The Brothers and I

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Chapter 8

Holding me securely to his side with his arm around my waist, Thomas pulled me out of the club. It was dark outside but people were still lingering around the club in small groups. The music thudded away in the background sounding muffled and the air smelled strongly of smoke and liquor.

Glancing at Thomas, I realized just how dashing he looked. His breath-taking face was clean shaved, showing off his chiselled jaw line. His hair which was styled back the last two times, now lay messy with a few strands falling over his eyes. He was wearing a white dress shirt with the top few buttons undone, teasing me with a glimpse of the smooth chest that lay beneath. The sleeves were rolled up on both his arms giving him a casual yet well put-together look. His dark navy trousers seemed to hold those bulky thigh muscles perfectly.

My eyes were drawn back up to his face when I heard my name being called.


A knowing smirk appeared on his face making me blush crimson. I inwardly cursed myself for turning into a damned fool every time this man was around.

He lowered his head to level with my gaze while still maintaining that triumphant smirk on his face. “I said... Can you wait here while I bring the car around?”

“Oh sure.”

Giving me a gentle squeeze, he turned to make his way towards the back of the building, giving me a good view of his behind. A pleased sigh escaped my lips when I imagined what it would look like without those trousers.

As the seconds ticked by, an unusual feeling of a veil being lifted gripped my senses. The warmth that came with his touch slowly started to dissipate making me aware of just how cold the night air felt against my skin.

My head was suddenly bombarded with thoughts as “reality” made an appearance and pulled me back from the lustful bubble that I had been floating in. It was as if the mute button inside my brain was turned off and everything that transpired tonight screamed its way back all at once making me wince.

Suddenly I felt sick. My eyes widened as the voices in my head started to pick up speed. What the fuck was I thinking! This was not me. This cannot be me.

I would never just give in to a man that quickly, let alone dry hump my boss in the middle of a nightclub. I groaned when I realised that I had acted no better than those horny people that I had looked down upon a few minutes ago.

My self-chastising abruptly ended when a sharp honk jarred me back to the present.

Looking to the side, I saw a black Bentley pulling up to the curb. All of a sudden, this did not seem like a good idea. I just wanted to go home and lock myself away. I did not want to be close to this man. He seemed to bring out a side in me that I had no control over and that scared me to my very core.

With my nerves on edge and heart racing I climbed into the luxurious car and avoided his gaze.

“Shall we?”

My panic went into full swing as I realised that I had no idea where he was planning to take me. The stereotypical idea that he could be a killer, rapist, cannibal or all of the above played through my mind. Shit ! I just wanted to get home.

Forcing myself to calm down, I looked over at him. “Where are we going?” I had not meant to sound harsh but the combination of the cold outside, the apprehension and my paranoia had gotten the better of me in that instant.

His smile faltered as he took in my expression and my body language. A look of pain seemed to flash across his face which quickly turned to confusion as he furrowed his brows. After a few awkward seconds, he sighed and ran his fingers through his hair before placing it back on the steering wheel and looking ahead.

“I just want to talk Mia. We can go where ever you want. I just wanted to spend some time with you”. He looked back at me and spoke in an almost pleading tone, “Is that alright?”

A feeling of guilt crossed me when I saw his face. His eyes seemed to speak a language of their own even though his face held a vision of calm. The gorgeous grey orbs were filled with longing and sadness that made my heart clench with pain. Leave it to me to assume the worst! All I wanted to do now was apologise and make him smile again. To please him and make him happy.

Deciding that there would be no harm in listening to the guy, I took in a slow breath and managed a small smile.

“Let’s go to my place."

I decided the safest option would be my flat as it would give me some modicum of control and also a sense of safety. Even though something in me wanted to trust him, my past had taught me some valuable lessons that I was in no hurry to forget. Especially when it came to the opposite sex. But, at the same time, I simply could not deny the pull he had on me.

The smile that broke through his face could light up the darkest of days. His eyes brightened as he held that elated smile. My heart warmed at the sight and I smiled in response.

We drove in comfortable silence glancing at each other when we thought the other person wasn’t looking. I wanted to ask him a million questions that kept itching at the back of my brain but I did not want to ruin this peaceful silence between us. So I kept them to myself for the time being.

There was a moment where things got heated when he had innocently placed his hand on my thigh and started to rub gently. Tingles erupted on my skin making me gasp in surprise. Pleasure ran through my skin as my body immediately responded. An ache started to build in my lower belly making my pussy throb with need but before I could make sense of what was happening, he quickly removed his hand away, leaving me feeling empty and wanting inside.

I knew right then. Thomas Carson had some sort of hold over me like no on else.

And that realisation both excited and scared me.

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