet his. My heart skipped a beat when I noticed the warmth and sincerity that his eyes held. And just like that, I “felt” it. The truth of his words. It flowed into me like a gentle stream soothing away the hard edges of my doubts and worries

My heart sang in delight as happiness flooded my whole body. He wanted me. Not for sex or for my looks but for me. My mind could not comprehend it, but I knew it to be true. I sucked in a breath as I felt the pull towards him grow stronger. Calling to me like a beacon in the dark. Reflexively, I gravitated towards him and just as we both leaned in, a loud ring sounded from the under the bed.

I smiled as I rested back on the pillow, watching him curse and grumble before getting out of bed to pick up his phone from the floor. His face twisted in concentration as he read something before he began to type away.

“Sorry. That was work.”

Suddenly, I felt my chest tighten painfully at his words. My mind recalled the fact that he only visits Manhattan for work and that would mean, he wouldn’t be staying for long. And the thought of him leaving filled me with an aching sadness. Had I really become so attached already?

“Baby what’s wrong?”

I didn’t realise that I had gone completely silent and that my feelings were on full display. Somehow, with him, I found it difficult to hide things.

And although, I did not want to come off as a clingy person, I couldn’t stop myself as the words came tumbling out.

“Are you leaving?”

Standing at the edge of the bed, he blinked once as his brows knitted in confusion. His eyes moved between mine trying to decipher my question. But a second later, his face abruptly changed as some kind of realisation seemed to grip him. I was shocked, to say the least, as the room filled with his booming laughter before his teasing tone replaced it. “You look adorable when you miss me.”

My mouth dropped open in indignation at his cocky attitude but before I could fire back with a snarky response, he beat me to it.

“But to answer your question – No. I’m here for three days and I have no intention of letting you get out of this bed.”

I squealed as he grabbed my foot and yanked me towards the edge before leaning over and devouring me for the third time.

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