The Brothers and I

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Chapter 23

Time sequence continued....

The rest of the car ride went in silence. Neither of them said another word except glance in my direction occasionally. My shoulders and back felt stiff with how tense I was feeling and my jaw continued to throb. I could tell that my face was swollen on my left as it felt heavy and the sting continued to intensify. Running my tongue along the inner cheek, I hissed in pain. Fuck! This is going to take days to heal.... If I manage to survive that is. But on the bright side, all my teeth appeared to be still in place.

“We’re here.”

I looked out of the window to notice that we were at a private airfield with many jets and smaller planes parked along the ramp at the furthest end and a few hangers that ran along the end closest to us. In between, was the long runway where a plane was currently preparing to take off, the sound of its engine roaring through the air before resonating within the car.

No! No! No! This can’t be happening! My heart was going a mile a minute as the worst possible scenarios flashed through my mind. Who were these people that wanted me? What if they were a part of a human trafficking ring? What if they were flying me out of the country to work in some whorehouse?

No. I could not let them take me!

Turning towards my side, I noticed the ginger guy looking out the window at two men walking towards our car. My eyes travelled to his lap where his gun was still steadily pointing in my direction. Somehow, I instinctively knew that this would be my last chance to either get away or to at least attract some attention.

Deciding to grab the gun, I angled myself into position and just as I was prepared to lunge, I froze. The door to my right swung open and a pair of arms reached in. And before I knew it, the dark-haired cop was hauling me out of the car and walking us both towards the two men coming in our direction. I forced my feet into the ground trying to stop our momentum but it was like trying to swim against a strong rapid. Pointless and pathetic.

“H-help!” My feeble shout was drowned out by the loud sounds of the planes in the background. Panicking, I looked up to see the two men in black suits watching me before one of them reached out and grabbed my arm, pulling me flush against him. My heart sunk as fresh tears fell down my face. Somehow, that one action felt so final.

Feeling an overwhelming sense of doom tear through me, I turned my head around and faced the cop who had brought me here. “ me.” I wasn’t sure why I was begging my former captor for help but I knew that I was prepared to do anything in order to not get on that plane. The dark-haired cop threw a key to the man standing beside us and shot me one final glance before nodding at the two men and walking back to his car. My gut twisted, a sick feeling weighing down on my chest as I realised that no help was going to come.

Forced into the luxurious plane, I was quickly strapped in. While one of the men took a seat beside me, the other one went into the cockpit and seated himself beside the pilot. Within minutes we were airborne, the view of the land disappearing completely as the blue sky stretched out before us. And as I watched the clouds roll by, the feeling of helplessness washed over me like a wave, drowning the last bit of hope that I had left.

How did it come to this? But more importantly, why? With every hour that passed, my anxiety seemed to rise like a powerful wave. Higher and more violent. Every second brought me closer to this unknown fate, my heart thudding aggressively at the thought of what lay in store when we landed. The thin t-shirt I wore clung to my skin, soaked in my sweat and tears. My hands still in the handcuff, felt numb and sore.

And as the finality of my irreversible fate began to sink in, my mind wandered to the people I left behind. Would they miss me? I pictured Sasha and her crazy antics. Chase and his ever-dependable counsel and my colleagues who I have worked with for years. My heart stuttered when my mind drifted to the only family I had left- my adoptive mother. The realisation that I would never get the chance to heal and forgive, caused an unfamiliar feeling of regret to swell within me, something that I thought I could never feel towards her.

A deep sense of sadness washed over me before my mind took me through the list of things that would probably never come to pass. Dreams that would never come true, adventures that I would never go on, ambitions that would never be fulfilled and the love that I would never experience. My heart stopped. An image of Thomas flashed through my mind as fresh tears pooled at the corners. I would never get to tell him how much he means to me.

“I can see why he fancies you”

I jumped, startled at the unexpected sound. Slowly turning towards the man beside me who had kept quite all this time, I finally took proper notice of my new captor. He was well built, his muscles stretching the fabric underneath that blazer. The honey-brown eyes against his golden skin and dark hair definitely gave him that “Greek-god” look. And had it been any other time, I would have openly gawked. But now, it only made my skin crawl.

I turned away, remaining silent. Not only was my energy completely drained but I had no idea who he was referring to.

Suddenly, I gasped as he moved closer, his head bending towards my neck in one swift motion. He took a deep breath, inhaling with such force that it made me jerk away in surprise. But being hemmed in between the arm rests that didn’t seem to make much of a difference as he continued to hover over my neck, breathing deeply. I felt nauseous, his mere breath inciting the worst feelings and memories to come bubbling to the surface.

“S-stop it”

My protest only seemed to encourage him further as he threw an arm across my body, holding me in place. I squirmed, trying to get out of his grasp but it was like trying to move a boulder with bare hands.

