The Brothers and I

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Chapter 7

Tonight, was turning out to be one of those headache-inducing, pain-in-the-behind kind of nights. Firstly, Sasha and her cronies had dragged me to this dingy little nightclub where people were literally humping each other’s legs on the dancefloor.

Secondly, the music was pounding into my skull leaving my ears with a ringing sound that I couldn’t seem to shake off. And to top it off, I was constantly trying to evade advances from overly horny men.

Ugh! This was meant to be a night of celebration for managing to keep our jobs but I honestly couldn’t wait for it to end. I would have been happy with just a dinner at a nice restaurant but Sasha had whined for hours saying that this nightclub was “the place” to be.

I huffed out in irritation as I noticed a man ogling me like a piece of meat from across the bar. It sent shivers down my body. Not the good kind. This was one of the reasons why I very rarely went to nightclubs. The attention was downright disgusting bordering on assault.

Downing my drink, I turned around to walk away from the bar. It’s time to find Sasha and get the hell out of here. Moving through the crowd, I was stopped a few times by a couple of men who were eager to get me to join them.

Shrugging them away, I carried on until my eyes landed on Sasha, who seemed to be rather pre-occupied munching on some guy’s face. Although, I have been many things in my life, a cock blocker was not one of them. But here I was. Everything has a first I suppose.

I tapped her over the shoulder breaking up their heavy make-out session.

“Heyyyyyyy babyyyyy… You… having fun?!”

Judging by the clownish smile on her face and her slurred speech, I knew she wasn’t in any state to take in my explanation for wanting to leave.

So, I smiled and mouthed the words “I’m leaving now ”

Grabbing onto my hands she whined in a high pitch tone,

“Noooo.. Don’t go…”

With the music jarring over head I had to lean close to her ear and raise my voice to be heard.

“I’ll text you later. Don’t stay too late. Love you. Stay safe”

Even though she didn’t seem too keen to let me go, she eventually did.

“Loveee you toooo babyyyy”

I chuckled and turned around to leave this god-awful place. Glancing around I looked for the exit sign. Having finally spotted it, I groaned inwardly realizing that I would have to once again cut through the sea of horny people to get there.

Twisting and turning I managed to avoid some of them and just as I neared the exit, I felt strong arms grab me from behind.

At first, I was merely irritated at being stopped once again by some random male who undoubtedly was pushing his luck. But the irritation was quick to give way to red hot anger when his arms encircled my waist and pulled me flush against his body.

Instantly, I started to wriggle and squirm to free myself, hoping he would take the hint and let me go.

But the more I tried, the more his arms tightened and just as I raised my arm to elbow him in the gut his voice made me halt my movements in shock.

“Shhh… Calm down Mia. There’s no need for such violence now is there?”

A low chuckle followed that voice sending shivers down my spine. It was as if the world around us had faded into the background almost immediately. Despite the loud music and noise, I recognised that voice.

It was Thomas Carson.

The anger I felt quickly dissipated and the familiar warmth quickly spread through my body and as if on instinct, I leaned back into his chest and closed my eyes. His arms gave me a gentle squeeze as he lowered his face further into my neck.

And just as his lips grazed a particular spot on my neck, an electric charge coursed through my body. I involuntarily moaned as the sensation took hold. I ground my hips further into him. His whole body shuddered in response and a low approving growl escaped his lips.

The primal sound seemed to awaken something inside of me. My nipples turned hard and heat started to build in between my legs. I craved his touch, his smell, his sounds, his everything. I craved him. All of him.

My eyes flew open when I was swiftly turned around and pulled against his solid chest. His hands travelled down my back and landed on my ass slightly squeezing them, eliciting another moan from me. He pulled my lower half towards him until I could feel his hardened length poking near my inner thigh. A heady feeling of exhilaration consumed me making me sag in his arms.

My arms flew up to his neck pulling his head lower. Finally meeting his eyes, I saw the lust and need evident on his face. His usual grey eyes were darker with a strange ring of golden glow around the iris. In spite of the strangeness, I felt drawn towards his gaze. I started to feel the wetness soaking through onto my thighs. Unable to control myself, I moved my hips against his length wanting to feel some friction so as to ease the ache building up in my core.

A strangled moan escaped him before he closed his eyes and slowly thrust his length against me once. His breathing picked up making his chest rise and fall at a rapid pace. His hands were all over my body caressing every inch of skin that was available to him. His head moved to my neck once again and he started to trail kisses from my ear to my shoulder.

When he reached that sensitive point, he tightened his grip on me and pressed his lips down harder and began to suck. The feel of his tongue on that spot sent an electric surcharge straight to my clit making me gasp in surprise and pleasure.

I grabbed some of his hair in a tight grip and pushed him further into my neck wanting more. What I wanted, I wasn’t sure. However, he suddenly stilled. He was panting hard at this point as he pulled himself away slightly. Clenching his jaw and leaning forward he opened his eyes and looked at me.

“Let’s get out of here”

His husky voice sent shivers of anticipation through me as he pulled me out of the club and into the cold night outside.

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