The Brothers and I

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Chapter 5

“Are you serious? What the fuck?!” Sasha’s incredulous voice flowed over the phone.

Placing my glass of wine on the side table and getting comfortable on my bed, I responded with a sigh.


“So he just walked out?”


“What did the others say?”

“Nothing. Mitch just apologised and said they will be in touch with me soon to reschedule.”

“Bloody hell…”


“Wonder why he took off.....”

Staring out of my bedroom window at the darkening sky, I wondered the same thing.

Thomas POV

Weaving through the traffic, my chauffer was taking me back to our penthouse on the other side of the city. Sitting in the limo, I was on edge. My wolf would not cease the whining and the pacing inside my head.

He fought to take control trying to force his way out. The constant battle to push him back, was starting to give me a headache. I could not calm him down and to be honest, I did not know how. My own emotions were going haywire.

Gulping down the whiskey, I poured another one. The drink did nothing to dull down what was going through my head. Unfortunately, being a shifter came with some downsides. The incapacity to remain drunk was one of them.


I threw the glass on the floor of the limo and watched it roll to the other side of the car. Pulling out my phone I called Mitchell Robinson from Ranford.

“Mr Carson. What can I do for you”?

“Mitch, Can you organise the meeting with Miss Sutherland for tomorrow at 4.00 pm?”

“Sure. I can do that. And I’ll let the others know as well”

“Yes... about that. I would like to handle this myself”

There was a moment of silence on the other end.

“Right. So you don’t want us there?”

I grit my teeth, trying hard to hold back my irritation. I would never understand humans and their incessant need to read into and question everything. It was part of the reason why I hated working with them.

“No, Mr Robinson. Is that a problem?”

He cleared his throat awkwardly before responding.

“Of course not Mr Carson. I will organise it for tomorrow”


I knew that asking to meet with Mia alone would probably be considered as inappropriate, especially when the other four were present for every other meeting, but right now, I couldn’t give a shit about humans and their tedious etiquettes.

Arriving at the penthouse, I made a beeline to the bar and started downing drinks. It was uncharacteristic of me to use alcohol as a distraction or as an outlet but today’s events definitely warranted it.

Taking off my blazer and tie, I tossed them on one of the chairs and walked into the bedroom. The view of the city at night time was spectacular but I could not enjoy it. Not when thoughts of the beautiful woman I had met today started creeping back in.

Unable to fight it any longer, I sat on the edge of the bed with my face in my hands, letting the thoughts of her fill my head.

And the first thought to come flooding back was her smell when she had walked into the room. The smell of wild flowers on a summer night was the closest I could come to describing that addictive scent. It drove my wolf into a frenzy. And the longer I stayed in there, the more intense it had started to get.

My wolf of course was the first to react wanting to take over and stake his claim. I, on the other hand, was stunned momentarily when I realised that my wolf had recognised not just my mate but a mate who was human.

When our eyes met, it felt like something had clicked into place. After 132 years, here she was – The missing piece of the puzzle. My heart started to race at an abnormal speed when I realised what was happening. I had found my mate and she was an utterly stunning woman with long black hair, olive skin, emerald green eyes, high cheek bones, plush lips and the body of a goddess. Her smile though strained at that time, brought out her deep dimples on either side of the cheek making my heart flitter erratically.

Of course, all mates would view their other half as good looking or beautiful. It was part of the magnetic effect of the mate bond to pull mates together. But I did not need a mate bond to see that this woman was a show stopper. She looked like she was moulded by the goddess of beauty herself. Hell ! she could give most she-wolves a run for their money.

I remember that Mitch had started talking in the background but my wolf and I were completely focused on our mate. Her smell, her face, her body and everything about her had started to overwhelm my senses.

And by the time I realised the full extent of the effect she had on me, my cock had grown painfully hard and had started to leak. All I wanted to do was to tear off her clothes and bury myself deep within her until we both were drowning in ecstasy. But obviously, it was neither the time nor the place. I had started to feel hot and sweaty all over and when I could no longer take another second, I had to force myself to walk out.

Sitting in my bedroom now and looking out at the view, I felt empty. I never thought I would find my mate but here she was. I was thrilled and worried at the same time. Her being a human would not only complicate things but she would never be accepted into the pack. I knew for a fact my Alpha and Beta brothers would force me to reject her or worse - harm her.

And as this thought went through my mind, my heart clenched painfully and my wolf howled in anguish. Running my fingers through my hair, I realised that I had no clue how I was going to navigate this.

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