The Brothers and I

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Chapter 3

583 years later………

Ever since the announcement, the normally bustling office had dramatically quietened down. Not the kind of quiet that one would appreciate while trying to get their work done in peace but the kind of quiet that had everyone on edge.

The usual hubbub of people calling out, phones ringing, keyboard smashing, printer jamming, coffee machine hissing and office talk giggling had all but ceased. It was now replaced with nervous glances, knuckle cracking, anxious pacing, hurried whispers and the odd silent prayer muttered under one’s breath.

The announcement had come as a huge blow to everyone here at Ranford Industries. The company had taken a massive downturn over the last couple of years and in order to offset the heavy losses, a large portion of the business was being sold off.

After numerous department meetings detailing how the “handover” was going to take place, the final blow came when the company announced that not all of us would get to keep our jobs.

It seemed as if the company couldn’t care less about us office drones as long as they got the money they needed to save their precious behinds. Many had voluntarily quit as soon as the news broke out, while others like me, waited to see how this was going to play out.

My thoughts were interrupted when the annoying tone of my desk phone sounded. Glancing at the name flashing, I sighed before picking up.

“Hey. What’s up?”

“Mia, I’m freaking out. What if they fire me?” the voice on the other end panic whispered.

“Calm down Sasha. You are going to be fine. It’s highly unlikely anyone from accounts will get fired. I don’t think they are bringing in too many of their own. If anyone is getting fired it will probably be my department, admin and maybe a few in HR”

“Oh please. You are in no way getting fired. One look at you and them boys in there will be gripping their boners”

The line filled with her cackling laughter before I intervened, feeling slightly mortified at her graphic description.

“Jesus woman! Why do you always have to be so crude?”

Just stating facts darlin. Anyway, what time did you say your meeting was?”

“At 3.30. Fuck! Just want this over with” I responded, feeling the agitation creeping in.

“Mine’s in the next 30 mins. Going to head over to the ladies and make sure my tits and ass look good before heading in. Wish me luck darlin!”

I couldn’t help but snort in amusement at the strange workings that probably went on in my friend’s head which would lead her to believe, that life’s problems could be easily solved with some boob and butt.

“Good luck!”

Placing the receiver back, I wished that Sasha and I would get to keep our jobs and continue working together. The short, curly haired brunette had become a very important person in my life over the last two years.

Cheeky and loyal to a fault, she was the kind of friend you would want in your corner when shit goes down. That is of course, if you didn’t mind a whole lot of cussing and vulgarity that came along with it.

Glancing at the clock, I realized I had another three hours to kill before meeting with the idiots in the boardroom. Sighing, I returned to my work hoping that this day wouldn’t end up in the shitter.

A while later, I was startled out of my perusing when someone jumped into my peripheral view. “Sasha! You scared me! I wheezed out. Placing a hand on my chest, I tried to soothe the erratic beating of my heart before taking a few steadying breaths.

“Guess what?! I get to keep my job!” she whisper-yelled in joy. And without giving me a chance to react, she bent down and pulled my neck in for a quick hug before releasing me with a wide grin on her face.

And as the news began to sink in, I couldn’t help the smile that broke out on my face. Feeling genuinely happy for my friend, I looked at her with wide eyes. “Congrats hon! Tell me everything”. I was not only eager to hear what was said but also eager to know the people on the meeting panel.

Hopping up onto the corner of my desk and swinging her legs back and forth, she adjusted herself before turning back to me. “Didn’t take long actually. They didn’t say much. Seems like they already know who they are keeping and I felt like this so-called meeting is just out of courtesy or something. Anyway, that’s what I think”

Holding out her hand she started counting using her fingers as she went through the names of people present at the meeting. “Five of them in there. Brad, Mitch, Bob and Jennifer from our side and a sweeeeet piece of ass called Thomas...uh... something. He’s apprantely one of the partners from the company buying us over. My god! You should have seen him Mia. Looked like he belonged on some magazine cover. I swear I drooled a bit”

I sighed. Typical of Sasha to prioritize cock above all else. But my mind went over to the annoying detail that she mentioned – Jennifer ’O Conner. She was part of our senior management and hated me simply because I existed. God! If her decision had any weightage, then I was for sure getting the sack.

Waving her hand in my face Sasha tried to get my attention back on her. “Hey. Why do you look like someone took a piss in your tea?

Letting out an exasperated sigh and throwing my hands in the air, I responded as if stating the obvious.

“Jennifer. What if she gets me kicked out?”

She snickered and winked before adding “Ah. That bitch. Don’t let her get to you. The hag is probably just jealous that you happen to be a permanent fixture in every man’s wank bank. The others will see right through it”

I rolled my eyes and looked at my friend.

“Just go away and let me be in peace before I walk into the slaughter house”

Sasha grinned. “Trust me. You will be fine.” As she hopped off the desk and turned to leave, she looked back to me with a mischievous smile.

“Oh, and when they decide to keep you, you owe me drinks and a night out”

I snorted. “We’ll see”

A/N : This chapter is technically Chapter 1 even though it says Chapter 3.

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