His face went deeper into my neck while he hummed in pleasure. “I’m not one for floral scents but yours...hmmm.. I can make an exception.” His hand rubbed my arm up and down before sliding under my top and reaching for my chest. Pulling my bra down he began to squeeze and knead my breast painfully, his breathing quickly turning ragged. “Fuck! You’re so soft and beautiful”.

I froze. My throat seized and my world sunk into the dark pits of hell that opened its arms wide as if welcoming an old friend. My body refused to move as he pinched my nipple harshly while sucking and nipping at my neck. His strong musky scent invading my nostrils, made my stomach turn and yet I remained frozen to my seat.

“You smell... so fucking sweet... and I bet your cunt tastes like honey.” Suddenly I felt his fingers undoing the button on my jeans before he shoved his hand inside my panty roughly. I was screaming on the inside but I could not move. Could not breathe. His other arm squeezed in between us to pull my thigh apart while his hand delved deeper pressing against my womanhood. A harsh breath escaped me when his finger dipped into my entrance, pushing in and out repeatedly. “You like that sweetheart?”

“Aidan! Leave her be!”

Through my tears I could make out the other male standing a few feet away, glaring in our general direction. It took a few seconds before the one called Aidan sighed loudly and removed his hands from my body, purposefully grazing my breasts in the process.

“We’ll be landing in a few minutes. Just got word that the limo is already there. We are to take the female directly to Block D. And by the way... in case you haven’t noticed, we have an entire plane. So find yourself another seat”

As I watched, Aidan stood up without a word and walked over to the opposite aisle before sitting down in one of the seats with an exaggerated huff. Glancing back at me, a smirk went across his face as he raised the same finger that was lodged in me a few seconds ago to his mouth and sucked on it. His eyes darkened as he smiled before whispering, “Just like honey”

I wanted to vomit. I wanted to kick, yell and scream. But I remained as still as a statue with tears silently pouring down my face. The humiliation was mind numbing. I had never felt this helpless in a very long time and I had no idea how to cope with it this time around.

After we landed, everything moved fast. I was put in a limo and we were off. Thankfully the other male got Aidan to sit at the front. I kept my eyes to the floor, not caring where we were or where we were headed. Folding in on myself, I closed my eyes, desperately wishing that I would wake up any minute in my flat to find that this was all just a dream.

I had no idea how long we were on the road. But after what felt like ages, I was rudely woken up to a gruff voice. “Get out. We’re here”

I hadn't even realised that I had dozed off but as soon as my eyes opened, everything came rushing back at once. This wasn’t a dream. I was really kidnapped and we had now reached our destination where I would learn the fate that awaited me. I swallowed the urge to scream as we made our way to a building that looked like a maximum-security prison. Giant concrete walls with guards, scanners and cameras. Was it some sort of facility? Were they going to experiment on me?

I was quickly rushed through the enormous foyer and taken down an elevator. A long corridor came into view as the elevator doors opened. There seemed to be many rooms lining the walls on either side. I was led into one that had a few chairs facing a glass window through which you could look into the adjacent room.

The other male who had “saved” me from Aidan came forward after locking the door behind us. “You are to look through the glass and at no point can you close your eyes or look away. Understood?”

I was shaking at this point, unsure of what was coming. But I nodded at the male who then gestured me to move toward the glass. Gingerly moving closer, I noticed that the room was a large plain one with a door at the far end and a door connecting to the room that I was in. But my eyes zeroed in to the centre of the room where four extremely tall and buff men were standing with their backs facing in my direction. The one in the middle seemed to be slightly bent over talking in a low tone.

Suddenly, I felt the hairs on my whole-body rise, the air became thinner making it harder to breathe. And just when I thought I was going to pass out, the man in the middle straightened up and turned. My breath hitched as a pleasurable shudder went through my body when I caught sight of his piercing blue eyes. My mind blanked as I stared into the face of the most beautiful creature that I had ever seen. A God. An Adonis. My hands involuntarily went up and touched the glass, wishing to trace his body and feel him underneath my fingertips.

If there was such a thing as love at first sight then this was it. The pull was electric. Oddly it was very similar to the one I felt with Thomas except this one was so much more stronger. Deadlier and all consuming. The moment, however, was broken when he turned back around and spoke something that I couldn’t catch.

But the small movement provided a gap in the circle. And as I glimpsed through it, a gasp escaped my lips. My head spun, the complete lack of air causing my lungs to cave in. Faltering in my steps, I surged forward and pressed myself against the glass, my mind taking in the scene before me.

There, sat in the centre of the room, looking straight at me with a horrified expression on his face, was Thomas.

End of time sequence.....

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